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Feminism and male friendship

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Sep 18th, 2017
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  1. Basically, to grossly,oversimplify it, feminism started pushing gay identity back in the late 70's early 80's up until now. What this did is made the average person associate any form of intimacy with another man, be it sexual, emotional, or otherwise, as being an explicit part of "gay identity". This means that those strong, purely platonic relationships many men had with each other before that time were lumped in to gay identity, even though they were not sexual in any way. Additionally, feminists' intentional creation of gay identity forced the stigmatization of it (also aided by AIDS, but the stigmatization was intentional), so men were reluctant to form those strong platonic relationships that they were happy to before, because of their fear of being stigmatized as gay. I say that the stigmatization of gay identity is intentional because of how feminists use divide and conquer tactics to gain ground. You can see this nowadays with their pushing of gender identity. They want to divide up the neutral population as much as possible, recruiting for their side and demoralizing their enemy, which is men. So nowadays, when we watch movies like Lord of the Rings, we are uncomfortable with Frodo and Sam because we think they're gay, all because they have a fraternal bond with each other. You can also see that with other characters in popular media. As reluctant as I am to make this reference, many fans of Harry Potter believe that there is intense sexual tension between Harry and Draco Malloy. This is because they have a strong bond as well, albeit negative. People can't process any sort of relationship between two men (or boys in this case) as being anything other than sexual, because feminism and other forces have made it so. Gone are the days of having a group of close-knit friendships based on shared experiences and mutual respect. Everything is either superficial or sexual.
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