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  5. "       Effective leader, skilled team-builder and motivator with more than 20 years in Public Service  
  6. "Extensive managerial and supervisory experience
  7. Substantial expertise with economic development initiatives"   
  8. Gateway Park    City Square – Federal funding
  9. Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts Blackstone Valley Visitor Center       
  10.         Significant labor relations and mediation roles
  11.         Labor Relations Chairman, Department of Education      
  12.         School Committee, Union Negotiating Coordinator
  13.         Chief of Staff, Congressman James P. McGovern  
  14. Successfully mediated strike negotiations (St. Vincent Nurses; WRTA)   
  15.         Experienced in specialized areas of:   
  16.         Strategic Thinking              Program Development & Implementation   
  17.         Staff Training  & Development   Community Outreach     
  18.         Budget Administration   Advising on and Developing Policy      
  19.         Media Relations        
  20.         "Strong organizational, research/analytical and problem-solving skills
  21. Proven communication/presentation abilities in front of large audiences"       
  22.         History of completing projects on time and within budget       
  24.         City Manager, Population 180,000       
  25. "Chief administrative and executive officer of the city, responsible to the 11 member City Council for proper administration and supervision of all city affairs
  26. Act as chief conservator of the peace within the city
  27. Ensures that city laws and ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the City Council are faithfully executed
  28. Makes recommendations and reports to the City Council concerning the affairs of the city
  29. Prepares and submits annual $500 million budget and financial reports to the City Council
  30. Appoints and removes department heads, officers, employees to be reported to the City Council
  31. Appoints boards and commissions classified as executive, regulatory or advisory, subject to the approval by the City Council
  32. Emergency Operations Response – Respond to various weather related emergencies to include winter storms, flooding and the 2014 tornado
  33. "      
  34.         COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS, Worcester, MA       
  35.         Director of Government & Community Relations   
  36. "Fostered solid working partnerships to improve relations with community
  37. Served on college President’s Cabinet"       
  38.         "Liaison on all government matters, federal, state and local
  39. Established and implemented short and long-range goals, objectives, policies and operating procedures
  40. Coordinated, developed and managed annual budgets for government relations support
  41. Planned, implemented, administered and evaluated programs, activities and daily operations related to governmental affairs"    
  42.         CHILDREN’S DEFENSE FUND: CALIFORNIA, Oakland, CA     
  43.         Executive Director - Statewide advocacy organization for the children of California    
  44. Ensured that the work of CDF-CA remained consistent with the mission, goals and objectives of the National Children’s Defense Fund policy agenda     
  45.         Provided creative vision and strong leadership in developing and implementing innovative programs and strategies       
  46.         Oversaw day-to-day operations and activities, including:       
  47.         Building first-rate management team     Pro-active media opportunities 
  48.         Budget development & management Community outreach     
  49.         Partnered with CDF national management team and state directors        
  50.         Acted as liaison with key community leaders, public officials and media
  52.         State Senator, 2nd Worcester District  
  53. Senate Chair: Bills and Third Reading and Election Laws Committee      
  54.         Vice Chair - Joint Committees: Education, Veterans and Federal  Affairs and Public Service     
  55.         Drafted, advanced, and passed numerous pieces of legislation, including:       
  56.         "That provision be made to establish a special commission on police training
  57. For legislation to control youth access to tobacco
  58. For legislation to reestablish a regional office of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in the city of Worcester
  59. Extensive dealings with the media
  60. Negotiated with various interest  groups and other branches of government
  61. "      
  62.         SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY, EMMANUEL COLLEGE & CLARK UNIVERSITY,  Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, MA     
  63.         Adjunct Professor      
  64. Teach graduate and undergraduate level courses in Public Administration and Public Policy      
  65.         CONGRESSMAN JAMES P. McGOVERN, Washington, D.C. & Worcester, MA
  66.         Chief of Staff 
  67.         Acted as Chief Policy Advisor  
  68.         Developed and implemented all policy objectives, strategies and operating plans
  69.         Managed and directed activities and staff of Wash., D.C. office and three district offices     
  70.         Coordinated activities with Leadership and Committee offices, including:       
  71.         House Minority Leader   House Minority Whip
  72.         Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Transportation Committee      
  73.         "Developed / managed Member office budget
  74. "      
  76.         "Campaign Manager
  77. Developed and implemented campaign strategy that resulted in a 15-point victory for the freshman congressman"  
  79.         Vice Chairman – School Committee     
  80.         Elected 1989 & elected in 1991 (youngest person ever elected, city-wide)       
  81.         Monitored budget of $100 million       
  82.         Chairman – Standing committees on Legislative Affairs & Standing Committee on Business       
  83.         Served on standing committees on School Plant, as well as Employee Relations and Rules and the Federal Relations Network of National School Boards Association (which lobbies for education legislation)        
  84. BOARDS &        Chairman, Massachusetts State Library Board of Trustees
  85. COMMISSIONS     Commission to End Homelessness in the Commonwealth     
  86. (partial list)  Special Commission to Study Middle Education   
  87.         State Workforce Investment Board       
  88. City of Worcester Human Rights Commission      
  89.         "United Way of Central Massachusetts Executive Board
  90. Worcester Public Library Foundation Board of Directors
  91. Dean College Board of Trustees
  92. Latino Educational Institute
  93. Nativity School Board of Advisors
  94. Worcester Educational Development Board
  95. "      
  96. EDUCATION       JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, Washington, D.C.     
  97.         Masters of Government (1998)   
  98.         SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY, Boston, Massachusetts      
  99.         Bachelors of Science in Government; History Minor (1987)
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