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Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >Waiting for midnight to come to catch Float Flout in the act to go out & kill somepony his neighborhood was empty as you & Mocha walked to his house.
  2. >Walking by several mailboxes they were all left open as if the residents in the neighborhood grabbed them, & hurried back inside for some unknown reason.
  3. >Stopping at the sidewalk close to Flouts house something seemed off. Telling you to knock on the door & approach Float Flout if they were there, Mocha was going to wait in the back if he tried to make a run for it.
  4. >Then going your seperate ways with Mocha going around the side of the house to the back door. >Taking a deep breathe & waiting a few seconds to make give Mocha enough time to wait at the Backdoor you knocked on Float Flouts front door accidentally swinging it inwards as it was unlocked.
  5. >Saying "Hello." & entering his house you could see it was ransacked, & several photographs stacked in one pile. Hearing a knock come past his living room, & connected kitchen to the Backdoor you hurried to go unlock it for Mocha letting him in.
  6. >Walking in Mocha simply glanced around & at the pile of photographs. Trotting up to them Mocha picked one out before placing it back in the pile, & picking out another one before putting it back in the pile.
  7. >Looking at you, Mocha told you that the pile of photos were all pictures of Float Flout with a mare. Going "uh?" You didn't understand why whoever ransacked Flouts house would stack pictures of him with a mare in one pile.
  8. >Taking a closer look around you then spotted a close bedroom. Whisteling to Mocha to signal him what you found you two approached it carefully.
  9. >Stopping deadfront of it, you & Mocha started to count to 3 before unlocking the door & going in.
  10. >Entering the bed room you were greeted by a lovely velvet room & bed that looked untouched. >Scratching your head you were confused on why the room was untouched by the ransacker then feeling what felt like water touch your hand from the ceiling you then looked up to see a female moth pony with a light green coat dangling from rope with her mouth taped, and throat slit, & blood flowing from her privates.
  11. >Looking up Mocha let out some "hmms." before saying that the pony above you was a stallion, & they were castrated to resemble a mare, & that was Float Flout.
  12. >Looking at Mocha you weren't going to ask how they know that Float Flout castrated looked like a mare when he was a stallion.
  13. >Walking in a circle around you & the suspended body for 4 minutes Mocha said they got the clues, & would tell you about them when the both of you get back from answering questions at Mothia's DEP HQ.
  15. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. >It was early morning before you got back to Mocha's apartment, & you taking a seat on his couch after getting back from the DOP's HQ you were exhausted from both the DOP questioning, & from being up all night for the last two days.
  18. >Closing your eyes for a few seconds just to take a light nap you quickly remembered what Mocha said at the second victims house about already gathering the clues to Float Flouts murder.
  19. >Opening up your eyes, & propping up you started to take a look around for Mocha who was in his kitchen making coffee with his special drinking glasses on.
  20. >Getting up you wandered into the kitchen to ask him what were the clues he found at Float Flouts house, but as you entered into his kitchen & got closer to him you accidentally caught him off guard scaring him & making him jump away from his coffee letting out a girlish squeak.
  21. >Staring at Mocha his face flustered pink before you started laughing at him. Angry Mocha commanded you to stop laughing in a weird voice that didn't quite sound like a stallions.
  22. >Stopping after a few minutes of Mocha staring at you in anger you then apologized to the guy about it. Rolling his eyes Mocha knew what you wanted since you interrupted his coffee session.
  23. >Going back to his coffee that was ob the counter Mocha took a sip from it before looking back at you.
  24. >Opening his mouth Mocha then said "Alright Anon. Its been two nights since we've been going against The Culprit, & two ponies have already been murdered
  26. I'm not going to remind you of the first victim as he wasn't really a huge clue, but mostly a warning to stop watching the streets The Culprit would strike on, as he was watching us that day, & he wants us to go after him aggressively as they most likely get off of on us trying to really pursue him instead of waiting & seeing.
  28. Float Flout the second victim..he was murdered in his own hone after we took the approach of finding who bought the stopwatch in the first victim.
  30. Anon without a doubt in my mind the pony we are going after is a killer, but he isn't the I'm going to kill in front of you killer like he said in the letter.
  32. As you & me arrived at Float Flouts house Anon we found the place ransacked with a huge pile of photos already placed. I speculate one if those photos were going to be our next clue.
  34. And despite Float Flout being male he castrated him to make him look female meaning The Culprit has extreme issues with what I believe to be just mares. As he killed the first victim as he came to reunite with his ex to make her suffer, & he cut off Float Flouts dick to make him look like a mare.
  36. And I believe before we arrived The Culprit was actually planning on returning to Float Flouts house to retrieve his dead body to bring to the street he supposedly thought we would wait on."
  38. >Finishing Mocha then looked back at their coffee before drinking it. Listening to everything Mocha said you were starting to catch on. But you were still curious on who The Culprit was & who were they planning on killing next.
  39. >Asking Mocha on what were your next two moves, Mocha told you it was elementary. The both of you were going to wait for the third victim to appear as without a doubt in Mocha's mind The Culprit will pleased you & Mocha tried to go on the offensive in hunting them down, and wants to give you a extra clue to tracking them down.
  41. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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