Leroy's Story 2

Jun 11th, 2018
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  1. >"Anon, are you alright?" my friend Leroy asked
  2. >"well my nose hurts, but other than that I feel fine"
  3. >I pick myself up off the floor
  4. >"sorry about the table, I came in too hot"
  5. >I broke a picture frame, but otherwise the table was fine
  6. >"don't worry about it" said Leroy "let me get you something for you nose"
  7. >He began to walk to the kitchen
  8. >I set the table back up and fallowed him
  9. >"so you really are a pony"
  10. >He opens a cabinet and took out a first aid kit
  11. >he set it on the island in the middle of the kitchen
  12. >"here, get up" he said, moving to pick me up
  13. >I thought of protesting, but the idea of Leroy holding me seemed nice
  14. >He lifted me on to the counter and I sat down
  15. >"here, tilt your head forward" he said, gently angling my head down with his hand against my cheek
  16. >he then put a pair of cotton patches in to my nose
  17. >"OK tilt your head to the side" once again guiding me with his hand
  18. >he put a bandage on my right cheek
  19. >"all right, I think I got everything"
  20. >he scratches behind my ear, and then moves me back to the floor
  21. >I really wish he would just hold me, and pet me
  22. >"so what are you going to do now, Anon?"
  23. >"well I should call my Mom and tell her what has happened"
  24. >"you haven't told her yet?"
  25. >"no I did not have time this morning, and after history I got caught up in a conversation with my Professor."
  26. >"You when to school?! you have far more dedication than I do"
  27. >"yes, but I am also planning on going farther than you did. now could you give me a moment?"
  28. >"sure thing" Leroy walks out of the kitchen
  29. >I pulled out my phone and pull up my mother’s contact listing
  30. >I pressed call
  31. >after four rings she picks up
  32. >"Hay Nonny, how are you doing!"
  33. >"I am doing fine, I just wanted to tell you this before you found out on the news..."
  34. >"Anon what did you DO?!"
  35. >"I did nothing! it's just that I'm well...a small winged horse now. that's all."
  36. >"are you serious? is this some kind of joke?"
  37. >"it's not a joke, mom. I am an orange Pegasus."
  38. >"...I...I just don't know how to feel about that. Are you safe? is this going to affect your school? Are...are you happy with this?"
  39. >"I am safe, I'm at Leroy's house right now. I went to school today, and my professors seem fine with it, and yeah I'm happy with this. I can fly now!"
  40. >"I'm glad you are happy with this, and it’s good to know that it's not going to keep you from graduating. I would like to see you, is it OK if I drive down this weekend?"
  41. >"yes that would be fine"
  42. >"OK I have to go soon, I'll see you then."
  43. >"see you then mom, bye."
  44. >"bye sweetie, stay safe, please"
  45. >the call ended
  46. >I walked into Leroy's living room and saw him sitting on his couch, using his laptop
  47. >"so how has you're day been so far?" I ask
  48. >"it's been pretty good, I have almost finished this town in my game"
  49. >he angles his lap top too me, showing me a small computer generated town with Gothic architecture
  50. >Leroy was an indie game developer, he was in-charge of 3-D modeling and town design for the game his group was working on
  51. >"cool" I said as I climbed onto the couch next to him
  52. >he resumed working occasionally stopping to talk about what would be happening in this town, or to explain why they made the style choices they did
  53. >I sat next to him and listened, regretting that he had to use both his hands to do what he was doing
  54. >after about an hour he stopped
  55. >"well I have the section I was supposed to make finished, want to watch some Netflix?"
  56. >"sure, that sounds great!"
  57. >"OK what do you want to watch?"
  58. >"I'm OK with whatever you chose"
  59. >"alright then" he starts a history documentary about the Roman Empire
  60. >I shift onto my side
  61. >about fifteen minutes in Leroy reaches over and runs his finger behind my ear
  62. >"oh, sorry" apparently realizing what he had just done
  63. >"You're can.. keep going...If you want to"
  64. >"Oh, OK" he begins scratching behind my ear
  65. >"you are so soft, you know that?"
  66. >I don't answer, instead I angle my head to give him better access and gently press into his hand
  67. >eventually he works his way to the back of my neck
  68. >it feels amazing!
  69. >how have I gone my whole life without this?
  70. >he starts to gently run his fingers through my mane
  71. >Then he shifts about and carefully pulls me onto his lap
  72. >he rubs my wings for several minutes
  73. >he's hands drift south to my flank, he caresses my flank for a moment before saying "no homo"
  74. >"no homo" I agree
  75. >he runs his hand through my tail a couple of times before returning to my neck
  76. >I absolutely love how he gingerly scratches my neck
  77. >he supports my head with his free arm
  78. >I start to feel sleepy, Leroy's scratching feels so good, and being in his arms feels so safe and secure
  79. >I drift off to sleep in his arms
  80. >movement disturbs my sleep
  81. >Leroy is shifting me off of him in an effort to stand up
  82. >I move myself off of him
  83. >"oh, sorry didn't mean to wake you"
  84. >"it's OK" I say as I sit up "how long was I out?"
  85. >Leroy checks his watch "it's five now so about three or four hours"
  86. >"I'm sorry I didn't mean to sleep on you"
  87. >"that's OK, after you fell asleep I took a nap too. You make a great lap blanket"
  88. >"I have a cheese lasagna, care to join me for dinner?"
  89. >"that sound great, anything can I do to help?"
  90. >"it’s a frozen lasagna, just sit there and look cute while I preheat the oven"
  91. >Leroy gives me a quick scratch behind the ears before going into the kitchen
  92. >I pull my phone out of my bag
  93. >I see that I have received a couple dozen messages and about thirty emails
  94. >the messages are all friends and family, mostly wanting to know if I am alright
  95. >I send a mass reply to all of them
  96. >"I'm doing fine, I went to school today and am currently staying with a friend. please don't worry I'll be alright"
  97. >the emails are largely asking for interviews, however one caught my eye
  98. >it was from the Dean of the University's science department
  99. >It boils down to the Science department wanting to do a study on me, for science of coarse
  100. >I would not have entertained the notion if he had not suggested that the university may be inclined to wave my tuition and fees, in addition to paying me for my time
  101. >I am now conflicted, I don't like the idea of being Pavlov's dog, and he did not mention what "Study" would entail
  102. >But Graduate School is expensive, if they paid me AND waved my fees that would make my financial situation much simpler
  103. >at about this time Leroy comes back in
  104. >"dinner is in the oven, we have another hour before it's ready"
  105. >I have trusted Leroy since we were kids, I always looked to him when I needed advice
  106. >He had a habit of chiming into conversation with others to defend me, enough that our high school principal started to call him my lawyer
  107. >If I trusted anyone with something like this, I trusted Leroy
  108. >"OK could you help me figure something out?"
  109. >"sure thing, what is it?"
  110. >"this" I show him the email
  111. >he takes a moment to read it
  112. >"I take it that the conflict here is that you want money but don't want to be a lab rat"
  113. >"basically"
  114. >"well, you've signed up for studies before, and you know that they have to fallow the code of ethics"
  115. >"yes, but the code of ethics for humans and animals are rather different"
  116. >"if you want I could go with you, make sure they treat you right" he flashes a grin "just like old times"
  117. >I smile "thanks I would like that"
  118. >"all right, if that's settled, want to watch more TV while we wait for dinner?"
  119. >"sure, what will we watch"
  120. >"I picked last, you decide"
  121. >hmm, normally I would have something in mind, but it took me a moment to think
  122. >"how about... Game of Thrones" not really my cup of tea, but I know Leroy enjoys it
  123. >"OK" he says bringing it up on prime
  124. >we sit back down
  125. >this time he stats to scratch the back of my head almost immediately
  126. >I don't understand what’s going on, he picked an episode well after the point that I was at
  127. >I didn't bother to point this out, I was quite content just to sit next to him and be pet
  128. >as the show came to a close the timer in the kitchen went off
  129. >Leroy stood up "that will be dinner"
  130. >I follow him into the kitchen
  131. >with gloves, he pulls the pasta out of the oven and sets it on the island
  132. >the smell makes my mouth water
  133. >Leroy takes two plates from the cabinet, and puts a generous slice of lasagna on each
  134. >careful it's hot he says as he lowers my plate down to me
  135. >I fallow him back into the living room
  136. >Leroy does not have a table in his living room, normally we just held our diner in our laps
  137. >I set my plate down on the floor, and began blowing on it to cool it off
  138. >once it was cool enough I began to eat it, I had completely forgotten about the silverware Leroy had given me
  139. >By the time I was finished Leroy was only half way done
  140. >as I climbed back onto the couch with him he realized that I had sauce around my mouth
  141. >He took his napkin "Hold still"
  142. >he wiped my face for me
  143. >"there we go. I got most of it, but to get your fur clean you will probably need a bath"
  144. >"mind if I use your bathroom then?"
  145. >"go right ahead"
  146. >I head into Leroy's bathroom
  147. >I plug the drain and adjust the temperature of the water
  148. >I climb in and begin to soak, sticking my head under water for a moment
  149. >Now that I am thoroughly wet I decide it's time for soap, I look up at the soap dish
  150. >to a human it would be chest high, to me though I would have to stand on my hind-legs to reach it
  151. >as I do so I slip and fall into the water
  152. >the some of the water splashes out, and a moment later I hear a knock on the door
  153. >"you OK in there?"
  154. >I stand back up "yeah, I'm fine"
  155. >"can I come in?"
  156. >"if you want to."
  157. >Leroy opens the door and steps in
  158. >"sorry about the mess"
  159. >you're fine, what happened?"
  160. >"I was reaching for the soap and I slipped"
  161. >"here, let me help"
  162. >Leroy stepped up to the side of the tub and grabbed the bar of soap and a wash cloth
  163. >He worked up a lather and then started scrubbing my back with the wash cloth
  164. >once he was done with my body he moved on to my wings, being a bit gentler with them
  165. >he moved to my hind quarters next scrubbing my flank and then lifting my hind legs to wash them
  166. >once he was finished back there he took another wash cloth and came back up to my face
  167. >he gently scrubbed my face, taking care not to get soap in my eyes and paying extra attention to the area around my mouth
  168. >he then scrubbed behind ears, that felt almost as good as when he was scratching them
  169. >he then gingerly dunked my head into the water to rinse it off
  170. >"there's a nice clean pony" he said pulling the plug
  171. >once most of the water had drained Leroy took a towel and rapped it around me
  172. >He picked me up and carried me back to the living room
  173. >before he left the bath room he grabbed a hair brush
  174. >one we got back to the living room Leroy sat back down on the couch
  175. >he held me on his lap, still wrapped in the towel
  176. >He took the brush and started to brush my mane
  177. >he started at the front brushing the hair out of my eyes
  178. >He worked his way back, brushing it to the right side of my head like I usually do
  179. >He after what seemed like forever he finally got to the part of mane that ran down the back of my neck
  180. >I noticed that he was brushing a bit more aggressively than he had been
  181. >He was pushing down harder, and brushing faster now
  182. >I quietly moan
  183. >He stops picking up the brush and just rubs it up and down my neck
  184. >my breathing grows heavy
  185. >I was in heaven
  186. >eventually my hind leg starts kicking in the air
  187. >I don’t know how much more I can take
  188. >Leroy starts to slow down
  189. >”no…don’t stop” I whine quietly
  190. >my head has been pressed into the arm rest and I was too tired to pick it up
  191. >Leroy whispers into my ear.” I think it’s time to go to bed, but we can do this again tomorrow”
  192. >He turns off the TV and carries me into his bedroom
  193. >Leroy pulls the blanket back and lays me down on the bed
  194. >he unwraps me from the towel and throws it into the hamper in the corner
  195. >he tucks me into bed, and kisses me on the head
  196. >” good night my little pony, sweet dreams”
  197. >He walks around to the other side of the bed and climbs in
  198. >He reaches over and pulls me close to his chest, and buries his face in my mane
  199. >It’s been a long day, even with the nap earlier, and snuggling with Leroy is so comfy
  200. >I drift off to sleep
  201. >I dream of sitting in Leroy’s lap being petted
  202. >” you’re so soft” he would say “what a nice clean mane”
  203. >he would occasionally stop and hug me
  204. >” you are the cutest pony, please stay with me” he would say “I can take care of you, I can protect you. stay with me forever”
  205. >I want to stay with Leroy
  206. >Just stay with him
  207. >let him hug me
  208. >let him pet me
  209. >let him brush me
  210. >let him bathe me
  211. >Forever
  212. >Leroy started to shift
  213. >he put me on the couch and got up
  214. >Leroy turned to me and said “anon, it’s time to wake up”
  215. >”mmh” I was in Leroy’s bed
  216. >Leroy nudged gently “come on, it’s time for breakfast”
  217. >I let out a yawn “give me a moment”
  218. >”OK, I’ll give you five minutes. Remember you have class today”
  219. >He walks out of the room
  220. >Leroy’s bed is so soft and warm, I can tell that the house is cold
  221. >I reflect on my dream
  222. >I do want to stay with Leroy
  223. >He has always been there to protect me
  224. >I knew he could keep me safe
  225. >It just felt so good to be brushed by him
  226. >to be pet by him
  227. >to be his pet
  228. >I blink
  229. >In the back of my mind that doesn’t seem quite right
  230. >I recall part of the program, about how I was supposed to find someone like Leroy
  231. >Someone to love me
  232. >Someone to pet me
  233. >Someone to take care of me
  234. >someone to tell me what to do
  235. >in the back of my mind, the part that still remembers being human
  236. >it tells me that, this isn’t quite right
  237. >another part speaks to me
  238. >how can something that makes me feel this good be wrong?
  239. >It feels good doesn’t it?
  240. >Was I really human to begin with?
  241. >that seems like a lifetime ago now
  242. >Like that wasn’t really my life, it was some sort of movie
  243. >I looked at the clock, it had almost been five minutes
  244. >I get out of bed
  245. >good thing I looked I don’t want to disappoint Leroy
  247. >I walked into the kitchen
  248. >”Good morning, My little pony” Leroy said “what would you like for breakfast?”
  249. >”some oatmeal and tea, if that’s alright”
  250. >”sure thing. take a seat and I’ll fix it for you” He gestures at a pair of chairs in front of the bar
  251. >I climb into one
  252. >”so, did you sleep well?” I ask
  253. >”I slept great, not as good as you” he replies as he spoons oatmeal into two bowls
  254. >”not as good as you though” he places a bowl in front of me
  255. >”How so?” I cock my head slightly
  256. >”You were making these cute happy noises all night” he sets his coffee mug next two his bowl
  257. >”I almost didn’t want to wake you” he chuckles “you’ll have to wait on the kettle”
  258. >”I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t disturb you”
  259. >”oh no you’re fine” he said “You’re soft and warm, it’s almost like having a giant teddy bear to sleep with”
  260. >”glad to hear it” I say, blushing slightly
  261. >”so what do you have for today?”
  262. >I shrug “physics and then a discussion class, nothing special”
  263. >”have you done any thinking about the offer from the science department?”
  264. >”well… I’ll hear them out but… do you think you could come with me?”
  265. >”Shure thing, what are friends for?” Leroy smiles at me
  266. >the kettle starts whistling
  267. >”I’ll get that” Leroy says as he stands up
  268. >I relies that I haven’t touched my oatmeal
  269. >I hold the spoon in my wing, as much as I’d like one we don’t have time for another bath
  270. >after a few bites Leroy sets a mug full of black tea next to me
  271. >”Just the way you like it” giving me a quick scratch behind my ear
  272. >”Thanks Leroy, I really appreciate you letting me stay here until the media goes away”
  273. >”Don’t worry about it, you’re welcome here as long as you stay fluffy and cute” he ruffles my mane playfully
  274. >we finish breakfast with some light conversation
  275. >after Leroy clears the dishes and I grab my school bag he asks me
  276. >”do you want a ride to school? Those reports probably haven’t fucked off yet”
  277. >”true, but what are you going to do about them?”
  278. >”Tell them to fuck off”
  279. >I shrug “worth a shot”
  280. >We head to Leroy’s garage
  281. >He climbs into his car
  282. >I take a couple of tries with the door, but I get it just as Leroy reaches over to open it for me
  283. >he starts the car and opens the garage door
  284. >”you should buckle in”
  285. >in my positon a seatbelt would do me little good, but I comply
  286. >He started to pull out
  287. >I think about telling him about my dream
  288. >I start to open my mouth to tell him when he starts to speak
  289. >”so do you know when your mom is coming?” he asks
  290. >”she said this weekend but she didn’t give an exact time”
  291. >”could you try to find out? I’d like to have the house clean and need to know how long I can procrastinate” He says with a laugh
  292. >”trying to put the moves on my mom, are you?” I reply with a grin
  293. >that gets a short laughing fit out of him
  294. >”No, no, nothing like that. I just want to reassure her that her son isn’t living with a completely lazy college dropout”
  295. >”I’m only living with a moderately lazy, online college student” I say with a snicker
  296. >”You know it, and I’m not that lazy. I’ve spent a lot of my time on the game I’m creating”
  297. >”I know. I know, don’t think I don’t appreciate what you’re doing for me.” I pause “so, about me staying with you, I could pay you rent.”
  298. >”you don’t need to worry about that, it’s not like you take up that much space. Just chip in for groceries every now and again and we’ll be even”
  299. >”would you mind if, maybe, we make this a permanent thing?”
  300. >Leroy was quiet, I couldn’t read his expression
  301. >”d-don’t feel bad about saying no, I understand I-“
  302. >”no no your welcome to stay, I’ve been thinking about asking you all morning. I just couldn’t find a way to make it not sound creepy” he smiles at me
  303. >I think about my dream
  304. >”so I-“
  305. >He slams on the breaks and leans on the horn
  306. >”GET OUT OF THE ROAD!”
  307. >The seat belt slows me down, but my front legs slip off the seat regardless
  308. >I catch a glimpse of some J-walkers before my head dips below the dash
  309. >”Anon are you ok?” Leroy asks as he leans over to help
  310. >”I’m fine” I say as I try to pull myself up
  311. >Between Leroy an I, I am able to get back in my seat
  312. >”I wonder if you could fit into one of those doggie car seats” He muses “Now, what where you about to say?”
  313. >”oh nothing” I try to play it off
  314. >Leroy pulls forward to a light
  315. >He looks at me “Anon, who’s a good pony?”
  316. >Is it me? Please be me, oh please.
  317. >”Who’s a good pony?” He asks again
  318. >I shift in excitement, please be me.
  319. >”You are!”
  320. >My face lights up, I start pressing my head in to Leroy’s shoulder.
  321. >He reaches up and scratches the back of my head “that’s right anon you’re a good pony”
  322. >he takes his hand back when the light turns green
  323. >”oh shit what are these ass holes doing?”
  324. >I look to see what he’s talking about
  325. >it’s Westboro Baptist church
  326. >They are lined up on the opposite side of the road from the University
  327. >In addition to their old anti-everything bull-shit, they have some fresh bull-shit
  331. >one man was standing off to the side with a sign
  332. >I recognize him from other conservative protest, he always has the same sign
  333. >DICK BUTT
  334. >never change
  335. >Leroy pulls into a parking garage
  336. >”Would you like me to walk you to class?”
  337. >”Please do” I reply as I step out of the car
  338. >We go down the stairs and out to the gardens next to the student union
  339. >we spot a new congregation of people
  340. >they have a different set of signs
  341. >God still loves you Anon
  342. >You are who you want to be
  343. >I see two people I know from class, James and Anabelle
  344. >”Hay anon, Over Here!” Anabelle called
  345. >We walked over to them
  346. >”So how’s your morning going?” James asked
  347. >”It was going well, until I found out that people are protesting my existence”
  348. >”Yeah, those fucks showed up yesterday after noon”
  349. >”we set up this counter protest for you, Anon” Anabelle chimed in “and we got the dean to kick them off campus”
  350. >”did the dean have anything to say about me?” I inquire
  351. >”no, he didn’t seem to know what to make of it.” James replied
  352. >”All he said was that Westboro was being a hindrance to learning and ordered them off campus” added Anabelle
  353. >”what about the news?” Leroy asked
  354. >”He kicked the reporters that interrupted Prof. Math’s class out, but the rest are still skulking around” James answered
  355. >Anabelle pointed behind us” Speak of the Devil”
  356. >I group of reporters where cutting across the law toward us
  357. >I looked at Anabelle and James “Stall for me?”
  358. >James smiled “you got it”
  359. >In this time a reporter had apparently sprinted over to us
  360. >”Anon do you have any comment on the current protests?”
  361. >”I don’t want to talk about it” I start to walk away
  362. >”sir what cased your transformation?”
  363. >James stepped in between us
  364. >”He said He doesn’t want to talk”
  365. >the group began to shift, forming a wall between me and the reporters
  366. >I took the opportunity and ran for it
  367. >Leroy followed me close behind
  368. >It’s not that far to the building my class is in
  369. >once inside we stop to catch our breath
  370. >”well we made it” Leroy states
  371. >He gives me a quick scratch behind my ear
  372. >it doesn’t quite dispel my angst
  373. >”they aren’t going to leave me alone, are they?”
  374. >”they will, I’ll talk to them. Besides once the novelty runs out they’ll go find some other poor bastard to harass”
  375. >”no it’s not just them” I look to the ground “everywhere I go people are going to gawk at me”
  376. >I stifle a tear
  377. >”I’ll never be normal”
  378. >Leroy picks me up
  379. >”fuck being normal”
  380. >He pulls me into a hug
  381. >”I’ve got you Anon, whatever they think about you I’ll always be there for you”
  382. >I bury my face into Leroy’s shoulder and begin crying
  383. >”Shh, Anon. Shh…It will be OK, I’ll take care of you”
  384. >He holds me for what seems like hours, eventually I calm down
  385. >I look up at Leroy
  386. >He gives me a smile, then a quick boop before setting me back down
  387. >”It’ll be ok Anon, I’ve got your back and it looks like I’m not the only one”
  388. >I smile up at him
  389. >”You should get to class though, I’ll go tell off those reports for you”
  390. >He gives me a quick scratch before going back outside
  391. >My classes where largely unremarkable this morning
  392. >only a couple of students openly stared at me
  393. >I sent a message to my mother asking when she was coming
  394. >I got a reply about thirty minutes later saying to expect her around noon on Saturday
  395. >I took a moment to compose an Email to the Dean of the science department
  396. >I informed him that I was interested in discussing the matter with him and asked if I could bring Leroy with me
  397. >I got a reply almost instantly
  398. >He was glad to hear that I was onboard, talking at length about how it would benefit me, the school, science. At the end, looking suspiciously like it had been added in post, was a short paragraph on how I could bring Leroy and that it was good that I talk to the important people in my life during this transition
  399. >He also added that I could meet with him at two today
  400. >He’s Creepy but…
  401. >think of the money Anon, think of the money
  402. >I relay this information to Leroy
  403. >My class wraps up and I head off to have lunch with Leroy
  404. >I head over to the Library, no reporters seem to be here any more
  405. >Whatever Leroy said to them must have worked
  406. >I enter the Library and immediately turn right, entering the Café
  407. >I order a grilled cheese sandvich with tomato soup and take a seat next to the window
  408. >A moment later Leroy comes in and sits next to me
  409. >”You did a real good job telling those reports off”
  410. >Leroy cracks a smile “So they didn’t give you any trouble on the way over here?”
  411. >”No they didn’t. what did you say to them?”
  412. >”Well I took some liberties, I hope you don’t mind”
  413. >”What kinds of liberties?”
  414. >”well I told them that I was speaking on your behalf, and I explained that you just want to be left alone”
  415. >”and that it? That got them to go way?”
  416. >”well, I may have eluded that the science department may know more about it than you do”
  417. >”I wouldn’t be surprised, the dean is kind of a creep” I take a mouthful of my soup
  418. >”yes he is, are you sure you want to meet with him?”
  419. >”so long as you come with me” I ponder for a moment “could you speak on my behalf again for me?”
  420. >”You want me to handle the talk with him?”
  421. >”if you’re ok with that, you know what I want and you know what limits I want to have”
  422. >I could tell Leroy had his doubts
  423. >”let’s run over all this, just so we know we’re on the same page” he said
  424. >we spent about a half hour going through what I wanted, and what I would be comfortable with
  425. >Leroy nodded “…all right, is that everything?”
  426. >”one last thing” I said “I would like you with me during any tests, if that’s all right with you”
  427. >He gives me a grin “I would love to”
  428. >I check the time “we should start heading that way”
  429. >We arrived at the Deans office ten minutes early
  430. >a secretary directed us to his door
  431. >Leroy knocked
  432. >Almost instantly the door swung open
  433. >A man in his mid-forties wearing a brown suit greeted us
  434. >He was of average build, and a little on the tall side
  435. >His face bared a striking resemblance to a young Ronald Regan
  436. >”Ah, you must be this Leroy I have heard so much about” he said as he reached to shake Leroy’s hand
  437. >He spoke with a distinct Texas accent
  438. >He turns to me “and you must be Anon”
  439. >He holds his hand half way as though contemplating a hand shake
  440. >I awkwardly shift to offer him my hoof, but as I do so he sets his hand to his side
  441. >Asshat
  442. >I don’t let my emotions show, but Leroy can probably tell I don’t like this man
  443. >it’s like Regan and Bush had a bastard son
  444. >He lets us in and directs us to a pair of chairs
  445. >I am half surprised he had one for me
  446. >after a few pleasantries the Dean begins discussing the proposed tests and what the university is willing to give me
  447. >Or rather give Leroy
  448. >The Dean seemed quite happy to talk with Leroy instead of me, he had to correct himself several times when it came to who the money and benefits would go to
  449. >Half way though I realized that he didn’t really care how I acted, Hell I could bark like a dog and piss on the floor and all he would see is an incontinence for the sake of advancing his career
  450. >the meeting went on, finally concluding
  451. >”Yes, I believe we have reached an agreement Leroy. Can I call you Leroy?”
  452. >I give a quick annoyed flick of my ear
  453. >”I’ll have my secretary send you the paper work, You just need to fill it out and get Anon to sign it”
  454. >I’m not a fucking four-year-old, Leroy is not my dad, and this is not a class picnic
  455. >this man could make selling your kidney sound like a garage sale
  456. >they shake hands before Leroy and I walk out
  457. >I realize I haven’t said a word this entire time
  458. >we step past the secretary and into the hall
  459. >”I hate that guy”
  460. >Leroy nods “He’s a dick bag, and he’s in it for himself. You sure you want to go through with this Anon?”
  461. >I think “I don’t want to spend any more time with him, but he probably won’t be preforming the tests either”
  462. >Leroy giggles “A man like him? No. He may “supervise” but anything other than that he’ll leave to the other poor students who need their tuition paid for”
  463. >I sigh “well he didn’t want to do anything invasive, and I do like science. I think I’ll go through with it”
  464. >Leroy stops and looks me in the eye “Anon, whatever you do, do it because YOU want to do it. Don’t just fallow blindly”
  465. >”I hated how he talked about you in there, like you were some kind of exotic pet, and I hated how I ended up playing along.”
  466. >”Promise me Anon, that you won’t let him, or me, or anyone else treat you like chattel”
  467. >He kneels down and places a hand on my shoulder
  468. >”…Promise me that, Anon”
  469. >I place my hoof on Leroy’s shoulder “I promise, Leroy. I promise.”
  470. >He smiles and pulls me into a hug
  471. >”thank you Anon, thank you”
  472. >I feel tears running down the back of my neck
  473. >and down my cheek
  474. >we stood there for what seemed like an eternity, not caring who saw us
  475. >eventually we had to come out of the embrace
  476. >”So…” Leroy said, still trying to regain his composure “are you ready to go back home, or do you still have things to do on campus?”
  477. >I think for a moment
  478. >I don’t have anything I need to do, and I would like to stay with Leroy
  479. >We could get three quality hours of petting in before dinner
  480. >but there is one thing I would like to do
  481. >”why don’t you go home, I meet you there in an hour or so”
  482. >Leroy beams at me “Shure thing Anon, I’ll meet you there”
  483. >I step out of the science building and take a deep breath of the cool autumn air
  484. >I give my wings a good stretch and jump into the air
  485. >I was going to see just how high I could fly
  486. >It was seconds before I was higher that the Library’s clock tower
  487. >In a few moments I could see the entire town without turning my head
  488. >I kept climbing
  489. >The air was getting thin, and the wind started to bite into me
  490. >maybe I should wear a jacket next time
  491. >I still climbed, but I couldn’t get much higher
  492. >My breathing was labored, and each flap of my wings was giving me less and less altitude as I ascended
  493. >I Looked around me
  494. >I was above the Cumulus clouds
  495. >I smiled to myself
  496. >I was over a kilometer in the air
  497. >My world looked so small from up here
  498. >My apartment, the College, and Leroy’s house
  499. >all just a small part of the world
  500. >I took a moment to reflect on it
  501. >I was snapped out of this by a sudden gust of wind
  502. >I did what I set out to do, I’ll come back with a coat another day
  503. >I orient myself to Leroy’s house
  504. >I pull my head down and my legs up
  505. >I draw my wings back as I enter a power dive
  506. >I could feel the cold air rushing past me
  507. >It was leaching my body heat at an alarming rate
  508. >a few hundred feet from the ground I pulled off in to a Split S
  509. >I drained my excess air speed (and Body heat) in a Loop before I landed in front of Leroy’s house
  510. >I really should have brought a jacket
  511. >I was now violently shivering
  512. >I headed into the house though the back door
  513. >Leroy saw me coming in and got up from the couch
  514. >He could see I was shaking ”Anon!”
  515. >He grabbed a throw from the end of the couch and ran over
  516. >”Anon, are you OK?” he asked as he wrapped the blanket around me
  517. >”O-oh, I’m-m f-f-fine. Really” I couldn’t stop shivering “I j-just failed to account for the temperature change at altitude”
  518. >Leroy chuckled softly “You live and you learn”
  519. >He walked over to the recliner next to the fireplace
  520. >Leroy pressed a button. The fireplace beeped, and then ignited with a click.
  521. >He sits down with me in his lap and pulled another blanket from the couch
  522. >”I know I said don’t let me tell you what to do, but please be careful”
  523. >I lay my head on his chest
  524. >”I’ll be careful”
  525. >He pulled me closer to him
  526. >He was so warm
  527. >”Leroy… pet me, please”
  528. >He obliged me, as he started running his hand down the back of my neck
  529. >”it was amazing, Leroy. I wish you could have seen it. The town looks so small from up there”
  530. >”I would enjoy that. We could probably get you a flight suit, that way you won’t have to worry about hypothermia”
  531. >”mmm… If you could come, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting lonely either”
  532. >I could feel the heat coming off of Leroy’s chest
  533. >It combined with his petting to leave me on the brink of sleep
  534. >it was almost like a trance, but I had the feeling that I was still in control
  535. >I could start to recall what the hypnosis did to me
  536. >the transformation, the mental adjustments, that bit that made me obey
  537. >I had the distinct feeling that I could change it, if I wanted to.
  538. >I could turn back into a human, I could undo the changes done to my mind
  539. >I could even make it so that I was no longer driven to be a pet
  540. >but why would I?
  541. >my life as a human was boring, and every one important in my life seems to be ok with me being a pony
  542. >and the part about being a pet?
  543. >It wasn’t an overriding command, If I wanted to I could resist it
  544. >it even contained some safe guards, loop holes that I could use if someone was mistreating me
  545. >I get the sense that this was some kind of conformation, something put here to make sure I was happy with my choice
  546. >It would come back up on regular but steadily decreasing intervals, in case I changed my mind
  547. >For now I was happy to be with Leroy
  548. >I was happy to be loved by him, happy to be his…
  549. >”Leroy…”
  550. >”Mmh” Leroy started to shift slightly
  551. >”Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you”
  552. >”it’s ok Anon, what is it?”
  553. >”I have made a decision. I would like to be your pet”
  554. >”Anon? are you alright?”
  555. >”yes I’m fine. I know you gave me that speech about not being pushed around, but…”
  556. >I adjust my head to look him in the eye
  557. >”I trust you Leroy, you’ve always been there for me. And I know I can count on you to keep me safe, and happy”
  558. >”…”
  559. >Leroy draws me into a hug
  560. >”If that’s your choice, YOUR choice, then I would be happy to have you as my pet…”
  561. >Leroy gives me a troubled look
  562. >”Promise me one thing though, Don’t give up on becoming a professor”
  563. >”I will Leroy, I never intended not to”
  564. >He smiles at me
  565. >”that’s good to know, Anon”
  566. >He gives me a boop on the nose
  567. >”are you warm enough yet?”
  568. >”I’d say so, why?”
  569. >”well if you are we can go to the store”
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