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  1. velkov:
  3. yo as a healer do u actually need any t2 for pala?
  4. Mattysaiyan:
  6. Not really bo
  7. no*
  8. velkov:
  10. nice
  11. so its all ret prio right :D
  12. Mattysaiyan:
  14. would be offspec/pvp for everyone
  15. dont have any ret mains though
  16. velkov:
  17. which further bring the Q
  18. is it alt ms> main OS or what :D
  19. Mattysaiyan:
  21. your paladin is only there to stop things being vendored though right
  22. thats what you said
  23. velkov:
  25. that was my initial idea yea
  26. but also when i got 0 loot on mage
  27. i might as well main alt it :D
  28. Mattysaiyan:
  30. wouldnt be much point
  31. you cant debuff the bosses so you would do no damage
  32. velkov:
  34. i know
  35. im just searching for something to justify my effort
  36. i wont mind healing in raids
  37. as long as i get the ret stuff i want
  38. Mattysaiyan:
  40. All I could say is your the same prio as any other alt
  41. otherwise why are they there
  42. velkov:
  44. you refer to my pala?
  45. Mattysaiyan:
  47. any character
  48. that is an alt
  49. velkov:
  51. and ofc thats fine
  52. i think theres 1 more ret wanna be
  53. so in ideal world it will be between us
  54. Mattysaiyan:
  56. are you really gonna spend 100g between raids to respec ret and back on a 3rd alt though
  57. i dont get it
  58. why you're even playing ret
  59. velkov:
  61. cause i want to ? not everything in the game is to min max
  62. i find it cool and fun spec
  63. i dont care if it doesnt perform well
  64. Mattysaiyan:
  66. so you're spending 100g every week?
  67. velkov:
  69. well idk if thats rly neccessary
  70. Mattysaiyan:
  72. well you need to be holy to heal bwl
  73. and you need to be ret to play ret right?
  74. velkov:
  76. well i havent healed in BWL but in MC i outhealed lot better geared holy paladins
  77. as ret :D
  78. Mattysaiyan:
  80. bwl is different
  81. firemaw was a 4min fight on mains
  82. ret cant sustain that mana
  83. especially with alt level of consumes
  84. velkov:
  86. if its so bad i will spec holy and stay that untill i get geared or smth
  87. Mattysaiyan:
  89. and then when you get geared you come as ret or not at all?
  90. velkov:
  92. well thats a good question
  93. it rly depends how we stand in our runs
  94. Mattysaiyan:
  96. Well if you come as afk w/e then you only get vendored gear imo, if you come as holy and heal then you get the same prio as every other alt on t2 etc
  97. Can't really offer more than that
  98. velkov:
  100. yea thats reasonable
  101. did u decide the general prio loot stuf with alts tho
  102. seemed a lot of pp lwere concerned
  103. Mattysaiyan:
  105. about alts vs mains?
  106. velkov:
  108. ye things like that
  109. Mattysaiyan:
  111. I thought the concern was alts and buyers
  112. velkov:
  114. that was oen of them
  115. ppl werent happy mains getting OS stuff that they dont rly need over alts
  116. Mattysaiyan:
  118. Well idk if anything needs sorting out, imo if an offspec is used for raids they get prio over everyone else' offspec/alt. If it's a pvp item, high rankers get prio on it over everyone else, if it's just some trash then maybe mains and alts are the same i
  119. depends on the item really
  120. velkov:
  122. well
  123. lot of mages went for 8p t1
  124. or as much as they could get
  125. when they rly dont use it in raids
  126. so it wasnt rly like that
  127. Mattysaiyan:
  129. Well it depends what they have also
  130. like people want different ones for the 3 set
  131. only things up for grabs are like robes for non-tailors when we havent have a robe of volatile power I think
  132. and belt
  133. obviously as more time has passed
  134. shoulders etc can be given out now as seen
  135. velkov:
  137. yea and there comes a mage buyer :D
  138. tomorrow
  139. Mattysaiyan:
  141. first ever
  142. velkov:
  144. is it?
  145. Mattysaiyan:
  147. or well maybe we had one last raid
  148. dunno it's the same person
  149. velkov:
  151. i will think what i will do
  152. obv we have mages plethora
  153. Mattysaiyan:
  155. yea
  156. obviously any gear you get on mage speeds up your aoe farm for gold etc
  157. compared to shit ret pala which aint farming shit
  158. velkov:
  160. how can a CL talk like that to the best ret paladin i nthe guild :(
  161. Mattysaiyan:
  163. I dont talk to myself
  164. velkov:
  166. lololo
  167. well cheers, as i said i will think about it obv we need healers and i dont mind heal if im still considered MS ret
  168. and holy paladins dont get ret stuff over me
  169. and for holy items i dont rly care i will just suck in the meter :D
  170. Mattysaiyan:
  172. well people might start doing the same if they see you do that
  173. I know panadin is "ret ms"
  174. velkov:
  176. well isnt he already doing that?
  177. he is healing and
  178. got ret item over me
  179. Mattysaiyan:
  181. yea he just started doing that I think
  182. rob wasnt happy
  183. velkov:
  185. cause he said he is ret ms
  186. why rob
  187. they dont usually want same items
  188. Mattysaiyan:
  190. because he got rag cloak
  191. velkov:
  193. wasnt that weird pug raid when we roleld stuff?
  194. Mattysaiyan:
  196. yea
  197. velkov:
  199. well in that case to not have mad ppl
  200. we should come as DPS :D
  201. Mattysaiyan:
  203. that doesnt help us though
  204. velkov:
  206. well yea
  207. thats why we need some rules etc
  208. so we dont have mad ppl
  209. and we know whats going
  210. velkov:
  212. anyway cheers i need to go to bed gn
  213. Mattysaiyan:
  215. cya
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