AdventSeason - Config.yml

Nov 8th, 2020
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  1. #Name: AdventSeason
  2. #Description: Amazing Minecraft extension with Advent thematic.
  3. #Collection of addons, that make atmosphere during advent season more enjoyable.
  4. #Author: SobkySK
  5. #Contact: Discord: Sobky #5528 | Spigot PrivateMessage
  7. #Resource supports automatic (startup) updates.
  8. #You can enable or disable them. If disabled, you only receive message info about new version.
  9. UpdateChecker:
  10.   AutomaticDownload: true
  12. #Fully customizable language messages
  13. #If you have own translated file and you want to publish it, please send me a PrivateMessage on Spigot or Discord
  14. #Available localizations: EN
  15. Locale: EN
  17. #Space where to save required data!
  18. #Supported storage: MySQL, SQLite
  19. Storage:
  20.   Type: "SQLite"
  21.   Host: "IP"
  22.   Port: 3306
  23.   Database: "db"
  24.   User: "name"
  25.   Password: "*****"
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