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Mind as Mine - Author of Your Dreams lyrics

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Jul 16th, 2017
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  1. Author of Your Dreams (Midnight Mix)
  3. A face of god I painted
  4. in all of your dreams,
  5. a pale face and sad
  6. it stared at dreamers and the dead.
  7. Pulled away, their eyes travel for miles unknown,
  8. day becomes dusk, dusk becomes darkness.
  9. A white fox plays with a dead raven
  10. I play with my soul at sleep
  11. as I travel for miles unknown, unseen,
  12. as I travel through sounds unheard.
  13. And there they stood upon the hills
  14. millions and millions of dreamers
  15. or were they just dead?
  16. Mesmerised by the midnight sun
  17. that shone upon the stars
  18. that shone no more.
  19. Black birds fly among angels
  20. into the midnight sun
  21. were greeted by me,
  22. all angels die.
  23. As painted men rape your ears
  24. with sounds insane.
  25. What will we dream tomorrow?
  26. Hypnotised dreamers
  27. wake up with anguish screams,
  28. the face of god in their minds
  29. is but a self portrait, a picture of myself.
  32. Voices From the Heavens (Ancient Transmission Mix)
  34. Out in the cold lava
  35. my body lies awake
  36. dreaming, of the crying star
  37. which sparkles above me.
  38. And voices from the heavens
  39. whisper to me in my conscious dream.
  40. The voices speak about the crying star,
  41. the star of my dreams.
  42. "So take me
  43. into the infinity of space."
  44. A dark eye looks upon me,
  45. it is so cold.
  46. Two dark eyes stare at me
  47. and I reflect pale in them
  48. scared I see myself scream
  49. as these eyes reflect in mine.
  50. The stars are not the same as before
  51. they seem unknown to me,
  52. they are so cold.
  53. ...Into the infinity of space.
  54. A dark eye looks upon me,
  55. it is so cold.
  56. Two dark eyes stare at me
  57. and I reflect pale in them,
  58. scared I see myself scream,
  59. cold I stare at them,
  60. and I notice, that I know these eyes,
  61. they are mine.
  62. And the stars are the same as before,
  63. they are so cold.
  64. In the infinity of space
  65. the crying star sparkles above me
  66. and transmits to me
  67. voices from the heavens.
  69. End of transmission?
  72. Frozen in the Waters of Endless Times (Who Chained the Stars?)
  74. The lights of countless stars
  75. do not reach my eyes,
  76. the light of a million moons
  77. slowly fades and dies.
  78. "Ravens, lend me your wings
  79. and I shall fly to the stars
  80. to lit the skies with beautiful fires
  81. and, oh so mysteriously
  82. dancing Northern lights."
  83. But silence struck the skies
  84. before the heavens cried.
  85. In the waters of endless time
  86. my flesh chained me down.
  87. But why do the stars not shine to me?
  88. And these sober hours
  89. weigh heavy in my mind.
  90. I hate this pale grey light
  91. frozen in the waters of endless time.
  92. And for sleepless ages
  93. I stare at the skies.
  94. Dreaming of starlit heavens,
  95. carry me to starlit heavens.
  97. But why do the stars not shine to me...
  98. ... yes, ages ago
  99. I chained the stars
  100. with my dreams.
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