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  1. Lying prostrate at the Demon Soldier’s feet, you are barely even aware of the incubuslooming even closer. He takes the opportunity to run his hands across your helpless body, murmuring to himself, “Very nice, I can certainly work with this...”
  3. Grabbing hold of your narrow thighs, the Demon yanks your ass into the air. Pushing his face between your thighs, the incubus presses his mouth into your cunt
  5. The relentless stimulation of the deepest, most intimate folds of your internal reaches has you biting your lower lip to keep yourself from crying out. Just as the tonguing really gets going, the Demon kneels upright, causing you to shudder as inch after inch of infernal tongue is whipped out of your wet hole. "That seems to be enough, I think,“ the corrupted beast says.
  7. All you can do is lie there and take it as you feel your demonic assailant shift his position and press the tip of his throbbing demon-cock to your well-prepared pussy lips, pause for a brief moment, then lunge forward to ram his entire length into you, launching into a brutal slam-fucking. Both you and the incubus gasp and grunt as the creature pounds remorselessly at your snatch. The rapid, drumbeat slapping of flesh-on-flesh is overlaid with the wet, squelching of the Demon Soldier mercilessly punishing your hole. Your vagina is now very loose.
  9. Your eyes roll up into your head as the Demon’s pelvis wallops into your buttocks over and over again with such force that you are actually pushed along the ground, groaning in pain and pleasure at the frenzied raping you’re receiving.
  11. The Demon Soldier reaches underneath you and alternates between rubbing at your petite clit, and pumping his clasped fist along your narrow dick, making you cry out involuntarily.
  13. The tempo of the hellish beast’s pistoning becomes more erratic, and spits and spurts of demonic pre-cum spray out around the creature’s infernal cock.
  15. “Aaahhhnnn... yeeesss, cum for me... unf... CUM FOR ME, FUCKSLUT!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!” The Demon shrieks, his tongue lolling from his mouth as his orgasm comes thundering up. The constant manhandling of your genitalia reaches fever pitch, as the !Unknown multi-word tag ""!!Unknown multi-word tag ""! skilful manipulation combined with the vigorous power fucking you’re taking has you very close to cumming, yourself.
  17. You feel the Demon’s infernal prick twitching and spasming within you, finally gushing a torrent of hellish sperm inside your womb. The Demon leans close to your ear and murmurs; "Yes, take my corrupt seed into your belly. Grow fat with my spawn, brood-cow! It’s all you pitiful mortals are good for!“
  19. Demonic spunk sprays out around the Infernal monster’s cock as he continues thrusting into you, splattering sexual fluids all over the place, and triggering your own climax.
  21. Your pussy contracts, pulsing around the intruding phallus, spurting female sex-fluids from your cock-stuffed hole. Your lengthy humanoid penis bucks beneath you, squirting gouts of pearlescent jizm into the soil under you.  
  23. The Incubus pulls his now semi-flaccid dick from your thoroughly-fucked cunt with a loud, obscene slurp and makes an attempt to wipe himself off on your comfortable clothes and comfortable loincloth.
  25. You can just about manage a groan before you flopping onto the cum-splattered earth as infernal sperm flows freely from your ruined orifice.
  27. "Well, this was an amusing enough diversion,“ muses the Demon Soldier, casually tossing your soiled !Unknown subject in “armourName”! to the ground. "However, the last time I was late back from patrol the Captain gave me two days in the barrel. Not that it wasn’t fun, in its own way, but still, I’d best get going. I don’t want to give him an excuse to think up something more... creative. See you soon, I hope, heh heh heh.“
  29. So saying, the Demon helps himself to a handful of Gems from your pouch, then spreads his wings and, with a mighty heave, launches himself into the air. You raise your head just long enough to see the hell beast rise until he’s little more than a dot in the sky, then slump back into the dirt and finally pass out.
  31. You’ll probably come to your senses in eight hours or so, missing 18 gems.
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