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  1. Notes: This is the 2nd video to promote the VLR 12th Annual Spring Fling coming up in April.
  3. This video is for Team VLR promoting the 12th Annual Spring Fling
  5. Tell people they better sign up for it and be lucky that you ain't there because you can't get iRacing to work on your Windows 95 computer for some reason
  7. Tell them you're the best dirt late model driver in history and you set the track record at Spoon Rivers Speedway while towin a boat so we better be lucky you can't race or you'd lap all our asses.
  9. Also one of our sponsors for the race is called iRacing iFlag box. They make little boxes that you sit on your computer desk that light up different colors to tell you when the race is under caution or green flag or whatever. Tell them anyone who buys an iRacing iFlag after watching this will get a free pair of Angel Skinners undies autographed by you.
  11. Mention again toward the end that Howard Weaver is your 2nd cousin but you can't prove it because you canceled your (that was hilarious!). And say the reason it looks like Howard Weavers is always driving like a maniac out there is because the caution lights on his iFlag was so bright they made him go blind.
  13. Then end the video by saying for everyone to watch the race live on the Virtual Racing Network, the best broadcasting company on iRacing
  15. Feel free to make any jokes you want and freestyle it a bit! Even if you need to cuss it's fine, we can bleep it out on our page lol. Thanks a lot man!!! Sorry for the long request but I will leave you a nice tip!!!!!! SWEAR TO GOD I WILL. STATE LAW
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