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  3. - We open on Strange and Wong in the NY Sanctum explaining the Infinity Stones to Stark, with Banner emphasising how dangerous Thanos is.
  4. - They go through where the stones are, emphasising 1. that Strange and Wong have an oath to protect the time stone and can't throw/hide it away like Stark suggests and 2. that Vision has gone off the grid and the only person who can find him is Steve...cue 'the Avengers broke up/like a boyband??' between Banner and Stark, Stark calls Strange a douchebag (or is that the other way round?)
  5. - then, as he's about to make the call to Steve on that flip phone...Ebony Maw/Cull Obsidian's ship arrives over NY. cars and debris flying around hitting people, Stark and the crew head outside and deflect these from people and Stark activates evacuation alerts via Friday in his glasses.
  6. - Parker Spidey reveal - plays out exactly like in the released Graham Norton clip, except an 'oh shit' from Ned, people opening windows to see the ship and...Stan Lee is the driver. Spidey swings to the city as...
  7. - CO and EM arrive. Former grunts around, latter speaking in an intentionally OTT Brit accent that leaves Stark annoyed (some quips about 'Earth is Closed') but Strange immediately gets into battle mode. Banner struggles to Hulk out, so Stark gets his new nanotech suit on (amazing reveal) as CO heads to get the Time stone off Strange...
  8. - The main fight sequence here. Cull Obsidian portalled off to Central Park to fight with Stark (and that's where Spidey pops in to help out), Strange and Wong vs Ebony Maw. Strange is captured and knocked out, as he is taken to the ship Stark orders Spidey to get him. Cull Obsidian then portalled off to somewhere freezing away from NY by Wong. Who then heads to the Sanctum.
  9. - Spidey beamed up to the ship with Strange, he's struggling to get on board so Stark goes after him and as he's losing air sends him the Iron Spider suit, which catches him just as he passes out and falls from the ship (cue the awesome reveal shot from the first trailer). Stark gets onto the ship, as he does Pepper calls, asking if Tony is okay, Tony says he won't be coming back for a while, Pepper gets all emotional and slightly angry about him. Then Ebony Maw speeds off in his ship with Strange (captured), Stark and Spidey in tow (he is first told to 'go home' with a parachute in his new suit taking him off the ship but he catches on and goes on board, "I should have stayed on the bug".
  10. - Banner wakes up in the rubble and makes the call on that flip phone to Steve as we cut to..
  11. Title Card: SPACE
  12. - don't remember which track exactly but a banging tune with a one take shot revealing the individual Guardians on the Milano.
  13. - Warping through space in response to a distress signal. Some banter plays out between them about helping out like this 'cause we're nice' and Groot playing on his...whatever is that hi tech space Gameboy knockoff
  14. - Warm out of hyperspace to see the destroyed Asgard ship..
  15. - Thor hits the windshield. The scene with Thor on the Milano waking then plays out like in the clip. Then after 'who the hell are you guys'
  16. - Gamora gives her speech about Thanos which opens the 2nd trailer. It's thought that Thor is gonna get angry at her after the reveal she's Thanos' daughter but then he is surprisingly 'I completely get that' and talks about Hela and the events of Ragnarok briefly (as well as what I presmuse is the opening scene of IW which wasn't shown here - Thanos getting the tesseract from Loki and destroying half the people of Asgard). She then talks about heading to Knowehere to get the power (whatever the Aether from TDW is) stone from the Collector, while a new location is brought up by Thor (didn't catch the name) where they make weapons that can beat someone like Thanos.
  17. - Quill is against this idea (he tries to imitate Thor's stately serious speech) but Rocket basically as the 'captain' says yes, and they decide to split up the Milano. Rocket, Thor and Groot head to the new place, while Quill and the rest head to Knowhere.
  18. - Cut to black as the Milano pod with Thor et al speeds away, cue Marvel logo and a short sizzle with footage from both trailers (nothing new) set to what I can only presume as more of Silvestri's score
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