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Aug 10th, 2012
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  1. Re: [alpha] (more) TrapWire on Kabul Hotel Attack
  3. Released on 2012-08-09 18:00 GMT
  4. Email-ID 83348
  5. Date 2011-06-29 16:46:01
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  9. Two points here:
  11. 1. If they were in fact dressed in Afghan police clothing it brings us
  12. back to the question we addressed in the afghan weekly a few weeks ago
  13. where there is concern about militant infiltration into the Afghan
  14. security forces. This definitely makes things difficult as the Afghan
  15. security forces are handed over the control which brings us to Sean's
  16. point about the fact the operation primarily ended with the NATO
  17. helicopters shooting down 3 men on the roof and even then there was one
  18. guy just going around in the hotel and it took about 2 hours to contain
  19. him.
  21. 2. Also if the militants were dressed in Afghan police attire it explains
  22. how they managed to bypass those multiple layers of defense.
  24. On Wednesday, 6/29/11 9:27 AM, Fred Burton wrote:
  26. Nothing to confirm or refute this initial claim. But new reporting
  27. suggests attackers arrived dressed as Afghan police. This is standard MO
  28. for Taliban...and many terror groups as you know. Only thing that
  29. everyone agrees on right now is that this thing was meticulously
  30. planned, and clearly well surveilled ahead of time. This hotel has
  31. multiple layers of defense -- including armed guards -- and still the
  32. bad guys got in. We don't have a single hotel in this country with even
  33. 10% of the security the Intercontinental had. When they decide to start
  34. targeting hotels here, it'll shooting fish in a barrel.
  40. Stormed in force out of a vehicle after one perp detonated a vest at the
  41. gate (Mike, think this remains accurate?)
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