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  1. Olm:
  2. Guide to set olm:
  4. After the final raids room you should be setting up your inventory, using any potions to heal up/ stamina potion.
  5. Never bank at the 1st chest unless you're splitting an ovl this is almost always slower.
  6. Do not get run at the pool unless no stamina and under 20 run.
  7. As you enter the final chest room, select private chest, bank your unnecessary items and then grab your pots.
  8. Gearing for olm reference:
  11. Everyone runs in and dwh, meleer should scythe once then bgs (applies to each phase)
  12. Olm should always be mage skipped
  13. If a spec room was towards end of the raid and everyone comes in with 30spec, melee should kill mage hand until dead and then everyone specs melee and kills melee.
  14. If you're specing late as a runner/mager while mage hand is still alive, do not mess up the head cycle. Spec when head goes from melee to mage side then swap back to mage gear and join the cycle.
  15. Maximize DPS always, runners shouldn't spam brew unless head gets messed up.
  16. Try to brew on 15seconds overload tick to keep maximum stats.
  17. *NOTE: overload timer sometimes gets off by 2-4 seconds due to a bug, you can brew at 30s but wont recover till 27s sometimes.
  18. Melee should switch from mage gear to melee the tick they do a mage attack to avoid missing any ticks after a cripple.
  19. Melee: If melee cripples around 50/40% mage hand health and uncripples before mage hand is dead, kill mage hand before attacking melee hand again to avoid re cripple so no ticks wasted switching from mage hand to melee hand.
  20. Magers/Runners: If you get a big xp drop on mage hand when its about to die, instantly start switching to melee gear to avoid missing ticks.
  21. You can equip your melee weapon first and click on hand then put on gear to avoid missing ticks.
  22. Always try to be doing damage during acid/crystals.
  23. Everyone should DD 1 square and the person with acid should run and do dps without ragging the team.
  24. Video reference: *NOTE This probably isn't the most efficient method to avoid damage, it's just a simple method to do dps without taking maximum damage and not stepping on your team.
  25. If your teammate is on thumb after mage -> melee and you have acid/burn/crystal, still go for the attack even if it hits them, don't waste dps because they don't know to not be on thumb.
  26. You can be on top of eachother with burn until the 6th burn. Make sure everyone is seperated on the 6th burn.
  27. Bombs will explode 1 tick after olms attack actually hits you.
  28. Melee and mager should always hug the most outer walls on head phase to avoid flame wall.
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