New World - 83

Sep 26th, 2020 (edited)
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A Wonderful New World

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Lee Ho-Seung / 이호승 MC
Kim Mi-Jeong /김미정 FMC
Yoo Sook-Young / 유숙영 FMC²
Seo Jeong-Sook / 서정숙 Glasses
Na So-Ri / 나소리 Bitch
Cha Joo-Hee / 차주희 VP
Jin Seo-Rin / 진서린 Blonde
Cha Joo-Wan / 차주완 Sugar

고손작: Author (Kosonjak)

윤곤지: Artist (Yoon Gonji)

Script Information:

Lee Ho-Seung MC
Kim Mi-Jeong FMC
Kim Hyomin D
Yoo Sook-Young SY
Seo Jeong-Sook JS
Na So-Ri NS
Cha Joo-Hee VP
Jin Seo-Rin SR
Random R
Secretary / Assistant S

Dialogue / linked bubbles
{Inner talk / Thought}

Note and other stuffs

Chapter - 83

T/N: Minor change concerning Team Leader's name:

Kim Mi-Jung => Kim Mi-Jeong

NS: Let's not think about it...

NS: !

NS: Uhh!



NS: Ouch...

NS: ...

NS: Hey, are you done staring at me?!

NS: Look away!

MC: Apparently it became a new habit of Miss Na So-Ri to walk without paying attention to her surroundings,

MC: It also happened not long ago in the reception hall.

NS: What...?!

NS: It was her fault, she spilled her coffee on me!

T/N: It happened during 'Chapter - 14', not much time passed since then for these characters even if it's already been 70 chapters and almost 2 years for us, readers.

Reach out-

NS: {What..?!}
{Why are you stretching out your hand to me...?}

NS: It's okay, I can get up alone.





MC: No matter how much you hate me, we must treat each other respectfully at work,

MC: Have a good day, Miss Na So-Ri.

NS: ...

NS: What does he mean by saying this...?

NS: Argh- It's annoying.

NS: I need to get drunk tonight...




MC: {By the way, Miss Sook-Young...}

MC: {Such a big misunderstanding...}

MC: What the Vice-President just said earlier was...

SY: It's okay,

SY: If you're going to meet her for your job or for personal business, it's fine...

SY: Anyway, I'll go first~

MC: ...

MC: {Shall I ask her out to dinner tonight...?}

MC: {But I'm working overnight today so...}

JS: Manager.

JS: Um, here...

MC: Oh, thank you.

JS: By the way, has something bad happened to you?

MC: Uh...? Nothing, why?

JS: It's because, you looked worried about something just earlier.

MC: Is that so?

MC: Before you leave...

MC: I wanted to ask you something.

MC: What can I do to make a woman feel better?

JS: Uh...?

JS: {To make a woman...}

JS: {feel better...?}

JS: How can you...

JS: Make me feel better...?


MC: Sorry-sorry, I asked you something weird.
I didn't mean to...

MC: I was trying to ask you what should I do to cheer a woman up, make her feel better.
You know, I made a mistake and wanted to apologize...

JS: {He stayed a long time in the team leader's office... They must had a fight.}

JS: Oh, in this case...

JS: {Well, you're dating the Team Leader since a long time already... But since you're meeting a lot of different women behind her back, she deserves to be angry.}

JS: How about a present?

MC: Oh, a gift?

JS: Yes! No one hates receiving a present!

MC: Oh but... I've never gifted something to a girl in the past so...

JS: {Well...}
{Usually, it's easy to please women with cosmetics, accessories...}

JS: {But if we're talking about the Team Leader...}

JS: Don't you think sexy lingerie would be okay?

MC: What? Sexy lingerie?!

MC: Oh... I don't think it'd be a good idea...

MC: Anyway, thank you for your help. I'll think carefully about what present to gift her.



MC: Miss Sook-Young, I sincerely hope she'll like it...

MC: I can't wait to give it to her~

Hug (꼬) Tightly (옥)


MC: Uh?

R: Come on, let's have drink.
You already drank a lot anyway. A few more drinks won't be a big deal.

R: I'm not a weirdo, I'm working for a big company located in the vicinity.

NS: You don't fit hic-my hic-taste, so how about fucking off?

NS: Come on, fuck hic-off already~

MC: Sigh, Na So-Ri...

MC: She's totally drunk... What the hell happened to you to end in such a state?

MC: Whatever, it's none of my business.

NS: I'm not hic-interested...

NS: I don't like people with dickhead like yours....

R: D-dickhead...?!

R: Don't get ahead of yourself just because you're a bit pretty.
I can have my way with a lot of prettier bitch than you in those clubs so stop being cocky.

NS: So instead of going into those clubs you're trying to hic- pick up girls on the street because you hic- don't have any money,
And even drunk women on the street turn you down,
Am I right Mister Incompetent?

R: You can't talk to me like this, come here.

NS: Kyaah!

NS: Are you going to hit me?

R: No, I don't hit girls.

R: But since I was wondering how delicious you could be, I'm gonna have a little taste of your body.

R: Well, it's not like the only way to fuck a girl is to seduce her, right?

NS: Wh-whaaat...?!

R: There's a nice and quiet place near,

R: Lets go and finish our business quickly.


R: What?

NS: Lee Ho-Seung...?!

MC: Sigh...
I was just going to pass by and ignore you, but...

R: Who the fuck are you?

MC: Miss Na So-Ri,




MC: Could you hold this just a couple of minutes for me...?


R: Hey can you hear me?

R: Who the fuck you think you're to butt into someone's business?


R: Uh?


R: !!



R: Ugh!

NS: ...


Pick up-

MC: Well, I've to go now.

NS: ...

NS: Hold on!
Can you really leave me like that?

털썩: With a thud / Thud

NS: Once you took the decision to help me, you've to take responsibility until the end...


MC: What the hell are you saying...
So what should I do...?

NS: You already know where I'm living.

NS: So take me home.

To be continued...
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