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Session Seven: The Political Gauntlet

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Dec 25th, 2012
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  1. <Class> Hi Makara
  2. <Makara> I will be back in a hour or so.
  3. <Helpax> Hi Makara/Nyaa
  4. <Class> Ok Black Cat
  5. <Class> will tell so CJ
  6. <Class> can you start the dice boot?
  7. <Helpax> ok
  8. -->| DiceBot has joined #wizardbase
  9. <Class> thanks
  10. <Makara> wait wait
  11. |<-- DiceBot has left (Client exited)
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  13. <Makara> okay, bye.
  14. <Calpurnia> True
  15. <Calpurnia> so true
  16. <Silas_> take care, and thanks
  17. <Class> oO
  18. <Calpurnia> damn thing kept giving me 2s
  19. <Silas_> its a conspiracy
  20. <Class> !roll 1d10 (For the Fun of it)
  21. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Class, (For the Fun of it)
  22. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10
  23. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Calpurnia
  24. <Calpurnia> now it rolls 8
  25. <Calpurnia> much more appropriate
  26. <Helpax> !roll 1d10 (because I think it looks interesting)
  27. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax, (because I think it looks interesting)
  28. <Class> don't use up our luck now or you don't have it in game anymore ;)
  29. <Calpurnia> see
  30. <Helpax> But I only have bad luck...
  31. <Silas_> -*is gathering strength*-
  32. <Class> !roll D12
  33. <Silas_> yet you still manage to do more than most of us ^^
  34. <Class> !roll 1d12
  35. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Class
  36. <Calpurnia> Were trying to figure out if the 1d10 dice is loaded not the 12
  37. <Class> ok because of the 3x 8 I just wanted to look if some different result is possible ^^
  38. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10
  39. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Calpurnia
  40. <Calpurnia> okay not
  41. <Calpurnia> <Helpax> I try simple things
  42. <Helpax> mostly Naptime
  43. <Calpurnia> You how dare you get a wimpy snowball
  44. <Helpax> ...That I blame on the dicemaker
  45. <Helpax> if anyone needs me i'll be feeling guilty over here
  46. * Helpax sulks in a corner
  47. <Calpurnia> hehehhehe don't get to guilty there a lot more to feel guilty about (it's probably just going to get worse now)
  48. <Helpax> ^^
  49. <Helpax> Besides, we're all going to die
  50. <Calpurnia> Well that's a fact of life.
  51. <Helpax> true, it's boring otherwise
  52. <Calpurnia> It's also a fact as CJ is the judge of our world.
  53. <Helpax> we're doomed to die painfully?
  54. <Silas_> isn't the sheer amount of drakes evidence of that?
  55. <Calpurnia> Well look what we faced already. 4 dragons. And, now we have to deal with Magus'. Yeah.
  56. <Class> Now I know at last 2 ways in Ares Magica to make a Human Mage unaging without acujmolating Warppoints
  57. <Class> so dying of old age probably can ruled out for some ^^
  58. <Calpurnia> Huh?
  59. <Helpax> Clearly Class knows the system better.
  60. <Calpurnia> Well unaging only works for appearance not decrepitude.
  61. <Class> thats no of the 2 ways I have in mind
  62. <Helpax> Please share with class, Mr. Class. How does one forestall dying of 'old age/decrepitude points'.
  63. <Class> But for both you need be part of the right Mystic Cult
  64. <Calpurnia> Well I'm Criamon so it will probably find me.
  65. <Class> as Criamon you don't whant to be undying you whant to enter twilight
  66. <Calpurnia> True, but I mean in the ways of finding a Mystic Cult.
  67. <Class> The only hint I give is that 1 way is to change toward a magic creature and the other to change toward a faerie
  68. <Calpurnia> Ahh so to become in someway a faerie or magical entity.
  69. <Class> Yes and I found 2 ways so fare to do it in the books I own. And one of the books is from CJ ^^
  70. <Calpurnia> It's a trap. He has some bs manuever to revert you back to human form (probably not)
  71. <Helpax> So living ghost, 'godling' or those house mysteries that both Bjorner and Merinita have?
  72. <Silas_> who doesn't want to be a living abomination?
  73. <Class> ^^ yes thats the downside of the Creature of Magic way
  74. <Helpax> Oh I forgot about the lich from hermetic projects, thanks for reminding me
  75. <Calpurnia> Whats wrong with being a abomination of all of humankind and probably being hunted by all forms of Divine servants.
  76. <Calpurnia> lich you can become one?
  77. <Class> Oh becoming a lich is something I don't know how to do ^^
  78. <Class> So if Lich is posible and don't accumulate Warppoints then its a 3th way.
  79. |<-- Helpax has left (Ping timeout)
  80. <Silas_> what does warp points translate to btw? mental instability or so?
  81. <Calpurnia> Uhh I think just the affects magic has done to you both in body and mind.
  82. <Silas_> mhm
  83. <Class> CJ where are you? -.-'
  84. <Silas_> brb in a sec then ^^
  85. <Silas_> and back
  86. <Class> zzzzZzzzZ
  87. <Silas_> maybe he is still sorting though our mails
  88. <Calpurnia> With the sheer amount of emails I sent him. I wouldn't be surprised.
  89. <Silas_> tisk tisk!
  90. * Class is AKF for a bit
  91. <Calpurnia> How many warp points should we give him?
  92. <Silas_> 2-3ish certainly
  93. <Silas_> how much for a trip to the twilight?
  94. <Calpurnia> I think I got 3
  95. <Baruch> Yeah, maybe we should play a twilight episode for him while he's gone.
  96. =-= Calpurnia is now known as Child_Calpurnia
  97. <Baruch> He could be a goosefish, maybe.
  98. <Silas_> hehe
  99. <Silas_> a goosefish, is that a meathered goldfish?
  100. <Silas_> feathered*
  101. <Silas_> with a beak
  102. <Child_Calpurnia> OHH
  103. <Silas_> and waddely fins
  104. <Child_Calpurnia> He can't boot up his computer
  105. <--| milton has left #wizardbase
  106. <Silas_> oh?
  107. <Silas_> well thats...meh, darn
  108. <Baruch> He did mention on the forums that his computer had been acting up
  109. <Child_Calpurnia> I emailed him and he emailed me back, on his phone. He says give him 5 more minutes.
  110. * Class is back
  111. <Silas_> gladly hehe
  112. <Class> ON good thing has this Helpax don't miss to much today
  113. <Class> err One
  114. <Silas_> Helpax couldn't make it either?
  115. <Child_Calpurnia> No his internet is giving him problems thus is why he timed out.
  116. <Class> He told he is back in 1h a bit over 45 ago
  117. <Child_Calpurnia> That was Nyaa/Makara
  118. <Silas_> oh, wan't that Makara?
  119. <Child_Calpurnia> Let me check
  120. <Child_Calpurnia> Makara I will be back in a hour or so.
  121. <Class> ups right
  122. <Class> Messed this up
  123. <Child_Calpurnia> Helpax Oh I forgot about the lich from hermetic projects, thanks for reminding me
  124. <Silas_> o worries hehe
  125. <Child_Calpurnia> Calpurnia Whats wrong with being a abomination of all of humankind and probably being hunted by all forms of Divine servants.
  126. <Child_Calpurnia> Calpurnia lich you can become one?
  127. <Child_Calpurnia> Class Oh becoming a lich is something I don't know how to do ^^
  128. <Child_Calpurnia> Class So if Lich is possible and don't accumulate Warp points then it's a 3th way.
  129. <Silas_> no*
  130. <Child_Calpurnia> |<-- Helpax has left (Ping timeout)
  131. <Child_Calpurnia> That was Helpax ^
  132. -->| CJ has joined #wizardbase
  133. <Child_Calpurnia> CJ YAY!!!
  134. <CJ> Bloody hell you are all still here!
  135. =-= Child_Calpurnia is now known as Calpurnia
  136. <CJ> I was nearly crying in frustration
  137. <Baruch> Did you get your computer to work?
  138. <Class> Hi CJ
  139. <CJ> Woke up two hours ago, turned on pc - went through Windows load up, then egg timer
  140. <Calpurnia> Well technically we lost Helpax to his internet and Makara will be back in "soon"
  141. <CJ> Yeah I can't do it from phone sadly won't run Chatzilla - tried that already
  142. <Class> So it's something broken with your computer? <CJ> Helpax may need his bed by now?
  143. <Baruch> It seems we are having bad luck with tech today; lets hope Helpax gets his stuff working
  144. <Calpurnia> Helpax timed out so I doubt he did it on purpose.
  145. <CJ> I think my pc is finished. I downloaded schezerade 1931 last night and then noticed my pc was packing up (see Black Chicken forums)
  146. <CJ> I am so so sorry
  147. <Calpurnia> Yeah by chance I read that. Sooo add 3 more warp points to your score.
  148. <Class> so no RPG today? When would it possible for you next time?
  149. <CJ> And I must wish you all a very merry Christmas - unless you are in Russia, or Greece, or other areas where Christmas is till some way off
  150. <Baruch> Yah, we played a twilight episode for you here
  151. <CJ> no I can run now
  152. <CJ> I'm in
  153. <Class> OK
  154. <Baruch> Ok, too bad <Baruch> no
  155. <Baruch> you CAN
  156. <Baruch> great <CJ> And I'll get a pc to work for next time, by building another pc. IRC does not require much to run
  157. <CJ> Yes let's play
  158. <CJ> So remind me, who is where?
  160. <Silas_> I'm off with Edith to find a Stephan I think
  161. <Calpurnia> We are all I believe in the carriage house thing.
  162. <Baruch> I, class, calpurnia, helpax are together in the iron thing
  163. <Class> End of last session we decided to get some rest till Dawn but Class will get up soon again as its no sleep time for him
  164. <Baruch> Yeah, silas and Makara are somewhere else I think
  165. <Calpurnia> Except Silas and Makara?
  166. <CJ> Yes, Makara I need to deal with once back
  167. <CJ> Let's start with Silas - feel free btw to comment OOC while I deal with what happened to Silas last session - won't take long
  168. <Baruch> Ok, se we can well run this, the only problem is that Helpax isn't here, and he was going to help me with the court proceedings
  169. <CJ> Silas, after the owl put down Edith grabbed you by the hand, and set off determinedly to find the magi of Libellus, saying something again about a promise
  170. <Calpurnia> (Oh yeah have you gotten info on Goricous, Baruch yet?)
  171. <CJ> (Helpax may make it. I did, by just turning on and of my machine 50 times)
  172. <Baruch> (No, I didn't get anything about what you mentioned; could you maybe priv me that)
  173. <Baruch> (Yeah, lets hope he does)
  174. <CJ> (Calpurnia can you give Barush the news)
  175. <CJ> Edith leads you through the great stones and drifting snow, and till eventually you come to a collection of three small wooden huts, built on the far side of the stone circle.
  176. <CJ> Each has a sigil engraved on the door, and while snow covered they appear cozy
  177. <CJ> Silas you want to ask Edith anything?
  178. <Silas_> "who is this person you want to see Edith?"
  179. <Calpurnia> (Baruch did you get it?)
  180. <Baruch> (no)
  181. <Calpurnia> (how does private chat work?)
  182. <CJ> Edith looks at Silas in surprise "Stephen of Jerbiton, the great magician! Who else?"
  183. <Baruch> (now I got it, sorry)
  184. <Baruch> (didn't notice it)
  185. <CJ> She walks to one of the huts and prepares to knock upon the door
  186. <Silas_> "ah, right." follows Edith to the door
  187. <CJ> (you can clearly hear low voices talking inside)
  188. <Silas_> "And what promise did he make you?" in low voice
  189. <Silas_> promise*
  190. <Makara> (back)
  191. <Silas_> (WB)
  192. <CJ> There is the sound of clanking metal, and the door opens. A man in iron armour, holding a hammer, and covered in small elaborate devices none bigger than a thumb throws the door open and stares at you. He takes a step back in shock on seeing Edith!
  193. <Baruch> (Makara you tell me about your parents?)
  194. <Makara> (just simple peasant
  195. <CJ> "not now" whispers Edith to Silas, and squeezes his hand
  196. <CJ> "Let them in" boom an imperious sounding man dressed in noble clothes, with a great grey beard that gives him an air of authority
  197. <Silas_> nods and gives a small squeeze
  198. <Baruch> (Makara mean the master/teacher, not the parents as in your biological parents)
  199. <CJ> You are swiftly introduced to Stephen of Jerbiton, an ARCHMAGUS no less - the man in noble clothes, Fabricor of Verditius - the man in armour - and Gregorius of Bonisagusa young man but completely bald, in a dark blue robes covered in bright magical symbols
  200. <Makara> ((another Criamon is my teacher))
  201. <Makara> ((could be the same as calpurnia))
  202. <CJ> (Helena of Criamon is Makara's parents - more on her later)
  203. <Baruch> (OK)
  204. <Silas_> "An honour to meet you Archmagus" Does a polite bow
  205. <Class> (CJ I just read trough The Deed of the Woodland Warden and The Aweakening again and still 100% Sure The Awakening absolute need Nature Lore and so its a inconsistency in the book ... I stumbled upon this when I tried to creat my mentor)
  206. <CJ> "Indeed" says Stephen, "and I am honoured to make your acquaintance, err, I am sorry I do not know your name? Should I?"
  207. <Silas_> "I should not think so, me and my fellows only recently arrived from the City of Ivory and Jade, to enter our gauntlet
  208. <Silas_> My name is Silas Duerr, of house Mercere."
  209. <CJ> "And Aeditha, what news of Libellus?"
  210. <CJ> "Welcome Silas!"
  211. <CJ> **and Edith tells the story as she knows it, from your arrival, to the drakes destroying the covenant - this takes a long time**
  212. <CJ> Silas, Per + Folk Ken test versus difficulty 9
  213. <CJ> (everyone else, be with you shortly - sorry!)
  214. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+1
  215. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Silas_2 1
  216. <CJ> (I was trying to use email last night when my pc died)
  217. <CJ> lol!
  218. <Calpurnia> Doubles
  219. <CJ> roll again, that's a one.
  220. <Silas_> !roll 1d10
  221. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Silas_0
  222. <Calpurnia> wow
  223. <Silas_> heh
  224. <Calpurnia> 21 or 22
  225. <Class> (Isn't 10 =0)
  226. <Calpurnia> Only if it’s stress I think
  227. <CJ> OK, it is clear to you that Stephen is completely devastated, Gregorius is fairly thoughtful and resigned, and Fabricor is absolutely furious and blames **You**
  228. <CJ> The first die roll is the one where zeros count against you
  229. <CJ> after that they are good
  230. <Silas_> ah good to know
  231. <Calpurnia> (I was right)
  232. <Calpurnia> (Story wise)
  233. <CJ> Fabricor waits till Edith ends her story, and then makes a really angry noise and stomps off clanking in to the snow
  234. <CJ> Any response Silas?
  235. <Silas_> "It is as Aedith says, and unfortunate turn of events, you have my sympathies.
  236. <CJ> Gregorius nods, but mutter something about Jonaquil being a fool. Stephen however is now growing angry, and muttering darkly about Nigrasaxa
  237. <CJ> At that moment Edith mentions "the promise" - and Stephen reacts as if he has been slapped.
  238. <CJ> Stephen turns to Silas - "if you would be so kind as to leave me with my grog a moment?" he asks
  239. <Silas_> looks to Aedith for a moment before nodding
  240. <Silas_> "of cause"
  241. <CJ> Edith is beaming with pride.
  242. <CJ> (is Makara back yet?)
  243. <Makara> (yes)
  244. <CJ> As you step out into the snow Gregorius walks with you Silas, chatting amiably enough.
  245. <Class> @ Silas You see the white Pegasus that "greeted" Baruch short after the landing walking around the tents
  246. <Makara> (who's gregorius again?)
  247. <CJ> Right Makara, you left with (as you would know) Siffed of Criamon. She is from the covenant of Libellus
  248. <Silas_> "What was that name you mentioned Gregorious? Nex---?"
  249. <CJ> No she's not! Sorry -0 she is from the covenant of Nigrasaxa
  250. <CJ> Silasregorius says "Nigrasaxa, the covenant of the Black Sword. They are our sworn enemies"
  251. <Silas_> "Ah. I did not mean to cause distress"
  252. <CJ> So Makara, Siffed takes you to a black stone tower, magically created on the other side of the stone circle, just a hundred yards from the stones.
  253. <CJ> She lets you in to the tower, which has been created by the magi of Nigrasaxa to keep them warm and safe during the Tribunal
  254. <CJ> Siffed looks at you, and tells you tomorrow she will consult the omens as to your path, and be the one who conducts your Gauntlet
  255. <CJ> Any questions Makara?
  256. <Makara> (you never reply my mail about what she teached me)
  257. <CJ> No my pc died. HOwever we will do this now!
  258. <CJ> Siffed tells you a bit about Nigrasaxa - it is another new covenant, slightly older than Libellus, and only thirty miles away. It is politically allied with Blackthorn - Voluntas another covenant then sponsored Libellus to stop it's development
  259. <CJ> She explains to you that tomorrow you will be asked a Riddle for your Gaunmtlet - there is no right or wroong anwer, only the answer that si true for you and your magic
  260. <CJ> If you can answer it, you will pass your House Criamon Gauntlet!
  261. <Makara> (easiest test ever)
  262. <CJ> Then she will consult the omens and choose a path that is correct for you, and teach you the inner mysteries of House Criamon
  263. <CJ> The hardest test ever, she promises.
  264. * Makara undersyand.
  265. <CJ> You meet in the tower Maximianus, a huge man, bedecked in magic items and very pompous. He wears the robes of an archmagus
  266. <CJ> He seems to want to sleep, and his snoring fills the room
  267. <CJ> tower even
  269. <CJ> You also meet Caltis of Tremere, a think wearily boy in too starched black robes, who marches around mutterring about the greatness to come!
  270. -->| Helpax has joined #wizardbase
  271. <CJ> OK, Helpax is bac, we shall start with everyone in 2 minutes
  272. <Baruch> (Wohoo)
  273. <Silas_> (WB)
  274. <Helpax> I'm back at last
  275. <Calpurnia> (Yay helpax is here)
  276. <Class> (WB)
  277. <Helpax> Thanks, sorry abolut that
  278. <CJ> Hey Helpax - faster than me!
  279. <CJ> Makara, Siffed suggest you walk in the snow?
  280. <Helpax> ...I was gone for over an hour...
  281. <CJ> (So was I nearly!)
  282. * Makara reluctantly accept.
  283. <Helpax> (!!!)
  284. <CJ> As you walk in the snow, you see a beautiful white winged horse trotting through the snowy plain, and the great looming blueish shadows of th stones of Stonehenge
  285. <Makara> (barefoot?)
  286. <CJ> Yes.
  287. <Makara> (of course)
  288. <CJ> Suddenly, walking round the stones the other way, you see tow people - a young man in white robes, completely bald, and Silas (without Edith for once!)
  289. <Helpax> (oh noes! edif is wost, wost worever!)
  290. <CJ> The man in white (Gregorius) starts shouting at Siffed, calling her "the illegitimate spawn of the contents of a rabid dog's bowels"
  291. <CJ> <Class> (Yea the Pagsus walks around because he don't sleep at all but his"Human" need sleep)
  292. <Silas_> (lol)
  293. <Class> (err Pegasus)
  294. <CJ> Nearby in a caravan a bunch of magi trying to sleep are awakened by loud shouting outside between a man and a woman
  295. <CJ> OK, everyone now...
  296. <CJ> What do you do?
  297. * Makara join in the shouting.
  298. * Silas_ looks surprised at Gregorious
  299. <Calpurnia> {I hide under the sheets}
  300. <CJ> OK, Siffed is swearing at this moron from Libellus who stole their vis sources
  301. * Helpax goes to the shouting people...after putting shoes and a warm robe on
  302. <CJ> Silas is yelling at Siffed that she is the unclean bitch spawn of a rabid dog herself
  303. <Baruch> I'll look out the window at what's going on
  304. <Silas_> I am? * Class go outside to help fixing the Tent he have broken before and when this is done he looking for his Mentor or Bjornaer he know
  305. <Makara> dear god silas, so uncouth
  306. <CJ> OK Helpax, as you emerge you find the mild mannered Gregorius of Bonisagus and the far from mild mannered Siffed of Criamon screaming insults at each other, while Makara and Silas stand beside them
  307. <CJ> Class, you fixed thent before, but you see the argument
  308. <CJ> Sorry Silas - I meant Gregorius who is with Silas!
  309. <CJ> **looks embarassed at typo***
  310. <CJ> OK, it's getting nasty.
  311. <Helpax> "Really? Really? Why are the adults acting like children?"
  312. <CJ> They are really going for each other now, screaming every name under th sun
  313. <Class> (Sorry but my prority is to find my Mentor and if he is not there as expected to seek for a other Bjornaer he know)
  314. * Makara trying to memorize the new title of these two great magus
  315. <CJ> Helpax PRE + Leadership
  316. <CJ> (but - 3 for the Gift?)
  317. <CJ> OK Class, you go looking
  318. <Baruch> (Wouldn't they have their parmas on?)
  319. <Calpurnia> (They are the worst magus' in history so no)
  320. <Helpax> !roll 1d10-3 (+3 botch dice for unskilled)
  321. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax, (+3 botch dice for unskilled)0 3
  322. <CJ> Yes they have actually, so no penalty
  323. <Class> (btw I look in Owl form as I see better in it
  324. <Calpurnia> so 3
  325. <Helpax> (so a 3 then)
  326. <CJ> They both utterly ignore Helpax, and now other magi are being woken up!
  327. <Helpax> (Why do i try talking? I have no skill for it...cept guile)
  328. <Calpurnia> I get up walk out side and say "BE QUITE I"M TRYING TO SLEEP!!!"
  329. <CJ> A raven flutters down, lands by Class, and asks "are you ready then Class?"
  330. <CJ> Everyone stops to stare at Calpurnia
  331. <Calpurnia> "Better" goes back inside
  332. <Helpax> "Thank you Calpurnia"
  333. * Class look at the raven
  334. <Class> "Do I know you? And for what ready?"
  335. <CJ> Gregorius gives a hollow laugh, and walks off to the huts. Sifffed says "get some sleep Makara", and walks back ot her tower
  336. * Makara look at the snow on the ground, "you be quiet too."
  337. <CJ> Class; for the Gauntlet, he croaks, and then makes an odd noise, which you giuess is a raven laughing
  338. * Silas_ follows Gregorius
  339. <CJ> I am Corvus - "your mentor told me to look after you!"
  340. <Class> "Sure I'am but my Parent is sadly no where to found"
  341. <CJ> The now on the ground lies deep and crisp and silent, intimidated by Makara's command!
  342. * Helpax sighs then follows Sifffed
  343. <Class> "Oh, thanks"
  344. * Makara give the snow a pat.
  345. <Calpurnia> {I go back to sleep}
  346. <Helpax> "Excuse me, but could you tell me what that was all about?"
  347. <CJ> "It is as I expected" croaks the raven. "I am Corvus of Voluntas, and I will act as your sponsor in the morning, wehish is almost here"
  348. <Baruch> I go back to sleep as well
  349. <Class> "How long past dawn will this usualy take?"
  350. <Class> "I'm Class Eule but you probably already know that"
  351. <Class> "nice to meet you"
  352. <CJ> Helpaxiffed looks at you surprised. "We built a covenant " she says " and ten years later they arrived and built one on our dorrstep, and now they steal our vis. They are simply pawns of the wicked covenant of Voluntas, lawless magi led by the witch Julia of Jerbiton"
  353. <CJ> "Not long Class" - "you will need to be in the circle at Dawn. You may as well fly with me there now"
  354. <CJ> Silas, Gregoriuys and you enter the hut, Where stephan has been talking to Iudiciusm, a quaesitor, who walks out with a curt nod as you arrive., He has a red scarlet tattoo on his cheek that spirals constantly in 3 dimensions!
  355. <Helpax> "Ah. No wonder it agitated you so. Forgive me, I'm new to the tribunal. Take it the matter will be discussed tomorrow?"
  356. <Class> "Sure we can do that now. As you can expect my time is usualy the night thats why I asked."
  357. <CJ> Stephen is now dozing in a chair - of Edith there is no sign.
  358. <Calpurnia> {I guess no time to sleep so to the circle}
  359. <CJ> DAwn will be in 5 minutes
  360. <Silas_> To Gregorius "who was that?"
  361. * Class follow Corvus of Voluntas
  362. <Baruch> (Oh, if dawn is so soon then I won't try to sleep any longer either)
  363. <CJ> "The Chief Quesitor, Iudiciusm. He is from Blackthorn, so hates us!"
  364. <Calpurnia> I look at Baruch "We really shouldn't have helped them all things considered" Leaves to circle
  365. <CJ> Baruch, two minutes to Dawn. Time for you to put your Parma up!
  366. * Makara goes toward the Stonehenge.
  367. * Silas_ looks arond
  368. <Silas_> "where did Aedith go off to?"
  369. <Baruch> Parma up. Then to meet the Iudicius fellar
  370. <CJ> **DAWN BREAKS, a dull glow on the Eastern horizon. The rising sun dyes the snows of Stonehenge blood red**
  371. <CJ> All of the magi are now moving out to the stone circle
  372. <CJ> Gregorius looks around and says to Silas - "probably ran off somewhere!"
  373. <CJ> Thirty magi gather in silence, in a great circle. They are an odd looking bunch - some clad in the finest robes, some in rouygh garb, some in armour
  374. * Helpax heads off to the main event, trying to stay with the rest of our covenant
  375. <CJ> One woman stands out - incredibly aged, she wears pinkish robes which suddenly blaze glorious in the light of the rising son, drawing everyones attention to her. She holds a crooked wooden staff, like the one that is the symbol of House Ex Miscellanea
  376. <Class> (How many ANimals are there and do so as if they belong here beside the raven and me?)
  377. <CJ> The air around her robes sparkles as if with mettalic pink fairy dust - she is like a refection of the dawn
  378. <Silas_> Nods. "I am sorry if I am intruding, but what promise they wanted to discuss?"
  379. <CJ> No animals well some familairs - but Corvus has taken human form now
  380. <CJ> Gregorius looks sharply at you, and mutters about how he must be off to the Tribunal
  381. <Class> *Wispering* "Human shape expected?"
  382. <CJ> Anyone want to try INT+ Order of Hermes Lore?
  383. <Helpax> (sure)
  384. <CJ> Corvus - "yes sadly" to Class
  385. <Makara> (sure)
  386. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+6
  387. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Baruch13 6
  388. <CJ> OK, make that test if you want to.
  389. <Makara> !roll 1d10+4
  390. <Helpax> !roll 1d10+6 (+1 if politics applies)
  391. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax, (+1 if politics applies)14 6
  392. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Makara8 4
  393. <CJ> Calpurnia, you p and about now?
  394. * Class turn to human even if this means to stand naked at the snow *brrrrr*
  395. <CJ> Corvus a young man with a shock of black untruly hair is also completely naked, byut hands you a bearskin
  396. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10
  397. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Calpurnia
  398. <Calpurnia> No wait I do have a bonus
  399. <Class> !roll 1d10
  400. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Class
  401. <Class> !roll 1d10 (reroll)
  402. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Class, (reroll)
  403. <Calpurnia> actually I don't
  404. <Silas_> "Of cause Gregorious. I appologize. I should find my friends as well. Good day to you" small bow
  405. <Calpurnia> so 27
  406. <Calpurnia> no wait 18 sorry
  407. <Class> (How is it calculated again?)
  408. <Calpurnia> times 2 I believe (not squaring which I did)
  409. <Class> "Thanks"
  410. <CJ> OK, as you gather you can whisper to one another. The woman in the glorious pink robes is Immanola, Primus of House Ex Miscellanea. She is incredibly ancient, and her robes are the "Robes of Dusty Dawn", symbol of office of her role. They have chalk circles drawn all over them.
  411. <Helpax> (int score + order of hermes lore + 1d10)
  412. <CJ> The staff she carries if the staff of the founder of that House, Paralix, who was an apprentice of Tytalus in the early days of the Order
  413. <Class> (so 2 int+6 for me)
  414. <Class> (=8)
  415. <Helpax> (oh dear, big wigs are here)
  416. <Baruch> (Calpurniaf you don't have a score in order of hermes lore you don't get to roll)
  417. <CJ> Calpurnia you know whs should be the Pareaco, the chief official here, because she is the oldest. She isn;t though
  418. <Class> (Oh ok then nothing for me ^^)
  419. <CJ> (Good point VBAruch)
  420. <Calpurnia> (okay I know nothing)
  421. <CJ> Never mind, yiu all can know who Immanola is
  422. <CJ> She is one of the twelve leaders of the Order fo Hermes after all!
  423. <Helpax> (I'd tell them anyway)
  424. <CJ> ok, you have a few moments to talk to reach other. ( I need loo, you need to catch up)
  425. <CJ> brb in 5 at most
  426. <CJ> (please talk in character)
  427. <Class> (Baruch nearby to me?)
  428. <Calpurnia> "Silas where have you been"
  429. * Silas_ finds his way to the group looking quite tired
  430. <CJ> (you are all together)
  431. <Baruch> "Everything in order, Silas? Have you received word that we, or more specifically I, will be accused of destroying Libellas."
  432. * Makara start a conversation with Stonehenge, "Good morning, stone."
  433. * Silas_ waves in the direction of the huts
  434. <Class> "Baruch my I introduce you to Corvus of Voluntas he will sponsor me for this gauntlet instead of my Parent"
  435. <Silas_> "Edith wanted to meet an archmagus, but I never learned why...
  436. <Baruch> "Ah, splendid. Good to meet you, Corvus."
  437. <Baruch> "Stephen was an archmagus? Well, did you meet him?"
  438. <Silas_> Apparently though Libelles has a number of enemies here
  439. <Baruch> "What about you Makara? Everything in order?"
  440. <Makara> "Yes, everything is in alignment"
  441. <Baruch> "Silas, yes, I have gathered as much as well. Some pettiness over resources, to be sure."
  442. <Silas_> "I met him, he was surprisingly gentle. a kind man"
  443. * Silas_ shrugs
  444. <Baruch> "Was he informed of what took place at Libellas?"
  445. <Class> "Corvus of Voluntas this Baruch ex Bonisagus of my new Covenant!
  446. <Helpax> "Pettiness or not, I am certain we'll be dragged into it one way or another."
  447. <Silas_> His companion Gregorious nearly started a fight with another house... if not for *cough* Calpurnias little outburst"
  448. <Baruch> "Yes, so it seems. I presume we might have to choose sides."
  449. <Silas_> We should strive to make peace between the two, I feel.
  450. <Baruch> "Silas, but does he know about what happened? I suspect this will be a topic of contention."
  451. <Silas_> "If not Libelle will surely not survive..."
  452. <Class> "Wow you must be very sure of your ability in talking for trying such a thing"
  453. <Silas_> "Aedith told what happened on our trip, he looked years older for it"
  454. * Silas_ shakes his head
  455. <Baruch> "Amicable relations would surely be the most desirable outcome, but I would also find my personal survival to be something of a priority."
  456. <Helpax> "Reminder for Silas Libelle is charging us with a High Crime. I don't think they like us very much/"
  457. <Silas_> "I am not sure of anything. But all this... anger serves no one"
  458. <Silas_> "What?!"
  459. <Calpurnia> "Oh yeah and if Baruch loses he will get executed"
  460. <Calpurnia> {Says without any emotion}
  461. <Silas_> "But- I just talked with their archmagus, he did not seem to be informed of this at all"
  462. <Class> (OOC Ramon maybe have the Etiquette to bring them at one table for a dinner without active twists but thats it)
  463. <Helpax> "Oh right, you missed that. They are blaming us for the dragon attack"
  464. <Makara> "I missed that too."
  465. * Silas_ looks worried to Baruch
  466. <CJ> A man in deep blue robes walks in to the cebtre of the circle
  467. <Helpax> "Wait, he didn't know?!>"
  468. <CJ> magi start to fall silent...
  469. * Class is silent
  470. <Calpurnia> "..."
  471. <Makara> "..."
  472. <CJ> A redcap walks forward, and bows low.
  473. <CJ> "my assembles sodales, I give you the Praeco!"
  474. <Helpax> ""
  475. <CJ> The praeco is an impressive figure, clad in deep blues and a green cloak (i forgot to mention that)
  476. <CJ> His eyes are so hollow, do dark, they seem like voids
  477. <CJ> Praeco Talion of Flambeau "August magi, welcome! I bid you all welcome to this Tribunal of Stonehenge, and a special welcome to our guest, Baruch"
  478. -->| Baruch1 has joined #wizardbase
  479. <Baruch1> (Sorry)
  480. * Silas_ tries to stifle a yawn
  481. |<-- Baruch has left (Ping timeout)
  482. <CJ> (Talion's voice seems to drip menace, and the promise of dissolution and destruction)
  483. =-= Baruch1 is now known as Baruch
  484. <Class> (Btw CJ f you need Ramon say so)
  485. <CJ> He turns to look around the circle.
  486. * Helpax tries not to look like an idiot
  487. <CJ> The redcap steps forward again "Assembled magi, I give you the Presiding Queasitor, Iudicium of Flambeau"
  488. <Baruch> (Could someone msg me if I missed something between "Helpaxh" and my sorry)
  489. <CJ> Iudicium steps forward
  490. <Baruch> (thanks)
  491. <CJ> Finally the redcap calls, and the Master of Apprentices, Edward of Milton
  492. <Silas_> (you were just presented as special among the magus Baruch)
  493. <CJ> Edward steps forward.
  494. <CJ> And our resident Primus, Immanola of House Ex Miscellanea
  495. <CJ> Her robes ar eno longer glowing as brightly, and she does not move forward, but sits in a chair, and feebly waves
  496. <Class> (Wow a unusual high position for this House)
  497. <CJ> (She is the head of the House )
  498. <CJ> Praeco Talionudicium, is all in order?
  499. <CJ> Iudiciume are quorate. At least twelve magi, from four covenants. In fact we have magi from every Stonehenge covenant, and a visitor, Baruch
  500. <CJ> Praeco Talionaruch, present yourself
  501. <Silas_> (Praeco Talio has initiated the meeting btw Baruch, if you missed it)
  502. <CJ> Per + Folk Ken everyone else
  503. <Calpurnia> (do i need folk ken?)
  504. <Baruch> "Thank you, Praeco. I am Baruch of Bonisagus from the covenant of the City of Ivory and Jade. I am here to escort these apprentices to their Gauntlet."
  505. <Class> (Possible witout value in Folk Ken?)
  506. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+1
  507. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Silas_3 1
  508. <CJ> Yes it is Cal
  509. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10
  510. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Calpurnia
  511. <CJ> Silas, there is a lot of tension here. You cna tell no more
  512. <Makara> !roll 1d10+1
  513. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Makara6 1
  514. <CJ> ditto Calpurnia
  515. <Helpax> !roll 1d10 (untrained, more botch)
  516. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax, (untrained, more botch)0
  517. <CJ> Makara, there are at least three major factions, and many magi in tow of them dislike the Praeco Talion
  518. <Helpax> (crap)
  519. <CJ> roll agin Helpax , four times
  520. <Class> !roll 1d10+3 (Untrained)
  521. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Class, (Untrained)9 3
  522. <Helpax> !roll 1d10
  523. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax
  524. <CJ> Makara, you can identify Voluntas, Libellus and Schola Pythagoranis as one faction
  525. <Helpax> !roll 1d10
  526. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax
  527. <Helpax> !roll 1d10
  528. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax
  529. <Helpax> !roll 1d10
  530. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax
  531. <CJ> Class you can realize their enemies Blackthorn control the Praeco (chairman) and the chief judge, Iudicium, who are both members of blackthorn
  532. <Makara> (someone please jog down these political relationship)
  533. <CJ> Baruch, the Praeco stares at you "And where is your covenant? Is it in our Tribunal?"
  534. <Helpax> (do I need to roll for the 1s)
  535. <CJ> (nope Helpax)
  536. <Baruch> "Our covenant is situated in a flying city that is not stationary. It is presently above this tribunal."
  537. <CJ> The Praeco turns to Iudicium
  538. <CJ> Iudicium "and which redcap serves you?"
  539. <CJ> Iudicium "or do you have your own redcaps??"
  540. <Baruch> "Ramon"
  541. <Baruch> (right?)
  542. <Class> (We must have a Redcap Magus also)
  543. <CJ> I see, and which Tribunal does Ramon belong to?
  544. <CJ> (you have )
  545. <Baruch> (Do I know this?)
  546. <Makara> ((aren't you all glad we choose a flying city and can pick side?))
  547. <CJ> (Ramon, who is not yert Gauntleted, but is here Baruchj)
  548. <Calpurnia> (yep )
  549. <Baruch> (Yeah but do I know that he is of this tribunal?)
  550. <CJ> Iudicium, "Baruch, which of the 13 Tribunals do you believe your covenant belongs to)
  551. <Makara> (Ramon gonna tie us down to one faction isn't it >>)
  552. <Helpax> (Silas is also from house Mercere, not that it changes stuff)
  553. <CJ> (Baruch - nope)
  554. <Baruch> (Can I roll for how this stuff works, or do I know it automatically`?"
  555. <Class> (No if at all Ramon is of the Spanish Tribunal how ever it is called)
  556. <Baruch> (I.e. what tribunal and what decides and all that)
  557. <CJ> Iudiciumilas of Mercer, apprentice. You are a Gifted Redcap. Which Tribunal does your covenant belong to?"
  558. <Silas_> (yep, my dad ought to be a mage too, if needed. )
  559. <CJ> (All the assembled magi are watching expectantly)
  560. <Makara> (try and stay neutral)
  561. <Calpurnia> (Its the Therian tribunal)
  562. <Calpurnia> (Which occupies spain)
  563. <Silas_> (which occpies Germany?)
  564. <CJ> Talions voice takes on an edge of menace. Baruch, I will ask again, one more time. Which Tribunal do you all belong to?"
  565. <Calpurnia> Rhine
  566. <Class> (Thats the Rhine Tribunal)
  567. <Baruch> (Can we still have the apprentices gauntleted in this tribunal if we belong to another one? What determines where we belong? Has the covenant schosen an allegiance)
  568. <CJ> (Iberia = Spain. Rhine -= Germany. Thebes = Greece)
  569. <Baruch> (I can't answer that unless I know what my character knows!)
  570. <Helpax> (Iberian Tribunal has spain, I think...)
  571. <CJ> (yes you can, if the Presiding Quaesitor consents)
  572. <Baruch> (I mean if the covenant has chosen tribunal)
  573. <CJ> (and the covenant has no allegiance)
  574. <Baruch> (Ok)
  575. <Makara> (we are neutral)
  576. <Baruch> "Our covenant has no allegiance to a specific tribunal."
  577. <Helpax> (oh my)
  578. <Silas_> "My guardians belong to the Rhein Tribunal"
  579. <Baruch> "We ask that our apprentices be gauntleted here, at your consent"#
  580. <CJ> (tribunals - Novgorod (Russia) Rome (italy) Iberia (Spain) Levant (Holy Land) and so forth)
  581. <CJ> Yes Baruch, says Talion, but which Tribunal is your covenant in?
  582. <Makara> (WE BELONG IN THE SKY)
  583. <Makara> (SCREW YOUR TURF)
  584. <Baruch> "It is currently above this one, but it moves, hence this is not permaenent."
  585. <CJ> (Normandy France , Provence, S. Fance, Transylvaniia etc, etc)
  586. <CJ> The Praeco look surpsised,an d turns to Iudiciusm
  587. <Makara> (tell them we have no control of its movement)
  588. <CJ> Iudicium Grand Tribunal can decide where they belong
  589. <Calpurnia> (watch as when the grand tribunal convenes we are in South America)
  590. <CJ> Iudicium however apprentices gauntleted here will remain members of this Tribunal for the next seven years
  591. <CJ> Iudiciusmowever, we may Gauntlet their apprentices, certainly!
  592. <Class> (ohh my)
  593. <Calpurnia> (^ which means?)
  594. <CJ> Iudiciusmhere are their parentes?
  595. <CJ> (You have no idea!)
  596. <Makara> (which mean we can pick who to gauntlet us and join their side I guess)
  597. <Baruch> "Some are dead, others in twilight, and yet others remain at the covenant."
  598. <Helpax> (lol this is going to be fun!)
  599. <Class> (Yes this is realy bad -.-)
  600. <Makara> (CAN WE SELF GAUNTLET?)
  601. <CJ> Iudicium looks at Baruch surprised. "are they ashamed of their apprentices?!!!"
  602. <CJ> (Sorry Makara, nope!)
  603. <Makara> (Can I ask someone else to gauntlet us?)
  604. <Baruch> (Do I know why Tomas and Pistrello are not here?)
  605. <CJ> Edward of Milton, shouts "I HAVE DONE ALL THIS. PRAECO, IF I MAY???"
  606. <Makara> (someone else of great magic)
  607. * Silas_ bites his lips to stop himself from coming with an outburst
  608. <CJ> (nope Baruch, they never said!)
  609. <Baruch> I wait for what Edward says
  610. <CJ> Edward "ALL is in ORDER. I arrnaged ALL OF THIS last night"
  611. * Helpax grinds his teeth in fury
  612. <CJ> Talion looks at Iudicium, who nods, with a cynical twisted smile
  613. <CJ> The seprent on his cheek starts to spin and writher violently
  614. <Makara> "If I my intrude, does that mean we can choose who to gauntlet us?"
  615. <CJ> Talionost irregular, but you may proceed now Edward!
  616. <CJ> Iudicium and Talion stare dangerously at Makara, but say nothing
  617. <CJ> Edward BARUCH! please present the first apprentice for Gauntlet!"
  618. * Helpax resists the urge to faepalm
  619. <Calpurnia> facepalms
  620. <Baruch> "Very well. Silas, would you?"
  621. <CJ> Everyone falls silent and looks at Baruch
  622. * Silas_ gives Helpax a sly smile
  623. <CJ> Now everyone looks at Silas
  624. * Silas_ steps forward
  625. <Calpurnia> (afk)
  627. <Silas_> "I would be honoured"
  628. <Silas_> "I am Silas Duerr of house Mercere"
  629. * Helpax returns his friend's smile
  630. <CJ> And who is the examinor?
  631. <Calpurnia> (back)
  632. <CJ> There is a shiffling noise, and an ancient magius walks forward
  633. * Silas_ looks uncertain, looking hopeful at the crowd
  634. <CJ> He is wwaering very rich magical robes, embroidered with the symbols of St George slaying the dragon, and many signs associated with the planet Mercury
  635. <CJ> "I Viator of Mercury shall test this apprentice"
  636. <CJ> Iudiciusm draws a circle in the snow, and indicates that Silas should enter it
  637. <CJ> Everyone crowds round
  638. <CJ> Iudicium casta spell on the circle, which glows wuth a bright silver light
  639. * Silas_ enters the circle somewhat cautiously
  640. <CJ> The ancient Viator walks up, and stares at you intently
  641. <Helpax> "Ceramon...a dual..."
  642. <Class> (btw do I know my "sponsor" from my time in Crintera?)
  643. <CJ> "Your parens is known to me. You have potential. You will now be Gauntleted. if you pass, you will be a magus, and I will teach you the secret fo Parma Magica)
  644. <CJ> (Class; vaguely)
  645. * Silas_ nods
  646. <CJ> It looks like Certamen, but as Silas enters the circle, Viator does not.
  647. <CJ> You will be asked seven questions...
  648. <Helpax> (Bother)
  649. <Silas_> (thank the gods)
  650. <CJ> Viatorhat is the largest city in the 13 tribunals, by size of population?
  651. <CJ> (everyone falls silent)
  652. <Makara> (even here is political...)
  653. <Silas_> "..."
  654. <CJ> (Silas you got any Area Lores?)
  655. <Silas_> "It would be.."
  656. <Class> (Wow I'm sure I couldn't answear this)
  657. <Calpurnia> "gawl drops"
  658. <Silas_> (I do not-9
  659. <CJ> Viator smiles reassuringly
  660. <Silas_> "Rome, I suspect"
  661. <CJ> (You can roll Int then!)
  662. <Helpax> (Not rome then...)
  663. <Calpurnia> (Could be novgoard)
  664. <Silas_> (hehe ok)
  665. <CJ> Viator smiles - which Rome though - Old Rome or New Rome?
  666. <CJ> (Anyone from Greece here?)
  667. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+2
  668. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Silas_9 2
  669. <Calpurnia> (Close but no cigar)
  670. <Silas_> (may be too late
  671. <CJ> (Silas, witha 9 you know the answer is the city of New Rome, better known as Constantinople, the biggest city in Europe)
  672. <CJ> Viator looks at you patiently
  673. <Calpurnia> (oh yeah east rome)
  674. <Silas_> "New Rome, Constantinople)
  675. <Silas_> "* rather
  676. <Makara> (you pass history lesson, you shall become wizard.)
  677. <CJ> Viator says "it is so". The magi applaud politely, a part from a few who make cat calls and say "he didn't know!" (they dinbd't either though)
  678. <Helpax> (hippocrites)
  679. <CJ> Viatorecond Question - which planet rules House Mercer?
  680. <CJ> Mercere even <Calpurnia> (Mercury )
  681. <CJ> (this one is quite easy given his robes!)
  682. <Silas_> "It would be Mercury"
  683. <Silas_> (indeed ^^)
  684. <CJ> Viator smiles, and ther eis more genuine applause!
  685. <CJ> Third Questionou must ask a magi to dinner, in any language but Latin!
  686. <Calpurnia> (....... I'm doomed)
  687. <Helpax> (not a question)
  688. <CJ> (Everyone looks amazed at this weird question!)
  689. <CJ> (it's an exam question!)
  690. <Makara> (Wait till you see the criamon question)
  691. <CJ> (there is a buzz of conversatuion, and several magi complain this is unfair!)
  692. <Calpurnia> (As I said I'm doomed unless it's so complicated I can understand it)
  693. <Silas_> "..." [in somewhat halty english "Would you Viator of Mercury, join me for dinner this eve?"
  694. <CJ> (luckily Edith taught you some Englishhe English speaking amgi all burst out laughing at your accent, then applaud wildly!)
  695. * Helpax stiffles a laugh then applauds
  696. <CJ> Viator (in English - I would be delighted1)
  697. <CJ> Viatopr looks reassuringly at you!
  698. * Silas_ simles
  699. <Helpax> "Thanl you Edith)
  700. * Silas_ smiles even
  701. <Helpax> *thank
  702. <CJ> Question 5ou have to take a message to Jerusalem from London. Describe your route, and the Tribunals you pass through!
  703. <CJ> (make an INT roll Silas)
  704. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+2
  705. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Silas_3 2
  706. <Silas_> (damnit)
  707. <Calpurnia> reroll
  708. <Silas_> (oh wait)
  709. <Makara> (this would be so much easier if we had choose side isn't it)
  710. <Silas_> !roll 1d10
  711. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Silas_
  712. <CJ>
  713. <CJ> Geography si not your strong point!
  714. <Class> (Baruch if you don't mind could you take me next I need some longer break afterwards)
  715. <CJ> (the map may help)
  716. <Baruch> (Yeah, ok, I would know and realize that)
  717. <CJ> (yes poor Class IS nocturnal after all!)
  718. <CJ> Everyone looks at Silas
  719. <Class> (Yes it also have RPG asspect ^^ but RL I need 10-20 min break afterwards)
  720. <Silas_> It would likely be by ship, following the northern coast of normany west and south
  721. <CJ> (sure!lass up next!)
  722. <Helpax> (Levant, Thebes, Rhine Normandy Stonhenge(
  723. <CJ> (other way round Helpax?)
  724. <CJ> (to Jerusalem, from London!)
  725. <Helpax> (derrr tired)
  726. <CJ> So which Tribunals will you pass through?)
  727. <Silas_> Then around Provecal, IIberian through to Rome and Thebes
  728. <Silas_> Finally ending in Levant
  729. <CJ> Very good
  730. <CJ> Viator smiles
  731. <CJ> Question Six, what is the secret way used by House Mercere to move around Europe?
  732. * Silas_ wipes a bit of sweat off his brow
  733. <CJ> (This is an Int + Order of Hermes Lore roll versus 3)
  734. <Calpurnia> (I actually have learned I do have order of hermes I'm just blind)
  735. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+2
  736. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Silas_6 2
  737. <Helpax> (it's ok. I'm blind too)
  738. <Makara> (list your skill alphabetically)
  739. <Helpax> (The Gates?)
  740. <Makara> (The bat cave!)
  741. <Baruch> (testing)
  742. <CJ> (silashese are the Mercere Portals, which allow instant teleport from 10 of the domus magna to Harco, your domus magna)
  743. <Silas_> (I am workng from my laptop, so everyting is *VERY SMALL* so lindness is quite a pocibility hehe)
  744. <Silas_> "Mercere operates portals that allow instant transport"
  745. <CJ> (they are like the Spell Hermes portal, but magic itemes made by mercere the Founder. So the answer is Mercere Portals!)
  746. <CJ> and finally, the hardest question of all...
  747. <CJ> Viator waits a few seconds, regarding you carefully ---
  748. * Silas_ swallows
  749. <CJ> ViatorWhat do you most desire to accomplish?"
  750. <Helpax> (doomed! dooomed!)
  751. <Makara> (extend the mayan calendar)
  752. <CJ> lol!
  753. <Silas_> "I would prefer to allevate some of the tensions between the commoners and us, making both parts more tolerant
  754. <CJ> THere is some applause
  755. <CJ> Viator smiles. You will now repeat this oath after me,
  756. <Silas_> with a look to Talion "perhaps even between us mages in between"
  757. <CJ> I Silas of Mercere, hereby swear my ever-lasting loyalty to the Order of Hermes and its members.
  758. <CJ> I will not deprive, nor attempt to deprive, any member of the Order of his magical power. I will not slay nor attempt to slay any member of the Order, except in justly executed and formally declared Wizards’ War. I hereby understand that Wizards’ War is an open conflict between two magi who may slay each other without breaking this oath, and that should I be slain in a Wizards’...
  759. <CJ> ...War, no...
  760. <CJ> ...retribution shall fall on he who slays me.
  761. <CJ> I will abide by the decisions made by fair vote at Tribunal. I will have one vote at Tribunal, and I will use it prudently. I will respect as equal the votes of all others at Tribunal.
  762. <CJ> I will not endanger the Order through my actions. Nor will I interfere with the affairs of mundanes and thereby bring ruin on my sodales. I will not deal with devils, lest I imperil my soul and the souls of my sodales as well. I will not molest the faeries, lest their vengeance catch my sodales also.
  763. <CJ> I will not use magic to scry upon members of the Order of Hermes, nor shall I use it to peer into their affairs.
  764. <CJ> I will train apprentices who will swear to this Code, and should any of them turn against the Order and my sodales, I shall be the first to strike them down and bring them to justice. No apprentice of mine shall be called a magus unless he first swears to uphold this Code.
  765. <CJ> Do you swear this?
  766. <Calpurnia> (ugh)
  767. <Silas_> I swear this
  768. * Silas_ repeats the oath as needed
  769. <CJ> Then I declare you a magus of the Order of Hermes, and will tach you the secret of Parma Magica now
  770. <CJ> Viator leads Silas away, chuckling
  771. <CJ> Everyone applauds!
  772. <CJ> A Gifted member of House Mercere, they are so rare! Now there are two here at the Tribunal!
  773. <CJ> There is general merriment
  774. * Helpax grin and appluads again
  775. <CJ> EDward of Milton" BARUCH! Present the Second Apprentice!"
  776. * Baruch looks happy
  777. <Baruch> "Class, will you?"
  778. <CJ> Again Iudiciusm draws a circle in the sow, and cast a spell
  779. * Class steps forward
  780. <CJ> This time it seems to be brown and rather muted
  781. <Silas_> (Woo! time to get something with %ages!)
  782. <CJ> "CLASS, step in to the Circle"
  783. <CJ> "CORVUS will be your EXAMINER!"
  784. * Class step onto the circle
  785. <CJ> Corvus steps forward.
  786. <CJ> Everyone fall ssilent
  787. <CJ> Corvus speak now. This is Class of the Clan Sirnas of House Bjornaer. A magus of honour and skill
  788. <Calpurnia> Whispers "good luck fluffy owl"
  789. <CJ> It is the custom of our house that three must speak for an apprentice, be they bird, beast, man or magus, woman or fae. Who else will speak for Class,a nd tell us why they can offer praise?
  790. <CJ> There is silence, as everyone looks round expectantly
  791. <CJ> Edward fo Milton looks at you lot
  792. <Calpurnia> (nudges Baruch)
  793. <Baruch> "I, Baruch of Bonisagus, swear that class is as resourceful and honorable as any."
  794. <CJ> Edward "!I WILL be the THIRD. Last night CLASS flew in to my tent, and I promise HE WAS a most gracious and apologetic visitor. I found MUCH to like about THIS OWL."
  795. <CJ> Very well.
  796. |<-- Helpax has left (Ping timeout)
  797. <Calpurnia> (helpax died again)
  798. <CJ> Corvuss is the custom of our House, Class must now prove himself worthy of being a magus Bjornaer, or be slain
  799. <Class> (hopefull he come back bevore the last of us is to enter)
  800. <CJ> In a test of magic.
  801. <CJ> Are you ready Class Eule?
  802. <Class> "I'm ready"
  803. <CJ> Then please turn in to your heartbeast!
  804. * Class change to his Owlshape
  805. <CJ> (This is a tsress roll of Sta + Heartbeast)
  806. <CJ> You add +7 for the magic aura
  807. <CJ> <CJ> (one of the very few times you have to roll to change!)
  808. <Class> !roll 1d10+11
  809. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Class21 +11
  810. <Class> !roll 1d10
  811. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Class
  812. <CJ> Ouch it's a 0!
  813. <Calpurnia> OH!!!!!!!!!!!
  814. <Class> (But no botch)
  815. <CJ> You mess up, and for a moment flap around hgalf human half owl, but you do not botch, and as the atrget level is 3 you succeed, and fly hig to great applause!
  816. <Class> (or?)
  817. <CJ> Everyone thinks you di dthat deliberately!
  818. <CJ> As you swoop down, Corcus cries out in delight!
  819. <CJ> You are now a magus! You are now a magus!
  820. <CJ> Turn back so you can swear the Oath!
  821. <CJ> (phew!)
  822. * Class land and take human shape and take on the bearpelt again
  823. -->| Helpax has joined #wizardbase
  824. <Calpurnia> (.................. she is very confused)
  825. <Makara> (no need to paste the oath again)
  826. <CJ> (The crowd go wild with excitement)
  827. <CJ> Corvus you now repeat after me (he says the Oath)
  828. <Makara> (this crowd is easy to please)
  829. * Class repeat the Oat
  830. <Helpax> (Back, what happened?)
  831. <Class> "I swear!"
  832. <CJ> A blackbird flies over, and lands on your shoulder
  833. <Calpurnia> (watch as we go up everyone becomes disturbed)
  834. <CJ> "greetings Meles" says Corvus
  835. <Makara> (can't wait)
  836. * Helpax claps very loudly)
  837. <CJ> Corvus asks Class to follow him, and to swear the oath.
  838. <Class> (Wispering) "Oh Hi Meles you survived"
  839. <CJ> he has sowrn the oath sorry, to learn Parma
  840. <CJ> (Meles to Classes, and I bring news, bt that must wait till later)
  841. <CJ> (OK Class, you are a magi now. Go have a rest. See youi net session!)
  842. <CJ> next even
  843. <CJ> <CJ> Baruch, who wants to go next? <CJ> (or more imprtantly, whjo has ot leave soon?)
  844. <Baruch> (Yeah, if there's such trouble please tell us now)
  845. <CJ> (they take a varyying amount of time. House Bjornaer is very short)
  846. <Makara> ( me in an hour)
  847. <Calpurnia> (I can go on for quite awhile)
  848. <Calpurnia> (Helpax?)
  849. <CJ> (poor old Helpax, is Helpax here?)
  850. <Makara> (helpax probably should go first)
  851. <Calpurnia> (Yeah he came back)
  852. <CJ> (Yes)
  853. <Baruch> (Perhaps he has dropped again? Then Makara in the mean time?)
  854. <CJ> Edward of Miltonarush, please present HELPAX!
  855. <Helpax> (I just came back, missed Class's test0
  856. <Baruch> (Ok, good)
  857. <Baruch> "Helpax of Tytalus, will you?"
  858. * Helpax steps forward
  859. <Helpax> "Of course"
  860. <Class> (btw Cj if you want we can do Ramon here also but from what I read its bether he make it in Ibernia)
  861. <CJ> OK we do Ramon in Iberia, that makes sense!
  862. <CJ> OK, Helpax steps fporward
  863. <CJ> Describe how Helpax looks right now!
  864. <CJ> ??
  865. <Helpax> "/me has his hair swept back, his robe on right and his boots done up tightly. He is well presented
  866. <Helpax> (stupid mistype)
  867. * Calpurnia testing
  868. <CJ> Your examiner will be Golias of Tytalus
  869. <CJ> A very younbg man steps forward, clad in Green robes
  870. <CJ> Golias "You are not fit to be a magi" he spits!
  871. <Calpurnia> Raises eyebrow at this out burst
  872. <CJ> "Your master was a diabolist, and you are no better"
  873. <CJ> "You should be executed immediately!
  874. <CJ> How does Helpa xrespond?
  875. <Calpurnia> (can i?)
  876. <CJ> lol, why not Calpurnia!
  877. <Calpurnia> (do you have something helpax?)
  878. <CJ> anyone want to say anything?
  879. <Makara> (Calpurnia would be like THANK THE DEVIL)
  880. <CJ> (is this thing woking?)
  881. <CJ> lol at Makara!
  882. |<-- Baruch has left (Ping timeout)
  883. <CJ> Think we have lost Helpax?
  884. <Calpurnia> (Hmm I don't think I my thing really fits so Helpax?)
  885. <CJ> Two minute break while we look for him -->| Baruch has joined #wizardbase
  886. <Silas_> (Well, this does take some of the pressure off Calpurnia...)
  887. |<-- Helpax has left (Ping timeout)
  888. -->| Helpax has joined #wizardbase
  889. <Baruch> (It seems we are plagued by internet bollocks today)
  890. <Baruch> (What did I missed since "you should be executed)
  891. <Makara> (may his trial be short)
  892. <Silas_> hehe yeah
  893. <Helpax> (Ok I missed everything after "You're not fit to be a magi"
  894. <Calpurnia> (Yeah my thing doesn't fit really)
  895. <Calpurnia> (Basically what is your response Helpax)
  896. <Helpax> (Wait, he threatend to excucute me?!>?)
  897. <Calpurnia> Yeah
  898. <Silas_> You were accused of assosiating with demons and that you ought to be executed
  899. <Helpax> (I kind of missed the question)
  900. <CJ> Yep
  901. <Makara> (he also spit on the ground)
  902. <Makara> (How will you respond)
  903. <Calpurnia> (THAT BASTARD!!)
  904. <Silas_> true. - the poor (ground!)
  905. <Helpax> (I saw the spitting on the that it?)
  906. <Silas_> (god, my keyboard hates me)
  907. <Makara> (you hear him clearly)
  908. <Baruch> <CJ> Golias "You are not fit to be a magi" he spits!
  909. <Baruch> <Calpurnia> Raises eyebrow at this out burst
  910. <Baruch> <CJ> "Your master was a diabolist, and you are no better"
  911. <Baruch> <CJ> "You should be executed immediately!
  912. <CJ> Helpax, House Tytalus thrives on conflict. It is clear to you that Golias is trying to make your prove yourself
  913. <Helpax> "You're wrong" came a cool reply
  914. <CJ> Golias sneers at you. "You deny your master was a diabolist?"
  915. <Helpax> "And I'll show you why"
  916. <CJ> Golias expect that THING (points at Calpurnia) is your familair, that mishapen imp there?)
  917. * Helpax walks up to him and trys to punch him in the jaw
  918. <CJ> BRILLAINT!
  919. <CJ> DEX + Brawl if you have it.
  920. <CJ> roll !1d10-3
  921. <Calpurnia> (Dude my wings are as hidden as possible)
  922. <CJ> (lol!)
  923. <Makara> (but your tail...)
  924. <Calpurnia> (don't have one)
  925. <CJ> roll !1d10-3
  926. <Baruch> (exclamation)
  927. <Baruch> (it aughta be in the beginning)
  928. <Helpax> !roll 1d10+1 (untrained)
  929. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> Helpax, (untrained)5 1
  930. <CJ> !roll 1d10-3
  931. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> CJ7 -3
  932. <Calpurnia> lol
  933. <Makara> (10 is botch?)
  934. <CJ> He ducks the blow, and sneers - "nice try pansy!
  935. <CJ> Oooh yes, nahg on!
  936. <CJ> !roll 1d10
  937. <Helpax> "I am not equal to your magic, but I'm not done"
  938. <Anti-Calpurnia_Bot> CJ
  939. <Calpurnia> so -3
  940. <CJ> No botch, but -3.
  941. <CJ> Sorry you hit him straight in the jaw!
  942. <CJ> What's your Str Helpax?
  944. <Helpax> (-1 ^^)
  945. <Calpurnia> (.... pansy)
  946. <Makara> (is good to be pansy in this case, maybe)
  947. <CJ> (OK I know actually. So a total of seven, and he has Stamina 0) You knock out two of his teeth, and he collpases with a medium wound his blood splattered on the snow
  948. <CJ> He is completely down, and amazed.
  949. <Helpax> (hey, he's a thinker. And no. Killing this guy would be an auto pass)
  950. <CJ> What now Helpax? * Calpurnia silently claps
  951. <Makara> (spit on him?)
  952. <Makara> (for the revenge of the ground)
  953. <Calpurnia> (AVENGE THE GROUND)
  954. <CJ> There is wild applause from Libellus, Voluntas and a few others, and silent fury from Taliona Iudicium and the blackthorn magi!
  955. <Helpax> "I am worthy. I will not be accept anything less"
  956. <Makara> (welp, I guess we really getting the hate on Iudicium)
  957. <CJ> Golias scrambles ot get up, and laughs through the blood and broken teeth
  958. * Helpax smiles
  959. <CJ> "You are SO worthy!" He booms. "One day I will kill you, but for now you have shown yourself to be a true member of House Tytalus!"
  960. <CJ> He embraces you
  961. |<-- Baruch has left (Ping timeout)
  962. <Helpax> "Thank you for feud!"
  963. <CJ> He asks you to swear the oath after him
  964. * Helpax hugs Golias back
  965. * Helpax repeats the oath
  966. -->| Baruch has joined #wizardbase
  967. <CJ> "We shall be be Beloved Rivals - from this day forth we shall compete" says Golias "and I shall o course always triumph!
  968. <CJ> Still laughing, Golias takes Helpax off to be taught the secret of Parma Magica
  969. <CJ> Anyone else responding to all this?
  970. <Makara> (nope)
  971. <Calpurnia> (nope)
  972. <Baruch> (I missed everything from makara's "spit on him" to my rejoining, but I don't think there's anything I need to do anyway)
  973. <Silas_> (am I still watching, or was we lead away by our examiners?)
  974. <CJ> OK, Edward fo Milton looks at Baruch "WHAT interesting APPRENTICES you BRING US!"
  975. <Calpurnia> (Makara has a time limit)
  976. <CJ> "WHO IS NEXT?"
  977. |<-- Helpax has left (Ping timeout)
  978. <Makara> (me)
  979. -->| Baruch1 has joined #wizardbase
  980. <Baruch1> (God damn)
  981. <Baruch1> "Yes, they are, I find."
  982. <CJ> Iudiciums looks really annoyed. He draws a circle, whcih colours black with a golden infinity symbol, that of House Criamon, lopping forever as a moebius strip within it
  983. <Baruch1> (Missed everything after "interesting apprentices")
  985. <Baruch1> "Makara?"
  986. <Calpurnia> (we chose makara)
  987. <Makara> "I will go."
  988. <Baruch1> (Ok)
  989. |<-- Baruch has left (Ping timeout)
  990. =-= Baruch1 is now known as Baruch
  991. <CJ> Makara, as you step in to the circle Siffed of Criamon steps forward
  992. * Makara give her a formal bow
  993. <CJ> (You have 15 tattoos, one for each of the Arts. I assume they are hidden under yur clothing unless you have the disfigured flaw?"
  994. <Makara> no such flaw
  995. <Makara> (and damn)
  996. <CJ> OK, you have the tattoos. Your parens put them on you, but they are hidden
  997. <CJ> Siffed asks you to be come naked, here, in front of everyone
  998. -->| Helpax has joined #wizardbase
  999. * Makara strip.
  1000. <Silas_> (brr!)
  1001. <Calpurnia> (I've done it thousands of times.... Survive?)
  1002. <CJ> (Calpurnia has the same 15 tattos)
  1003. <Class> (oO looks like the Inet hates you today)
  1004. <Helpax> (missed everything after i repeated the oath)
  1005. <Calpurnia> (actually 16 due to my twilight episode)
  1006. <Helpax> (I know...)
  1007. <CJ> Siffede stanbd here, in the circles of time, for the 15,000th time. All will pass as it has before.
  1008. <CJ> Sifffedre you ready Makara?
  1009. <Makara> "Yes."
  1010. <CJ> She casts a spell on you. add two warping points
  1011. <Makara> (can't say no after I stripped naked!)
  1012. <CJ> You are about to Enter Twilight.
  1013. <Makara> noted
  1014. <CJ> Do you wish to g in to Twilight, or resist? <Makara> GO IN
  1015. <Helpax> (I'm in time for the fun bit!)
  1016. <Calpurnia> (good luck warm loving bastard)
  1017. <CJ> OK, I need to private message everyone.
  1018. <CJ> Give me a second!
  1019. <Makara> ( NO MORE COLD YEAHHHH)
  1020. <Helpax> (So what happened after I swore the oath?)
  1021. * Baruch Skeleton in red robes dripping blood, carrying a sword of vengeance
  1022. =-= Baruch is now known as Skeleton
  1023. =-= Calpurnia is now known as Naked_Man
  1024. <Makara> (poor calpurnia)
  1025. <Silas_> (Makara was the next up, I don't think anything more happened to you other than the promice to be good rivals and the deaththreat)
  1026. <Class> (back)
  1027. <Silas_> promise*
  1028. <Helpax> (^^ thank you)
  1029. * Naked_Man a completely naked man stands a fair distance to the side of Makara
  1030. <Helpax> (I got deaththreat! Wooo!)
  1031. * Makara look at the mirror
  1032. <Naked_Man> (be quiet no meta gaming)
  1033. <Naked_Man> (CJ tell us when we start)
  1034. =-= Naked_Man is now known as Muscluar_Naked_Man
  1035. <Silas_> (hehe)
  1036. <CJ> One secondlass, Helpax, Baruch Calpurnia all have your roles now?
  1037. =-= Helpax is now known as Spirit
  1038. <CJ> Silas you still about?
  1039. <Skeleton> (yeah)
  1040. <Silas_> (seems like a fun Twilight episode)
  1041. <Silas_> (yep, still here)
  1042. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> (indeed)
  1043. <Class> (Ups sorry was short afk again)
  1044. <CJ> OK, if everyone has a look at the pm's I have assigned your eoles
  1045. <CJ> Everyone got them?
  1046. =-= Class is now known as Spirit_of_Seeming
  1047. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> aye
  1048. =-= Silas_ is now known as Beautiful_naked_woman
  1049. <Skeleton> (Yes)
  1050. * Spirit_of_Seeming is a great red glowing Eye
  1051. <CJ> OK this is very important
  1052. =-= Spirit is now known as Village_Idiot
  1053. <CJ> Makara, you are in a small village, on a tiny island. There are cliffs all around which drop hundreds of feat to the crashing sea, which si the Sea of Time.
  1054. * Village_Idiot and the dog dancing and barking at his heels are laughing as they walk/skip along
  1055. <CJ> You stand on the Rock of Eternity, but Heaven is overhead, quite unreachable
  1056. <CJ> You see some starnge people in the village. Tell Makara what you all look like!
  1057. <CJ> (the names give you a clue)
  1058. <CJ> Each of them, bar the beautifukl woman, seem intent on leading you down a path to the sea f Time.
  1059. * Muscluar_Naked_Man a tall fit muscular man. The ideal man.
  1060. <CJ> Problem is they are all different paths!
  1061. * Spirit_of_Seeming stare unblinking at Makara
  1062. |<-- Skeleton has left (Quit
  1063. -->| Skeleton has joined #wizardbase
  1064. <CJ> Makara you there?
  1065. <Makara> yes
  1066. * Village_Idiot is dressed in a burlap sack, altered to be fashionable. He has a long conical hat on his head
  1067. <CJ> * Muscluar_Naked_Man stands looking at Makara with hope
  1068. * Beautiful_naked_woman is a woman of great beauty stands before you
  1069. <CJ> The spirit of Seeming is just a great unblinking eye. It can talk though!
  1070. <Beautiful_naked_woman> (ninja inserts a 'that')
  1071. <CJ> OK, and there is te skeleton too!
  1072. * Skeleton in red robes dripping blood, carrying a huge black sword
  1073. <Makara> "Hello eyeball, do you have eyestrain?"
  1074. <CJ> A group of thugs appear from the village inn, they kick the idiots dog, and try to grop the naked lady
  1075. <Spirit_of_Seeming> "Time what is Time? Follow this pathe and you will understand"
  1076. <CJ> OK time in, go for it everyone!
  1077. * Muscluar_Naked_Man holds out muscular hand
  1078. <Makara> "Do you know where Ear is, eyeball?"
  1079. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "Come with me, and I will show you the things a human body can do and maybe what it or you can become and master"
  1080. <Skeleton> "You must save them, Makara!"
  1081. <Makara> "Will you join me skeleton?"
  1082. <Village_Idiot> "Hey, Mr. Cat didn't do nothn' to yer! Come Mr. Cat, Makara will take care of you"
  1083. <Skeleton> "The thugs will surely slay them!"
  1084. <Skeleton> "Yes, let us save them together!"
  1085. <Skeleton> "Follow me!"
  1086. <Village_Idiot> "Then we'll go for a nice walk, won't we?"
  1087. <CJ> The thugs are trying to gather round the naked lady
  1088. <Makara> "Will you join me, muscluar naked man?"
  1089. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "Think what your body can become with secrets it can never age and never die"
  1090. <Beautiful_naked_woman> "come to my aid Makara!"
  1091. * Skeleton charges at the thugs
  1092. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "No, join me"
  1093. <Spirit_of_Seeming> "Only the Eye can see the flow of Time and its meaning"
  1094. <CJ> the thugs start to fall back before the skeleton, but now throw stones at Makara. they sting!
  1095. <Makara> "No, no, join me."
  1096. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "Come and I will show you that which you seek yet do not know eth"
  1097. <Village_Idiot> "Oh no! The thugs are being assulted by the Naked Lady"
  1098. <Skeleton> "Join me, Makara! Let us slay these dastards!"
  1099. <CJ> The Sea of Time swirls endleslly in a great cycle around the island
  1100. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "Think above such mundane things a reach your true potential"
  1101. <Makara> "Come to me dog!"
  1102. <Village_Idiot> "Come on Makara! I know the way awy from here, follow me"
  1103. <Beautiful_naked_woman> "You must aid me, and leave this mindless rock!"
  1104. <Village_Idiot> "Ok"
  1105. <CJ> The idioys dog bound over to you, yapping excitedly!
  1106. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "Temptation"
  1107. * Village_Idiot takes dog Makara
  1108. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "this will be your down fall"
  1109. <Village_Idiot> "They are mean, aren't they?
  1110. <Village_Idiot> "Wanna go for a walk with us Makara?"
  1111. <Makara> "It could be kindess."
  1112. <Spirit_of_Seeming> "Only if you can sense the time you can understand it and escap its flow"
  1113. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "All you have to do is learn from me and you can save more than them but whoever you want to"
  1114. <Beautiful_naked_woman> Makara, you must choose one of us
  1115. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "Choose"
  1116. <Beautiful_naked_woman> "And the time for chosing is now"
  1117. -->| CJ_ has joined #wizardbase
  1118. |<-- CJ has left (Connection reset by peer)
  1119. =-= CJ_ is now known as CJ
  1120. <Makara> "very well, I choose this dog."
  1121. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "Or you can master time"
  1122. <CJ> Sorry. Did Makara make any choices while i was gone?
  1123. <Makara> "It will lead me to the true"
  1124. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> I am his choice
  1125. <Village_Idiot> "Yay! Now will you walk with us?"
  1126. <CJ> The gog bounds happiuly t the cliff, and leaps in to the sea
  1127. * Beautiful_naked_woman shakes her head
  1128. <Makara> "No, not with you, just this dog"
  1129. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> HE CHOOSES BODILY MASTERY!!!!!!!
  1130. <Spirit_of_Seeming> "You have to chose to follow one but only what you can sense could be true"
  1131. * Village_Idiot follows after dog but stops ast the edge
  1132. <Beautiful_naked_woman> "The dog is mindless. You would chose mindlessness?"
  1133. <Village_Idiot> "Maaakaaaraaa! We'll be late!"
  1134. <CJ> Makara and Idiot, do you jump in ot the sea after th dog?
  1135. <Makara> "Idiot, can you stay here?"
  1136. <CJ> The thugs begin to attacjk afgain, and try to carry off the beautiful naked lady
  1137. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> raises eyebrow (i'm confused)
  1138. <Beautiful_naked_woman> "Help! Come to my aid!"
  1139. <Village_Idiot> "But I don't wanna! I want to be free!"
  1140. <CJ> the dog is swimming happily, barking in sheer joy
  1141. <Village_Idiot> "...ok..."
  1142. * Village_Idiot pouts
  1143. <Makara> "Very good."
  1144. <Beautiful_naked_woman> "Do yourself the true favor! Aid me!"
  1145. * Makara jumps
  1146. * Village_Idiot follows
  1147. <Muscluar_Naked_Man> "if that is your choice"
  1148. <Village_Idiot> "I waited!"
  1149. * Muscluar_Naked_Man walks away
  1150. <CJ> You arrive in the sea. And wake. You are back in the circle. You chose your path! Well done everyone!
  1151. =-= Muscluar_Naked_Man is now known as Calpurnia
  1152. <CJ> Makara, Siffed looks at you and smiles
  1153. =-= Beautiful_naked_woman is now known as Silas_
  1154. <CJ> You chose the path of Old Goricious, The Path of Walking Backwards!
  1155. =-= Spirit_of_Seeming is now known as Class
  1156. <CJ> Al that happens happens forever.
  1157. =-= Skeleton is now known as Baruch
  1158. <CJ> We are trapped in the cycles of Time.
  1159. <CJ> We have all lived this moment 15,000 times before
  1160. =-= Village_Idiot is now known as Helpax
  1161. <Class> (Wonder whats the other picks would be ^^)
  1162. <CJ> Every joy, very pain, every sorrow, you are condemned to repeat forever
  1163. <CJ> That is the msytery of House Criamon
  1164. <CJ> Criamon learned to escape th cycle of Eternal Recurrnce
  1165. <CJ> He learnbed to storm Heaven, and escape Time
  1166. <Calpurnia> (ahh man this is a huge spoiler ugh meta-gaming is starting to control me)
  1167. <CJ> Now you too Makara can escape Time, and help all mortals escape this Prison
  1168. <Makara> "Then I shall keep walking until the beginning of time and I shall escape from the beginning"
  1169. <CJ> Makara, you show wisdom.
  1170. <CJ> I must now ask you a riddle
  1171. <CJ> If you answer it, you are a magi
  1172. <Class> (^^ I prever to become a Mhytic Beast and live for ever ;) )
  1173. <CJ> You understand?
  1174. <Makara> very much so."
  1175. <Helpax> (did i drop out again?)
  1176. <Calpurnia> (no)
  1177. <Silas_> riddles tkes time )
  1178. <CJ> Your question is this "A merchant comes to you, and and asks what the weather will be tomorrow when his ships sail, for if there are storms he may lose his fortune. What do you say to him?"
  1179. <Helpax> (Sorry)
  1180. <Class> (how many appentice left to do?)
  1181. <CJ> (It does not sound like a riddle, but it is!)
  1182. <CJ> (one!)
  1183. <CJ> (and thats Cal, so she will botch and we can all go home)
  1184. <CJ> Siffed looks at MakaraYour question is this "A merchant comes to you, and and asks what the weather will be tomorrow when his ships sail, for if there are storms he may lose his fortune. What do you say to him?"
  1185. <Makara> "You should listen to the voice of the weather, and you should listen to the voice of your wealth drown."
  1186. <CJ> Siffed smiles. Thsi riddle andf your answer will occur in the future, and mark your life.
  1187. <CJ> Now repeat the oath after me, Magi!
  1188. <CJ> She asks you to swear the Oath
  1189. * Makara repeat the oath and swear.
  1190. <Calpurnia> (ugh my turn is coming)
  1191. <CJ> Siffed indicates you dshould stand t one saude wheile she initiates Calpurnia next
  1192. * Makara stand aside
  1193. <CJ> Siffednter the circle!
  1194. * Calpurnia walks to the circle
  1195. <Makara> (I will take my leave, someone keep logging this chat)
  1196. <CJ> Calpurnia, you enter the circle
  1197. <Calpurnia> (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as it's the only way to progress yes)
  1198. <CJ> (cheers makara, take care!)
  1199. <Makara> k
  1200. <Silas_> logging is on now
  1201. <Calpurnia> (I think I got it... maybe)
  1202. <Makara> k
  1203. <CJ> k -
  1204. <Class> (This Client don't log at all )
  1205. <CJ> Siffed looks at you with respect
  1206. <CJ> Siffedhich si more important, bodily strength oh tiny girl, or wisdom and power?
  1207. <Calpurnia> Uhh the thing only shows to this point on mine
  1208. <Makara> oh and dicebot will be gone, so use this I guess?
  1209. |<-- Anti-Calpurnia_Bot has left (Client exited)
  1210. |<-- Makara has left
  1211. <CJ> OK cool
  1212. <Calpurnia> "Bodily strength as you can't control power if your body is not fit enough to use it"
  1213. <CJ> Siffedhich is more important, to master the world, or to see beyond it?
  1214. <CJ> (her expression gives you no clue)
  1215. <CJ> (almost finished guys, if Calpurnaio makes it through this!)
  1216. <Silas_> (no pressure
  1217. <CJ> anyone there?
  1218. <Silas_> (yep still here ^^)
  1219. <Helpax> (I am...but that does help)
  1220. <Baruch> (Yeah <Calpurnia> "The world is what one perceives it to be. You can master your own world, but that which lays beyond may contain greater opportunities. Such as twilight and I have learned though as you can't perceive it you can't control it"
  1221. <Helpax> *doesn't
  1222. <CJ> She smiles approvingly at Calpurnia
  1223. <CJ> Is it right to do Eviil so that Good may triumph? Would you deal with a demon to save a soul?
  1224. <Class> (I'm still here but semi AFK)
  1225. <Helpax> (Dang! That is a dousie!)
  1226. <CJ> (people who have to leave, please do so!)
  1227. <CJ> (it's a very long session -- my apologies)
  1228. <Class> (I look here from time to time while cooking ^^)
  1229. <Calpurnia> "But what is the cost? That one soul may later do evil be it by there own will or that of the demon's. And either way to deal with a demon is to lose one's soul. So in truth a soul is taken one way or the other"
  1230. -->| Baruch1 has joined #wizardbase
  1231. <Class> (No problem, sorry from me that I couldn't stay here all the time)
  1232. <CJ> If you must choose wisdom or innocence, which would you choose?
  1233. |<-- Baruch has left (Ping timeout)
  1234. <CJ> (no probleme all have stuff we have to do - I had no idea would go on so long today, I paologise, but want to get the Gauntlets ddone and Calputrnia buried)
  1235. <Helpax> (Buried?)
  1236. <Calpurnia> "There is no such thing as true innocence nor can it truly save you. Wisdom as the ability to save you, though with a price. But, then again you can't get something for nothing"
  1237. <Calpurnia> -has
  1238. <CJ> Siffed smiles. So would you first master your soul by true seeing, or your body by true living? Are the things of the flesh first, or the things of the spirit?
  1239. <CJ> Most of thre magi watching have no idea what is going on at all. They just shrug, and start to trade vis and quietly chat among themselves
  1240. <Helpax> "Criamons..."
  1241. <Calpurnia> "Your spirit is "eternal" in the sense that it will exist after your body is dust. Not to say your body is worthless, but time will some day claim it no matter how you try to stop it."
  1242. * Class try to get Meles to tell him whats the news he bear bevore he have to go to sleep
  1243. <Calpurnia>
  1244. <Calpurnia> for those who want to here the thing where I got the something for nothing phrase
  1245. <CJ> Sifffed smiles "You have chosen the Path of Seeming. It's mysteries will be revealed to you, and the devils in your head will be illuminated"
  1246. <Helpax> "..."
  1247. <CJ> Meles has flapped off to speak to Steaphen Eruditus urgently
  1248. <CJ> And now Calpurnia, the riddle
  1249. <Calpurnia> (yay)
  1250. <CJ> Siffed; "What was the Riddle I asked you last time?"
  1251. <CJ> (that's the riddle!)
  1252. <Calpurnia> (................ ooc horrified which I should say)
  1253. <CJ> She looks expectantly at you!
  1254. <Helpax> (Time is a circle remember? It's the same riddle!)
  1255. <Calpurnia> ""What was the Riddle I asked you last time.""
  1256. <CJ> At this moment stephen Eruditus appears looking worried, and is desperately trying to attract the Praecos attention!
  1257. <Calpurnia> (...........I'm wrong)
  1258. <Calpurnia> (it was that or the one in my path sentenc)
  1259. <CJ> (he is Stephen of Jerbiton, the archmagus of Libellus)
  1260. <Helpax> (No, something else is going on)
  1261. <Helpax> (...the book maybe?)
  1262. <Baruch1> (I'll have to go in 5-10 min)
  1263. <Baruch1> (Yeah, it's prolly the book)
  1264. <Calpurnia> (well makara has it)
  1265. =-= Baruch1 is now known as Baruch
  1266. <CJ> Siffed looks at Calpurnia expectantly
  1267. <Baruch> (But the people at the covenant would know who took it, wouldn't they)
  1268. <Calpurnia> ( I use intution)
  1269. <Baruch> (He answered already; he said the same riddle)
  1270. <Class> (OK our side is probably already chosen with the surviving of meles)
  1271. <CJ> (the ground deep beaneth your feat rumbles)
  1272. <Calpurnia> ".............goody"
  1273. * Class change to owl
  1274. <CJ> you still there guys?
  1275. |<-- CJ has left
  1276. <Baruch> (yeah)
  1277. <Class> (BUt CJ not ;) )
  1278. <Calpurnia> Huh he must have had problems
  1279. <Silas_> strange that there are so many connection problems
  1280. <Calpurnia> He really is trying to kill me
  1281. <Baruch> Yeah, its probably the maya calendar messing with our connections
  1282. <Helpax> My wireless is a little off here
  1283. <Baruch> I'm at my spouse's parents for the Christmas, and every time someone closes a certain door my wireless drops
  1284. <Baruch> joyjoy
  1285. <Class> Btw is next week possible for you all?
  1286. <Calpurnia> Yeah
  1287. <Silas_> I always knew that lack of internet would be the doom of me, so it may be the begining of apocalypse
  1288. <Calpurnia> CJ WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1289. <Helpax> should be...wait...
  1290. <Baruch> I should be able to do next saturday, yeah
  1291. <Calpurnia> yeah
  1292. -->| CJ has joined #wizardbase
  1293. <Class> Maybe his Coputer finaly died
  1294. <Class> (Wb)
  1295. <CJ> What happened?
  1296. <Baruch> You dropped
  1297. <Helpax> (WB)
  1298. <Silas_> Welcome back ^^
  1299. <CJ> Sorry, you all vanished while i was waiting for Calpurnia answetr to the riddle
  1300. <CJ> did you get my messages?
  1301. <Silas_> Calpurnia repied with the same riddle
  1302. <Baruch> <Class> (OK our side is probably already chosen with the surviving of meles)
  1303. <Baruch> <CJ> (the ground deep beaneth your feat rumbles)
  1304. <Baruch> <Calpurnia> ".............goody"
  1305. <Baruch> * Class change to owl
  1306. <Baruch> <CJ> you still there guys?
  1307. <Baruch> <Baruch> (yeah)
  1308. <Baruch> * CJ Quit ( )
  1309. <CJ> Siffed laughs, and asks you to swear the Oath
  1310. <Calpurnia> I swear it
  1311. <CJ> "Calpurnia, daughter of demonsd, you are one of us now" whispers Sifdfed softly
  1312. <CJ> The ground shakes again, and Siffed takes you and Makara to teach you the secret fo Parma Maagica
  1313. * Class use "Voice of the Bjornaer Magus" to be able to talk in Owl shape while lifting off
  1314. <Calpurnia> "huh?" confused at this comment of daughter of demons
  1315. <CJ> And then Stephen Eruditus screams "The dragons are rising! The dragons are rising!" Iudiciusm juyst smiles, and Meles flaps overhead crying out a warning.
  1316. <CJ> Siffed laughs, and promises you are the Son of angels too
  1317. <CJ> And as chaos breaks out, we must leave iut for this week
  1318. <CJ> Sorry it went on os long. You are all magi now!
  1320. <Class> Tzhanks for todays game <Baruch> Ok, thanks CJ! See you next time, I have to get going
  1321. |<-- Baruch has left (Quit
  1322. <Class> Next week posible?
  1323. <CJ> same here. Wifes birthday
  1324. -->| MrShades has joined #wizardbase
  1325. <Calpurnia> Curse you and your cliff hangers
  1326. <CJ> Might be week after
  1327. <Class> Happy Brithday from me ^^
  1328. <CJ> Sh ehas been very patient
  1329. <MrShades> (Happy Birthday!)
  1330. <CJ> Have a wonderful Christmas y'all and email me!
  1331. <CJ>
  1332. <MrShades> Goodnight, ciao
  1333. <Silas_> hehe indeed. Happy birthday to her though =) and thanks to both
  1334. <Class> Merry Christmas to all <CJ> If my pc works i'll even reply!
  1335. |<-- Helpax has left (Ping timeout)
  1336. <CJ> Merry Christmas!
  1337. <CJ> x
  1338. |<-- CJ has left
  1339. <Silas_> thanks and you too
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