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  1. Dear Ms. McCord,
  3. Thank you for getting back to me so promptly. As I mentioned, I have been undergoing inpatient treatment in northern Indiana since December 13th, and am still here; I am scheduled, as of now, to be discharged on Monday. (This is in addition to a prior multiple-day hospitalization in Bloomington at the end of November.) While I'm here, in the opinion of the clinical team, it's been essential for me to focus on treatment and recovery.
  5. I am very much looking forward to speaking with your office once I have returned to Bloomington. In the meantime, I am securing counsel to assist me in the investigative process. I will also need a few days' time after my return to get settled back at home; to arrange for ongoing outpatient treatment; to organize my thoughts about the events of the last several months; and to prepare adequately to speak with you and your office as your investigation proceeds.
  7. Given that, I am writing to ask if you could extend slightly your previously-mentioned deadline of January 28th by a week or two, such that we could speak (say) sometime during the week of February 11. Please let me know if that would be acceptable to you, and if so, what times that week would work. I very much appreciate your considering this request.
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