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  1. ## Pinyi Yang
  2. Full Stack Developer, Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering<br>
  3. | |<br>
  4. Kirkland, WA, 98033 | 206.617.4295 |<br>
  6. ### SKILLS
  7. **Programming:** Javascript, Typescript, Python, Matlab, Java (by course), C++ (by course)<br>
  8. **Web Development:** React (Hooks), Node.js, Express, GraphQL, SQL/Postgres, NoSQL/MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Django<br>
  9. **Others:** OAuth, JWT, Session, React Vis, React Map GL, Mapbox, Google API, Yahoo API, Heroku, Github<br>
  11. ### PROJECT
  12. **Fantasy Basketball Domina** - a fantasy basketball tool providing statistical insights of teams <br>
  13. **MyE&T beta** - a planner and task tracker with statistical summaries for time optimization <br>
  14. • Designed, developed and deployed full-stack (3-tier) web applications with GraphQL wrapped RESTful service by Node, Express, and React (Hooks) front-end in Typescript. <br>
  15. • Developed data analysis logic and implemented data visualization with Google Chart API or React-Vis. <br>
  16. • Implemented user authentication with OAuth and JWT. <br>
  18. **Nutri Facts** - personal diet tracker with food suggestions and nutrient status visualization <br>
  19. **Safe Street** - Mobile app for searching neighborhood crime, natural disasters, and air quality <br>
  20. • Served as lead developer in a team with 3~4 developers. Designed web applications with UX designers. <br>
  21. • Designed, modularized and developed full-stack apps with Node/Express RESTful service and React front-end in Javascript. Distributed tasks to members and planned development to meet deadline. <br>
  22. • Reviewed, debugged and integrated fellow developers’ code as git master. <br>
  24. ### EXPERIENCE
  25. **Research Lead, University of Houston** (Jul. 2017 - Jan. 2019) <br>
  26. • Project lead in wearable electronic prototype development; developed solutions to meet design specifications for innovative health monitoring and medical treatment during materials selection, designed device structure and processing. <br>
  27. • Developed Matlab and Python scripts for data collection, analysis and visualization. Refactored data for machine learning to identify target activity, or disease prediction and forestalling. <br>
  28. • Collaborated with Texas Medical Center Researchers to evaluate device with live animal tests. <br>
  30. **Test Engineer, Aries App. Inc.** (Feb. 2014 - Feb. 2016) <br>
  31. • Developed logic to simulate materials metamerism (color matching issue under different light) for textile and dye products. <br>
  32. • Collaborated with software engineer in python application development and tested applications. <br>
  34. ### EDUCATION
  35. General Assembly, Software Engineering Immersive (class of 2019) <br>
  36. University of Washington, Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering (class of 2013) <br>
  37. Sichuan University, Bachelors (B.S.) in Materials Physics (class of 2008)
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