OblivAeon and Hero Quotes

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  1. Absolute Zero
  2. =OA: All will suffer.
  3. =Base: I'm suffering already listening to you. Let's get this over with.
  4. =Freedom Six: At least he's honest. Tell me something I don't know!
  5. =Termi-Nation: Maybe. But you'll have to go through me first.
  6. =Freedom Five: The Freedom Five exists to stop threats like you cold.
  8. Akash'Thriya
  9. =OA: There will be no land. No void. Nothing will remain.
  10. =Base: Preserve life. At all costs.
  11. =Spirit of the Void: I become life. Plant anew. Flora.
  13. Argent Adept
  14. =OA: Silence!
  15. =Base: There is always silence before the swell of sound. Let there be music!
  16. =Prime Wardens: The Prime Wardens are united in glorious harmony!
  17. =Xtreme Prime Wardens: We can do it! We're the best around! No evil is ever gonna take us down!
  18. =Dark Conductor: The conductor dictates when the players begin, and I hold the baton. You are merely the audience!
  20. Benchmark
  21. =OA: There will be no more heroes. No more villains. No more.
  22. =Base: There's nothing standard about this one. My sensors can't handle anything we're looking at here!
  23. =Supply and Demand: HQ, I'm calling in a code red. I'm going to need a full deployment package on this one. If not more.
  25. Bunker
  26. =OA: All nations will crumble and collapse. The end has come.
  27. =Base: Lt. Tyler Vance, reporting for duty. We'll hold the line for as long as we can.
  28. =G.I.: When the world sees true evil, good people unite to oppose it. I've seen it firsthand.
  29. =Freedom Six: Time to build up some steam, or this could be the last stop!
  30. =Termi-Nation: Supercharging modular recombiners. I'm going to have to adapt fast!
  31. =Freedom Five: Team, execute plan omega. We need a full mobilization, all heroes.
  33. Captain Cosmic
  34. =OA: Those who rise up will be crushed.
  35. =Base: Steady on, chaps. We'll find a way!
  36. =Prime Wardens: Carry on, lads. It'll take more than reality ending to make the Prime Wardens panic!
  37. =Xtreme Prime Wardens: Bloody 'ell mates! This one's going to take everything we can give!
  38. =Requital: We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother!
  40. Chrono-Ranger
  41. =OA: Space and time disintegrate at my command.
  42. =Base: I don't make a practice of killin' those that can talk. I'll make an exception this time.
  43. =Best of Times: We're gonna need a full posse to round up this outlaw. This ain't gonna be resolved with a duel at high noon.
  45. La Comodora
  46. =OA: Even time has an end. There are no more futures.
  47. =Base: Hold fast! We're sailing off the map, and here there be monsters!
  48. =Curse of the Black Spot: This is the endpoint I've seen on the inevitable horizon! All time hinges on this moment...
  50. Expatriette
  51. =OA: Your feeble weapons will not save you. I am power incarnate.
  52. =Base: More power just means more reliance on that power. I'll always find a target.
  53. =Dark Watch: Boots on the ground, people! We'll get our shot at OblivAeon, but we need to buy time to plan the attack!
  55. Fanatic
  56. =OA: My will shall be made manifest. The final day is upon you.
  57. =Base: Nothing can save you from divine judgement. You will fall!
  58. =Redeemer: I will overcome this test of faith.
  59. =Prime Wardens: You will pay for your sins, demon! For Ra, and for all the others that you have taken, you will **burn!**
  60. =Xtreme Prime Wardens: **Infidel!** You shall feel my wrath!
  62. Guise
  63. =OA: Outliers and oddities will be reduced to nothing.
  64. =Base: Oddity? I guess it depends on who is writing my dialog....
  65. =Santa: What's this in my bag? Mission rewards for everyone! Wait... Did the programmers forget to put that part in?
  66. =Completionist: Destroy reality? But that's where I keep all my favorite stuff!
  68. Haka
  69. =OA: Do not fight the end. None shall survive to remember.
  70. =Base: The battle to end all battles! This will be glorious!
  71. =Eternal: I will remember. I always remember.
  72. =Prime Wardens: No matter what happens, my friends, it is an honor to fight beside you.
  73. =Xtreme Prime Wardens: You think you're going to be the one to put Haka down for good? Never gonna happen!
  75. Harpy
  76. =OA: This is the end of all things. Embrace the end.
  77. =Base: This is **not** the way the world ends! We are not hollow beings who whimper at your approach!
  78. =Dark Watch: I will not go gently! My will, my training, and my power rage against it!
  80. K.N.Y.F.E.
  81. =OA: The herald of OblivAeon brought devastation. You are not prepared for worse.
  82. =Base: Fightin' fer the fate of all worlds? Kill or be killed? Pure dead brilliant!
  83. =Rogue Agent: I dinnae ken what made ye think we wouldna' be prepared! The bigger they are, and all that.
  85. Legacy
  86. =OA: Despair, heroes of Earth. OblivAeon has come for your world.
  87. =Base: Whether one person or the whole world in danger, I will always answer the call.
  88. =Newest: Legacy here, taking point! Fall in behind me, and we'll hit him together!
  89. =Greatest: If I go down fighting, someone else will step up. There will **always** be a hero to oppose evils like you!
  90. =Freedom Five: Each and every one of us made a choice to be here. I'm proud of all of you.
  92. Lifeline
  93. =OA: This moment was inevitable. You are meaningless specks. I am infinite.
  94. =Base: Only now do I truly see my folly. I could not have prevented this through destruction. I must be a force of creation.
  95. =Bloodmage: The price of my own blood means little in the face of saving all reality!
  97. Luminary
  98. =OA: I am the end. I am the terminus of all reality. I am OblivAeon.
  99. =Base: You face the savior of Mordengrad, the destroyer of Legacies, and the heir of Ramonat! This world is mine!
  100. =Heroic: Rally to me, heroes of this world! This may be the darkest hour ever, but I have a brilliant plan!
  102. Mister Fixer
  103. =OA: You are frail creatures. You will all be broken.
  104. =Base: Even the smallest rock can start an avalanche.
  105. =Dark Watch: I have nothing left to lose but my cursed existence. I fight to the end!
  107. Naturalist
  108. =OA: This world is the focal point of this timeline's resilience. I will burn it to ash.
  109. =Base: All of nature will rise up against you!
  110. =Hunted: [Snarl] If you want to be the apex predator, you'll have to earn it!
  112. Nightmist
  113. =OA: All timelines will be destroyed. The multiverse is at an end.
  114. =Base: I can sense other versions of heroes in other realities under assault! There must be an way to contact them!
  115. =Dark Watch: There are many who can help in other realities. I will become the gateway to bring them through!
  117. Omnitron-X
  118. =OA: All lives are flickering sparks. I will remove those sparks.
  119. =Base: New primary directive: Prevent total reality obliteration.
  120. =Omnitron-U: All safety functions overridden. Unity banter program: Would you like to play a game?
  122. Parse
  123. =OA: I am far beyond the frailties and flaws of mortality.
  124. =Base: There is only one outcome with what we have here. Extraordinary extraplanar, mystical, or technological resources may provide an opening.
  125. =Fugue State: No weaknesses. Sacrifices will be required to generate data. Begin.
  127. Ra
  128. =OA: All gods will be swept aside and forgotten.
  129. =Base: Everything burns.
  130. =Horus of Two Horizons: The sun will rise yet another day. By my power, I swear it.
  131. =Setting Sun: As all suns, I shall burn out, but my sacrifice will prove your undoing!
  133. Scholar
  134. =OA: You face oblivAeon. Every second, I eradicate a billion lives.
  135. =Base: I'm just a man with a few tricks. But if it means one life is spared, I'll face down a god.
  136. =Infinite: No regrets. I have to let go of myself and channel the power!
  138. The Sentinels
  139. =OA: This world will be razed. Not one atom will remain.
  140. =Base: Miranda, honey? Cover your ears. Uncle Jackson's gonna say some of those "grown-ups only" words now.
  141. =Adamant: Group huddle, everyone! This is bigger than we ever trained for, so watch out for each other!
  143. Setback
  144. =OA: I will show you the futility of fighting. The first hero to try will be utterly obliterated.
  145. =Base: **Wow!** You are just, like, **really** big. Can you even feel me punching you?
  146. =Dark Watch: I'm just gonna keep quiet. Yep, not gonna say anything, or move from this oddly giant foot-shaped rock...
  148. Sky-Scraper
  149. =OA: Nothing can withstand my power. I am supreme.
  150. =Base: Stay behind me, friend persons!
  151. =Extremist: It is on someone your own size you should be picking! That person is me!
  153. Stuntman
  154. =OA: Your skills amount to nothing. Your life, your world, will be erased.
  155. =Base: If zis is to be my final performance, it will be a most epic conclusion!
  156. =Action Hero: All eyes are upon me. Lumire... Moteur... Action!
  158. Tachyon
  159. =OA: I am far beyond your understanding.
  160. =Base: Gotta keep pushing! Realityincursionsbeingreportedfromeverysector! Faster! Preliminarytestresultscomingin! Even faster!
  161. =Super Scientific: All my tests just lead to more questions... This calls for running more tests!
  162. =Freedom Six: Work the problems one at a time, team. We can find a solution!
  163. =Freedom Five: Gotta pace myself! Can't be everywhere at once. UnityIneedyouttosupervisesometests! Ivanbringmeuptospeedonyourplans!
  165. Tempest
  166. =OA: I will snuff out every star. There will be no survivors.
  167. =Base: You have power, but so has every other would be conqueror. You'll fall before the raging storm!
  168. =Freedom Six: I'm prepared to sacrifice everything I am to take you down. We'll see just how much lightning you can withstand!
  169. =Prime Wardens: On this planet, out in the cosmos, and in the spaces in between realities, know that the Prime Wardens will stand against you.
  170. =Xtreme Prime Wardens: You seem sure of yourself! Time for some shock treatment to knock you down to size!
  172. Unity
  173. =OA: Your toys will not save you. Technology fails and falters at my whim.
  174. =Base: Things are pretty bad! Time to assemble the Freedombot Five!
  175. =Freedom Six: [Whirr] Come to me, my robot brethren! [Bzzt] Today we are all Devra!
  176. =Termi-Nation: Okay, Mister Chomps, it's time for you to meet your big sister!
  178. Visionary
  179. =OA: I see you.
  180. =Base: I knew you would say that.
  181. =Dark: I think you like what you see... Perhaps we can make a deal?
  182. =Unleashed: And I do not flinch under your gaze.
  184. Void Guard Doctor Medico
  185. =OA: I bring finality. All beings will end. All life will end.
  186. =Base: There are going to be a lot of casualties... Need to triage the wounded and save my energy for the most critical cases.
  187. =Malpractice: Healthy flesh will need to be sacrificed to cut away this cancer. Hold nothing back.
  189. Void Guard Idealist
  190. =OA: Reality bends to my will, and my will is that reality end.
  191. =Base: No time for fun and games. I've gotta grow up! Can't let anyone down.
  192. =Super Sentai: I've got a new idea, but I think I'm going to need some help... It's time to form the Mecha-Knight!
  194. Void Guard Mainstay
  195. =OA: You bear fragments of my power, and cannot contain it. Know that the power you hold is nothing compared to me.
  196. =Base: You're thinkin' you can hurt my pack. Gonna have to go through me first.
  197. =Road Warrior: I'm carrying a piece of you on a chain, big guy. That means you can bleed. Bring it.
  199. Void Guard Writhe
  200. =OA: I am as far beyond my scions as they are beyond you.
  201. =Base: The voices from the shadows are louder than ever now... I don't think I'm alone in here anymore.
  202. =Cosmic Inventor: I have so many ideas for inventions that I cannot quite comprehend... But I will fight you with every one of them!
  204. Wraith
  205. =OA: There is nowhere to hide. I am in all places, all times.
  206. =Base: There are always shadows. I'm just waiting for the right moment to strike.
  207. =Rook City: Everything you do leaves clues... Just have to piece them together before it's too late.
  208. =Freedom Six: I've made my choices. In shadow or light, I stand against you.
  209. =Freedom Five: All of my resources are being brought to bear. Go all out, team! It's time to be heroes, most of all.
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