Avoid Cookie Log[Important]

Jun 24th, 2022
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  1. Hello, a lot of people falls for the Cookie & Beams scams and I will tell you how to avoid them
  2. First off if someone sends you a roblox link make sure that its not like roblox. sx or roblox.dll or anything like this
  3. Second Dont put the Javascript:Url thing it gives the Beamer your cookie
  4. Third Dont open ANY pictures from any RANDOM person you dont know
  5. Fourth Dont open any website any random person sends you it.
  6. Fifth Dont use any roblox extensions they can get your cookies by some lines of codes
  7. Sixth Dont go inspect then press on the >> then press on the Aplication and then you go to .ROBLOSECURITY and copy the value and send it to someone The hacker is lazy to give u any links or pictures to beam you.
  8. Seven Dont trust any youtube video saying how to beam people Because they will tell u to copy their cookie and its ur cookie any way.
  11. WARNING: If you will go beam people after these steps all I want to say is Beaming people is not fun + You can meet a hacker which can auto report your account maybe u will get Desktop-Ban or IP-Ban or get Terminated or Ban now dont go like a stupid kid tell anyone that
  12. because they might scam u At the end.
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