Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! - 16

Aug 14th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! --- Publisher Link

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Family Tie Relationship
Kim Jung Hoon (MC) CEO JH Construction Kim's Sister X-BiL Divorced
Kim Jiwoo (Ex-wife) [N/A] Eldest Sister Divorced
Kim Jiyoung (Blue) [N/A] Second Sister Single
Kim Jimin (Pink) [N/A] Third Sister Single
Kim Jisoo (Darky) [N/A] Youngest Sister Single
Kim Kyung Ryul* (Bro) MC's Personal Assistant MC's Best Friend [N/A]

(*: Kim Jimin before, I don't know why his named changed..)

~ Thanks to Markues & ~

Chapter - 16

Street near MC's company Pink x Blue x MC x Bro

Blue's asking herself what they're doing right now because she tailed them for a while now and still doesn't know where they're going.. She sees them entering in MC's sport car and thinks she'll lose them and need to find a way to follow them, she looks right and left to finally find a taxi. She heads toward it but she's stopped by bro putting his hand on her shoulder, he's wearing his 'black clothes'.


Near MC's company Blue x Bro

Blue is startled to see an unfamiliar man stopping her, she asks him who he's. Bro looks at her for a moment then asks her if she's 'Kim Jiyoung' and tells her how he heard a lot about her from his Boss (MC). She pushes his hand away telling him to not take such liberty with her, he bows to her apologizing, he removes his hood saying how he should properly present himself her gives her his personal card telling her how he's the personal assistant of MC, she looks at his card verifying if it's true.

She suddenly thinks about the fact he's MC's secretary and act like she's helpless and need to find MC, she tells him how she need to see MC because they're like best friends to each other and have some urgent matter to solve with him.. Bro looks at her acting, he's thinking how his work will be much easier then he thought.

He tells her how he just finishing some errands for MC and and asks her if she's okay to see MC with him.

Luxuty Top Hotel - Entry Hall Pink x MC

Pink and MC are walking inside the entry hall, a waiter greet them making Pink extremely happy when she heard him calling her Milady.

Luxuty Top Hotel - Room Pink x MC

Pink is really excited to come with MC in this sort of luxurious room, she throws her body on the bed and cheerfully says how she's enjoying too much and really love this kind of life. She laughs asking MC why are they in this hotel for their first date and asks him if he isn't trying to hard to please her. MC is calmly tidying up his jacket then focus his attention on Pink and tells her how it's not even a good hotel and says how he'll take to he very luxurious hotel next time.

There is a hidden camera in the flowerpot, Pinks left the bed and stands close to the window looking through it, she asks MC to come closer and to take a look at the landscape, he moves closer to her and put his hand on her shoulder making her blush asking her if it's really this funny to watch the view. She's surprised to feel MC's semi hard on rubbing against her ass, she turns around putting one of her hand on his torso and caress his crotch with the other. She says how he's hard and she's happy about that, he takes her chin and looks straight at her eyes confessing how he's always like that when he's close to her, he doesn't know why but he's feeling so alive and his dick is going crazy every time he sees her.

She act like a shy girl and looks away saying if it's like that he need to tell it to her eldest sister.. MC throws a punch at the window and asks her if she's making fun of him, he tells her how she was the one saying Jiwoo was fucking with a bunch of men, he tells how she betrayed him and doesn't think about Ex-Wife anymore saying how right Pink is the only one in his heart making her blush, he doesn't wait for her answer and kisses her. She's saying his name while intertwining her tongue with his, MC doesn't waste time and gently removes her dress. Pink is thinking how she finally did it and throw MC on the bed, she's on top of him taking off his pants. She's welcomed by MC hard on, she looks at it preparing herself to serve him but MC doesn't want anymore foreplay and pushes her on the bed, he's on top of her and asks her if he can put it in, she shyly nods her head showing her approval.

He begins to fucks her, she moans a lot and thins how he's finally fucking her. She's enjoying the sex as much as possible thinking how he finally made his choice, change of position and he keeps fucking her but this time from behind. She climax thinking how her brother in law will be her husband from now one and how she won because MC didn't chose Ex-Wife neither Blue but her!..

He says how he's really enjoying it, Pink looks at him telling him how her too. He grabs her by her hair and keeps pounding as hard as he can, she lets out a screams and asks him to slow down because it hurts, he doesn't care and pulls harder her hair while fucking her. She asks him to release her because it's too painful and can't endure it anymore (lol..), MC doesn't answer her and throws his cellphone close to her head surprising her, an audio record is playing she's scared when she hears the content of the record.

Doctor's Office Bro x Doctor

The doctor is confessing how the plan about making MC's dick gone limp was all done by Pink, he says how as the demand of Kim Jimin he prescribed the wrong medication for Kim Jung Hoon, Bro asks him how much he got paid for doing this. Doctor explains how he didn't asks money because he and Pink are in love, he corrects himself saying how he thought they were in love..

Luxuty Top Hotel - Room Pink x MC

Pink is frightened after hearing Doctor's confession while MC looks at her like a cold murderer..

To be continued..
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