Layra side-story (complete)

Jun 2nd, 2013
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  1. >tennis shirt in the center
  3. >Hey there, my name is Sarah L. Heartstrings.
  4. >I'm a girl who attends NJ High School for the Gifted
  5. >I make straight A's, and am the star player on the tennis team
  6. >I seem to be in with the popular crowd, which is nice.
  7. >However, I seem to have a bit of an obsession with horses
  8. >horses are wonderful creatures. Their mane, their tail, their endurace, their bodies; they're just so majestic I wander what fucking one would be like
  9. >I secretly wish I was a horse
  10. >I feel like I was meant to be a horse, that being a human wasn't for me
  11. >can't tell anyone at school, who knows what they would do
  12. >one day, soon after this racist kid comes to our school, this purple girl pops up out of nowhere
  13. >claims she's a horse from a world of magical horses
  14. >really wanna know more about this girl
  15. >hangs out with the racist kid a lot
  16. >don't wanna be seen with racist
  17. >but wtf the purple girl never leaves his side
  19. >work at a local Sonic Drive-In after school from 4-7
  20. >another usual evening
  21. >get an order for 15 orders of just fries, weird
  22. >get them ready to bring to spot #4
  23. >it turns out to be the racist guy and the purple girl
  24. >as i walk up, they recognize me from school
  25. >I say hi to the purple girl
  26. >the racist guy smiles and says hey, I give a quick wave trying not to talk to him
  27. >as I give the fries to them, the purple girl ducks her head down eating the fries like a chicken or something
  28. >or like a horse
  29. >I gotta know this girl
  30. >I ask if we can meet up sometime just to talk and hang out
  31. >the purple girl says we can go to the racists kid's house
  32. >not what I had in mind
  33. >his name is Norman
  34. >he groans but says why not
  36. >We agree to meet at Norman's house tomorrow night at 7:30
  37. >awyeahhorsetalk
  38. >my friend, Bonnie, works at the Sonic with me
  39. >I tell her about the horse girl
  40. >she asks if I can ever be normal
  41. >I tell her to stop being such a candyass, uptight bore and live a little
  42. >"whatever"
  43. >tomorrow night comes
  44. >I come to Norman's house
  45. whaddyaknow, Norman's next door neighbor's with Bonnie
  46. >his mom answers the door
  47. >tell her I'm a friend of Norman's
  48. >god I hope I never have to repeat that
  49. >she says they're upstairs
  50. >I go upstairs and the purple horse girl and Norman are sitting there, the purple girl's talking his ear off about the different anatomies of humans and horses
  51. >I say hey and join in
  52. >I swerve the conversation to ask the purple girl about where she's from
  53. >tells me a shitload of information about how she's from some magical place
  54. >it's ruled by horses
  55. >it's ruled by fucking horses
  56. >the time flies by and it's eventually 11.
  57. >I tell them I gotta get back home for tennis practice early tomorrow morning
  58. >I really wanna see what the horse world would be like now
  60. >Agreed with Purple to meet the Tennis girl at 7:30 at MY house.
  61. >'why MY house?'
  62. >Purple claims cause it's nicer.
  63. >I dont even know where she lives and I ask her just that
  64. >'Well I DO have my own place where I live, but right sleeping in the library' she says while fiddling with my cellphone
  65. >I...dont even.
  66. >she keeps touching random numbers in my phone while she says how cool it's to have fingers but she misses her hooves.
  67. >Srs.
  68. >The Tennis girls arrives and brings a friend that seems as excited as me.
  70. >Horse kingdom, Princess in the moon, some avatar of chaos, a gala with horses, gotta admit that Purple puts detail into things
  71. >The ride continues 'till 11
  72. >Tennis says she has to leave and so she does.
  73. >I ask the same about Purple who seems to have brought a sleeping bag with her.
  74. >Mom makes me sleeps in the living couch so Purple has my own bed.
  75. >I never asked for this.
  77. >Bonnie tells me she honestly kind of likes how I talk "crazy" about horses sometimes
  78. >she says for her its a morbid curiosity thing
  79. >my eyes glance out her window and catch Norman
  80. >hey, the purple girl is with him
  81. >that's it, I'm gonna get to this horse world
  82. >I turn to Bonnie and ask if she wants to come with me to a world of horses
  83. >"what?"
  84. >I don't take time to explain
  85. >I shove her off and run out of her room
  86. >out the door to Norman's house
  87. >I hear Bonnie running after me, shouting
  88. >get to Norman's house
  89. >ring the doorbell
  90. >Bonnie catches up to me, demanding what the hell is going on
  91. >Norman's mom answers the door
  92. >before she can give a, "hello again" I'm rushing up to Norman's room
  93. >faintly hear Bonnie apologizing or something
  94. >bust open the door to find the purple girl lecturing Norman
  95. >tell her I'm coming back to the horse world with her
  96. >the purple girl says it's called Equestria
  97. >Equestria
  98. >sounds preddy cool
  99. >the purple girl says she would be delighted, that "Salestia" would be very interested if she brought back a human
  100. >awwwwwwyeahhorseworld
  101. >she says to get back to Equestria, she needs to win prom queen this year
  102. >weird, but ok
  103. >say I'll help out by being part of her campaign group
  104. >just then Bonnie walks in, looking flustered
  105. >"Sarah, what in god's name are you doing?"
  106. >Bonnie, would you like to help this girl here become prom queen?
  107. >"why?"
  108. >because she's really nice, and sweet, and I'm helping her, so you should too
  109. >"whatever"
  110. >I say I'll let the tennis team know, see if we can get anyone else to help out or at least vote for purple girl and head out with Bonnie
  111. >tell Norman's mom sorry for barging in, I just had to talk to purple girl
  112. >she says it was quite alright since she knew me from yesterday
  113. >she seems nice, I guess his family isn't racist
  115. >as we're walking back to Bonnie's house, she asks if that's the racist kid from school
  116. >I say his name's Norman and he doesn't really seem racist since he hangs out with the purple girl
  117. >Bonnie tells me her name's Twilight Sparkle
  118. >how did you know that?
  119. >"She sits in front of me in Trigonometry."
  120. >Bonnie also tells me Norman has a thing for the white girl with the purple hair
  121. >man, what a racist douche
  122. >Bonnie asks me why I'm helping Twilight become prom queen and the world of horses I mentioned earlier
  123. >Twilight said if she wins prom queen, she can get back to her horse world, Equestria, and that I could come with
  124. >Bonnie stares at me
  125. >"Are you serious right now? THAT's why you're helping her? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! It's bullsh- it's horseshit!"
  126. >I tell her to come with me
  127. >she says even if that was true, no way would she go to a world ruled by horses and ponies
  128. >I thought you said you liked all the horse stuff I talk about
  129. >"I said I like you talking about itbecause it's funny!"
  130. >I tell her I would be so happy, we can go there together
  131. >She says she'll humor me and if there really is a horse world, she'll help me get there and come with me
  132. >itbegins.jpg
  134. >next morning at tennis practice
  135. >after practice ends I hand teammates flyers with Twilight on them saying to vote for this girl for prom queen 2013
  136. >they say "doesn't she hang around with that racist?"
  137. >you mean Norman? yeah-
  138. >they reply "Oh, so you know his name, do you? I wouldn't vote for anyone who's friends with racists"
  139. >they walk off all smug
  140. >well that could've gone better
  141. >now it's just me and one other teammate on the court
  142. >it's that rainbow haired girl
  143. >as she's leaving I hand her a flyer
  144. >she says Twilight's her friend and she didn't know Twilight was running for prom queen
  145. >she asks for one more flyer to give to her friend over there
  146. >I look over, her friend's that shy yellow girl I see around school
  147. >rainbow girl says maybe she and her friend can help
  148. >not sure how that yellow girl will help, she never says anything
  149. >whatever, the more the merrier, I hand rainbow girl a flyer and it's off to my classes.
  151. >I run into Twilight and Norman in the hall
  152. >he's telling Twilight no one will take his flyers
  153. >Twilight sees me and says to help him, she wanders down the hall to tell people to vote for her
  154. >wellthisisawkward
  155. >I ask Norman if he's really a racist
  156. >"No! Why would I be a racist? I just moved here from out of state, I don't even talk to anyone here, Twilight just won't stop following me."
  157. >I heard you have a thing for the one white girl here, though. That seems interesting considering everyone says you're racist
  158. >"Listen, just because I like a hot girl that happens to be aryan looking and white doesn't mean anything."
  159. >whatever, you don't seem like such a bad guy I guess.
  160. >"Holy shit, someone believes me. Thank you for once."
  161. >yeah, we'll have to get this misunderstanding sorted out. I'll talk to Twilight about it
  162. >I turn to walk off and immediately run into Brad, the quarterback for our highschool
  163. >he was eating a corndog covered in mustard, which got on my skirt
  164. >I hate mustard
  165. >never really talked much to him. Seemed kind of stupid
  166. >but damn did he look good
  167. >I gave him a flyer and said to vote Twilight for prom queen this year
  168. >he stares at it for a few seconds, then loudly blurts out in a deep, but nasally voice,
  169. >"Oh hey, that's Twily!"
  170. >yeah, Twilight is trying to win prom queen, you should vote for her
  171. >"Tell Twily she's got my vote!"
  172. >he says with a mouth full of corndog
  174. >later in the day giving out more flyers and "vote for Twilight"s
  175. >accidentally bump into prom queen from last year
  176. >and the prom queen the last 3 years in a row
  177. >I never really talked to her, but people always said she was a total cunt
  178. >she calls herself Sunset Shimmer
  179. >Sunset freaking Shimmer, what the hell kind of a name is that? That can't be her real name
  180. >she's going for prom queen again this year
  181. >I say sorry for bumping into her
  182. >she notices my flyers with Twilight on them
  183. >"So, I see you're trying to help that girl who keeps going on about horses to win prom queen."
  184. >yeah, so?
  185. >"Do you honestly think she'll win? Against me? She's new here, she has no chance. And you, that racist, and a couple other no life's are her ragtag campaign team. Besides, I've been prom queen 3 years in a row."
  186. >didn't everyone also find out you banged the prom king every year?
  187. >"Shut up, you horsefucker! Oops, did I say that out loud?"
  188. >I freeze in terror for a second but laugh it off
  189. >Please, just because Twilight goes on about horses so much-
  190. >"No, I mean you. I know about your little sick fantasy with horses."
  191. >ohshit.jpg
  192. >What are you talking about?
  193. >"Don't play dumb, you're buying into this stuff. You think that girl will take you to a magical land of horses."
  194. >ohhellnaw
  195. >Get right in her face
  196. >mfw
  197. >If you tell ANYONE, I will end you
  198. >"Oh please, why would I care to tell anyone about what fetish a bitch tennis girl has? I just think it's funny."
  199. >"Well it's funny isn't it? Two horse obsessed freaks, a racist, and some nobodies against the prettiest girl in school with 3 prom queen wins behind her already. It would be cute if it wasn't so fucking ridiculous. I don't even need to try to run against the other horse girl, I've probably already got over half the school voting for me. Well, Ta ta horse freak <3"
  200. >I guess that's why people call her a top cunt
  201. >How did she figure out about that horse thing?
  202. >Bonnie wouldn't tell anyone
  203. >would she?
  205. >after school at work
  206. >Bonnie walks in a bit late
  207. >before she can say hi
  208. >Bonnie
  209. >look at me. We will be best friends no matter what
  210. >"what-"
  211. >we will get through this
  212. >but tell me, did you tell anyone about Equestria?
  213. >"You idiot, who would I tell anyway?"
  214. >ok so it's not her
  215. >Bonnie says it would most likely be the delusional purple girl
  216. >dammit she's probably right
  217. >the next day I ask Twilight if she's told anyone about how I want to go to Equestria with her
  218. >she says she only told Brad
  219. >fuck
  220. >the rest of the day random people are snickering when they look at me and giving me horseshoes and shit
  221. >my popularity is dropping like a rock
  222. >oh well, if Twilight's right I'll be out of here soon anyway
  223. >Sunset prom queen whore Shimmer walks by and kicks me in the shin, laughing
  224. >"oops" she says playfully
  225. >Those streaks in her hair always looked like mustard to me
  226. >I really hate mustard
  228. >the last week before prom goes by pretty quickly
  229. >Twilight seemed to get a pretty sizeable group to support her
  230. >pretty much all of the outcasts and fat, neckbearded videogame addicts love her
  231. >some say Twilight reminds them of their "waifu"
  232. >idon'tevenknow
  233. >I also got most of the tennis team to swerve towards Twilight's side after me and the rainbow girl introduced Twilight to them
  234. >day of prom
  235. >Bonnie calls me
  236. >says Twilight and Norman want me to help set up the school gym for prom
  237. >why us
  238. >whatever, I get there, Twilight is waltzing around acting like the manager of preparations or something
  239. >Twilight sees me, runs over to greet me with a hug
  240. >introduces me to some friends of hers
  241. >the white, purple haired girl, an orange girl, a pink girl, and the yellow girl who hangs out with rainbow girl
  242. >rainbow's there too
  243. >Twilight says she's happy and excited, all her friends are here and Applejack is here too.
  244. >suddenly remember I don't have a date for prom
  245. >this will be fun
  247. >6:28 p.m.
  248. >fuck, forgot a dress
  249. >man, I got really wrapped up in Twilight's campaign
  250. >run home and grab something out of my closet
  251. >only dress is one from prom as a freshman
  252. >dear lord it's hideous
  253. >mom says she'll lend me one of her prom dresses
  254. >thanks, mom, you're the best
  255. >it's meh, but it fits
  256. >get back to the school at 7:25
  257. >Bonnie is sitting at a table all by her lonesome just eating
  258. >pull up a chair and sit with her
  259. >"You're late, you know."
  260. >sorry, forgot a dress
  261. >"It's PROM, Sarah, how could you forget a dress?"
  262. >I blame Twilight
  263. >hey, I'm kinda hungry and they ran out of food, can I have a bite of that sandwich?
  264. >"Here, you can finish it."
  265. >haven't eaten since breakfast
  266. >take a bite
  267. >filled with mustard
  268. >of all things, mustard
  269. >why.jpg
  270. >"Hey, Norman is out on the dance floor just standing there, you should go dance with him or something."
  271. >Bonnie, have you ever seen me dance?
  272. >This is prom, just do it
  274. >fine, go to ask Norman if I can dance with him
  275. >he says yes
  276. >wedancin
  277. >tell him I don't think he's a bad guy at all
  278. >he says thanks, maybe we can hang out some time
  279. >I'd like that
  280. >as we're dancing, something magical happens
  281. >I look at Norman
  282. >He really is a handsome specimen. His features are so smooth with just a slight hint of rugged
  283. >his hair moves perfectly, almost like a horses mane
  284. >I stare into his eyes
  285. >oh his yes, they look so beautiful
  286. >Norman looks at me and smiles, looking a bit creeped out or something
  287. >I've fallen for this man, and I must him
  288. >right as I was going to confess to him what has just struck my heart, that white girl with the purple hair shows up out of fucking nowhere
  289. >asks to dance with him
  290. >he immediately obliges, leaving me alone on the dance floor
  291. >go sit back down with Bonnie
  292. >hereIsitallbrokenhearted
  294. >feel like crying
  295. >gotta stay positive, maybe I'll meet a handsome stallion in Equestria
  296. >oh what's the point, I still don't even know if it's real
  297. >I could eat mustard right now
  298. >the dances end, someone comes up to announce who is prom king and queen
  299. >my sadness quickly turns to anticipation
  300. >oh yeah, this is what I've been doing for 4 weeks now
  301. >"The prom king for the year of 2013 is...Brad [Redacted]!!"
  302. >did anyone know he was even running? whatever, now the moment of truth
  303. >And prom queen for the year of 2013 is...
  304. >Twilight Sparkle!
  305. >She comes up to accept the crown
  306. >Brad loudly exclaims "hey, Twily got an award too!"
  307. >Twilight is about to accept the crown
  308. >Sunset Shimmer snatches the crown
  309. >top cunt, eh?
  310. >she flips shit, bitching and whining about how this was her senior year and she was supposed to get prom queen all 4 years, not some ditzy cunt who blabs about horses and her racist friends
  311. >I'vefuckinghadenough.jpg
  312. >call Shimmybitch out for the bitch she is
  313. >and who even voted for you? No one actually seems to like you, you're just a huge cunt to everyone
  314. >"I still was prom queen all those years, you retarded horsefucker, I think the people voted for me
  316. >"We didn't vote for you!"
  317. >the rainbow girl from tennis was shouting from her table
  318. >with her was her yellow friend, orange girl, pink girl, and the white girl Norman liked
  319. >soon, other people started agreeing, claiming they never voted for Sunset Shimmer
  320. >some people say they voted for years ago, but just that once
  321. >everyone says they didn't vote for Sunset this year
  322. >"FINE! I actually won prom queen 3 years ago, but I rigged the ballots after that, are you fucking happy?!"
  323. >collective gasp
  324. >"I've been stuck here way too damn long, that crown is supposed to be my ticket out of here, finally back to Equestria."
  325. >holy shit, more horseppl
  326. >Twilight also seems pretty shocked
  327. >"You're from Equestria?" Twilight asks
  328. >"Yes, you idiot. I was Celestia's #1 student. I was the best. In fact, I was as good as Celestia. She thought I needed a lesson, dumb bitch. She sent me here. She said I was done with my lesson when I could come back worthy of being a princess.
  329. >"That crown is how I'm supposed to get the hell out of here.
  330. >"But every year, it never works. I thought maybe getting the crown all 4 years would work."
  331. >"Well now it's time to put that to the test!"
  332. >Sunset puts the crown on, acting all evil and shit
  333. >nothing happens
  334. >"FUCK!"
  335. >Twilight tells Sunset a crown is not what being a princess is about
  336. >she says a princess must be pure of heart, full of friendship, something like that
  337. >Twilight puts the crown on
  339. >All hell breaks loose
  340. >rumbling, sparks flying, tables overturning
  341. >suddenly all is quiet
  342. >Twilight grows these huge, hideous wings
  343. >a a portal opens up
  344. >ohhhhhh shoot
  345. >this is it
  346. >this is the horse world
  347. >look around for Bonnie
  348. >Bonnie's standing there, shocked
  349. >This is the Equestria Twilight's been talking about. Come with me, Bonnie
  350. >"How do you know if we'll be ok?"
  351. >realize I don't know
  352. >well fuck
  353. >uhhh...we'll be together? bff's?
  354. >Bonnie agrees
  355. >yes
  356. >Before we leave, Norman comes up on stage >says he's coming too
  357. >white girl yells at Norman asking what does he think he's doing
  358. >Norman says he's tired of this school
  359. >I don't blame him
  360. >if she wants, she can come too
  361. >white girl calls him a crazy racist
  362. >>racist
  363. >>white girl
  364. >wat
  365. >Me, Twilight, Bonnie, and Norman going to Equestria
  366. >Sunset Shimmer tackles us into the portal
  367. >"Oh no you don't!"
  369. >we dust ourselves off
  370. >we look up
  371. >the world looks much more colorful
  372. >mountains, puffy clouds, flowers
  373. >looks kind of cartoony
  374. >a big white horse with shimmering hair approaches us
  375. >"I see you've made it back with some friends, Twilight.
  376. >"Hello there, my name is Princess Celestia. Welcome to Equestria."
  378. >YES
  379. >FUCK YES
  381. >look around at everyone
  382. >Twilight is now a pony, still has those freakish wings
  383. >those really don't suit her
  384. >Twilight gets teary eyed saying she'll miss Brad
  385. >of all people
  386. >fucking Brad
  387. >big white horse with a face like Brad's comes up to Twilight
  388. >"TWILY"
  389. >Twilight suddenly becomes happy again
  390. >"Brother! :D"
  391. >mfw
  392. >realize we're all ponies now
  393. >I can die happy now
  394. >we all seem to have marks on out butt now
  395. >Twilight says those are called cutie marks, they show what your talent is
  396. >mine's a lyre
  397. >I'll roll with it
  398. >see Norman is now a pony
  399. >he's a handsome as fuck stallion
  400. >ohyes
  401. >see something very large between his legs dangling to and fro
  402. >oh wow, is that what I think it is
  403. >a massive, glorious stallion cock
  404. >I'll see him about that later
  405. >Bonnie asks how long we're going to be here
  406. >I don't know
  407. >but might as well enjoy ourselves now
  408. >me and Bonnie head to a local restaurant in a town nearby called Ponyville
  409. >classy waiter comes up
  410. >order a daffodil and daisy sandwich, no toppings
  411. >get it soon after
  412. >I wonder how this will taste since I'm a horse now
  413. >look at the sandwich
  414. >wait
  415. >something is horribly, horribly wrong
  416. >sandwich has mustard in it
  417. >I'm sorry, I said no mustard
  418. >waiter looks at me, smiles
  419. >But Sarah, you need your MUSTARD
  420. >wait turns into a big, insectoid horse creature
  421. >army of smaller horse insects out of nowhere
  422. >hold me down
  423. >force feeding me mustard
  424. >everything is melting around me
  425. >I wake up
  426. >it was all a dream
  427. >fucking mustard
  429. END.
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