Oct 24th, 2013
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  3. Girls Und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest simulates a system of management for a Tankery Team. While part of the title is “Panzer” and Tank combat will be included, you still have to:
  5. A. Recruit Crews to man the tanks.
  6. B. Raise money to maintain those tanks.
  7. C. Keep morale up so that crews don’t desert the team.
  8. D. Maintain an air of charisma such that others will respect you.
  10. - CREWS
  12. Crews will usually be recruited as a team. Their number will vary, but generally the minimum to crew a tank will be 3. Upon finding a valid team, a RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITY will be available. If a crew accepts, they become part of your team and will earn a default callsign (ex. Freshmen Team, TEAM NOT-A-CHANCE-IN-HELL). If they refuse, they can always be recruited later, and will be listed on the ROSTER as a POTENTIAL CREW.
  14. Some crews are easy to recruit, others not so much. Some, given certain circumstances, may volunteer. Often times, a crew may require a special RECRUITMENT SUBQUEST be done for their recruitment which will then unlock them as a usable tank crew.
  16. A crew may perform adequately, but they will not perform at their best without their LOYALTY. Loyalty quests will unlock at certain points for crews. Successfully completing a Loyalty quest will earn the loyalty of the crew, and thus allow them to perform better.
  18. Unlocking a crew’s loyalty will also confer a special PERK. Each team has a perk which they can use at any point during a battle which may offer benefits.
  20. A crew which has earned its place in battle and been bloodied by experience will eventually distinguish itself as an ELITE CREW, one half the requirement for attaining an ELITE TANK. Elite crews can perform TACTICAL MANEUVERS on the field as well as use COMMAND PERKS.
  22. A crew's commander can also act as OFFICERS. As your team expands, it will become harder to individually command each and every tank, thus the need to delegate will become quite clear. At the cost of 20 CP, you may promote a crew commander into an Officer who can be given a COMMAND PERK (Unless the Commander is from an ELITE CREW in which case there's no cost). Beware of promoting too many officers, too many cooks spoil the broth.
  25. - MONEY
  27. Money can be raised in various ways. You’re better off asking the Treasurer though and not the guy who writes this crap.
  30. - MORALE
  32. Every crew has a CREW MORALE. Morale affects ability to fight and their better judgement. Crews with high morale will fight better and more enthusiastically, but may suffer from impetuousness and disobey orders (this is offset by earning their loyalty.) Crews with low morale will not fight as effectively, and if morale plummets enough, may desert the field of battle, or even the team entirely.
  34. Occasionally, if a crew's morale is too low or too high, the crew may FRENZY in the field of battle. FRENZIED crews become a danger to their team and will not listen to your orders. If allowed to continue, Frenzied crews may also cause other crews to Frenzy. Reining in a Frenzied crew requires 5 CP.
  36. Crew Morale is averaged out between teams to form the TEAM MORALE. Team Morale pretty much the larger morale of crews. The Team Morale (and Crew Morale) can receive bonuses and penalty depending on certain events.
  38. If Team Morale plummets past 10%, the Team will dissolve entirely.
  41. - TANKS
  43. Tanks come in all different shapes, sizes, and conditions. For the purposes of this Quest, Tanks generally can come in three different conditions.
  46. Vintage Tanks are generally stuff that has been lying around without seeing much use. They are usually and almost always the real deal, with very few replicas actually attaining VINTAGE status. Thus, the only real claim to fame for vintage tanks is that they’ve probably seen actual combat in the War.
  48. Vintage Tanks suffer from missing parts, holes, scratches, rust, and chronic engine trouble. A Vintage Tank is not as reliable as it should be, and they will be prone to CATASTROPHIC BREAKDOWNS which knock out the tank without a fight.
  50. In short, Vintage Tanks will perform badly, worse than their historical specifications might allow.
  53. Comp. Spec. tanks are a huge step up from Vintage Tanks. Restoring Vintage Tanks to Comp. Spec. requires money, but most of the time it will be worth it.
  55. Comp. Spec. tanks have everything in order, parts, armor, and welding all to modern specifications. While everything under the armor is World War II tech, it’s all been restored to full running order. Catastrophic breakdowns will not be as common, or with certain tanks will become downright impossible.
  57. Nearly all tanks which run in the International Tankery League are comp. spec. Think Tanks as how they’re portrayed in the show. They perform to their historic ability, or even better.
  59. ELITE
  60. Elite Tanks don’t break down. Elite Tanks are rarely defeated in battle. Elite Tanks perform to, or much better than their history would indicate. In short, Elite Tanks are the end-all be-all of Tankery. They require two things however. LOTS of money, and an ELITE CREW.
  64. Command Points (CP) are used to execute TACTICAL MANEUVERS on the field of battle, or use your commander's INTUITION to get a brief but somewhat useful study of the current situation or activate COMMAND PERKS. One Command Point will be replenished upon the end of each practice session by default. More Command Points can be obtained by:
  66. - Receiving personal instruction: 5 CP plus additional CP depending on Instructor used.
  67. - Reading Books: 10 CP upon completion of a book and a special perk earned upon second read-through.
  68. - Studying Tankery Teams: 5 CP plus chance for gaining intel on opposing teams and the chance to learn a TACTICAL MANEUVER.
  71. COMMAND PERKS are special orders or doctrines to act on in combat, similar to tactical maneuvers. However, sometimes, and indeed most of the time, they will apply not just to your tank, but to any other nearby friendly tanks as well.
  74. Tactical Maneuvers are maneuvers which you and your crew can execute on the field of battle against the enemy. Each maneuver costs a certain amount of CP depending on how complex the maneuver, and certain maneuvers cannot be executed if the environment renders it impossible to do. Opposing ELITE tanks can perform maneuvers, and countering them will require half the CP normally priced to you, or free if it only costs 1 CP.
  76. - THE SHOP
  77. Whether you need a tank bought, converted, or restored, the SHOP is where you'll be doing most of it. Every Tuesday, a new list of five tanks will be presented for purchase, some second-hand, occasionally a good restored tank, or somebody's just trying to clear garage space. There's also an unused Chassis available for purchase which will require a conversion to become a full-fledged competition spec tank.
  79. Parts are also available in the SHOP. Certain parts applied to a tank will create discounts on certain conversions. Overall, parts are there to make your tanks better, within Tankery legal restrictions of course. More parts will become available as the Quest goes along.
  81. Conversion Kits are available as well to build a whole new tank out of an existing one based off the chassis. For example, a Panzer 38(t) can be converted into a Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Hetzer". Conversions will not restore a Vintage Tank to Competition spec. Certain conversions will also unlock discounted conversions.
  83. Optionally, a Chassis can also be purchased. Chassis are incomplete tanks which must be converted into a specific design to be Tankery legal. However, this will always bring out a competition spec. tank.
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