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Aug 27th, 2019
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  1. top-line: '&3&m----------&b TowerDefense &3&m----------'
  2. bottom-line: '&3&m---------------------------------'
  3. Messages:
  4. - '&b- &eRemember that you can always create a party or join one to play with your
  5. friends!'
  6. - '&b- &eWant to earn coins faster? check the achievements you have not unlocked!
  7. they provide decent prizes'
  8. - '&b- &eIf you are in a party, you can start your message with an exclamation mart
  9. (!) to send the message to your party members only'
  10. - '&b- &eFound a bug? make sure to report it to the server admins!'
  11. - '&b- &eYou can quickly invite players to your party by shift right clicking them!'
  12. - '&b- &eYou can instantly join others party by shift right clicking them!'
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