(MLO?) The Pony who Looped Himself

Apr 20th, 2013
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  3. The pony that looped himself
  5. >”So then she threw me down and started rutting me on the floor!”
  6. >Day 0 in Equestria
  7. >”No way!”
  8. >You are Time Turner; tinkerer, borderline mathematician, clock maker, and shop keeper.
  9. >”Yes way! Right in that darn office. Her secretary was downstairs, and I KNOW she heard it all!”
  10. >No you aren’t some sort of doctor; you never went to an institute of higher learning for accreditation. Nor are you some sort of bi-pedal alien creature, you’re a real pony; your unnatural gift with sciencey stuff like math and experimentation only came from a lifetime of studies, practice, and patience.
  11. >”I can’t believe you. I just can’t see the mayor go crazy like that.”
  12. >You have no idea why some p0nies think those things.
  13. >”Yea yea… I got bruises that say otherwise”
  14. >Currently you are enjoying a drink and the company of your friends at the local wine and dine
  15. >”So Turner, you got any wild girl stories?”
  16. “Oh, no. Not really. I’m not too fond of mares.”
  17. >Caramel puts down his glass and leans in.
  18. >”Are you a coltcuddler? I mean, that’s cool if you are-“
  19. “Not exactly. I just had some bad experiences with mares, and some good ones with colts.”
  20. >The tennis champ sitting next to Caramel chimed in.
  21. >”Hey, a story is a story. Ain’t that right?”
  22. >”Yuuup”
  23. “Alright… I guess so”
  24. >After another swig you started.
  25. “I guess I should start from the beginning. I grew up in Trottingham, well, specifically the Southern Trottingham Orphanage. I… I don’t remember it all. I’ve always had a bad memory. Even my breakfast today is a bit hazy. Only some instances and happenings actually stick inside here.”
  26. >”Come on, that’s a lame excuse”
  27. >”Yuuup”
  28. “Well, alright. But you all owe me drinks for this. The first time was in a jazz club. It was with an older stallion I met earlier in the day. He was pretty cool, taught me some things about math, showed me around the city. Eventually he took me to the… the… I can’t remember the name. But it was a little hole-in-the-wall jazz club. He got me in even though I was a bit young. Things sort of got… uh… steamy in there.”
  29. >A sip of beer and a growing blush.
  30. “And… well… it sort of happened. We… got intimate. He was my first, and I enjoyed it”
  31. “But a few years later there was this mare who I met at the same club. She sort of knew that I was still too young, and she threatened to get me kicked out if I didn’t ‘help’ her through estrus. That night was… er…. I ended up soaked in bodily fluids and left on the dirty floor. And she wasn’t exactly gentle, she threw me down a bit and gave me a few bruises… I didn’t exactly feel too good about that one”
  32. >You take a sip of your sour drink and continue to stare at the table.
  33. “Although the orgy I was in a while ago was pretty fun… I just sort of… did something, and others just walked in. Everyp0ny was wearing a mask except for the girl on the bed, and all of the guys looked a bit similar… In retrospect that one was a bit weird”
  34. >You pause and lift your head up, noting that everyp0ny at the table was looking at you funny.
  35. >Caramel lowered his drink.
  36. >”Wait wait wait, your first time was with an older stranger in a jazz club? When you were how young?”
  37. >”No, forget that. Go back to that orgy you were talking about.”
  38. >A big red hoof hit the table.
  39. >”That ain’t the important part. Turner, I think that mare raped you!”
  40. >Oh boy, this wasn’t going as you thought it would.
  41. “N-No, it wasn’t like that-“
  42. >”The buck it wasn’t. Why didn’t the orphanage or your caretaker do anything about that!?”
  43. >”Yea yea, so about that orgy? Details?”
  44. >”Wait, what about that jazz club stallion? Did that count?”
  45. >You spent the rest of the night in embarrassment dodging questions about the orgy, the legality of your jazz patron, and the illegality of what that mare did to you.
  47. >Day 1 in Equestria
  48. >You are somewhat skeptical of the brown package that is sitting before you.
  49. >A combination of a headache, loud noises, and nausea are keeping you from thinking clearly. Last night was a bit rough. The questions continued, and the cider kept on flowing. It got sidetracked a bit, but always came back to what happened to you. They didn’t see you doing anything like that while you were younger, it just didn’t “fit your type”. Big Mac kept on about going to see somep0nyabout that mare, preferably the guards. The only way you could get him to shut up about that was agreeing to go see them when you got sobered up.
  50. >You weren’t going to. It seemed like it would be a waste of everyp0ny’s time. What happened in the past is in the past.
  51. >But, back to the package.
  52. >It was a mashed together wrapping of newspaper and torn brown paper bags. Inside was something heavy and metallic with some sort of loose parts. After a few moments you managed to unwrap it and take a look inside.
  53. “Huh… Large milky-white gemstone… tarnished silver, or pewter, encasing. Worn, slight denting, and a lot of minor scratches and nicks in it. And the encasing seems to be just a series of interlocking circles with engraved notches in them… This seems odd.”
  54. >On the very top of the hoof-sized thing was a black gemstone button set into the largest of the circle. This was very worn, but it still might be worth something to the right pony.
  55. “Rarity, that dressmaker. She might want the gem inside. Oh, or that pony in the metal shop. If this is real silver he could pay a good price for scrap.”
  56. >With that you stepped outside and locked the door to your shop.
  57. “But these markings seem to-“
  58. >As you were caressing the gem with your hoof you accidentally pressed the black button.
  59. -=ZAP=-
  60. >Day 1 in Equestria
  61. >You haven’t moved, but something happened.
  62. >Staring through the door’s window you can see yourself, unwrapping the brown package. The same package you unwrapped a few minutes ago. On that same table. With those same hooves. Which-
  63. “…what just happened!?”
  64. >After hiding in a bush and watching the copy of you walk through the door, you saw him talk to himself.
  65. >“But these markings seem to-“
  66. >An electric zapping sound and flash, and then he was gone.
  67. “Oh… My… Celestia…”
  68. >You hold the amulet contraption up.
  69. “…I AM NOW A TIME WIZAR̝͙̠̫̺̋̉̉ͣ̏̾̚D!”
  71. >Day 1 in Equestria
  72. -=ZAP=-
  73. >Day 2 in Equestria
  74. -=ZAP=-
  75. >Day 1 in Equestria
  76. -=ZAP=-
  77. >Day -10 in Equestria
  78. “Okay! Okay, so that ring is several hours per notch.”
  79. >You are still Time Turner, and your interest in numbers and experimentation has been renewed. Over the past few… days? Hours? You have been testing this amulet. Apparently you can travel backwards AND forwards in time by manipulating the circles to get the travel amount, and the black button to make it happen. This was deep stuff. You are pretty sure that if some Canterlot or magical elite found out about this they would take it, lock it away, and throw you in a dungeon.
  80. >Lucky for you it is probably VERY HARD to catch a time traveler.
  81. >You think.
  82. “Okay, so travel seems to be easily controlled. But what of the past?”
  83. >Taking a seat you place the amulet on a table next to you.
  84. “If I have prior knowledge of an event happening, shouldn’t I be able to change it? But if I change it, would I lose prior knowledge, and then not be able to change it, allowing it to happen?”
  85. >You walked into the kitchen and delved deeper into your thought experiment
  86. “But if it happens, then I would know it happened, and thus regain knowledge of it happening, which means…”
  87. >Set the tea kettle on the stove.
  88. “Wait, but that would just be a logical inconsistency. Unless I left myself a note about what I did!”
  89. >After a few moments it whistled ready.
  90. “But I would have to copy the note word for word, inch for inch. Any inconsistences might change my actions over the infinity of these time loops”
  91. >Pour it into a cup, start dipping the little cloth bag of dried leaves.
  92. “Obviously I would need to test it. But I can’t do it on something that might matter. Don’t want to change all of history”
  93. >*Siiiip*
  94. “If I do it to something big like a disaster or war then I might only make it worse, or get myself killed…”
  95. >*Siiiip*
  96. “Maybe something small, like moving a pebble or a pile of dirt in the morning and check it in the evening? No, can’t be too small, it has to be large enough that I can notice it.”
  97. >*Siiiip*
  98. “Maybe something small that would only affect me.”
  99. >You look down at your empty tea cup
  100. “Hmmm…”
  102. -=ZAP=-
  103. >Day -300 in Equestria.
  104. >Or was that 301?
  105. >The notches get a bit harder to see as they expand logarithmically, and the worn silver casings aren’t that easily readable.
  106. >You are now standing outside your house.
  107. >Every morning you essentially had the same routine, and part of that routine was making tea.
  108. “So I would know I make tea every day, but if I stop myself from making tea this one day then I would change the past!”
  109. >…
  110. “Or something”
  111. >You wait in the bushes right outside your window, watching your past-self fill a kettle and place it on the stove. Then his ears perked up and he walked out of the room. You quietly open the window and sneak in. A few moments later you were outside with a slightly hot black kettle.
  112. “Okay, now if I don’t-“
  113. >The past you walked into the kitchen, a little confused. He stared at the stove for a moment, then around the counters, until shrugging and grabbing another kettle out from a cabinet.
  114. “Oh… so THIS was the day I lost my old kettle… No matter. I just have to repeat this with the spare one I had.”
  115. -=ZAP=-
  116. >Day -300 in Equestria
  117. >Now you are waiting a bit away from the house, eyeing the bush past you was hiding in, only to gasp when you felt a hoof on your shoulder.
  118. >”Hey, shhh!”
  119. >Behind you are… yous… five of them. Each one exactly like you, but with a few minor differences. Three of them have a bruise on their leg, two of the three also have flour caked on their mouths, and the last one has a bit of glass sticking to his flour caked mane as well.
  120. “What?!”
  121. >The most worn out and glass covered you spoke.
  122. >”This isn’t going to work.”
  123. “What are you talking about? Are you me?”
  124. >”Yea, we all are. From a few hours later.”
  125. >He points around at your future selves.
  126. >”You would be the second loop, number one is hiding in the bushes getting ready to steal the kettle. Third loop here is going to sneak to the front of the house to draw away the past us. Fourth loop is going in to get the other kettle after you zap out, but ends up dropping it in panic and hurting his- our hooves. Fifth loop is going to try and hide in the pantry only to get stuck and covered in flour, and then have to wait until past us leaves for the day. Sixth loop is going to just try and break into a window but ends up getting cut up. So it doesn’t- isn’t going to work for us”
  127. >A murmur of disagreement from the others sounds off.
  128. “What do you mean it isn’t going to work? Why don’t you just try it now?”
  129. >”Look around, do you see anyp0ny ‘older’ than me?”
  130. >You do not.
  131. >”That means I- we give up after the… sixth? Seventh attempt? “
  132. “But, we know how everything is going to happen! We can easily prevent it!”
  133. >Another murmur of agreement flows from the others, but with less enthusiasm from the older loops.
  134. “How can we end wars or save ponies if we can’t even stop some tea?”
  135. >”We can’t.”
  136. >You poke your chest. Or his chest. The future you’s chest
  137. “Doesn’t mean we can’t try!”
  138. >You end up zapping five more times before giving up and going home.
  140. -=ZAP=-
  141. >Day 2 in Equestria
  142. >You have just finished a nap, after cleaning yourself up.
  143. “So I can’t change the past… or at least not very easily…”
  144. >The amulet bounces in your hoof.
  145. “But what if I’m not actually going to the past? What if this is just a very powerful illusion spell or something? Hmmm…”
  146. >You stare into the milky-white gem before a devious idea pops into your head.
  147. “Well… that would be a good way to verify it…”
  148. -=ZAP=-
  149. >Day -5491 in Equestria
  150. >You are Time Turner, walking down the streets of Trottingham.
  151. >All you remembered was that you needed a mask, and the hotel room you were looking for was room 415.
  152. >… or 514, or maybe even 451
  153. >It didn’t matter. Soon after picking up a cheap paper mask from a corner store and accidentally trying to get into the wrong room, you were here.
  154. >”…Show you humiliation!”
  155. >Now your memory is coming back. On the bed is some mare, and over her was you. The younger you.
  156. “Let’s get this started!”
  157. >The younger you looked shocked for a moment, before smiling and gesturing to the mare.
  158. >”After you…”
  159. >The girl wasn’t anything too spectacular. She was a bit older, with a light brown coat and a dark black mane, but she had a recent scar on her back. Her flanks were soft and yielding, and her hips a bit wider than yours. The expression she wore was a mix between fear and lust and her thighs quivered on your touch; it must be estrus time here.
  160. >Soon after you climbed onto the bed, several others in paper masks entered the room
  161. >You only glanced at them before lining yourself up and pushing inside. Her warmth engulfed you and tried to push you out, but you kept on slipping inside.
  162. >”Gahhh…”
  163. >A gasp exited her throat as your hips started to rock on their own accord. Her muscles started to react and massaged you as you pumped in and out.
  164. >Lusty moans turned to a panting as she started to buck back against you. She looked at you with a lusty gaze, her face a deepening red.
  165. >Without warning she clamped down, squeezing you with a tightness you were not prepared for and triggering a building tension in your balls.
  166. >Control left you as you just pounded away at her, desperate for release. Each thrust setting your nerves on fire as you tried to press yourself deeper and deeper into her.
  167. >The tension let up as you began to erupt inside. A voice was heard moaning, only for you to realize it was your own. Each pulse sent another ribbon of seed inside of her, eventually leaking out and dripping onto the mattress.
  168. >After cleaning yourself off, you walked into the corner.
  169. >The sounds of the lusting of flesh still taking place in the middle of the room.
  170. “That… that was fun…”
  171. >You said to no one in particular.
  172. “Pretty sure this isn’t just some illusion. This really happened.”
  173. >A moan from a different you filled the room as another penetrated him as he was inside of the mare.
  174. “But, this was pretty fun… why not again?”
  176. -=ZAP=-
  177. >Day -5491 in Equestria.
  178. >After a few minutes of rest and another zap you were back in the room, walking in on the past masked version of yourself on top of the bed.
  179. >You saw your youngest self on the side, slowly massaging his length.
  180. >Walking over you pulled him closer and started to nibble on his ear.
  181. >He took a deep breath before leaning back and rubbing his flank along your crotch.
  182. >Your length leaked pre along his back until you started to prod against his hole. With a grunt you slipped yourself inside.
  183. >The previous time played out in front of you as you played with the younger one.
  184. >A few nibbles, some more licks, and a lot of lewd moaning and gushing. Soon the two of you brought each other over the edge as the girl on the bed was taking her second stallion.
  185. >With a bit of cuddling he left you, leaving another masked copy to trot over to you and start to use your hind hooves to give himself a hoofjob.
  186. >Exhaustion hits.
  187. >You don’t think you will be able to do something like that again for a while.
  188. >…
  189. “Wait, I’m a time traveler, I can rest up and do this whenever I want!”
  190. >You relived that orgy at least a half dozen times, enjoying the company of your younger self and that mare he found.
  192. >A ̢sligh̕t ́t̸w͏it̸ch̵ i̶n t̛h̵e̶ b̕a̧c͜k ͟of ͡yo͡ur͡ ́mi͘ǹd̸ mak͡es̡ yoų ͘wi͠şh ̴yo̕u co͠ưld try̕ ̨a͜n͢d r͏e͝m͜e͏m͞b̶e͏r whe̢r͠e he ͏ma͞nąge̵d ţo ge̷ţ h̶e̡r̛ f́ro͠m͝.
  194. -=ZAP=-
  195. >Day 3 in Equestria
  196. >You are in present day Trottingham, because that amulet can only travel in time, not distance
  197. “Wait. Wait wait wait!”
  198. >The realization hit you like a truck.
  199. “Other than that mare, I was the only pony in that room… Holy Horseapples, I just bucked myself for the whole day.”
  200. >You stood in front of your sink, waiting for some feeling of disgust or revolution to set in.
  201. >But instead you felt…
  202. >Nothing?
  203. “Well… Hmm…”
  204. >The gears spun as the rationalization for your actions kicked in.
  205. “If it was just me, than it was just masturbation, or something. So it isn’t a problem. I think.”
  206. “Doesn’t matter. This amulet is real, and I need to figure out how it ticks!”
  207. >For the next few months in Trotthingham time flew by.
  208. >You sold everything you owned in P0nyville and used the money to buy a small apartment in the run down part of the city. Then you spent the rest of your money you had on equipment to test with
  209. >Magical charms, clocks, tools, various types of measuring instruments, dried food, a lot of paper and pencils; everything a social shut in would need to test in peace.
  210. >And as you experimented the secrets of the amulet started to open up to you.
  211. >The magical charges used, the composition of the dull silver encasing, the limits to when and where it could work. Equations once deemed theoretical nonsense by the greater population suddenly burst into life as constants were redefined and calculations were practiced that redefined the entirety of pony knowledge.
  212. >Months passed for you, but only a few days passed in “real time” due to the amount you have been traveling. Even though that doesn’t make much sense, you could always just zap yourself later if you wanted to “catch up” to your age.
  213. >As for the amulet itself, it only showed you two things from the experiments. The first was that you had no idea who made it. Not anything from pony hooves, nor from any other known magical using culture. At one point you thought it might be dragonic due to some of the notches having odd runes on them, but that quickly went out the window when you realized it was far too small to be comfortably used by a dragon. Its origin was a mystery.
  214. >The other thing you found out after months of secluded study was that you were getting pretty lonely. Ponies are herd creatures, and being isolated for so long takes a toll on one’s psyche.
  215. >Luckily that problem was solved soon enough.
  216. >During one zap to the near past you ran into a girl who stirred various feelings in you, and you don’t know why. She called herself Matin, and was quite friendly with you from the start.
  217. >It wasn’t anything too intimate of course. You kept a safe distance between the two of you and only met once in a while for dinner or coffee or something. All on the account of you being a pony that can travel through time, and not wanting to massively disrupt her life, or anyp0ny’s, due to your temporal experiments.
  218. >But…
  219. “It’s been a while”
  220. >You spun in your chair and took in your apartment of cluttered papers with equations on them, a mess of wires, gems, and magical apparatuses, and a slowly growing pile of garbage.
  221. “She’s nice, but I can’t DO anything with her, or even get closer than small talk. If only there was somep0ny I could-“
  223. >Another i͞d̛e̶a snapped into your head.
  225. -=ZAP=-
  226. >Day -6511 in Equestria
  227. >And you are here, hanging outside of the orphanage, waiting for a very specific colt to walk out. A certain colt that got their hour-glass cutie mark just a while ago.
  228. >A few moments pass before you spied him walking out to the street
  229. “Hey there Turner, how are you doing?”
  230. >”Uh, hi. Do I know you?”
  231. >You leaned down and whispered in his ear.
  232. “I’m a friend. A friend that knows a lot of secrets of yours.”
  233. >He steps back and eyes you.
  234. “I know about your crush on Mrs. Greenbean. I know you are afraid of that stupid doll Emerald has. I also know you have a couple of magazines under your bed that you would like to keep hidden.”
  235. >His eyes grow wide.
  236. >”Wha- How- Why- What do you want?”
  237. >With a step back you continue.
  238. “Honestly, I just want somep0ny to hang out with for a while.”
  239. >A few more words passed before he agreed to follow you for the day.
  240. >The two of you went places. The park, that big library a few blocks away, even a malt/ice-cream shop that you always liked. And the things you talked about. Well, mostly what your younger self talked about. Other orphaned ponies, books he read, how he could sneak out when he wanted too, music he wanted to hear. You just showed him some basic math tricks you learned.
  241. >It was very easy to talk and listen to this colt all day, and even surprising in how quickly he warmed up to you after meeting.
  242. >As the night worn on you found yourself enjoying… er… yourself
  243. >Walking down a busy street, eating something sugary that you bought off of a snack cart.
  244. >This entire day was amazing.
  245. >Eventually a discussion of music came up, and with a suggestion, you found the two of you in a dark music club/bar/thing. It was easy enough to get in past the bouncer.
  246. >Only the ponies playing on stage were lit up, everything else only had the dim light of a table candle
  247. >You and the younger you were sitting in a very small back corner booth.
  248. >A half-eaten plate of hay fries sat in front of you, and the younger copy of you was sitting on your lap
  249. >His eyes were wide as he watched the black-sweater wearing pony play the sax, lightly swaying to the rhythm of the song.
  250. >This was the day you got your love of jazz.
  251. >A smile forms on your face as you remember that you’ll come back here often. Every weekend will be spent talking your way inside and listening to ponies sing and play. Their artistic souls pouring out into their instruments, filling the atmosphere with emotion and story.
  252. >You also remember your first time getting intimate with another, in the corner booth of this very club
  253. >His face was fuzzy, but his hooves across your body, his breath in your ear, the light moaning, his beating hardness…
  254. >…
  255. >You snap out of the daydream when you realize you were poking your younger self.
  256. >He scoots back a bit, rubbing his flanks against your warm length.
  257. >You respond by massaging his back and biting his ear, whispering sweet nothings into it.
  258. >It heats up. The two of you soon make your own coos and moans to compliment the music now flowing around you.
  259. >Nothing too loud, just your own private accompaniment to the soothing notes of the piano.
  260. >A few licks, a quick rhythmic squishing sound, some deep and light moans vibrating throughout your chests, a twisting of the tongues.
  261. >Soon you found yourself drained, leaving the younger you sticky and still eager for more.
  262. >A nudge of the table and you lowered yourself between his legs, kissing and licking his warmth.
  263. >The younger you squirms in your mouth as you bob your head along with the melody of the brass.
  264. >You know this song, it’s your favorite. Ever since the time with that older stallion in the music club-
  266. > A n͜euron͜ ͢f͏a͜il͏s t̵o̴ ̕co̕n̸nęc̨t ̷i̵n͘ y͜o͢ur͢ ̡hea͢d.
  268. >You know this song, it’s your favorite. And a devious thought crosses your mind as you start to bob your head faster.
  269. >His gasps increase as he grabs your head with his hooves, trying to slow you down a bit, but you don’t let up.
  270. >Your tongue twirls around his shaft, and you slowly pull off your mouth only to lower it again.
  271. >In a few moments will be the climax of the song, and you want to time his to it.
  272. >Luckily just as the singer hits the high note you feel a pulsing in his member, and a salty taste in your mouth.
  273. >A quick kiss later and you send it back to him, feeling it roll off your tongue, and with a quick swallow, down his throat.
  274. >The kiss continues for a bit afterwards until he lets up, leaving a slight trail of spit dangling between you two.
  275. >For a while the two of you cuddle in the booth, listening to a few more songs from some pony singing about their guy leaving her, before cleaning up and heading out for the night.
  276. >The younger version was dropped off at the orphanage, and you zapped back to the ‘present’, getting ready for another round of experiments.
  278. -=ZAP=-
  279. >Day -311 in Equestria
  280. >It has been a few weeks, according to your perception, since you visited yourself.
  281. >Since then you have been deep in your studies.
  282. >A series of large metallic and wooden astrolabe-like device sat in the corner of your small apartment. The entirety of the walls and floors were covered with paper that had scribbles upon scribbles of notes and equations on them. Sometimes the writing would drift off a page and onto the wall itself. Small piles of litter accumulated in the corners. And for some reason a constant smell of rotten milk drifts in and out of your perception.
  283. >This was your home.
  284. >Which you had to leave often in order to stock-up on things like food, books, charms, or equipment.
  285. >During one of these excursions you happened to visit the bookstore that held a few texts you wanted, and also happened to run into a familiar pony.
  286. >The mare named Matin was staring at a shelf, her hips slightly swaying side to side, and her hair in a frazzled mess.
  287. “Oh, Matin. I didn’t expect to catch you here”
  288. >Her eyes lit up when she noticed you.
  289. >”T-Turner! Hey! Yea, I was just, browsing, uhh…”
  290. >She leaned in and looked at a nearby book.
  291. >”The wonders of turnip gardening. Anyways, how are you?”
  292. “Not too bad, I was just-“
  293. >”Yea yea. I know you said something about doing experiments, but are you free tonight?”
  294. >And with a few more awkward words you soon found yourself at a local coffee shop. Matin was all stressed out and getting a little too close to you at times. She even had a little freak-out when she told you to wait at the table while she got some food.
  295. >Two coffees, some pastry, and a lot of sugar.
  296. >Forced small talk dominated the scene as the two of you ate and drank.
  297. >”So I thought why not go out for a bit? You know? I’m doing some stu- eh, reading into some things and whatnot and got a bit bored. So I thought why not look at some books? And then we met! Haha, what a nice coincidence!”
  298. “Yea… what a nice coincidence.”
  299. >This coffee tasted a bit funny.
  300. >”Anyways, last week I was reading into deep sea creatures and I found out a lot about some weird stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day. Haha. I remember you said something about checking into that stuff a while ago. So I was reading and then I had this dream. I was… out there, or in here. Or you know. In my head. But then I woke up really fast.”
  301. >You began to feel a bit numb and light headed.
  302. >”And then it got all fuzzy. Hey, you look a bit tired? Are you tired? I live nearby. It’s sort of a mess but you can crash there for a while. Don’t worry it’s nearby. Come on, let’s go.”
  303. >The two of you left to Matin’s apartment.
  304. >It was a giant mess. Papers piled on the floor, trinkets and books arranged in semi-organized clusters, and a single dirty mattress in the center of the one-room apartment. For some reason it reminded you a bit of your place.
  305. >She pushed you down onto the mattress and you give no resistance. It seemed as if your mind was made of mush and your muscles were made of pudding. Matin climbed up and slid her hips along your crotch.
  306. >”Sorry, I’m not too used to Estrus…”
  307. >The night left your perception with a numb blur.
  309. >Day -310 in Equestria
  310. >You awoke with a start in your bed, a sickly ache in your skull, and a dull throbbing in your groin.
  311. “…wait… what happened?”
  312. >Last night you went with Matin to… to…
  313. >The memory is a mess.
  314. “Uhh… went to a bookstore, got coffee, and then…”
  315. >It was like seeing through a foggy day. Shapes, feelings, and smells, all came to you. The curves of Matin’s back, her moaning and grabbing, a feeling of warmth and intimacy-
  316. “Wait. But… why… no…”
  317. >A few pieces fell into place as you started to feel a bit dirty.
  318. >The rest of the day was spent in your shower trying to get clean.
  320. >The next few weeks passed in a blur as you sunk further into your studies. Every time you left the house you could feel other p0ny’s eyes on you, like they were a herd of predators and you the prey. Their gazes malicious and greedy. Their words sharp, able to send a jolt a fear straight through your nerves. You rarely went outside.
  321. >You weren’t stupid, you knew this was just some weird psychological side effect of what happened. But that didn’t make it any less stressful.
  322. >And so for the time being all you did was stay inside, trying to work on your experiments. Eventually the loneliness hit you again, but this time your fear kept you isolated.
  323. >So instead you turned to the twenty year old bottle of wine you acquired a while ago.
  324. >…It might be closer to ten years. Or maybe thirty? You got it from the future and stored it in the past so you can drink it presently…
  325. >You drank heavily as you tried to figure out how old this bottle actually was, but your thoughts drifted to how you once trusted Matin, and how she used you.
  326. “Buck Matin…”
  327. >More drinking, more rambling.
  328. “It’s not like she knew the stuff I was doing. TIME WIZARDY! I’m living in the past fo- *Hic* for Celestia’s sake.”
  329. >You taken another swig but realize the bottle is now empty.
  330. “Could have screwed up the… time line circle thing or something…”
  331. >A stumble back into the main room of your cheap apartment.
  332. “Bucking mares, always ruining stuff!”
  333. >After sitting/falling on the floor you start to ramble on about… stuff. How females always mess things up, why Matin’s apartment was a mess, betting right now in P0nyville you and Big Mac were drinking Caramel under the table, the static-ness of the gender bias against males, why the lady living under you should stop hitting her roof with a broom.
  334. “DAMNIT ILL YELL IF I FEEL LIKE IT! Bucking mares. You know what-“
  335. >Your drunken eyes light up with an idea.
  336. “Yea! That’s what! I’ll show Matin! I know exactly when she is.”
  337. >You drunkenly scramble to grab the time amulet but stop when you remember the large chest of various magical charms you had to experiment with.
  338. “…Yea… YEA! Where is it… Transmutationis… Sexum… Anatomia… Mutatio….”
  339. “Let’s s- *HIC* see here. Uh, gender… something… something… YEA! This is going to work! See how YOU like being a colt!”
  340. >With one hoof holding the charm you haphazardly spin the levers on the time amulet.
  341. “Bucking Matin. I’M COMING FOR YOU!”
  342. >An electric charge rushes through you before a floor suddenly de-materializes from under you, dropping you down a few feet. As you fell a bright red light blinded you before throwing you unconscious.
  344. -=ZAP=-
  345. >Day ??? in Equestria
  346. >Everything on you hurt, or felt out of place.
  347. >You were in an apartment, you think. The walls were old and rotten, and the floor was slightly burned. A huge chunk was torn out of a wall leaving you with a view of the equally ruined hallway. It looked as if this place was abandoned for a while.
  348. “…Vacant real-estate in the middle of Trottingham? Odd…”.
  349. >Your voice was scratchy and throat very tight. Thirst gnawed at you.
  350. >The bathroom wasn’t in any better shape. Tiles were broken and covered with grime, and the ceramic tub and toilet were cracked. The sink had a disgusting layer of black smile covering it, and the copper knobs had green rust covering them. With a little difficulty you managed to open it and get some sickly brown water to pour out.
  351. >A splash on the face later and you were feeling more awake. As you looked up you came face to face with a broken mirror. Dust and a black mold were covering good portions of it, and it seemed to be shattered into a spider web. But the face that stared back was not yours.
  352. “M-Mare?!”
  353. >The adrenaline rush soon made way to shock, which turned to despair. A quick glance showed the charm you took was spent.
  354. “No… but… wait…”
  355. >Deep breath
  356. “I’m a female!?! No! It must be a mistake or something! Why would I be female!? What in Celestia’s name is going-“
  357. >You took a seat and tried to calm yourself.
  358. “Okay. It’s okay! I can fix this!”
  359. >A quick pace around the room.
  360. “First things first; get back home. Find out how far I am and just zap back.”
  361. >You wiggled your leg and shook your hips, feeling the change of body structure.
  362. “Yea, and once I get back to the present then fixing this won’t be a problem! Just find some doctor or something.”
  363. >A slight scuffle is heard from the hallway.
  364. “Unless this is due to something the amulet did. I need to study this a bit. Now, when am I?”
  365. >As you turned around you saw another pony looking at you from the giant hole in the wall. You were about to greet her until her sight shocked you silent. She was nothing but skin and bones, with a lot of open sores on her right side. Her crème coat was covered with what looked to be pulsing spiral callouses and her pink mane was balding, with black mold growing out from the roots. She looked at you and smiled.
  367. >” H͠e̸e͘e͢ee҉e̵e̕y̛.̀ I he҉ard͜ ͝you.͜ Frǫm͞ ͞d́ow̶n̨.̛ ̢The͢r̶e.̢ Yòu.̸ ͞Wh́a҉t are͝ y̶ou͞ d͞o͜i͡n͘g?”
  369. “Uh, nothing. I was just leaving. If you’ll excuse me”
  370. >You backed up a bit towards the window as she started to go through the hole in the wall. Her legs bent at odd angles, and her jaw dislocated like it was only held on by string. The callouses on her coat began to unwind and spread throughout her body as she jerked and spasmed inside the room.
  372. >” Lȩa͜ve? ҉Outs̷i̕de҉?͟ ̴Maḑdn̨ess?͟ N͢o.”
  374. >Her back legs bent like springs as she scooted forward, slowly closing the gap between you two.
  376. >” You ͜are҉ ͟G͠ood.”
  378. >She leaned in. Her eyes began to misshapen as something seeped from behind them.
  380. >” Shar̛e͢. ̴Wi̛t̸h U̴s̡!”
  382. >Her mouth opened impossibly wide as tendrils of wet blackness exited.
  383. >You panicked and jumped out of the window, falling for a brief moment onto the city street proper.
  385. >” N̛Ò! ͏RUN!͢ ̛BA͞CK! IŃS͢IḐE! SAFE̕!”
  387. >Looking up you saw the ruined building you were in. A few stories up was the strange pony yelling at you. And above her was-
  388. “Oh my Celestia…”
  389. >The sky was a nauseating mash of yellow, red, and purple. Massive tendrils of black and blood red passed through the clouds. The city itself was a ruined husk of metal and stone. Numerous fires burned, sending trails of smoke into the sky, only to spiral into specific areas of inky blackness. A dusty golden haze covered everything, and creeping dark purple growths were spreading from the shadows. In the distance on street level you saw… something. Something that was moving towards you with an alarming speed.
  390. >However, before the limbless mass of confusion could get near you spun the amulet and hit the button.
  392. -=ZAP=-
  393. >Day -387 in Trottingham
  394. “…the future…”
  395. >You were now on the street in the dead of night.
  396. >Based on the amulet you were sometime in the future.
  397. “W-What happened to Trottingham?”
  398. >The following day was filled with blind panic and confusion. While you would have liked to get some help changing back you first needed to document what happened. How far you went, what you saw, the ruins of the city, everything.
  399. >Also, another problem. You can’t remember what charm you had, and you can’t be sure if the amulet affected it in anyway. Getting help changing you back seemed a lot less likely now.
  400. >Similarly you realized that you might not be able to explain away why there is a female living in that rented apartment now instead of a male. So you grabbed a few key materials and set off as fast as you could lest you disrupt something in the timeline. A few days later and you had another place somewhat nearby.
  401. >Sleep did not come easy for you.
  402. >When you realized that you left all of your materials in your old apartment you gave yourself a mental kick. A few critically important texts were missing that you needed to see if you could change back.
  403. >Soon later you were browsing the small magi-science section of the nearby book store, and accidentally bumped into some pony behind you.
  404. >”Oh, sorry.”
  405. “No, my fault. I didn’t-“
  406. >You.
  407. >It was you.
  408. >You were meeting you, again. But this time you were still suck as a female. This could be a big, BIG problem-
  409. >Wait, what did he say?
  410. “I’m sorry, what?”
  411. >”Oh, just asking if you could move a bit. I need to get that book behind you.”
  412. “Oh, yea. Sure. Sorry.”
  413. >You nervously run a hoof through your mane as you watched him take the exact same book you needed.
  414. “Er, actually I was hoping to get that.”
  415. >”Really? Shoot. I just need some pages from it. How about I hand it off to you in a few days once I copied what I need?”
  416. “Yea. Yea sure.”
  417. >He stuck out his hoof, waiting for a hoofshake
  418. >”Name’s Time Turner”
  419. >You return the shake..
  420. “Mine is-“
  421. >Oh crap. You never met yourself, this could cause a major paradox. Think! A book behind Turner caught your attention.
  422. >“Matinal Prayers”
  423. “Matin”
  424. >But the moment you realized what you said your heart dropped like a rock.
  426. >You were now Matin. Ever since that first hoofshake you have been conflicted with yourself. On one side, you had to spend some time hanging out with him; it happened already so you have to keep doing it to prevent paradoxes. On the other side you know darn well what Matin did to you. There was no way you would allow that to happen again.
  427. >But still… between the terror attacks you get, the ever-increasing nightmares, and the general loneliness, it was really nice to have somep0ny to talk to, even if it’s just over coffee or lunch.
  428. >And besides, you are still you. You’re pretty sure you can just not rape yourself.
  430. >It was still a little odd you didn’t re͢mem̸b̕èr her face until after the fact.
  432. >So you continued on with your occasional meetings and lunches, always keeping somewhat distant due to circumstances. Right until spring began to hit you.
  433. >Estrus was not kind to you. At first you thought it was just unnaturally hot, but that soon gave way to a rush of hormones. Your studies and experiments went to the way side as a desire to breed overtook you. One day you flat out realized how bad it was when you started touching yourself after staring at a picture of a test tube in one of your books.
  434. “Come on… Just… How long is this stupid thing going to last?”
  435. >A few weeks.
  436. “DARNIT!”
  437. >You threw the biology book against the wall and thought.
  438. >…and day dreamed.
  439. >…and then realized that there was a way to relieve yourself.
  441. >You were back at the bookstore with a frazzled mane that wouldn’t cooperate and an urge in your eyes. It wasn’t too long of a wait until he walked in.
  442. >”Oh, Matin. I didn’t expect to catch you here”
  443. “T-Turner! Hey! Yea, I was just, browsing, uhh…”
  444. >The book in front of you had a farmer pony holding a turnip
  445. “The wonders of turnip gardening. Anyways, how are you?”
  446. >”Not too bad, I was just-“
  447. “Yea yea. I know you said something about doing experiments, but are you free tonight?”
  448. >As the two of you went to the coffee shop hormones and electricity flowed through you. Each time he was near you, you felt hotter. A blush formed on your cheeks when he looked at you. And a twitch was in your hips as you got a better look at him from behind.
  449. >No, you weren’t going to repeat that event. Instead you were going to make him want it.
  450. >Yea, that was how it was going to happen. Then it wouldn’t be rape, so it would be okay.
  451. >Your hormone addled mind agreed with that logic.
  452. >It was a little awkward getting him to stay at a table while you fetched some food. If he caught you adding those things to his drink then it would be over. Luckily he didn’t, nor did he catch on while the two of you talked. His speech became slightly slurred and he swayed in his seat. His eyes drooped and constantly refocused every time you spoke.
  453. >Now seemed like the right time.
  454. ”And then it got all fuzzy. Hey, you look a bit tired? Are you tired? I live nearby. It’s sort of a mess but you can crash there for a while. Don’t worry it’s nearby. Come on, let’s go.”
  455. >The two of you left to your new apartment. It was a dump, just as you left it. By the time you got him into the door he was unable to stand by himself. You dragged him to the bare mattress, threw him down onto it and sat on top of his crotch, starting a slow grind against his growing member.
  456. ”Sorry, I’m not too used to Estrus…”
  458. >You arch your hips, and then use a hoof to line his organ as you impale yourself.
  459. >Any form of restraint leaves as your aching hole overtakes your actions. Your hips start to rock up and down, trying to get more and more of his length inside.
  460. >Before long you angle yourself so that he keeps on hitting right where-
  461. “Oh Celestia Yes!”
  462. >You continue to bounce on top of the hapless stallion as a pressure begins to build inside of you.
  463. >Each thrust causes it to build more and more, eventually making you ripple and squeeze along his length.
  464. >He mumbles something underneath you before he takes in a deep breath. His back arcs and his organ starts to twitch inside of you as he pours into your womb.
  465. >This was the final straw that sets off your own orgasm, making you collapse and quiver on top of him.
  467. >As you pulled yourself off of him you could feel his warmth leak down your leg.
  468. >A slight panic filled your endorphin riddled mind, but you reasoned it away.
  469. “I-It wasn’t rape. No, it wasn’t. He came, that means he liked it. So yea…”
  470. >You stretched and rubbed yourself a bit, still high off your orgasm.
  471. “Yea… it wasn’t rape…”
  472. >With that you dragged his unconscious body away to his old apartment.
  473. >Estrus ended a few days later for you.
  475. >A few months of study and experimentation passed. You found out how the amulet is able to determine distance in time, get a rough vision of how it is able to alter here it is in said time, and what some of the runes mean. You also found out that you it won’t let you travel too far in the future for some reason. Fear still tore at your mind about the one time you zapped and it looked like Hoofington was-
  476. “Nope. Not going to think about that”
  477. >Instead you are eating another grass sandwich and staring at your dwindling money. It’s pretty easy to get more money. Just go to the Hoofington exchange, note the prices now, then go in the past, note the prices then, buy for a profit, and then go back to the “present” to sell it. The real hassle was not doing it so much that somep0ny would-
  478. >You pause from taking another bite.
  479. >Wait, isn’t this like your fifth sandwich or something?
  480. >A glance showed that you were getting a little chubby.
  481. “I guess that tends to happen when you’re stuck inside reading a lot…”
  482. >You chewed a bit.
  483. “…or if you bucked a stallion…”
  484. >With panic and a few tests later you found out that you were pregnant. You obviously couldn’t keep it. How in Tartarus are you going to raise a child while keeping everything in check? Or what would happen if it caused another paradox?
  485. “What am I going to do?”
  487. -=ZAP=-
  488. >Day -11041 in Equestria
  489. >You had to leave your new born son somewhere where he won’t ever possibly meet you.
  490. >So with a frantic mind you left him on the doorsteps of the Hoofington orphanage.
  491. >It took you a few days to realize in full what you have done.
  492. >You spent the next year trying to bury yourself in your studies, hoping that it was just a coincidence that the foal you left had the same mane and coat as you did.
  494. -=ZAP=-
  495. >Day 417 in Equestria
  496. “With… NO! Without the variable e sub 1 then… but the feedback would destroy anything made of matter…”
  497. >Experimentation was starting to come to a crawl.
  498. “Why can’t I figure this out… if there is no feedback regulation then there would be some sort of bleed off… No, that’s wrong. That isn’t true! The regulation comes from… the feedback… ARRGH!”
  499. >And you suspected you knew why.
  500. “This… No. No no no. Why can’t I think straight!? I used to be able to do this…”
  501. >Estrus was back.
  502. >You still haven’t gotten help changing back. How could you explain to somep0ny what happened? How could anyp0ny believe you? So you lived with this new biology.
  503. >But you still knew one temporary way of getting rid of this urge you had.
  504. “Buck that. I’m not doing anything like that again.”
  505. >Last time still rung fresh in your head.
  506. >Still…
  507. “No…. A stallion would only repeat that… and anyp0ny I get involved with might get involved in my experiments. They might find my work, cause paradoxes… No. No no no…”
  508. >You conveniently ignore the fact that you have never been able to ‘change’ the past in any of your experiments.
  509. “I haven’t been ignoring it! It’s just… something… I can…”
  510. >You have never been able to change anything-
  511. “YES. I. CAN!”
  512. >With a jump you look at the amulet and trot over to it.
  513. “When I was younger some stupid mare did something to me. I can stop that!”
  514. >You do some simple math and set the amulet.
  515. “I know I can!”
  517. -=ZAP=-
  518. >Day-6014 in Equestria
  519. >You are teetering on the deep end after yelling at imaginary words-
  520. “Where is he?”
  521. >Currently you are walking into the jazz club that you learned to love as a child. And you are looking for that little colt that is able to sneak in here after sweet talking the big burly bouncer. Your mission as to find him and… and…
  522. “There he is…”
  523. >As he is listening to a raspy old pony on stage prepare his brass, you sit down next to him. Coherent thought started to escape you.
  524. >”Uh, hey.”
  525. “Hey there Turner, how are you?”
  526. >”How do you know my name?”
  527. “I know a lot about you.”
  528. >You scoot closer to him and put your leg around his neck.
  529. >His warmth and scent kick off something chemical in your brain.
  530. >Why were you here again?
  531. “I know you like it when they hit the high notes before dropping into a low melody, I know you love it when they sing about lost loves, I know you adore that one slightly chubby mare that gets up and sings about her dead husband…”
  532. >You start to lean in and whisper into his ear as your hips twitched.
  533. “I also know that you’re too young to be here, and that you would do anything to not get kicked out.”
  534. >He looks at you with disbelief.
  535. >”W-What do you want?”
  536. “Just a little help…”
  538. >Yea, y̡ea th͟i̷ś is̴ ̢wh̵y ͜y̛òu͢ ̶came h͘èrè. You are sure of it. With a pull you bring yourself on top of him in the small booth and warp your legs around his head.
  540. “Just… help me with this… would you?”
  541. >”H-help you with what?”
  542. >You silence with him a deep kiss, taking his breath away.
  543. >Then he slowly whimpers as you force him deeper into the booth, positioning yourself on him.
  544. >While you continue the kiss your other hoof wandered to his groin and started to forcibly massage it to full length.
  545. >As you break the kiss you both gasp, and he tries to whisper something.
  546. >“N-No, please don’t.”
  547. “Shush.”
  548. >As you push him down you notice the couple the booth over have gotten a glance of you two.
  549. >You smile and rock your hips, pushing him entirely into you.
  550. >They in turn blush and scoot closer to each other, but don’t look away.
  551. >With a gasp he covers his face, only for you to push them away and kiss him.
  552. “Just let this happen…”
  553. >With a twitch and a thrust you begin a gentle grind, trying to keep in rhythm with the music.
  554. >”No, I just-“
  555. >Why won’t he just shut up for a moment?
  556. >You put your front hoof on his throat and begin to push.
  557. “Quiet.”
  558. >You whisper into his ear, right before you bite down rather hardly on it.
  559. >The grinding soon changes to a bouncing as your nerves light up.
  560. >Due to his smaller size you can’t get the same spot hit as before in this position, so you try to push him deeper, slamming your hips into his harder and harder.
  561. >Out of the corner of your eyes you can see the couple over getting into it also, with a steady jerking motion underneath their table.
  562. >You suppress a giggle and continue on, trying to get the colt under you to slide in just right.
  563. >As you finally start to get into it, you can tell he is enjoying himself also, even if he’s borderline crying and trying his best not to look at you.
  564. “Oh… come on… just… a bit… more…”
  565. >After a few minutes you can’t take much for. Stifling a moan you bottom out and begin to climax.
  566. >The younger you doesn’t meet your gaze as you lean down and kiss him, but he does grimace and pant as he starts to twitch inside of you.
  567. >You quickly stand up with a slurping sound as he pops out of you, as he starts to release his pent up need across both of your chests.
  568. “Ha… that was close…”
  569. >As he collapses under you, you feel satisfied. You’re pretty sure the couple a booth over didn’t mind the show either. With a sigh you get up and go, leaving the younger version sitting in a pile of juices that weren’t entirely his own, watching the music act finish up with a blank expression.
  571. -=ZAP=-
  572. >Day 712 in Equestria
  573. >The past several months have been filled with experimentation and resear-
  575. >You yelled to no one in particular. The apartment was a total disaster. Garbage and bugs were everywhere, non-rotten food was a rarity, and the smell was so bad you had to clean yourself every time you went outside to avoid atten-
  576. “Not every time! I smell… alright…”
  577. >You were losing it.
  578. “NO! I am not! I ‘HAVE’ IT!”
  579. >Although you were in the midst of a mental issue you were very far in your studies. How the amulet worked, why it worked, the principles in which it functioned, all were known to you. The lines of equations spilled out into reality as you were able to ‘connect the dots’. It seemed that a veil has been lifted everything started to make sense.
  580. >For some definition of making sense to a crazy girl.
  581. “It stops when I try to go too far. Why? It shouldn’t just stop. I should be able to go further.”
  582. >The next biggest question that was plaguing you was why the amulet couldn’t send you too far into the future.
  583. “It’s because there’s something that disrupts the magical pulse that sends matter and energy forward in time. I know WHY I can’t go further, but I don’t know WHAT is causing it…”
  584. >The mystery of why you-
  586. >So you lay down and rambled on to yourself some more.
  587. “It won’t stop talking. Why won’t it stop talking about me…”
  588. >Conveniently ignoring the most obvious way to find out why you can’t go too far into the future.
  589. “What?”
  590. >You lean up and take a few deep breaths. The thought of just zapping yourself a bit at a time until you come to a point where you can’t zap any further-
  591. “What!?”
  592. >In your addled mind-
  593. “No. No no no. Shut up. I’m doing this. I’m gonna send myself into the future and then see what’s going on”
  594. >So you quickly set up the amulet and zap, not quiet remembering the last time you went that far into the future.
  596. -=ZAP=-
  597. >Day ??? in Equestria
  598. >The moment you materialized it all came rushing back to you, and you realized this wasn’t the best idea.
  599. >The skeleton of a city stretched onwards. The sky was alight with unnatural hues that seemed to swirl and pulse. Screams peppered the distance from ponies you couldn’t see. Around you was a broken park, with burned trees, cracked muddy grown, and a pond of black slimy liquid. A liquid which shifted and twitched whenever you got too close.
  600. “Okay. Okay. Maybe this wasn’t such a good-”
  601. >You heard the slap before you felt it. An oozing mass of bleeding flesh, torn up limbs, and slimly pseudopods seemed to have jumped on your back and slammed you into the ground.
  602. >Before you knew it a slimy cold pod jammed its way into your mouth, and no matter how hard you bit down it stayed there.
  603. >More slimy tendrils worked their way over your body as they drew it closer to the mass of limbs and pulsing flesh behind you.
  604. >Panic flared up inside.
  605. >Dismembered limbs that were once belonging to ponies started to reach out for you.
  606. >You even think you saw a griffon claw and wing in that mass.
  607. >Shifting violently you managed to get a few of the black tendrils off you, but only for more to clamp back on, dragging you closer and closer.
  608. >An errant bony limb grabbed you and started to pull, but instead took out a chunk of flesh from your back.
  609. >In a panic something metallic appeared.
  610. >The amulet rolled in front of you as your hind legs started to reach the ‘maw’.
  611. >Biting the slimy mass that held your leg temporarily freed it.
  612. >You wasted no time and managed to hit the amulet as hard as you could.
  614. -=ZAP=-
  615. >Day -5492 in Equestria
  616. >After blinking you let out a breath of relief as you note you are back in Trottingham. The safe Trottingham, somewhere a few blocks from the bookstore. As the adrenaline starts to fade you walk into an alley and lay down for a moment.
  617. “Just… just a quick… just a moment…”
  618. >Exhaustion hits you as you pass out.
  619. >A coppery taste fills your dreams.
  621. >Day -5491 in Equestria
  622. >With a slap you are awoken.
  623. >”I knew I recognized you!”
  624. “Wha-“
  625. >*SLAP*
  626. >You try to roll out of the way only to realize that you are no longer in the alley. Now you are in some hotel room, tied to a bed. The young colt in front of you was-
  627. “Wait. Wait! I know who-”
  628. >”Shut up! I know you remember me, because I sure darn well remember you!”
  629. “I know ju-“
  630. >*SLAP*
  631. >”I remember that day in the club, do you? Pushed me around? Bucked me like a toy? Humiliated me in front of everyp0ny there!”
  632. >You. The younger, but more grown colt was you. Well, a you that was younger than you.
  633. >Wait, you mean a you that’s older than the younger you from the club-
  634. >Okay, hold on. This was getting confusing. The pony-
  635. “No…”
  636. >You try to twist your head away from the monotone voice you hear describing everything only to have it jerked back forward by the younger edition.
  637. >”Now let me repay you!”
  638. >The thought of not being able to change the past hits you again.
  639. >You know exact what’s going to happen next.
  640. >As he unties the ropes around your hooves, pulls your flank in the air and stuffs your face in the mattress another pony walks in wearing a paper mask.
  641. >”Let’s get this started!”
  642. >Younger smiles a bit before pointing to you.
  643. >”After you.”
  644. >Your mind revolts as memories start to resurface. The ache of your balls, the slapping of flesh, moans, licks, grunts. You cannot help yourself as you start to get into it. A twisted sort of pleasure encompasses you.
  645. >A single thought crosses your mind.
  646. “Me. This was all me…”
  647. >A grunt and twitching released warmness down your thigh.
  648. “I caused this…”
  649. >As a copy of you pulled out, another younger you slipped in and continued the thrusting.
  650. >The night wore on with version after version having a go with you, then with each other and the youngest.
  651. >You stared ahead, grunting and moaning the entire time. Passively “enjoying” the use of your body.
  652. >Eventually you passed out.
  654. >Day -5490
  655. “I wake up”
  656. >You sit up in the room, noticing the damp spots and ruined bedding.
  657. “I did this”
  658. >You did all of it. From start to finish.
  659. “I knew everything was going to happen”
  660. >Yet you couldn’t change a single thing.
  661. “But…”
  662. >You couldn’t change a single thing as you get up and zap yourself forward a bit.
  664. -=ZAP=-
  665. “Day zero…”
  666. >There you were, watching yourself sitting in your store nursing a hangover.
  667. “The amulet was wrapped in some paper.”
  668. >And left on the doorstep, waiting for you to find it again.
  669. “I can’t change anything…”
  670. >You never could, not your tea, not your sex life, not your lineage, and not the horror of the future that haunts you.
  671. “There is still an ache on my back…”
  672. >An asylum in P0nyville was your last stop.
  675. >Day 244 in Equestria
  676. >You are now Helping-Hoof, medical professional in training.
  677. >And you just walked into a mental ward room with the pony that is teaching you, and a single brown pony is sitting in the middle of it.
  678. “So… what’s her story?”
  679. >”Delusions, extreme apathy, some sort of retrograde amnesia. Sad case really. No friends or family, just walked in here of her own accord a while ago, saying she needed help.”
  680. >Taking a good look at the pony sitting in the middle of the room you see her in full detail. She appears to be starving a bit, or at the least malnourished. Her entire coat is dirty with grime and what appears to be paint, and her mane is a frizzled bird’s nest. All in all she looked rather pathetic.
  681. >But that’s not what gets you.
  682. “What’s with the-“
  683. >”Her cell. Yes, we found out that she becomes a lot more docile if we allow her to… express herself within her room.”
  684. >The entire room was… something else. The walls were covered with scratched out and re-written mathematical equations, magical formulas, charts, and some sort of triangular table. The value of all of them lost to you. On the floor was a mess of paint. Pictures of similar looking ponies covered all of it, from faces to cutie marks to full body portraits, and they ranged from babies to adults, male to female. But the fact that on each of them the faces were scribbled out sent a slight chill up your spine.
  685. “Look at the ceiling. She isn’t able to reach it, even when standing on her hind legs, but still able to draw such a… masterpiece… on it”
  686. >You gaze follows.
  687. >Along the ceiling is a mass of color and chaos. It shows a bleeding skyline of Hoofington, with unnatural purples, greens, and reds filling everything with their light. Clouds of billowing black smoke drifted out from the ruins, with ever-so-visible remains of ponies floating in and out as if they were embers in a smoky bonfire haze. Where ever there was open space was a collection of dots, that when closely examined, showed eyes. Thousands upon thousands of hateful eyes.
  688. >It gives you a bit of a headache to look at.
  689. >”Anyways, she isn’t that much of a priority case for us, just try to keep her fed and clean. Now, let’s move on to number 415, she is suffering from an identity crisis. Thinks she’s a dog or something.”
  690. >And with that you walk away from the mare’s cell, leaving her to mumble to herself.
  692. THE END
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