Chaotic;Head Changelog

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  1. *****************************************************************
  3. Changelog:
  5. Compared to Di-Patch (from Di-Patch 2.5 to Chaotic;Head 1.20):
  7. - Ported to Zanmataisei Demonbane's engine. Functions changed to fit the new engine as needed.
  8. - The game uses translated images for new chapter intermissions instead of videos.
  9. - Added additional font options with wrapper functions in the script. Added fonts are Rodin Bokutoh, Ubuntu and Tahoma.
  10. - Slightly changed some text positions in save/load menus to fit the different fonts.
  11. - Reverted RC2's cancel button toggle for LCS to the original config menu option.
  12. - Changed the opening video method to CreateMovie with an in-game skip function. (There's only two and they're both in the prologue anyway)
  13. - Revised line formatting to make up for the lack of word-wrapping.
  14. - Changed Japanese video names to English ones. (This, alongside the new engine, should remove the need for Japanese locale)
  15. - Applied the config menu's "Auto/Skip mode stops at decision points" option to Delusion Triggers.
  16. - Added an auto-mode cursor, as the engine now supports it.
  17. - Added more debug functions.
  20. 1.21:
  22. - The "Auto/Skip mode stops at decision points" option was reverted to also apply to YES/NO decisions, as it did in the original.
  23. - The closing dialog should now adhere correctly to whether you are in a menu or not.
  24. - Removed text pauses before text ends, as the engine does take them into consideration now.
  25. - Replaced FES' song seeking method with the one from the LCS patch, fixing the seek and preventing crashes. Also applied a fix for the new engine.
  26. - Re-added the static screen that plays after the Start button is pressed.
  27. - Removed sound from videos that don't need them, as the new engine plays them alongside in-game audio.
  28. - Restored a missing line from 01_006.
  29. - Zooms on the chatbox should now focus on the correct text.
  30. - Restored a missing section at 09_198.
  31. - Fixed 01_003 requiring two clicks to get through.
  32. - Moved 03_057's video translation lower, and made it appear instantly, with the original 3-second delay to make it easier to read.
  33. - Reverted the miscellaneous textbox functions to be more encapsulated, hopefully also fixing unnecessary text cursors.
  34. - Changed @chan's line breaks, allowing the website's banner to be seen every time.
  35. - Fixed the "Cut voices off" checkbox appearing in the wrong place.
  36. - Increased the backlog's character per line count. Originally was 30. The EXE was patched to a maximum of 90 from 32 and the game was set to 70. Also lowered the font size, reverted max rows to 17 from 16 and row intervals from 34 to 29, and moved the text back a bit.
  37. - Fixed wrong picture for the 8th picture on the third page of the extra gallery. (It was even in the pre-LCS game)
  38. - Removed Ampersands from functions that print directly to the backlog.
  39. - Re-added LCS checks to scripted portraits/still images with LCS counterparts.
  40. - Restored the television static screen's fadeout to the original (and Di-Patch) script and applied a fix for the new engine.
  41. - Changed Neidhardt's video in @Cafe to Liselotte. This was also in the pre-LCS game.
  42. - Fixed the 3-second delay after skipping the opening intermission video.
  43. - Removed needless WaitKey from 04_086, fixing the need for a double click.
  44. - Added 200ms of silence to all voice-lines. Should fix the cutoffs that happen with some of them.
  45. - Re-added tip highlights to tip words appearing early in the script which miss them.
  46. - Added back two unobtainable tips.
  47. - Fixed The end-game cutscene playing audio in the wrong order, now that it's reliant on the in-game audio.
  48. - Translation fixes. Lots of them.
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