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  1. avishai cohen,duende,ballad for an unborn
  2. avishai cohen,duende with nitai hershkovits,all of you
  3. avishai cohen,duende with nitai hershkovits,ballad for an unborn
  4. avishai cohen,duende with nitai hershkovits,central park west
  5. avishai cohen,duende with nitai hershkovits,four verses continuation
  6. avishai cohen,duende with nitai hershkovits,signature
  7. avishai cohen,duende with nitai hershkovits,soof
  8. avishai cohen with nitai hershkovits,duende,all of you
  9. avishai cohen with nitai hershkovits,duende,anns tune
  10. avishai cohen with nitai hershkovits,duende,calm
  11. avishai cohen with nitai hershkovits,duende,central park west
  12. avishai cohen with nitai hershkovits,duende,criss cross
  13. avishai cohen with nitai hershkovits,duende,four verses continuation
  14. avishai cohen with nitai hershkovits,duende,signature
  15. avishai cohen with nitai hershkovits,duende,soof
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