The Wizard of Ponyville Chapter 2

May 3rd, 2014
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  1. Chapter 1:
  2. >Day The Wizard of Ponyville: Chapter 2 in Equestria.
  3. >”Trixie, what happened between you and Twilight?”
  4. >She turns to you.
  5. >”Nothing happened between us.”
  6. “You can tell me. It’s obvious that you two have history.”
  7. >She furrows her brow.
  8. >Choosing her words.
  9. >”The princess doesn’t appreciate The Great and Powerful Trixie’s stage presence.”
  10. “You mean she is jealous of you?”
  11. >Trixie frowns at this.
  12. >”Trixie has that effect on ponies. They are jealous of her powers.”
  13. >It’s true that Trixie is more powerful than many unicorns.
  14. >Most can only levitate and manipulate objects.
  15. >Some can perform minor magic, like yourself.
  16. >A select few are limited only by their thirst for knowledge.
  17. ”So, Twilight is just jealous of you?”
  18. >”Everypony wishes they were as talented as Trixie.”
  19. >She gets up and starts trotting away.
  20. “So who is more powerful? You or Twilight?”
  21. >She doesn’t turn to face you.
  22. >”There are many ways to measure strength, Anon.”
  23. >You try not to scoff, but you aren’t able to stop yourself in time.
  24. >It’s clear that this line of conversation bothers her.
  25. >You imagine Trixie is at the bottom of the top tier.
  26. >Obviously she has the ability to perform vast array of spells, but she wastes her talent on parlor tricks.
  27. ”Is Twilight more powerful than you?” You press.
  28. >Trixie ignores your question.
  29. >”Our break is over.”
  30. >You stand up and dust off your pants.
  31. >Hopefully you don’t have any grass stains.
  32. ”Alright.”
  33. >There are three targets in front of you.
  34. >”Show Trixie that you have mastered your lessons so far.”
  35. >She knows you can do it, but she wants to see good form.
  36. >You get into position as she showed you.
  37. >Your right arm extends and you build up your energy.
  38. >After a moment you turn your wrist clockwise and a small flame appears.
  39. >It looks almost like a pilot light.
  40. >Your wrist turns counter clockwise and you grab the spark to build it up.
  41. 1/8
  42. >You slowly pull the clawed hand toward yourself.
  43. >You can feel the heat of the blaze growing.
  44. >The fire engulfs your hand, but it no longer burns you.
  45. >You’ve learned how to control it.
  46. >Swiftly your arm shoots forward and the ball of energy flies toward one of the silhouettes.
  47. >The target erupts in flame.
  48. >And now for the easy part.
  49. >You slowly move your left hand from right to left.
  50. >The open hand makes a slight arc in the air, and the fire quickly dies.
  51. >You look to your teacher and she gives you the slightest nod.
  52. >”That was…” she looks for the right word, “acceptable.”
  53. >It’s the closest thing to praise you have ever received from her.
  54. “Thanks, I guess.”
  55. >”Now it’s time to learn some defensive magic.”
  56. >She magics over two pieces of fabric and shows them to you.
  57. >They look like pony sized cloaks.
  58. >”Since Trixie knows you will fail, she will provide you with a protective garment. Which do you prefer?”
  59. >One is purple and looks much like her own, except tattered.
  60. >It was probably her old cape.
  61. >The other is red with what looks like a meteor shower.
  62. >Both have her cutie mark.
  63. “Those look a bit small for me.”
  64. >Trixie gives you a look like you just insulted her entire family.
  65. >”Trixie didn’t realize that humans were so picky.”
  66. >She moves the red one toward you.
  67. >It shimmers slightly as you take it.
  68. >A moment later you put it on.
  69. >The cape is thin, and only covers your torso.
  70. >You give her a disappointed look.
  71. >She also frowns.
  72. >”It doesn’t suit you… Trixie supposes we can go to Canterlot and purchase something your size.”
  73. “It’s fine for now. Let’s just continue.”
  74. >Trixie nods.
  75. >”You can block magic with either hoof, but for now we will practice with your left.”
  76. >She raises her left foreleg.
  77. >”The easiest way is to time a canceling motion with the magical impact.”
  78. >She demonstrates a canceling movement.
  79. >“This only works against simple spells.”
  80. 2/8
  81. >Her hoof moves in a slow arcing counterclockwise movement.
  82. >”The next way is to deflect the attack.”
  83. >She creates a ball of light with her right hoof, and tosses it to the side with her left.
  84. >Trixie repeats this several times in various directions.
  85. >”This works against most magic. Finally you can shield yourself.”
  86. >She stands on her hind legs.
  87. >Her forelegs are at her sides.
  88. >You can feel her building up energy.
  89. >”Trixie will need you to throw several fireballs at her to demonstrate this technique.”
  90. >She crosses her forelegs.
  91. >A blueish hexagonal grid shimmers in front of her.
  92. >Trixie holds it in place with her crossed arms.
  93. “Are you sure?”
  94. >”Ha. Trixie’s defences can never be shattered by somepony as weak as you.”
  95. >You’re going to prove her wrong.
  96. >You repeat the fire motion as before.
  97. >A stream of flame flows from your hand and slams into her force field.
  98. >It easily dissipates against the shield.
  99. >Trixie cancels the defense, but keeps her left foreleg up.
  100. >”Again.”
  101. >You repeat your assault.
  102. >She easily flicks the flame aside.
  103. >”One more time.”
  104. >You hold your arm in place longer than usual.
  105. >She waits in anticipation.
  106. >When the energy becomes unbearable you launch it at her.
  107. >As the fire leaves your hand she starts an arcing motion.
  108. >The flames cancel before they reach her.
  109. >Trixie smirks at you.
  110. >”Now you try.”
  111. >You get into position.
  112. >”Remember to start canceling as soon as you see the attack.”
  113. ”I’m ready.”
  114. >She throws a slow energy ball to your right.
  115. >You easily cancel it.
  116. >She repeats this to your left.
  117. >Again you cancel it in flight.
  118. >”Not bad. Let’s try something a little faster.”
  119. >She throws a fireball at you and you cancel it just before it burns you.
  120. >You flick of your cape off in celebration.
  121. “I won’t need this.”
  122. 3/8
  123. >Trixie raises an eyebrow.
  124. >She’s intrigued.
  125. >”Let’s see if you can back that up.”
  126. >She moves her hoof in an unfamiliar motion.
  127. >You can do this.
  128. >Remember to breathe.
  129. >Lightning!
  130. “FUCK!”
  131. >You drop on the grass and convulse.
  132. >You can feel every nerve ending screaming in pain.
  133. >Trixie takes her place over you.
  134. >”That’s why we wear protection, Anon.”
  135. >Thankfully Trixie cancelled the buzzing before it did any real damage.
  136. >Still it takes about half an hour for the ringing in your ears to go away.
  137. >
  138. >
  139. >You find your teacher lounging on your couch.
  140. “Trixie?”
  141. >She looks up at you.
  142. “When can we go to Canterlot to pick up a cloak for me?”
  143. >Trixie sits up.
  144. >”We don’t actually need to do that. The Quill and Sofa store should have some to choose from.”
  145. “I thought they only sold two things.”
  146. >”You don’t honestly believe that that’s all they sell… do you?”
  147. >You shrug.
  148. “I’ve never been inside.”
  149. >”They sell forbidden objects from where ponies fear tread.”
  150. “That’s bad.”
  151. >”It will save you a trip to Canterlot.”
  152. “That’s good.”
  153. >”But everything is overpriced…”
  154. “…”
  155. >”That’s bad.”
  156. “Can we go now?”
  157. >”Sure. Trixie wouldn’t want you to purchase something garish.”
  158. >She gets up from the couch and trots to the door.
  159. >You follow behind.
  160. >According to your mail it’s supposed to rain in a few days.
  161. >Right now the sky is clear.
  162. >”Tell Trixie more about the source of your powers.”
  163. "There really isn't much to it. I just... never got around to dating girls. After college it was even harder to meet girls so I kind of gave up."
  164. 4/8
  165. >Trixie looks at you.
  166. >"You never even tried?"
  167. "I did... a few times. When you're in your mid-twenties girls expect you to have the whole social thing figured out."
  168. >"So you did date then?"
  169. "It was always more like hanging out. Anyway I read on the internet that if you save yourself until you are thirty that you get magical powers."
  170. >She furrows her brow.
  171. >"What's the internet?"
  172. >How do you explain that to a pony?
  173. "It's kind of like a portal. You can meet and discuss anything with others."
  174. >You both continue walking.
  175. >"But how does virginity cause humans to become magical?"
  176. "I don't know. It was probably just a joke... but I guess anything can happen here."
  177. >You can tell Trixie doesn't understand.
  178. "What about you? Why did you become a travelling magician?"
  179. >"Trixie doesn't talk about that."
  180. > She starts trotting faster.
  181. "Com’n, I just told you my story. Yours can't be that bad."
  182. >”Who said Trixie has a sad story? The Great and Powerful Trixie has always had an amazing and outstanding life."
  183. >You can tell she is lying, but you decide not to pursue it.
  184. >Maybe one day she will open up to you.
  185. >Trust is a hard bridge to build.
  186. >"Hi, Anon."
  187. >You turn to the voice.
  188. >"Hello, Twilight."
  189. >She looks at your teacher.
  190. >"I see your friend is still here. Isn't her cart fixed yet?"
  191. >Your teacher sneers at her.
  192. >"Trixie's cart is fixed, but she has decided to stay in this quaint and simple town for a little longer.”
  193. >Twilight turns to you.
  194. >”Well I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s not like you would do anything with her when you can have a princess instead.”
  195. >Twilight tries to look sexy, but it’s not working.
  196. >She should read up on how to attract men.
  197. “Twilight, we went over this already.”
  198. >”You just haven’t given me a chance, Anon. I’m sure you would like it.”
  199. >Trixie pushes Twilight.
  200. >”This human belongs to Trixie.”
  201. ”You’re not helping.”
  202. >”Oh?” Twilight smiles. “So you have been lying to me. You can be with ponies.”
  203. 5/8
  204. >Her eyes dart back and forth as if she is making thought connections.
  205. “We’re not dating.”
  206. >”Then you won’t mind going out with me tonight.”
  207. >She magics over a pamphlet.
  208. >It’s a menu.
  209. >”You will be there at seven. I wouldn’t want your friend to get hurt if you don’t show up.”
  210. >Shit just got real.
  211. >”Are you threatening Trix-!?”
  212. >You put a hand on your teacher to quiet her.
  213. >This could quickly get ugly.
  214. “Fine. I’ll be there.”
  215. >”Great.” She winks at you. “I’ll see you soon.”
  216. >She blinks away.
  217. >Probably back to her Treebary.
  218. >As soon as she goes Trixe pushes your hand away.
  219. >”How dare you silence the Great and Powerful Trixie!?”
  220. “Give it a rest. I probably just saved you.”
  221. >”Hmmph. Trixie needs no help from a human.”
  222. >She is starting to get on your nerves.
  223. >But she is the only unicorn willing to teach you.
  224. >You try not to sound condescending, but you can’t help it.
  225. “Trixie, let’s be honest here. You and I both know that Princess Twilight is one of the most powerful ponies in the world. Right?”
  226. >You nod your head in an exaggerated fashion.
  227. >”Right,” she concedes.
  228. ”Now wouldn’t it make more sense to fight her at a time and place of our choosing?”
  229. >Trixie opens her mouth to contradict you, but thinks better of it.
  230. >”Right.”
  231. ”Good. Now we’re both on the same page.”
  232. >Trixie pouts but doesn’t say anything else.
  233. >She probably isn’t used to being put in her place.
  234. >You two continue walking in silence.
  235. >A few minutes later you arrive at the Quill and Sofa store.
  236. >Just as the sign said, it’s full of pens and couches.
  237. >”Can I help you find something?” The shopkeeper asks.
  238. “Yeah, I’m looking for a defensive cloak.”
  239. >He smiles.
  240. >”But all we have is what you see here. Might in interest you in a futon?”
  241. >”He knows about the back room.” Trixie answers.
  242. >The salesman frowns.
  243. >”Is he…?”
  244. >”Yes, he has the gift.”
  245. 6/8
  246. >He walks to the door and puts on the back in 15 minutes sign.
  247. >The owner then locks the door.
  248. >”Follow me.”
  249. >You follow him past the employees only door and you see a small office and what looks like a loading dock.
  250. >”You will have to forgive me. It’s forbidden for an earth pony to have so many magical objects.”
  251. >He turns to a wall, and it shimmers and disappears.
  252. >He motions you to follow.
  253. >Inside is a small room filled with boxes.
  254. >You can feel the energy radiating from them.
  255. >”A cloak? We don’t have a good selection in your size.”
  256. >He pulls out a box and shows you the contents.
  257. >You grab the one on top and try it on.
  258. >A small mirror sho -
  259. >”Black and red?” Trixie asks. “You’re not a demon.”
  260. “Yeah… But it kind of goes with my suit.”
  261. >Trixie looks unimpressed.
  262. >You take the next one out.
  263. >It’s purple with thick gold stitching.
  264. >Trixie shrugs.
  265. >”It’s alright.”
  266. >The next one is brown, and has black clasps.
  267. >You kind of like this one.
  268. >The last cloak is dark blue, with a small golden thunderbolt on the chest.
  269. >You examine the fabric, and it shimmers like Trixie’s coat.
  270. >You do a little turn for your teacher.
  271. “I think this is the one.”
  272. >”An excellent choice, sir.”
  273. >”Hold on,” Trixie says.
  274. >She takes a corner of the fabric and examines it.
  275. >Her horn glows slightly, but you don’t see anything happen.
  276. >”It’s not bad,” she says finally.
  277. >”And it’s a bargain at only six hundred and thirty nine bits,” the owner adds.
  278. >”We could get something like this for five hundred and fifty bits in Canterlot.”
  279. >”How many ponies would sell to a… uh… well a non-unicorn?”
  280. >”He’s a unicorn in here.” Trixie points to her heart.
  281. >The owner clears his throat.
  282. >”Well… I guess I can give a new customer discount.”
  283. “Great. Do you take checks?”
  284. 7/8
  285. >
  286. >
  287. >A few hours later at your house.
  288. >”It actually looks pretty good on you.”
  289. “Was that a complement?”
  290. >”Once in a while even you can get something right. Don’t get used to it.”
  291. “I think you’re finally starting to get a soft spot for me.”
  292. >She looks away.
  293. >”A teacher should be proud of her students.”
  294. “That’s good enough for now. I should probably get going.”
  295. >”Already?”
  296. ”I don’t think Twilight appreciates tardiness.”
  297. >”Trixie should go with you… just to make sure you’re safe,” she quickly adds.
  298. ”Like a chaperone?”
  299. >”Yes. Exactly.”
  300. >She smiles weakly.
  301. >If you didn’t know better you would think she is getting jealous.
  302. >Your relationship with her is based on money.
  303. >She trains you, and you provide bits.
  304. >Occasionally she sleeps on your couch.
  305. >She claims it's because she is tired of sleeping in her cart.
  306. >That and you have running water.
  307. "That would only make things... I just don't think its a good idea."
  308. >"Trixie will make sure she doesn't even notice."
  309. >Her horn glows and she disappears.
  310. >Your sensitivity to magic has improved though.
  311. >You can make out a shimmer here and there.
  312. >If you can see it, then any magic user would detect it easily.
  313. "I can still see you."
  314. >The magic drops and Trixie appears annoyed.
  315. >"Then Trixie will use a disguise."
  316. >A flash of light blinds you momentarily.
  317. >You see a young earth pony with a chestnut coat and a dark brown mane.
  318. "Where's your cutie mark?"
  319. >She looks back.
  320. >"Trixie was just making sure you were paying attention."
  321. >An art pallet appears on her flank.
  322. "Can you turn into any pony?"
  323. >Another flash of light and Princess Cadence appears.
  324. >"See, The Great and Powerful Princess Cadence can do anything!"
  325. >Her voice is a dead giveaway.
  326. “No. Twilight wouldn’t try anything in a crowded restaurant. It’ll be better if you stay here.”
  327. >”Fine, but don’t come crying back to Trixie.”
  328. >She returns to her normal form.
  329. “I won’t.”
  331. End Chap 2
  332. 8/8
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