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  1. >"It is my responsibility to care for my Master, and tend to His every wish, however and whenever He wants. Whether I be cooking His meals, cleaning the house, doing laundry or any other appointed task"
  3. >"I always dress my best for Master, not a hair out of place, as I am the face of the house when He is not in. I carry out my duties as expediently and efficiently as I can, in order to please Him and promptly be at His disposal"
  5. >"My Master loves for me to display my body for Him. In the low light of His study, He watches me intently. My breasts, my face, my legs, my tummy, no place of me is overlooked"
  7. >"He steps towards me and hugs me to Him, smelling my hair and playing with my tail feathers. I bury my face in His chest and get lost in the smell of Him. He grabs my rump and kneads it, I look up at Him, and He kisses me in a way no Master should His servant. Electricity runs all though my body".
  9. >"He grabs my hips and lifts me up to have at His leisure. I hold on to Him and let Him do will with me, my legs find themselves around his waist as I moan softly into His mouth. He carries me and lays me down softly on the table. He takes out His erection and rubs my lower lips and clit while squeezing my breasts and teasing my nipples. He traces the outline of my entrance, but, He doesn't enter me until shamelessly beg for my reward, which I do".
  11. >"The deepest part of my pussy, my Master reaches it in a single thrust. It sucks on His penis so it won't come out. He thrusts into me slowly, but strongly, letting me feel every inch of Him splitting my walls. I try to stifle my voice, such sounds are unbecoming of a maid, who exists to serve her Master, but He won't have it. He pins my hand above my head and tells me to let it out, to sing as a woman for Him. I cannot resist, and let my lust stain the walls of His sanctuary".
  12. >"He makes me come over and over, until I am covered in sweat and the mere feeling of His breath on my skin sends me into shuddering fits. I can feel Him getting bigger inside me, and He looks into my eyes. I open my legs towards the sky as wide as they will go, and let myself completely open to receive His seed. He doesn't break eye contact for one second until He has given me all of Him".
  14. >"He withdraws from me with a pop, and stops to admire His work, watching me drift off to sleep, but not before reminding me of how I stained his clothes, and how He'll punish me in the morning".
  16. >"I awaken in my own bed. Flustered, as I realize I have overslept. I rush to shower and get dressed to catch up on my duties, but Master has plans of His own. I knock on the door of His study, and He as me enter. I am taken from behind by Him and He bends me over the table, I don't resist. He slowly hikes up my skirt, and squeezes my thighs, I moan softly, only to gasp as I feel something cold an metal enter me. Belts wrap around my legs and hear a clicking sound. He gets off me and has me stand, walking over to His chair, and has signals me over. My legs give out and I crawl over to Him. I pull myself up using His legs, He undoes His and presents His manhood to me. I gently lick It clean as He looks on. When I put it in my mouth, His strong smell fills my nose and I feel light headed. He tells me I am to take care of my duties for the next 72 hours while I work. My eyes meet His, pleading, but He reminds me, this is punishment."
  18. >"My movements remind me the feeling in my nethers and I slow down, but He has me service Him with my breasts, forcing me to move and really feel it. my expression pleases Him, and He bestows upon me His thick, musky gift. I use my body to receive it, not letting a single drop fall to the floor. I chew it and swallow, letting the warmth coat my throat."
  20. >"Master praises me, and caresses my cheek, He leans in and I close my eyes and open my mouth. He whispers for me to be diligent, and that He expects the superior service He is accustomed to when He returns. He leaves the study".
  22. >"I see Him off and wave goodbye, and immediately feel the pang of what He left in me. Curiosity overtakes me, and I go to my room. I lift my skirt in front of the mirror and see Master's gift. A stretching device."
  24. >"Is it His wish to torture me? Have I wronged Him somehow? He has been...stern with me in the past, but never like this. No, a maid must not question her Master's wishes, I will simply have to strive to serve Master even better from now on".
  26. >"I begin my day, rather late, and proceed to tend to my duties. I enter Master's room, His clothes are strewn about, everywhere. I bend over to pick each item up, and each time I feel the dilator stretch me. I have to muster my strength each time to keep my legs from giving out. It takes me 45 minute to pick everything up, this was a disaster, but I push on".
  28. >"I carry the clothes to the laundry room and drop them in the machine. I pour Master's favorite softener and press the button. The machine doesn't respond. I press it again and again to no effect. I inspect it close, and I see the power cord is nowhere to be seen. How am I to wash these? Then it dawns on me, my Master is many things, but purposely messy is not one of them. I resign myself to wash them all by hand, scrubbing his clothes as gently as I can on an old wooden board. Each time, I must tighten my stomach to keep the dilator from distracting me, but it's futile, by the time the washing is done, the floor is one giant puddle of my fluids.My skirt is positively drenched".
  30. >"After the, now monumental, task of washing, I set the clothes to dry. I go to change my uniform, but think better of it, and decide to simply work naked. I do the dishes, and dust Master's collectibles"
  32. >"My later tasks have been manageable, but it's only when I move to sweep the floors that I realize how much I've been dripping. I feel like a fool. I place my hands between my legs, trying to catch as much of my fluids as I can trying to keep the mess from spreading any more. Then, idea. I go to my room and dig in one of my boxes for something Master brought from one of His trips to Zipangu. A fundoshi, I believe He called it. I wrap it over the dilator as softly as I can, no sense I exciting myself even more".
  34. >"My plan works, and I am able to sweep and mop the floors without any mess. See Master? I can be clever too. I wash the windows and call it a day, as the sun is in twilight. I shower, washing off all the love juice sticking to me. I quietly prepare a meal for myself, and try my best to sleep".
  36. >"The next day, there is not much for me to do, Master has left, and if there's one thing a Kikimora can do, it is clean. I organize His books, I put his keys where they should be, I make sure His bed is extra tidy, but that's it. move to my room and clean it even more, before settling on the bed. I lay there, wondering what Master is doing. As I think of Him, my hand moves to a dangerous spot, I play with myself while calling out to Him, but it's not enough".
  38. >"The belts on the dilator only allow so much movement, it won't go as deep as I want it to, and it can only be undone with my Master's key. As I grow increasingly frustrated, the phone rings, snapping me back to reality. It's Him. I can't keep the joy in my voice rom spilling out, I can practically see Him smiling. He tells me I am to go into town and procure some good s for Him, which I am more than happy to do. He tells me to take my time and laughs. For some reason, I can't help but shudder".
  40. >"I go into town and polish off the list of good master recited over the phone. The children from town greet me warmly. Feather lady they like to call me".
  42. >"I tell them I am on errands, they notice I am in fact done. Their sad faces tug at my heart and I give in. I am led to a nearby park and watch them play. A young girl bids me join her on the swings. I move to push her, but she wants something else. Oh no. I sit, and she gets on my lap, I suppress a squeak as her weight pushes the dilator into me. She calls an older boy over, her brother I believe, and he pushes us both. Every push shifts our weight, making the toy protract and retract. Every push makes my head go white, I cling to the chains of the swing for life. Ten. Twenty. Thirty times. I can't stand this. I tell her I want to get off, OH GODS I WANT TO GET OFF. Thankfully, she complies. I thank her for the fun, but as I move to leave, a small hand grips mine. A boy wants to go down the slide with me. What have I done to deserve this?"
  44. >"He climbs up first, and I clumsily follow. He sits on my lap, and he is heavier than the girl, I feel myself nearing orgasm. When we get to the bottom, the dilator jabs me, and I cum. I hold on to the boy, hiding my face behind his head. When I finish, I look up, and see the children looking at me with concern, they ask if I am well. I compose myself, and tell them Neesan is not good with heights. I thank them for the fun, but tell them it's time for me to go".
  46. >"They wave me off, and I overhear one of them say how they did a good thing, keeping Feather Lady company while mister is away. Did Master plan this? DAMN HIM!"
  48. >"I put the good away, angrily, when I reach home. How dare Master trick me like that? Still, it was, pleasurable... NO, it was wrong! Or was it? Oh Master, please come home soon!"
  50. >"I awake the next day, miserable, the previous' day excitement reminding m of what I cannot have. I tidy a bit. I more read. I desperately try to masturbate. But it's no use. I need HIM. I need my Master!"
  52. >"The phone rings and I go to answer. My Master tells me a someone will come get me. He will bear His seal as proof, and I am to go with him, no questions asked. He hangs up. A short while later, someone rings the doorbell, a lone man stands at the threshold of the house. He show's me Master's seal and bids me get in the limousine he is driving. I sit quietly, we go quite far, until we reach a rather lavish mansion. He points to where I should go and drives away."
  54. >”I enter a kitchen though a backdoor and a haughty looking Dragon chef regards me. She tells me to get to work serving the patrons and hands me a large tray with various foods samples on it and pushes me out a hallway. I sneak one. Bitch."
  56. >"I enter a large dining room, full of stuffy looking types. Other maids go around the room serving food and drinks, and I join in to do, what I guess, is my part. I go around the room, offer the food and smile. I almost drop my tray as I see MY MASTER! talking and laughing with woman in a very relaxed manner. I head over like a lightning bolt and present my tray, trying to not tear my face in half with the smile I'm wearing, and the anger beneath it. He smiles from ear to ear, and tells me I'm just in time to join in. To join in what?"
  58. >"He pulls me aside and takes me to a service room. He asks if I'm decent. I wonder at his words. He looks under my skirt and sees my fundoshi. He quickly removes it and has me follow Him to a patio. I see ten large wooden tubs, each filled with different colored grapes. Master tells me to wash my talons and get in the nearest one, and start stomping. Master..."
  60. >"I do as I am told. The woman next to Master goes towards a portly looking gentleman with a pearl white moustache. She kisses him. Oh, it must be her husband. My anger was for nothing. Master tells me to speed it up, and do my best, that we need to win. My juices mix with the wine, I feel myself growing hotter, but His words spurn me on".
  62. >"I see the gentleman from earlier sampling the wines form the various tubs. Slowly, he make his way to mine. Master grabs a wine glass and pours some in it, and hands it to the gentle man when he arrives He smells it. He tastes it. He spits it out. He looks at my Master, and smiles. He tells him that it is the most delicious wine he has ever tasted. He pats my Master on the arm and tell him he'll take 100 bottles and moves away. My master grins at me, and thanks me for "my special ingredient". If it was possible, my jaw would hit the floor."
  64. >"The man from earlier drives me home, Master stayed behind. I collapse on my bed, worn out from this ordeal. Why did He make me do that? Why did He leave me alone again?"
  66. >"My hands firmly grasps the toy. Stupid Master. Stupid Master , I say over and over as I push it into me. I get so into it I don't notice the door open. Stupid Master. Stu- a voice repeats my insults. I freeze. Sitting besides my bed, is Him. I stare, silent. He speaks. Masturbating alone, without His permission. He calls me a bad maid. A maid exists to tend to her Masters desires and needs, not selfishly serve her own. He tells me, that I am no longer fit to be His maid"
  68. >"I beg Him, not to throw me away, to give me another chance, I'll be better, I forgot my place, I won't be selfish anymore!" He shushes me and grabs my hand. He leads me to His bedroom. He kneels in front of me, and undoes the dilator, gently pulling it out, and throwing it away. On His knees, He tells me again, I am unfit to be His maid. My heart wrenches. Because if that, He continues...I am to be His Wife instead."
  70. >"He pulls out a plain gold band from His pocket and asking my hand, asking, if I accept. What could I do, but say YES? Yes, I tell him. He places the band on my finger".
  72. >"He holds Me up while his tongue spears its way inside my aching pussy. He places His mouth covering my entrance, and sucks Me whole, like a vacuum. I release my honey and He greedily laps it up. I bend over Him, still climaxing, asking Him to let me rest, but He doesn't stop, He holds Me in place and keeps loving Me. His fingers find my sweet spot and I fall to him. He kisses Me, our saliva and my juices mixing together in our mouths".
  74. >"He carries me to His bed, to Our bed, and lays Me down. He removes my uniform, and steps back, removing His clothes before Me for the first time, baring Himself. For Me. He tells me to spread myself open, that He wants all of Me, as I see all of Him."
  76. >"I spread my legs and part my lips, and I feel his warmth at my entrance. No teasing, He fills Me fully. I cover my face, too sensitive form His game, I don't want Him to see how vulgar I am. But He corrects Me. He tells Me, how in this moment, I am cute and beautiful, and how no part of Me is vulgar. But what he says next, sets my heat ablaze. He asks me, to bear His child."
  78. >"My womb throbs, I can fee it opening and closing, desperate for his seed. Yes, yes I will bear you a child My Husband, as many as you want! With that, He packs my womb full of His love. I cling to Him, not wanting to be apart for one second. I want this bliss, to last forever".
  80. >"He tries to pull back, but my legs say He is not leaving. He stands, with me holding on to Him, and fishes something else out of His pant's pockets. A small vial, with a black liquid inside. He downs it in one go, and I feel Him grow hotter. His penis get bigger inside me. He tells me, the training, was to prepare my body and womb for this moment. He said I will give Him a child, and He meant it."
  82. >"He made love to Me for three days and three nights. We marked every room in the house, his penis never leaving Me during that time. Never apart, in our love, in our bed, in our home".
  84. >"Weeks later, it was confirmed, I was pregnant with Ma-, with My Husband's children. The happiness was overwhelming. Really. I bore nine perfectly healthy daughters for my husband. We were both shocked, to say the least. Thankfully, the sale He had secured, left us quite well off, we raised our daughters with not a worry for money. Now, if only I could get them to call Him Daddy instead of Master.."
  86. >"But, one thing at a time. Please.”
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