Chiming Bell Summary (Chp 36-37)

Jun 15th, 2018
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  2. Part 12: Final Battle
  3. Chapter 36
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  5. The introductory text summarizes what previously happened. Tart, the one who's dreaming all of this, has regained hope. As a result, light has returned to dream France.
  7. At camp, Riz apologizes to Iroha and the others for not explaining everything sooner, out of fear that she'd break the condition imposed by the candles. Iroha and Yachiyo tell her that it's okay since she didn't have a choice and she kept it a secret to save Tart. Riz feels a bit better about it and explains why she told them about the church. She wanted them to know how to contact someone on the other side in case something happened to her. She figured if she missed that chance to let them know, she might not get the chance to leave the rest to someone else. She once again thanks Iroha and Yachiyo. Iroha insists it's no big deal, and Yachiyo says that the way things worked out seems to show that they have luck on their side too.
  9. Melissa interrupts their conversation to inform them that with the fort at Tourelles taken, there's no fort to protect Orleans anymore. All that's left is to cross river via the bridge and enter the city of Orleans. Iroha worriedly comments that there's still enemies in the city. Tart adds that they still don't know what Corbeau might do next either, but Corbeau's definitely going to get in their way.
  11. Yachiyo asks if their destination will be the Saint-Croix Cathedral in Orleans. She reminds Tart that if she rings the bell there, then she should be able to awaken the Tart in the real world. Cube confirms this, and says that if Tart wakes up, then they'll be able to awaken in the real world too. Iroha asks him what will happen once they wake up. He answers that after the curse is lifted, they'll eventually think of this whole thing as nothing more than a dream. Iroha and Yachiyo are surprised and a bit saddened to hear that they'll eventually forget what happened. Tart and Melissa are also sad to hear that it'll be goodbye for them soon. Riz points out that it's not all bad. After all, this parting is the result of them all believing in the same future. Yachiyo agrees with her.
  13. There's a few flashbacks to when Iroha said that they would restore their future and when Tart said that she's now certain that there's hope in the future.
  15. Iroha and Tart cheer up.
  17. >Iroha: You're right! So once this dream is over, let's all do our best for our own futures!
  18. >Tart: Yes!
  21. It's almost time for them to leave. Melissa says that her father and the others are waiting for them.
  23. >Tart: You're right. Now, let's go. In order to bring light to the future!
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  27. Chapter 37
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  29. >Riz: Tart, head into the city of Orleans! You should head to Saint-Croix Cathedral!
  30. >Tart: Understood!
  31. >Yachiyo: We're running, Iroha! We're going to back Tart up!
  32. >Iroha: Yes!
  34. Suddenly, Iroha is attacked from behind by Corbeau. She says that it took a lot of work for her to return to this world. While she had her back turned, they advanced farther than she expected. Riz tells her that it might've been better if she just didn't return. Corbeau laughs, expressing her surprise that Riz is still alive. Riz answers that she doesn't plan on getting killed by her. They're going to settle this here.
  35. Yachiyo says she'll help Riz out, much to Corbeau's delight. But she's aware that they're both just bait and she plans on keeping them from returning to the real world. She summons her familiars.
  37. >Yachiyo: She's blocked off the way into Orleans...!
  38. >Iroha: On top of that, the sky's turned dark again!
  39. >Riz: No worries. It's just the area around her. CORBEAU--!
  40. >Corbeau: .........?
  41. >Riz: Your scheme has already come to an end! Tart won't despair anymore...!
  42. >Tart: It's just as Riz said!
  43. >Riz: Tart...!
  46. >Tart: I won't let you shoulder this all by yourself anymore! Let's fight together, Riz.
  47. >Riz: Yes. Just like back then, when just the two of us stood together!
  49. >Corbeau: Hoh. So this time, the saint-sama herself is going to fight too, huh! That's great! Fufu, I'm getting chills down my spine. COME AT ME WITH THE INTENT TO KILL! OR ELSE, YOU'LL BE THE ONES TO DIE!
  51. Yachiyo tells Iroha that they're going to fight too. The four of them will put an end to this.
  52. Corbeau taunts them, telling that they shouldn't rush to lower the curtains on this stage so soon.
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