TQ 74 Scene: Southern Point in the Study

May 12th, 2016
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  1. Shima: >Year: 1 BE, Starswirl's Sanctum
  2. Last time, the seamstress known as Southern Point was left to the private sanctum of Starswirl the Bearded following the tiring events of the battle. Starswirl was in his laboratory, a ruckus forming as he works on a project. Onyxia had gone to sleep, and standing just outside her door (visible from the living room you're now resting in) is Steel, standing guard. At the moment, he has been vigilently quiet, appearing as a decorative suit of armor more than a conscious being.
  4. >"Princess, why would you ever think that using a seal wouldn't just result in it being broken?" she asks, genuinely confused.
  5. Twilight sighs, "It was a really, really, really good seal." Her ears flick back and forth, "You come from the era of Equestrian expansion, right? Do you know the tales of Discord being sealed away, the Mare in the Moon? In my time, my friends and I control the same magic that sealed them. And those two don't bust out for centuries past your era. I thought it'd be the same case for the staff but, somehow it managed to break it in just a few days... it's not very comforting to me."
  7. Boo, the slightly chubby Bat-Pony you met, had been ordered to go out and purchase some alcohol to lift your spirits. You don't need to wait too long for the bat-pony to return before Onyxia decides to head off to sleep: he comes flying back into the Sanctum, carrying behind with him a few bottles in a box, "Man, unicorns are picky. Had to argue with that shop owner for a while before he bit one of the bits and agreed it was real." He takes out a bottle of Coltchester Wine, nice and red and sealed, and passes it over to you, "To kicking ass and taking bits, I guess. Princess, you want some?"
  9. Twilight bounces Nero's foal in her hooves, then looks at the wine with an undecided look. "I'm not sure I should. Might need a clear head in case something happens, right?"
  11. Autumn: Southern breaks the bottle's mouthpiece off instead of removing the cork like a normal person. She takes a first sip then hocks it up into whatever potted plant might be nearby. "This mass-produced shit is the best they have around here? I thought this was supposed to be a college town," she gripes. "Anyway, princess, those things break whenever the one trapped is stronger than the trap itself. Don't rely on them."
  13. Shima: Boo's eyes pop open as you bite off the mouthpiece of the bottle, clamping his fangs together. "WOAH. And I thought I had a good set of chompers. NEW found respect for you, lady." Twilight's wings flare open, looking a little surprised at such a forward approach.
  14. "That can't be good for your teeth..." she comments.
  16. Boo raises up a brow as you spit it into a potted plant (that shakes off the spit, wiping its leaves down and making small intelligible mumblings), grabbing at the wine bottle from you and taking a swig, wiping his mouth as he looks at it. "Huh... guh. No, guess old timey ponies didn't get it quite right. This is a school though, I was sure they had good booze." He turns and goes for the kitchen of Starswirl nearby, "Surely the headmaster's had to have confiscated some, lemme see..."
  18. Twilight magically lifts a bag of hers over from the side of the couch, looking through it as she turns to you, "I underestimated it, that's for certain... *sigh* I really messed up this era. I just... thought there might be a chance I could help it. I should have realized its true nature at the start, took no risks. I just hope whatever damage was caused isn't too great to fix."
  20. Autumn: "I've already forgotten about fighting all that shit and somehow saving the campus from being destroyed, so hey, that's a start. What are the otehrs doing now, anyway? They cocking up the rest of the timeline to get themselves written into history as being super cool badasses or something? Actually, on that note, why are you even here? Couldn't you being here fuck up your cushy place in the future as the princess of... whatever you're princess of?"
  22. Shima: Twilight chuckles at your remark, "Well, hey, I guess that's one pony that's forgotten already. Maybe you're right." She flattens hear ears and looks out towards the portal-book, shaking her head. "I'm pretty sure I remember Starswirl and Nero saying they're going to keep any change they need to make as low-key and off the records as they can." She grimaces. "Luke... I'm not so sure. I'm just praying he stays out of trouble, he usually attracts it. Or, causes it. Or both."
  24. Boo shouts from the kitchen, "Nothing so far, I'll keep looking! Haven't heard back from Screech or Honey at ALL though, they could be up to anything. And not to start a contest but, I'd bet Honey makes more waves than Luke does."
  26. As you ask why she came along, Twilight shakes her head. "I don't think my presence carries any more risk than some of the others we have around.... uh, recent poor decisions aside, I think I'm fairly careful of the time stream. Besides, I want to do all that I can to help save our Equestria, and there's more I can do here than in my own time."
  28. Autumn: "Something tells me that none of them are going to abide by that rule for more than a second," she gripes. "So, am I just stuck here while they're out wildly masturbating over one another? I mean between being stuck here and being out there, having them bitch commands out at me, I'll take whichever gets me on the path to getting my stuff back. Not that I don't mind sitting here getting drunk."
  30. Shima: Twilight turns her head, "There's not much left to do for the rest of the night... I know you must be eager to get your threads returned, but, our leads on the Order from here don't amount to a lot. Not yet. Taking it easy at the moment may just be our best course."
  33. As Boo continues to rummage through the kitchen, you see Steel turn his head from the door to onyxia's guest room, saying, "Not entirely true. I know where Sight's office is, in the Republic. However, knowing him, I fear he might have time to prepare for our arrival. Hide or dispose of compromising info."
  35. Boo, meanwhile, shouts from the kitchen in a short cry of victory, "Aha! Found something. Fancy looking bottle too, has a language I can't read on it. Definitely smells like booze though."
  37. Autumn: "It's getting late?" she asks between sips, "Coulda fooled me, can't tell for shit with all the clouds. Anyway - armor guy, why don't you draw me a picture of the guy and the place itself? I'm sure by now we'd just come up on an empty room after that other bitch ran off."
  39. She tosses the claw thing on the table between her and Twilight. "Yeah, Princess, how bout I get a scan on this before I stick an appendage in there?"
  41. Shima: Twilight nods her head, "Uh, yeah, it's getting pretty dark. I don't have a watch but the sun set some time ago." As you ask the armor of him, the armor shakes his head.
  43. "Steel. Not 'armor guy'."
  44. Boo chuckles as he waltzes in with the fancy bottle and a few shot glasses, pouring two to start. "I'm more partial to 'armor guy' myself."
  46. Steel groans at the bat, then looks to you. "I can try. Used to be a decent drawer." He spots a paper and pen nearby scattered unorganized on a end table, picking it up in his metal hooves and starting to draw outlines of a pony's face. "The place I only saw once, I may not remember it well. But, the pony's face I know by heart. He's... well, the second closet thing I've had to a father." He draws an aged stallion's appearance, most prominent facial hair being a side of very bushy side-burns, then a big, round pair of glasses that cover most of his eyes. "The mane and coat are gray and bronze, respectively." Twilight leans over with the foal as the image is drawn, and Nau reaches towards it with a hoof.
  48. As the artificial talon is layed out on the table, Twilight stares at it for a while, mystified. "Oooh. Possibly futuristic Order of Eon technology, don't mind if I do." She closes her eyes, and runs a purple series of lights that dance across the gauntlet, numbers flashing across your eyes as she begins a magical analysis of the gauntlet. "This may take some time to do it right, but, I don't see any sort of surveillance spell... or bombs, I was worried about bombs."
  50. Autumn: "So I take it extensive bodily harm is not going to be welcome in that case?" she asks. Glancing at Twilight, she adds, "Hmm? Oh, yeah, right, just keep shaking it, I'm sure something will fall out soon
  52. Shima: Steel doesn't answer immediately as Boo passes you your glass full of odd smelling alcohol, taking his first sip as Steel finally responds, "Not... MUCH, if it can at all be helped. He's not the same stallion I knew, he's changed. He's already hurt too many ponies to forgive. But, I can't help feeling I need to speak with him one more time before anything drastic is done."
  54. Twilight's scanning continues as she looks over the gauntlet, tongue sticking out of her side of her mouth as she looks through it. "You'd be surprised how many discoveries are made just that way." She pauses, "It's not made of any material I'm familiar with. It's light, but, very sturdy. Elements of both advanced electronics and magical components." She reaches for it, daring to stick her hoof inside (slowly) as the talon's fingers start to dance. "Oooh, freaky... it appears to be thought controlled."
  56. Autumn: "You'll probably want to tag along and be my shield if you want that chance - I figure he'll force my hoof or run away once I've got him down," she says. She clears her throat impatiently and pokes Twilight's wrist. "Easy on the merchandise, unless you're buyin'," she curtly remidns the princess.
  58. Shima: Steel nods his head as he finishes his sketch. "I'm more used to being the sword... but yes, I agree. Sight is pragmatic, and resourceful. I would take him with as many ponies as we can to lower his chances of escape. Leading him into a trap would be ideal."
  60. As you poke Twilight's wrist, her ears pop open and she pulls out her hoof, grinning awkwardly, "Oh, whoops! Sorry, just, got a little eager to test it there. It seems to still function just fine." She looks at it, "Besides the appendages, I'm gonna need just a bit more time to figure out if there's something hidden to it. Like why they left it for us."
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