Mar 23rd, 2021
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  1. L is for light burning so bright, shining within you can't sleep at night
  2. what can I do? The light of hope burns brightly in your soul literally, most of this time this just gives you a healthy glow but the more you let it out it can shine like the sun, it's the literary device everyone has in their subconscious when they assume that light equals good.
  3. It's the monolith improving the mind of the ape it's the divine wrath of God harrowing hell, it's everything positive you can conceive of wrapped into one luminous package.
  4. (1-2 dice) work minor but significant miracles affecting only one target in a significant but limited way, Grant hope to the hopeless, train a animal faster, heal a illness, light up a room sized area around you, bring harm to evil, reveal something hidden, squeeze a few extra uses out of a broken device.
  5. (3-4 dice) banish nightmares and evil people from an area, permanently illuminate something, resurrect the dead although they will come back a bit different, fix the broken, purify the tainted, improve a device by about a generation's worth of technology, trained animals become more like a cinematic animal companion then anything resembling a normal critter, humans become something that isn't supposed to be around yet.
  6. Burn a chunk of the evil out of someone and if they just happen to be made solely of evil well...
  7. (5-6 dice)
  8. sanctify a space keeping evil out of it forever, grant perfect absolution to someone, create a patch of heaven on earth, grant someone true enlightenment, perform an action you have no hope of doing , seizing narrative importance as the metaphorical spotlight shifts to you, if it can be described as a metaphor involving light hope or evolution it's in your power.
  9. Fight-divine lasers scorch your enemies, horrible insightful truths battering at their minds as their self images are challenged.
  10. Flight-the light beaming from your back propels you like a spaceship gliding on a solar sail, powering you forward as you run in panic
  11. how do I change?
  12. The light makes everything so easy and simple doesn't it, everything good will be improved everything bad will be destroyed just by letting it out but that light is the light of your soul and functional people have more than one color in their souls, more and more of you gets burned up as you use it
  13. what am I becoming?
  14. When the light finally burns up the last part of you all your bodily and spiritual impurities which is to say your body and every part of your soul that isn't the essence of God is gone leaving only the light, and like any fire it's going to try and spread , burning up the impurities around you creating an empty paradise of hollow perfection, you have become Light-headed.
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