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Oct 26th, 2015
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  1. [espionage724@Oak xonotic]$ ./all run dedicated
  2. Timing via the time utility works.
  3. Found main repo = git://
  4. Repository . enabled because it already exists
  5. Repository data/xonotic-data.pk3dir enabled because it already exists
  6. Repository data/xonotic-music.pk3dir enabled because it already exists
  7. Repository data/xonotic-nexcompat.pk3dir disabled by default, create data/xonotic-nexcompat.pk3dir.yes to enable
  8. Repository darkplaces enabled because it already exists
  9. Repository netradiant enabled because it already exists
  10. Repository div0-gittools disabled by default, create div0-gittools.yes to enable
  11. Repository d0_blind_id enabled because it already exists
  12. Repository data/xonotic-maps.pk3dir enabled because it already exists
  13. Repository mediasource disabled by default, create mediasource.yes to enable
  14. Repository gmqcc enabled because it already exists
  15. Repository xonstat disabled by default, create xonstat.yes to enable
  16. Repository xonstatdb disabled by default, create xonstatdb.yes to enable
  17. Repository wiki disabled by default, create wiki.yes to enable
  18. + measure_time catchsegv darkplaces/darkplaces-dedicated -xonotic
  19. Game is Xonotic using base gamedir data
  20. gamename for server filtering: Xonotic
  21. Xonotic Linux 10:35:01 Oct 25 2015 - debug
  22. Current nice level is below the soft limit - cannot use niceness
  23. Skeletal animation uses SSE code path
  24. execing quake.rc
  25. execing default.cfg
  26. execing defaultXonotic.cfg
  27. Warning: Could not expand $vid_width
  28. Warning: Could not expand $vid_height
  29. Warning: Could not expand $vid_pixelheight
  30. Warning: Could not expand $vid_desktopfullscreen
  31. execing sRGB-disable.cfg
  32. menu: unknown program name
  33. execing weapons.cfg
  34. execing binds-xonotic.cfg
  35. execing cdtracks.cfg
  36. execing balance-xonotic.cfg
  37. execing bal-wep-xonotic.cfg
  38. execing effects-normal.cfg
  39. execing physicsX.cfg
  40. execing turrets.cfg
  41. execing vehicles.cfg
  42. execing vehicle_racer.cfg
  43. execing vehicle_raptor.cfg
  44. execing vehicle_spiderbot.cfg
  45. execing vehicle_bumblebee.cfg
  46. execing crosshairs.cfg
  47. execing gamemodes.cfg
  48. execing ctfscoring-samual.cfg
  49. execing mutators.cfg
  50. execing notifications.cfg
  51. execing monsters.cfg
  52. execing minigames.cfg
  53. execing physics.cfg
  54. execing commands.cfg
  55. Warning: Could not expand $qport in alias _if_dedicated
  56. execing _hud_common.cfg
  57. execing _hud_descriptions.cfg
  58. execing hud_luma.cfg
  59. couldn't exec config.cfg
  60. "maxplayers" set to "16"
  61. execing data/campaign.cfg
  62. execing config_update.cfg
  63. execing font-xolonium.cfg
  64. Warning: Could not expand $scr_loadingscreen_barheight
  65. Warning: Could not expand $scr_infobar_height
  66. This command only works on clients: cl_cmd hud scoreboard_columns_set
  67. execing autoexec/empty.cfg
  68. execing autoexec.cfg
  69. Loaded public key key_0.d0pk (fingerprint: Xon//KssdlzGkFKdnnN4sgg8H+koTbBn5JTi37BAW1Q=)
  70. Loaded private ID key_0.d0si for key_0.d0pk (public key fingerprint: +gMd/CCcmd/joSf0z+4pck6UrDwpHpb0n5q1w2jIrME=)
  71. NOTE: this ID has not yet been signed!
  72. Loaded public key key_1.d0pk (fingerprint: XHub/MCjSOklCBU4ADlHX3+EcTjC0xhJ6odguyTvGp0=)
  73. Only need a signature for an existing key...
  74. Signature generation in progress...
  75. execing post-config.cfg
  76. Server using port 26000
  77. Server listening on address
  78. Server listening on address [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0]:26000
  79. [::WARNING] [../common/weapons/../models/model.qh:Model_model_precache:17] Missing model: "models/pathlib/square.md3"
  80. [::WARNING] [../common/weapons/../models/model.qh:Model_model_precache:17] Missing model: "models/pathlib/goodsquare.md3"
  81. [::WARNING] [../common/weapons/../models/model.qh:Model_model_precache:17] Missing model: "models/pathlib/badsquare.md3"
  82. [::WARNING] [../common/weapons/../models/model.qh:Model_model_precache:17] Missing model: "models/pathlib/edge.md3"
  83. Beginning notification initialization on SVQC program...
  84. Notification initialization successful!
  85. execing server.cfg
  86. maxplayers can not be changed while a server is running.
  87. It will be changed on next server startup ("map" command).
  88. "maxplayers" set to "16"
  89. FS_OpenVirtualFile("data/maps/.mapinfo", false): nasty filename rejected
  90. FS_OpenVirtualFile("maps/.mapinfo", false): nasty filename rejected
  91. FS_OpenVirtualFile("data/maps/autogenerated/.mapinfo", false): nasty filename rejected
  92. FS_OpenVirtualFile("maps/autogenerated/.mapinfo", false): nasty filename rejected
  93. FS_OpenVirtualFile("data/maps/.ent", false): nasty filename rejected
  94. FS_OpenVirtualFile("maps/.ent", false): nasty filename rejected
  95. FS_OpenVirtualFile("data/maps/.bsp", false): nasty filename rejected
  96. FS_OpenVirtualFile("maps/.bsp", false): nasty filename rejected
  97. Maplist contains no usable maps! Resetting it to default map list.
  98. menu: unknown program name
  99. Server using port 26000
  100. Server listening on address
  101. Server listening on address [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0]:26000
  102. [::WARNING] [../common/weapons/../models/model.qh:Model_model_precache:17] Missing model: "models/pathlib/square.md3"
  103. [::WARNING] [../common/weapons/../models/model.qh:Model_model_precache:17] Missing model: "models/pathlib/goodsquare.md3"
  104. [::WARNING] [../common/weapons/../models/model.qh:Model_model_precache:17] Missing model: "models/pathlib/badsquare.md3"
  105. [::WARNING] [../common/weapons/../models/model.qh:Model_model_precache:17] Missing model: "models/pathlib/edge.md3"
  106. Beginning notification initialization on a dedicated SVQC program...
  107. Notification initialization successful!
  108. Error response from keygen server: Not allowed
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