Petscop 4 transcription

Apr 15th, 2017
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  1. So, if you remember, what I was trying to explain yesterday, and failed to explain, uh.. I'm just gonna demonstrate that to you now.
  2. There we go. So I found this yesterday. And, uh.. The way I understand this, is.. So, we're upstairs, right now. Uh.. You just saw me walk up some stairs. So, if you were to imagine what is.. Wha-- Wha-- What would be exactly below where I'm standing right now. Uh. And I worked it out, It's roughly the area where you have the big screen, uh.. With the wind mill. Uh. And so, I think.. So, this.. This I think is a camera, and if I walk in this direction.
  3. This is, uh.. Roughly where the, uh.. Wind mill would be. Why there isn't actually a wind mill here, I don't know. Uh. It looks sort of like a place holder for it. Uh. But yeah, I think my understanding is correct. It's just, uh.. I'm missing something. OK. That's it.
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