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  1. As of now, the other handbooks are the UHC Handbook and Senior Staff Handbook.
  3. It is very important that you understand everything that goes with while you are a staff here on Venix. If you have any questions at any time, any Administrator and/or Owner will be happy to answer those questions you may have. Below you will see a go to guide on who you should go to incase of emergencies or questions.
  5. Do not disclose this handbook to the public in anyway. This is for use of staff of the Venix Network only. Any leaks of any part of this handbook will result in an instant demotion or a sexy Blanket Ban from our network.
  7. Staffing and Ranking:
  8. Our staff is organized into three different divisions, Development, Staffing, Training, that have specific roles and expectations. Which will be explained later in this handbook.
  10. Below are the current Senior Staff:
  12. Owner: IEllieI - NoReach__
  14. Administration: JJPivot - JamiePlayzMC - SkillDotMax - ABCrabb
  16. Staff Director: IEllieI [UK]
  17. Trial & Mentor Director: JJPivot [US]
  18. UHC Director: SkillDotMax [GER]
  19. Moderator Director: JamiePlayzMC [UK]
  20. General Admin Duties: ABCrabb [US]
  22. Developers: NoReach__ - TenHits - TomTomPlaysGames
  24. Junior Developers: ItsRandall
  26. Senior Moderator: Az__ - Supqh - QD_hereIsGamer - BRGod - JustBaseball
  28. Senior UHC Host: Alpinok - Morten54 - TheDestroyerUHC - QD_hereIsGamer
  30. To eliminate confusion about who to tag/ask in what situation, I have put together a list of who you should primary go to in the following situations. Make sure you follow this if something does happen. The faster you alert the correct person, the faster the issue will get resolved.
  32. Owner/Administrator:
  33. - Server or Forum Crashes
  34. - TeamSpeak Rooms and Permissions
  35. - Any breaches/data leaks
  36. - Twitter Posts
  38. Developers:
  39. - Bugs/Glitches/Exploits
  40. - Plugin Bugs/Issues
  41. - Permissions Issues
  42. - If it is an emergency, alert all Developers and Owners.
  43. - Make sure you let the Devs look at the issue before tagging other Owners.
  44. * UHC Developer: NoReach__ - TenHits
  45. * Speed UHC Developer: NoReach__
  46. * FFA Developer: TenHits
  47. * Training: NoReach__
  48. * UHC Simulator: TomTomPlaysGames
  49. * Hub / Core Developer: TenHits
  50. * Backend/System Admin: TenHits - TomTomPlaysGames
  51. * Forums / Discord: JJPivot
  52. Bugs can also be given to ItsRandall as he will ensure that they are dealt with.
  54. More Generally:
  55. - Anything regarding Staff Relations: IEllieI or JJPivot
  56. - Anything regarding Trial Process: JJPivot or your Mentor
  57. - Anything regarding Developers/Plugins: Any Developer
  58. - Anything regarding Moderating: JamiePlayzMC
  59. - Anything regarding UHC: SkillDotMax
  61. If you are unsure who to tag in a certain situation, message any Admin or Owner and they can always take care of it need be.
  63. Rank Expectations:
  64. In order for Venix to run smoothly, we have certain expectations for each rank. With each rank comes responsibilities and specific training for each server here on Venix. We do ask that you are only allowed to staff on the server you are hired as. If you would like to staff on other servers of the network. Please fill out another application and we will re-consider you for another rank. Below are the ranks in detail and what are some things you are expected to do.
  66. If you have any questions regarding staff systems, trial processes, or organization please ask Ellie or JJPivot. They are the main people who compose the staff team.
  68. Owner:
  69. As of now, the owners of Venix is IEllieI & NoReach__, being the Owner and Founder, Ellie is also the Staff Director which means she is the Administrator Representative for the staff team. However, she is currently on LOA and NoReach__ will be taking the Owner roles until she returns. Other than that, as Owner, the rank is self explanatory.
  71. Administrator / Server Directors:
  72. The Administration team works alongside the the owners, and a new aspect; each other. Each Administrator will be working together in unifying the network and building a stronger connection with staff through servers. Specifically, each Administrator will be a Director / Representative of their specially; UHC, Moderator, Staff, Developer, Community Creator. The Director will be leading the suggestions and administrative decisions when it comes to his specific server such as promotions and demotions or staff rules.
  74. Developers:
  75. Again, the developer rank is pretty self explanatory. Above you saw which each developer is responsible for. If there are any problems with said sector, contact the Developers for fixes and changes.
  77. Junior Developers:
  78. Junior developers work alongside other developers to improve their skillset, they will then be able to progress into being a full developer when they have what is needed of them.
  80. Senior Moderator and UHC Hosts:
  81. Senior Moderators and Senior Hosts share common responsibilities but are more specific depending on the server. Since the Senior rank, is much like a “Global Moderator” rank, they can ban, mute, or kick on any server except Discord and TeamSpeak. Also Seniors will be mostly handling appeals and player reports on the forums. In-game, Seniors will be allowed to look up Anti-Cheat Violations, IP/Ban Evasion bans, able to check connected accounts (IP’s hashed out), use /disguise. As Senior is our highest staff rank besides Administrator, we will be promoting staff very rarely and must show various of characteristics. More information regarding Senior Staff will be included in our Senior Staff Handbook. [Coming Soon]
  83. Mentors:
  84. Mentors are a new introduced rank to help give more support to our trial staff members. Each mentor will be assigned a group of trials upon their promotion. From then until the trial gets promoted, the Mentor will be having Questions of the Day, weekly meetings, and write-ups to make sure all trials are involved and proactive in their first couple weeks of being a staff on Venix. As of now, JJPivot is the Director of Mentoring and Training. Go to him if there are any questions or concerns regarding the process. More specifically about mentoring; meetings, write-ups, etc will be included in the Mentoring Handbook located in the General Staff discussion forum.
  86. Moderator:
  87. Moderators are one half of the majority of the staff team. Moderators main role is to moderate FFA, UHC Simulator, as well as Speed UHC servers. This consists of being able to permanent ban, mute up to 1 week, and kick players from those servers and those servers ONLY (not UHC). Also, Moderators are a support line when it comes to the Discord, TeamSpeak, and forums. Moderators should not comment to; staff/player reports, biased/inappropriate forum posts, and only post to ban appeals if providing evidence or raising the appeal level. Besides that, Moderators should be answering questions and referring players to the appropriate person if needed. If a moderator sees a player breaking the rules on the UHC server, please provide evidence or alert the staff Discord chat, /sc, or /report and have the UHC Hosts/Seniors handle it. Finally, JamiePlayzMC is the Director for Moderators.
  89. UHC Host:
  90. UHC Hosts are the second half of the staff team in a whole. UHC Hosts… host UHC’s. They do not moderate on FFA, UHC Simulator, or Speed UHC. They are only allowed to moderate, supervise, and host on the UHC servers. Their role is the alike to Moderates how they are able to permanent ban, mute up to 1 week, and kick players from only UHC! Also Hosts act like Moderators to help provide support to our players through our forums, Discord, or TeamSpeak. Please read above about Moderators, the roles are the same except that UHC Hosts focus on UHC where Moderators focus on FFA, UHC Sim and Speed UHC. Lastly, SkillDotMax is the UHC Director.
  92. Trial Moderator:
  93. Once hired on Venix, you will be 1 of 2 Trial positions. For staff wanting to become a full Moderator, you will be a Trial Moderator. If you are reading this, Congrats! Trial Moderators have an important job and it is the Trial’s responsibility to make sure it gets done. Each Trial Moderator is assigned 1 Mentor. This Mentor will be a teacher/guide and help grow each trial for them to get promoted to full Moderator. So each Trial can take it at his own speed and make sure he knows everything about Venix, we have certain stages that each Trial needs to be moved through. Those stages will be explained below:
  95. Stage 1: At this stage, Trial Moderators can only mute players. They are required to get minimum amount of 50 mutes per week before they are eligible to be moved to the next stage. When muting, they can only mute up to 1 day and then post that screenshot of the mute in the Mentor chat. If the screenshot shows a false mute, the Trial has 3 amount of strikes until a demotion will take place. This is to show that the Trial knows what base to mute and is active in chat.
  97. Stage 2: Trials can ‘ban’ and mute, Trials are required to get a minimum amount of 30 bans as well as 75 mutes per week before they are eligible to be promoted to full staff. When muting, they can still mute up to 1 day and post a screenshot in the Mentor chat. If the screenshot shows a false mute, the Junior gets 1 warning. When a Trial sees a player who needs to be banned, record with sufficient evidence and paste it in the Mentor chat. Then the Mentor will respond if it is indeed sufficient. If so, the Mentor will physically type the command but the Trial will be awarded the ban.
  99. * Just because you meet the minimum amount of bans/mutes per week does not grant you a promotion. Other aspects will go into a promotion that your Mentor and Administrators will discuss based off the weekly write-ups.
  101. Trial UHC Host:
  102. Once hired on Venix, you will be 1 of 2 Trial positions. For staff wanting to become a UHC Host, you will be a Trial Host. If you are reading this, Congrats! Trial Hosts have an important job and it is the Trial’s responsibility to make sure it gets done. Each Trial Host is assigned 1 Mentor. This Mentor will be a teacher/guide and help grow each trial for them to get promoted to full UHC Host. So each Trial can take it at his own speed and make sure he knows everything about Venix, we have certain stages that each Trial needs to be moved through. Those stages will be explained below:
  104. Stage 1: Trials mostly spectate and watch over the game moderating. They are required to punish at least 2 players. One of each has to be be a Hacked Client Ban. (X-Ray, Kill Aura, etc.) the other can be any other ban. After completing this requirement, they are eligible to be moved to the next stage.
  106. Stage 2: Trial Hosts may host a game but with a Non-Trial Host Supervisor. The supervisor should act as if they were a second host and can guide/help the UHC Juniors if need be. The Trial Host must ask the supervisor to schedule a game as anyone would normally. As well as the Trial Host can not ban or mute. If the Trial sees any rule breakers, please report it to the Trials Supervisor of that game.
  108. Stage 3: Trial hosts host a game again with a non-Trial Host Supervisor, but the supervisor should not interfere and should act more as a mod then a second host. The supervisor should try to stay away from giving help and feedback during the game. The Trial host should post their own game as well as punishing players.
  110. * Trials should give the evidence when hosting to their supervisor. Then the supervisor will make an evaluation for then the Mentors to check up on and include in the weekly write-ups. More information about supervising is in the Hosting Handbook!
  112. * Just because you meet the minimum amount of bans/mutes per week does not grant you a promotion. Other aspects will go into a promotion that your Mentor and Administrators will discuss based off the weekly write-ups.
  114. Ask JJPivot for any questions or more information regarding the Trial/Mentor process.
  116. Translator:
  117. For now, Translator is a secondary staff rank that current staff can only hold. Translators mainly are “on-call” and help when a staff member needs a translation on TeamSpeak or the website. Also, we like to open Venix to many languages and cultures, with this we like to work on translating our platforms (in-game, Discord, TeamSpeak, and website) in multiple of languages. You can apply for Translator on the staff panel page or can request a Translator with @Translator or a specific language with @[Language] (In example: @German)
  119. Professionalism and Customer Service:
  120. Professional image is very very important to Venix. If you are going to say stupid things in chat that make you look immature or unprofessional just tell us now and we will demote you before you embarrass yourself. No hackusating, no shit talking, no spoiling, no acting like a child. and don't punish fellow staff members dumb ass reasons that look super unprofessional. Read the damn rules below and get familiar with them.
  122. Rules:
  123. Here are common rules in place for staff members. Depending on the rule and the severity, breaking any rules can lead to anywhere from a talk with an admin to demotion and blanket ban from the server.
  124. * Do not start drama/arguing in the Staff Discord chat. This is unprofessional and could make other staff uncomfortable. If there is an inner-staff issue, contact an administration.
  125. * Staff are not able to be a Developer, Administrator, or Owner on any server.
  126. * Do not share your account with any other person, family member, etc when playing on Venix.
  127. * Senior Staff (Senior+) are not able to be a staff member of any kind on any other server.
  128. * Sending any kind of inappropriate link (pornography, screamer, etc) is not tolerated at all!
  129. * Punish players based on their time on Venix. Do not start Witch Hunting because of previous server experiences with players.
  130. * Moderate on the server that you have been hired on. If you would like to work on other servers, then please apply!
  131. * Keep your Forum and Discord username to be your IGN! Contact an Administrator if you need this to be changed.
  132. * Check the Staff Forums at least twice a day for any updates and ban appeals.
  133. * In our ingame Staff Chat (/mc), please keep conversations professional and server related.
  134. * Keep information on the handbook, Discord, staff forums and chat confidential
  135. * Act professional in Discord, Teamspeak, Forums and in game. Such behavior as; fan-boying, showing off to others, being a power hungry hippo asshole, etc is not allowed.
  136. * Do not talk in chat if the server is globally muted! This mostly pertains to UHC, only the Host and Senior Staff should talk when the server’s chat is muted. Overall, if the chat is muted, only Senior Staff should talk!
  137. * We will not give you any warnings if you choose to act like you are higher than any other player. You are still required to follow our Network Rules found here. Just because you are a Staff Member, does not mean you can act like a immature dumbass.
  138. Leave of Absence:
  139. If you are planning to be offline for more than 3 days, you are required to fill out a LOA form located in the general staff discussion forum. This is required for all Venix Staff members to insure active staff. Please fill this out to the best of your knowledge.
  141. LOA Report
  143. Here are some things to remember when filling out this form:
  144. * You will be in risk for a demotion if you fail to fill this form and tell a Senior Staff member of your LOA within 3 days of inactivity.
  145. * There is no maximum length to your LOA. But if it is more than 1 month, you should consider leaving your rank and alerting a Senior Staff on your return. If you are leaving for more than 1 month, please alert a Senior Staff ASAP.
  146. * Make sure to post in the Staff Discord chat, as well as inform a Senior Staff of your LOA.
  147. Punishing Players:
  148. When you think someone needs to be punished on the network, make sure to have sufficient evidence before you continue to ban or mute the player. To keep punishment lengths consistent throughout the network, we have set in place specific times for each type of punishment that are listed below. All punishment lengths should be included in the GUI pop up.
  150. When banning someone, use the following command:
  152. /ban [IGN] [Reason]
  154. When muting someone, use this following command:
  156. /mute [IGN] [Reason]
  157. If your muting/banning for permanent, dont put any time format!
  159. Another option to punish a player that is much less severe is kicking. There are some options you can do when you kick someone, those reasons are below. Please only kick for the reasons below and do not kick other staff members for dumbass reasons like explained above. Kick players first to give 1-2 warnings before you execute a ban for the same reason.
  161. When kicking someone, first keep in mind what was said above. Then use this following command:
  163. /kick [IGN] [Reason]
  165. The following are punishment lengths for bans, kicks and mutes. Use common sense and dont be a dick head to judge the appropriate lengths based on the severity of the punishment.
  168. Lastly, we do have our own Anti-Cheat, VenixAC, occasionally it will ban players based on certain checks they do not complete. Only Senior Staff are available to check what players are specifically banned for. Kill Aura, Anti KB, Flying, Speed, are more are some hacks that our Anti-Cheat detects.
  170. Senior Staff are the only ones who can ban for Ban Evasion, VenixAC related bans and unbanning anyone!
  172. Remember that anyone can unmute a player, but only senior staff can unban someone. To either unban or unmute someone use these commands:
  174. /unban [IGN] [REASON]
  175. /unmute [IGN] [REASON]
  177. Witch Hunting:
  178. Witch hunting is where you get suspicious of one hacking. When this happens, you would often watch every last move of that player. Which it actually produces bad or insufficient evidence. For that reason we despise that behavior. If you get reports on a player, feel free to watch him. But do not stay on him the whole period of time, unless you are getting solid evidence. In other words, you moderate what you see, and if you see something fishy. Go ahead and continue watching. The last thing that we would like is to start a wild goose chase over someone and banning them falsely.
  180. Evidence:
  181. We require all punishments to have sufficient evidence. Evidence may come in the form of video reports. We also require 3 instances for any Hacked Client bans. Other bans like Teaming or Camping does need to have sufficient evidence, but not necessary 3 instances. We ask that you keep the evidence on your PC for at least 1 week after you issued the punishment. When you are uploading your evidence, make sure you have sounds on 100%, edit the parts that are not needed and uploaded to YouTube while making the video “Unlisted”.
  183. Sometimes, for example in UHC. Make sure you have your in-game sounds at 100%, Gamma or Full Bright mod, and any tools like X-Ray to help catch more cheaters.
  185. Confidentiality:
  186. What is discussed in the staff forums, between staff, in the Staff Discord chat, and in the in-game staff chat needs to stay there. What happens in our staff is for our staff to know only. This includes but is not limited to: ban reports, ban appeals, new servers being planned, information about player's personal information, opinions about other staff members, etc. In short, anything that is discussed within staff members are only for staff members! Make sure you read this paragraph a second time, and if you are unsure about something ask an administrator before you do something stupid.
  188. Forums and TeamSpeak:
  189. The forums is the primary place of communication for staff members. The Staff Discord chats is good for getting quick opinions on a matter, but the important messages that all staff will need to know about will be posted on the forums. Make sure you read the forums twice a day if possible to verify that you are up to date on everything that is happening in the staff team. Once again what is said in these forums stays in these forums.
  191. Our TeamSpeak3 IP:
  193. Only Admins and Owners can have Private Channels, we want you guys bonding and working together as much as possible. We highly recommend to use the modding and hosting channels when you wanna moderate with other staff!
  195. Discord Chats:
  196. On the Venix Staff we have huge Discord group chats dedicated to each individual server. As well as many senior and confidential chats. These chats are used to help get quick answers to things and should be used as a resource. As well as a place for staff to bond and be family. Don't be hesitant to be a little “crazy” while being apart of our ‘staff-banter’ chat, just keep in mind to not be the same way ingame or on the forums as you would be in Discord! Please keep the handbook in mind when talking in chat. Do not be disrespectful to anyone.
  198. Staff Abuse:
  199. Part of the responsibility of being a staff member is to know how to act on and off the server. One of the most punishable offenses as a staff member is abusing the powers you are given on and off the server. Being on the server you have a list of commands you are allowed to perform, if you abuse these command there will be consequences. Whether it be a talk with a higher ranked staff member or instant demotion. Simply, not following the rules and your specific expectations will result in a consequences. If you do see anyone abusing their rank, please alert an administrator ASAP!
  201. Conflict:
  202. Here on Venix, we are all a TEAM! We understand that not everyone can like everyone, but be professional and be able to work together to get a job accomplished together. If there are still problems please contact an administrator to look into the matter. We have a zero tolerance policy for people starting shit with each other in our staff chat, staff forums, and MOST IMPORTANTLY ON OUR FUCKING SERVER. An administrator will do the best they can to try and resolve the conflict, and if a resolution cannot be reached, then further actions will be taken based on the situation.
  204. Ask for Help:
  205. We care about all our staff members and how are their experiences here while being with us. With that being said, we will be checking up on everyone and going over some things that maybe we would like different or you may have some input/suggestions on a topic. If you need any help, personal or gaming related, please do not feel hesitate to come and message one of our Administrators, most of the time all that is needed is for you to reach out to someone and just vent/rant out to or even have someone to talk to. It is key that here on Venix, we are all a family and we are there for each other.
  207. Summary:
  208. As you can see, we like to be as professional as possible, but don't forget that we like to have fun too! There is a time and place for everything and I hope you like what we have to offer here.
  210. Once you have completed reading this handbook, poke your Mentor that you’re done and ready for the Handbook quiz. As a new trial we want to make sure you are up to speed before you go and start your career with Venix. Please also check back to this thread every now and then as new things might get added and I will make a note at the top for the last updated time.
  212. Agreement:
  213. As part of the Staff Handbook all staff members are required to "sign" this to ensure that it has been read. You should always be looking back onto this thread to find information that you might not know off hand. Please comment to this thread with the following "I have read the above and will follow all of its expectations while being a staff here on Venix Network".
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