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  1. You decide not to come with the shrine maiden. You'll only slow her down, and you wouldn't want to be more of a burden for her if something happened to you on the way. You shake your head in disagreement at the little girl's idea.
  3. "You don't want to?" The girl says. You write down your reasons. She thinks about it for a moment and shrugs her shoulders. "Well, you're right, maybe it's better that you not go." She says, and turns to the shrine maiden.
  5. "Don't worry, I'll try to persuade a doctor to see you here." The shrine maiden says. She stands up and leaves the room. "I'm going now!"
  7. "Be careful, Sanae!" The girl says, then sits down next to you. "Ah, we haven't properly introduced ourselves! My name is Moriya Suwako, nice to meet you!"
  9. Wait, Moriya? That sounds familiar...Ah yes, that charm...Usually the shrine's name is written on the front of a charm like that. Maybe she has a clue about you-
  11. "Outsider, hey!" Her voice snaps you back to this world. You make a mental note to not think about other things and focus when talking to people. "Are you okay?" You wave her off, signaling that you are fine.
  13. "So... what is your name, Outsider?" She asks. This question again... You write that you've forgotten it along with many of your memories.
  15. "That was bad, but don't worry outsider; Sometimes I forget things too, whether it be a promise, or some small things like clippers, scissors-" She stopped, realizing that she was starting to drift away from her point. "But I remember all of that someday or later. Your memory must come back at some point too!"
  17. If only your memories could come back that easily... You smile at her good will anyway.
  19. "Well, tell us your name when you remember, okay?" She says. "Anyway, do you need something else?" Well...You've had enough rest today, and you are not hungry yet. You need to burn calories from your food earlier. And you think you know how. You quickly scribe your request to Suwako.
  21. "Stick? You want to walk around here for a while?" You nod. "Alright, I'll fetch it!" She says, then exits the room.
  23. After a while, she's back with an old wooden walking stick, with a T shape at its top. That should do the trick. You try to stand up; pain strikes your body again, but you try to shrug it off. Suwako holds your body, helping you to stand up.
  25. "Come on, try it!" She passes you the stick. You take it and place it firmly under your armpit. Slowly Suwako releases her grip; now you can stand on your own. You take some steps.
  27. One step... Two steps... Three steps... Left foot... Right stick... You're getting more confident with each of your steps, leaving your room.
  29. ---
  31. As you step outside, your eyes are instantly treated to the wonderful scenery of your surroundings; green forest with blue sky and fresh air, like on the top of a mountain. This place is beautiful.
  33. You can also see a woman coming out from one of the houses; she has purple hair and some kind of mirror on the top of her chest, and she looks older than Sanae and Suwako. Maybe she's their mother.
  35. "Heyyy, morning Kanako!" Suwako greets her cheerfully.
  37. "Morning. Where is Sanae?" The woman asks.
  39. "She went to the village, buying some things." Suwako says.
  41. "I see. And that outsider?"
  43. "He lost his memory, but physically he's better now!" Suwako says. You try to step down from the house's terrace to the ground.
  45. As you shift your weight onto the stick, it fails to stay firm on the ground, and you lose your balance.
  47. [b]Bam![/b]
  49. You hit the ground hard. It seems that you're too confident in your walking ability.
  51. "Outsider!" Suwako runs to you, and helps you get back on your feet. "Are you okay?" You nod and try to walk again; you wince, amplifying the pain in your shoulder.
  53. It hurts...This is bad...
  55. []Enough practice for now.
  56. []Shrug off the pain and carry on.
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