gibi whitepig

Dec 3rd, 2021
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  1. auto 6to4
  2. iface 6to4 inet6 v4tunnel
  3. address 2a03:94e0:2692:f::1
  4. netmask 127
  5. endpoint
  6. local
  7. gateway 2a03:94e0:2692:f::
  8. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::1/64 dev 6to4
  9. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::2/64 dev 6to4
  10. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::3/64 dev 6to4
  11. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::4/64 dev 6to4
  12. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::5/64 dev 6to4
  13. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::6/64 dev 6to4
  14. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::7/64 dev 6to4
  15. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::8/64 dev 6to4
  16. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::9/64 dev 6to4
  17. up ip addr add 2a03:94e0:2692:6::10/64 dev 6to4
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