Openweathermap measure settings for Rainmeter

MrTheRich Jan 23rd, 2020 132 Never
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  1. [MeasureCurrent]
  2. Measure=Plugin
  3. Plugin=Plugins\WebParser.dll
  4. UpdateRate=1800
  5. Url=[Fill in API key from openweathermap]&mode=xml&cnt=1&units=metric
  6. RegExp=(?si).+<symbol number="\w+" name="([\w ]+)" var="(\w+)"></symbol>(?:(?!time).)+<temperature unit="celsius" value="([-+]?[0-9\.]*)" min="[-+]?[0-9\.]*" max="[-+]?[0-9\.]*"></temperature><feels_like value="([-+]?[0-9\.]*)"
  8. ; Matches symbol for description, then icon, then not time tag (throwing away), then temperature, then the feel temperature
  9. ; Variables: (Description) (IconName) (Temp) (FeelsTemp)
  10. ; Make sure to match the icon names given here:
  11. ; To modify the time when measured edit the number in the link where it says "&cnt=1" each number counts for 3 hours. So "&cnt=8" measures 24 hours ahead of the current time.
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