May 6th, 2014
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  1. Mel's Melee -> Pistol combo is now easier to pull off. For reference, the combo (titled "Wasp") is executed like so: P-P-P-K-K -> (switch to Pistol) -> Primary Fire. Must have at least 5 bullets in the pistol's mag in order to use.
  3. Added a CVar TSP_ShellPool. It defaults to true, which produces current normal Zeke Shotgun behavior. If set to false, the various Zeke Shotgun shell types do not share the same ammo pool and instead have max limits of 32/40 for buckshot and 16/24 for all other shell types, for a total shell carry capacity of 72/104.
  5. Fixed idfa/idkfa/give all cheats, so that if TSP_ShellPool is set to true, the player doesn't end up with 96 of every shell type and instead has a mix of shells which total 96. Functions correctly with both TSP_ShellPool settings.
  7. New lost soul spawned by pain elementals. Is a heavily modified rictus. More aggressive, but only has 50 health. Uses rictus sounds. Map spawned lost souls are the same colored versions as before.
  9. New version of archvile. Has a significant chance to enter a super healing state. If you cause the Archvile to enter it's painstate or die all effects of the heal state stop immediately.
  11. Archvile and revenant use corrected sprites (from the minor sprite fixing project.)
  13. Ammobox reload is now cancelable.
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