Anonymous Cricket

Apr 13th, 2018
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  1. >You are Anon Y. Mous, and you're not entirely sure where you are.
  2. >Wherever you are, your head is not in the mood to be there and is making its dissatisfaction known.
  3. >It looks like some kind of a waiting room, with a bunch of different people in weird clothes all over the place.
  4. >Some of them are in white robes like some kind of weird cult or something, some are dressed in fancy suits, some are even dressed like regular people.
  5. >Well, you're bored. Time to leave.
  6. >You make for the door, but it doesn't open.
  7. >You pull quite a bit and nothing works.
  8. >There's a receptionist behind one of those windows that slide open, maybe she can help you out
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