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  1. Work in progress, bring up stuff you don't agree with in the thread.
  3. [Interesting Links]
  4. Special Shop Valuation Spreadsheet:
  5. EXP Farming Calculator:
  6. Heroes and UT Tier List:
  7.     *Don't take the tier list as gospel, use it for hero roles and to get a general idea of where they perform well.
  8. PvE Defense vs Damage Reduction Calculator (Red line):
  9. In Depth Look at Defensive Stats:
  10.     *Explains things like "What is Toughness?", "What is Block Defense", "What Substats Should I Put on my Tank?". Not updated for Ch8
  11. Vault Normal Monster List (WIP):
  14. [Common Q/A]
  15. >How Do I Pick a Team?
  16. A team is generally made up of a Priest to heal and shield, a main DPS to kill things, a sub-DPS to provide CC and/or buff the main DPS, and a Knight or Warrior to tank and mitigate damage.
  18. The tierlist at: has an accurate representation of what most Hero's usual roles are. Following that you generally want to build your team so the DPS's are doing only magic damage or only physical damage. This is so things like specific Magic/Physical Amplifiers and Defense Shredding can be properly utilized. CCing is very important, if you can't muster enough CC story mode can easily fuck you up.
  20. After understanding these basics, pick with your dick. Story mode can be cleared with anyone, every hero has some niche role and balance patches are frequent enough that investing in the "meta" could easily burn you later.
  22. If you're tired of thinking and just want a functional team to build, the most common starting comp is Frey / Epis / Maria / Jane. But the majority of the fun in this game comes from using heroes you like and team building, skipping out on it isn't recommended.
  25. >How Do I Grind?
  26. -Do all Daily Conquests at the highest difficult you can with the Hot Time Exp Booster Activated (Mission -> Event Mission)
  27. -If your main DPS is Magic: Run 6-8 Hard until you can do 6-8 Hell (beat 6-21 on Hard to unlock Hell) at which point you can stay there forever or move to 7-2/7-4 Hell once you're strong enough. Get the Lizardman Mask from completing ToC 60 asap.  
  28. -If your main DPS is Physical: Run 6-8 Hard or 6-16 Hard until you can do 1-8 Hell (beat 6-21 on Hard to unlock Hell) with a Goblin Mask and stay there forever or move to 7-2 Hell (can use Harpy Mask) or 7-4 Hell (best place to grind gold) once you're strong enough.
  30. If you're struggling before chapter 6 you likely just need to enhance or upgrade your gear. Do not bother with Dragon Raiding until at the very least Tier 6 though most wait till Tier 7. Around level 67-68 you should consider exp flasking all members of your team except your DPS in order to powergrind them up to 71 and the significant damage boost of T7 gear. If your tank can't survive 6-8 Hell / 1-8 Hell then powergrinding them is also a solid option.
  33. >What Time-gates should I be aware of?
  34. -Tower of Ordeals (Unlocks after Transcending your first Hero, resets each Monday)
  35. -Tower of Challenge (Unlocks in Chapter 2, resets at the first of each month)
  36. -Royal Underground Labyrinth (End-game difficulty, resets on the 16th of each month)
  37. -Purchasing Friendship Boxes from the Forge (Shop -> Misc., buy out the 60k boxes then the 300k's, resets each Monday)
  38. -Purchasing T8 Dragon Gear Tickets from the Forge (Shop -> T8, costs 460k a pop, guarantees 2 stats, resets each Monday)
  39. -Purchasing Unique Treasure Fragments from Arena League of Honor (requires 12 heroes, 1000 points to buy out, resets each Monday)
  40. -Buying the All Fragment 100 Package from the Special Shot (resets on the 1st and 16th of each month).
  42. >Do I need to reroll in this game?
  43. You do not need to and it's rather rare for instances to come up where rerolling is even a viable option. The first random reward of any significance doesn't occur until your 3rd day of playing. It's only truly viable to reroll during events where UW Tickets or 10x Pulls are being given away to everyone. If such an event isn't going on when you want to start it's not a big deal, the game is generous enough that even a sub-optimal start shouldn't impede you any.
  45. >When should I start doing Dragon Raids?
  46. Try to wait until BD70 and beyond, upgrading T6 gear to T7 is not cheap nor very sustainable. If you're getting blocked at Chapter 6 try enhancing Purple/Red gear before going to BD60's.
  48. >When should I start doing World Bosses?
  49. World Bosses unlock as soon as you have a hero hit level 60, you should use all your WB entries every day because you are rewarded on participation with boxes that can contain a variety of useful resources.
  51. >Is there any reason to keep my lower tier Legendary equipment once I'm level 71+?
  52. Not unless it's T6 with perfect substats. Grind it or sell it.
  54. >How do I (generally) build my tank?
  55. Recommended reading:
  56. TL;DR: Prioritize HP, Physical Block, and Physical Dodge. Last line depends on the tank. Not updated for Chapter 8 gearing, 6-6-4 of block/dodge/hp might be the way to go now but needs more time and discussion.
  58. >How do I (generally) build a DPS?
  59. Shoot for the following:
  60. -100% Crit rate between gear, skillbook perks, Preist's S2, sub-armor rune, and other skills/perks of your team.
  61. -1600 Attack Speed (the softcap) between the above, AS increases damage, cast speed, and mana gain. Some heroes don't need it (Crow).
  62. -1 line or enchantment of Lifesteal to keep them consistently healed.
  63. -Penetration as needed for the content you're dealing with and your team comp. If you have defense shredders you don't need as much.
  64. -MP Recovery / Attack as needed for specific heroes, varies quite a bit. Can calc from a hero's cast speed, CDs, and attack speed.  
  65. -Fill the rest with Attack and Critical Damage, consider your overall Attack +% and your overall Critical DMG +% and try to have them reasonably even. Most of the time this means taking more Crit DMG in your gear options than Attack.
  67. >How do I (generally) build my healer?
  68. Like a DPS except don't worry about Penetration or Lifesteal. Heals scale on Attack and can Crit (unless they're %-based heals). If using, for example, Frey purely for her shield or Mediana purely for her buff you can go strait Attack/Attack Speed and ignore Crit.
  70. >How are Dragon Tokens Calculated?
  71. One man raids give 5760 tokens at BD70 and 576 more for each level after. Ex. Solo BD75 gives 5760 + 576 * 5 = 8640.
  72. Two man raids give 6624 tokens at BD70 and 662.4 more for each level after.
  73. Three man raids give 7488 tokens at BD70 and 748.8 more for each level after.
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