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Nov 23rd, 2014
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  1. 'Both aeliss and cpcitor have looked at and run my wip of arnold. Both have pointed me at problems and have been very helpful. Aeliss' work is very much appreciated and I am integrating this and that of arnold tng into it. I use this emu most days. I build it on 64 bit Linux and 32 bit Windows. I use the very accurate inkz80 core which a friend has written which passes all instruction exercisers, we are resolving the timing issues now.
  2. I do listen to all the feedback I have received and recently spent a lot of time fixing memory leaks, compiler warnings and 64 bit build issues. No public version from me yet. I am happy for aeliss to share his.' (Arnoldemu)
  4. *****
  6. 'The version called "My_arnold" isn't official, it s just a project I have started because Arnold is my favorite emul (open source and lot of comment/documentation in the code, really instructive, I think the code is more interesting than the executable) and stopped when I have seen ArnoldEmu was working again on his official version... For the description, it s just an Arnold version (so work with GX4000 and 6128 plus version) with somes correctives/additions like full joystick support for 2 players (with sensitivity setting), better fullscreen, sound core correction, an horizontal distorsion bug, speed drive during loading, better auto-run to use it with command line.
  7. And more important, a beta feature to use it like a console from your couch, only with pad you can simulate some keys like enter or space, or acces to a "on screen menu" with a complete keyboard (a crappy but working interface ^^ not yet a virtual keyboard). You can too load/save your state when you want, switch 6128/6128plus system for incompatibles games or switch disk, the appli search automaticaly the next disk.
  9. I don't think I will continue this project because all I can do will be useless when the new official version will be finished, and Kevin have already do lot of work, IDK if he have a date but I don't want to spend time on a version that will be obsolete in few month. I prefer wait for the new version to work on it.
  10. Anyway this version is better than the original :) and I use it in a special machine in my lounge without problem for games, the Kevin's core is really good I have only somes problems with rasters effects, but too much work needed to correct them.' (Aeliss)
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