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  1. Are you bored or burned out from constant competition in tournaments and laddering? Do you find yourself mindlessly clicking Scald every game to fish for burns and switching back and forth with U-Turn and Volt Switch? Do you want to spend some time sharpening those cognitive skills of yours? Then this project has a solution for all your problems!
  3. Introducing UU Brain Teasers. This is a super friendly project where each week, a host will entertain a live audience in the PS UU room with UU related brain teasers.
  5. Test yourself with this:
  7. At the end of turn 1 of a standard UU game, how can a max speed Technician Ambipom OHKO a Focus Sash Gengar with a Normal move?
  9. Answer
  10. The Ambipom gets attacked by a Zeraora's/Smeargle's Plasma Fist, which turns Tail Slap or another multi hit move into an Electric move, forces out Gengar with Red Card and gets enough hits to KO Gengar through the Focus Sash.
  12. Did you solve the puzzle? Try out more in the PS UU room on Monday at 8 pm GMT -4 (8pm US Eastern) to sharpen your skills! The person who solves the most brain teasers in any given session and then wins the lighting round gets their name added to the hall of fame if they have a Smogon account and can choose to co-host the next brain teaser session.
  14. Here’s a typical lighting round question:
  16. True or False: Life Orb Timid 252 SpA Gengar's Shadow Ball is a guaranteed OHKO on 0 HP / 0 SpD Latias after SR
  17. Answer
  18. True
  20. Are you ready to test your creativity and wit with your fellow UU players? I’ll be excited to see you soon!
  22. Rules:
  23. Each brain teaser session will last for about 30 minutes or no more than 10 brain teasers (whichever comes first).
  24. These questions rely on tricky mechanics and creativity
  25. The top two brain teaser solvers after 30 minutes engage in a lighting round where the first to correctly answer three wins the overall session. The host will be clear in saying what needs to be typed out for a point, such as the entire word "True", as time matters.
  26. These questions rely on quick thinking and great UU intuition
  27. Anyone in the chat can participate in the brain teaser session! It can be hectic but the host will have time stamps on to see who answers first.
  28. It is possible some brain teasers will have multiple correct answers, only the first one gets the point.
  29. There will be a set time limit for each brain teaser, to be determined by the host.
  30. Please be friendly, this can be competitive but also in all good fun!
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