HAnonibal in Equestria (Complete)

Sep 5th, 2015
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  1. >The air in the elevator was chilly to say least. The single dim light bulb inside swaying as the box descended into the deepest levels of the prison.
  2. >This was a lost cause in your opinion, but the director thought that if they sent you maybe, just maybe they could get an insight into the mind of the psycho who was terrorizing Canterlot.
  3. >The elevator shook as it hit the lowest level, the old gears scraping as the doors struggled to open.
  4. >Moving out into the hallway you looked around, from one end of the hall you saw a guard approaching.
  5. >As soon as he reached you, you presented your badge. More out of habit than necessity, the guard was probably already briefed as to why you were there.
  6. >”You must be Agent Puzzle Piece, I was instructed to take you to the high security section.”
  7. “Yes, thank you. Show the way.”
  8. >Without another word you followed the colt, the noise of your hooves amplified in the empty hall.
  9. >It was almost off putting, moments later you stood in front of a large metal door.
  10. >”You have special permission to speak privately with the prisoner, but there are rules that I must brief you on.”
  11. “Go on.”
  12. >”Firstly, stay at least three feet away from the glass. Secondly, under no circumstances may you pass anything to him, a quill, parchment or anything else.”
  13. >”Lastly, and this is more of a warning than a rule, if he escapes I will not open this door under any circumstance until our reaction team is here to restrain him.”
  14. >In essence if he escapes you’ll be stuck in there with him, peachy.
  15. “I know the risks, open the door.”
  16. >The door creaked, sending another echo down the hall. Stepping inside you let your eyes adjust to the much brighter atmosphere.
  17. >Slowly you began to advance forward, passing empty cells, each open to view through a clear glass and completely devoid of any life.
  18. >You might have been imagining it, but you could’ve sworn that the temperature actually decreased to closer you got to the end.
  19. >The door which you had passed through slammed closed behind you, sending a chill down your spine.
  20. >When you stepped in front of the last cell, you peered inside. Standing in the middle was a creature you had only heard stories of.
  21. >Standing upright on its hind legs, it seemed to evaluate you with a smile on its face.
  22. >”Good Morning little pony. Have you come to have a chat with me?”
  25. >The blue mare stood her ground in front of your cell. Honestly it was impressive since most ponies usually fainted after being in your presence for mere moments.
  26. “Now, as all polite conversations start we should introduce ourselves. Without a doubt you already know who I am and why I am here, so you have me at a disadvantage.”
  27. >”I am Agent Puzzle Piece with the Equestrian Investigative Agency. I am here because the director believes you can help us catch a criminal.”
  28. “And do you think I will help?”
  29. >”Truthfully, I believe this is a waste of time, which I could be using finding this creep and locking him up right next to you.”
  30. “Now, now, no need to be so hostile. Judging by the fact your director sent you to me you have yourself a very peculiar criminal.”
  31. >Her eyes followed your every movement as you paced in your cell, to her it must have looked as if you were nothing more than a caged lion.
  32. “One that has very distinct tastes. So tell me Puzzle, how many victims bear his mark? I am of course assuming he left a mark.”
  33. >”How did you…”
  34. “Oh it’s quite easy to figure really, most in his particular position would choose to leave their victims with a, memory of themselves.”
  35. >The manic smile on your face caused the mare to recoil. You did it more out of curiosity of her reaction than real malice.
  36. “And lastly, resorting to me for help means that your naughty friend probably got himself someone of importance.”
  37. >”Yes, you are correct in that regard. Again I fail to see how you’ll be able to help.”
  38. “Oh, but I already have. Now run along, once you figure out the answer, the question you should be asking will make sense.”
  41. In another more nefarious place
  42. >A colt lay bound and gagged on what looked like a mattress with not so fresh sheets.
  43. >As the wooden door opened his ears perked up, struggling against his bindings in vain he only managed to look like a worm trying to escape his fate from a bird.
  44. >Hoof falls signaled that his tormentor approached, each floorboard creaking menacingly with every step taken.
  45. “Did you miss me? You should know I missed you. Now where did we leave off yesterday? Ah yes the belly rubs.”
  46. >The colt only struggled more against his binds, realizing the torture he was about to endure.
  47. >Slowly you lay next to the defenseless colt, your hoof resting on his side. Slowly sliding yourself against him you made him into the little spoon.
  48. “Don’t act like your against this, try to enjoy yourself.” You whispered in his ear with as sultry a tone as you could muster.
  49. >The hoof which was resting on his side, finally found its way to his taught belly. The whimper from the colt reached your ears.
  50. >Tonight was going to be a good night.
  53. >When you arrived at your apartment after visiting the nuthouse slash jail you were completely spent, exhaustion and frustration wearing on your diminutive frame.
  54. >The whole trip was nothing more than a waste of time, the human had shed no more light on the situation than you and the rest of the team had figured out on your own.
  55. >Maybe the director was wrong, should you view this case from a different angle somehow?
  56. >He did confound you with the fact that he had knowledge of the offender leaving a mark on his victims. Even the papers weren't privy to that knowledge.
  57. >Which would mean that either the human knew more than he was letting on or he was really good at guessing.
  58. >Whichever the case was, you were going to sleep on the new information and take a look at with refreshed set of eyes tomorrow.
  59. >It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep after your body hit the soft embrace of the bed.
  60. >A few hours into the night you awoke with a start, jumping to your hooves you dashed to your desk.
  61. >Various files littered it; notes, pictures and various other papers littered it surface.
  62. >Where was it? You could have sworn it was here earlier. There!
  63. >Picking up the picture you studied its contents. Trimmed into the colts belly was a symbol.
  64. >A lone party hat.
  65. >The human’s words replayed in your head, and with a startling realization you now knew that unlike what you and the others theorized before this wasn’t the criminal’s cutie mark.
  66. >It was his calling card, which meant that the symbol meant more than being a simple party hat. It could either be how he found his victims or where his motif came from.
  67. >Now convinced, if only slightly more than before you resolved to go back and question the human further.
  70. >"Anonymous, how are you on this fine morning?”
  71. >Looking up from your vanilla pudding cup your eyes rested on the warden. Bringing another spoonful of deliciousness to your lips you gave him a small smile.
  72. “Quite well Warden, it is odd however, usually you don’t come to see me until well into the evenings. So it makes me wonder if there’s an ulterior motive.”
  73. >”Come now Anon, were all friends here. I’m just curious about the conversation you and the agent from yesterday had.”
  74. >Taking another spoonful, you attempted to look thoughtful. You weren’t exactly a fan of vanilla but after the incident with the last guard you were being punished.
  75. >She was a clumsy mare, and spilt the juice that you were going to enjoy with dinner. Which had forced you to go only with water with dinner that evening, it was barbaric.
  76. >So naturally, you leveled the scale by telling her a story. It only took them an hour to realize she hadn’t returned from her rounds.
  77. >When they finally did find her, in front of your cell, she was a pile of weeping pony flesh. Unable to even stand on her own four hooves.
  78. >What story did you tell her? It was a classic, and you didn’t even tell her the entire thing. Just a small excerpt from Bambi, more particularly, the scenes about Bambi’s mother.
  79. >But back to the warden’s question.
  80. “The Agent was here to ask some questions about the recent attacks. I tried to be as helpful as possible, but I have been here for the past few weeks so I wasn’t sure what kind of help I could offer.”
  81. >”Well that’s too bad, bad ponies need to be punished so they can become proper members of society.”
  82. >With a wave the warden left you alone again. Looking down into the half eaten pudding cup you dipped your spoon in for another helping.
  83. “Hopefully, they’ll have chocolate pudding tonight.”
  86. >The carriage ride back to the prison was a somber affair. The gray sky, made it even more ominous than anything else.
  87. >The morning after your newest insight into the case, you were woken by a thunderous pounding on your door. The agency courier greeted you with horrible news.
  88. >She dropped off the scroll which bore the symbol of the EIA, after you unrolled it your heart sank and mouth became dry as you saw its contents.
  89. >The latest victim had been found, which could only mean that the frequency of the attacks was accelerating.
  90. >Prince Blueblood, a member of the Royal family was found unconscious in the Canterlot Public Park in the dark hours of the morning, by a passing guard.
  91. >The party hat, neatly and almost expertly trimmed, adorned his torso like the others. It was only a matter of time before the press got a hold of this.
  92. >There were things that could be done to delay the public finding out if it was a common mare or stallion, but royalty? Time was going to be in short supply.
  93. >Which is why you were headed back to the prison. Previously you dismissed the aid the ape creature could offer, now you were going to utilize him whether he liked it or not.
  94. >Passing the familiar gate, the carriage you were in rode to the front of the building. Disembarking you walked inside, only to be greeted by the warden.
  95. “Agent Puzzle, how lovely to see you again. Are you here to visit our dear Anon?”
  96. “Yes, certain events have led me to believe he could be more useful than originally thought. Unless there’s a problem with me seeing him again?”
  97. >”Oh not at all. Today is his arts and crafts day, so he’s in the classroom. I’ll get a guard to escort you there.” You saw the warden flag down one of the roving guards.
  98. “Thank you again warden.”
  99. >”No problem, poor Anon get’s so few visitors, it’s nice to see him interacting with others.”
  100. >With a nod, you followed the guard through the various hallways. Passing by various inmates, most were busy either playing tag or duck, duck, gryphon.
  101. >Prison was only for the most hardened of criminals after all. In almost no time at you reached your destination.
  102. >The guard stopped at the set of double doors, and motioned for you to go inside.
  103. >Time to face the monster yet again.
  105. >Fold it there, and there. Wait, is a crane supposed to have four wings. Crap, okay let’s start again, first bend.
  106. >Man you sucked at origami, trying to do this from memory was a lot harder, but since you didn’t come to this world with any books on the subject you were left with no choice.
  107. >Hearing the classroom’s double doors open you looked up. The visage of the blue mare from yesterday could be seen approaching your glass containment cube.
  108. “Lovely to see you again Puzzle, tell me do you know how to make an origami crane?” You held up a crane, well it resembled a crane, you think.
  109. >”What’s origami?”
  110. “It’s really fun, you simply take a square sheet of paper and you can make anything your mind can come up with.”
  111. >The mare was standing right against the glass gazing at your creations, her original purpose for being here being briefly forgotten.
  112. “But I doubt you’re here to observe a human’s attempt at paper craft, and judging by your demeanor I can safely assume our friend has struck again.”
  113. >”We found the body this morning, his belly had the same symbol trimmed into it. Prince Blueblood will be fine physically, but emotionally he may never recover.”
  114. “How unfortunate.” Dang you messed up the crane again, maybe you should take a break.
  115. >Standing up you walked over to where the blue equine stood. Leaning down so your face was directly in front of hers with only a glass partition separating you, you smiled.
  116. “So did you figure out the question yet? I would think that someone who comes from such a long line law enforcement would have no issue figuring out such a simple thing.”
  117. >”How did you?”
  118. “How did I know, about you and your family? Come now I may look like a monster to you but I assure you, I do know how to read. Add the fact that you come from a long family of agents it wouldn’t be hard to figure out.”
  119. >Standing up straight again you returned to the desk in the center of the enclosure, sitting down you grabbed a fresh sheet of paper and went back to trying to make a damn crane.
  120. >”The symbol, it’s something he hates isn’t it?”
  121. “What makes you think that? It could be a multitude of things. Maybe it’s something he enjoyed doing when he was younger.”
  122. >”Why do you keep saying ‘he’, we don’t know it’s a stallion.”
  123. >Chuckling you held up the newest completed piece, shit this one looked like a dog.
  124. “My mistake, how could I ever presume that it was a he. But it does make you wonder, who could possibly have access to the Royal Family, someone who can move about freely without any suspicion.”
  125. >With that last sentence, you saw the mare’s eyes grow wide before she sprinted from the room.
  126. >Was it something you said?
  127. >Anyway back to paper birdies.
  128. >Shortly after your guest left the doors opened again, pulling your attention from the crafts. One of the guards walked in pushing a cart with what looked like you’re lunch.
  129. >Grinning, you had a nice thought. It has been some time since you had lunch outside.
  132. >You rushed through the prison as quickly as you could, most ponies looking at you inquisitively as you used your magic to slam the doors blocking your path open.
  133. >Why didn’t you think of it earlier, the answer to the identity of the criminal was starring the entire agency in the face the whole time.
  134. >Finally outside you looked around for the carriage that brought you there, seeing it parked on the side of the gate you ran to it .
  135. >Hopping into the carriage you told the stallions in front to head to Canterlot proper.
  136. >Fumbling through the bag with various tools, notepads, you fished out the scroll that was delivered to you that very morning and skimmed through it again for the key piece of information.
  137. >Telling the galloping stallions the precise address of your destination you sat back and got ready to face the villain.
  138. >Your heart was pounding a mile a minute as homes flew by the carriage. It was still early, so chances were that the fiend didn’t abduct a new victim.
  139. >You had the element of surprise; the situation was in your favor.
  140. >The carriage grinding to halt broke you out of your thoughts. Jumping out you informed the stallions to return to the agency and get you some backup immediately.
  141. >Chances were that he didn’t know you were on to him, well he wasn’t getting away. As you stepped forward the carriage took off behind you.
  142. >As stealthily as you could you snuck around the edge of the house. If you could sneak in without him realizing it, you could capture him without any struggle.
  143. >As your head peaked around the corner your entire world went dark.
  144. >What a wonderful day, after you saw your guest out this morning you felt so rejuvenated.
  145. >While getting ready for work you heard some commotion outside, walking over to the window you used your wing to pull one of the blinds to the side to peek outside.
  146. >A carriage stopped right by your house, a single mare jumping out. It looked like she was coming towards your home.
  147. >Letting the blind which you held with your wing slide back into place, you stepped away from the window.
  148. >No, not now. It’s not going to end yet. Not until you showed them.
  149. >It looked like the mare was sneaking around the back, well she was going to be in for a surprise.
  150. >Grabbing a vase you walked out the back door and waited by the edge of the house, the moment the mare’s head came into view you brought the ceramic down on top of her head.
  151. >Looking around to see if anyone noticed the sudden noise, you were happy to see it go unnoticed.
  152. >Taking to the air you picked up the mare in your hooves and flapped your way back inside and into the special room.
  153. >Securing her legs with rope you laid her on the same mattress your last victim occupied. Slowly it looked like the mare was coming to.
  154. >”Uhhh my head. Anybody see the minutaor that hit me?”
  155. “Unfortunately not, but you did come to the wrong place today Agent Puzzle.”
  156. >The mare’s eyes widened in disbelief as you held her badge in your wing. That same disbelief turning to horror as she realized the position she was in.
  157. “Now you were not one of the ponies who were supposed to share in this, but just once I’ll make an exception.”
  158. >”Why are you doing this? You’re a guard. You’re supposed to protect ponies not harm them like this!”
  159. “And where were the guards when they snuggled me without my consent. A party which turned into a depraved snuggle fest.”
  160. >You clutched the trimming clippers in your dexterous wing and advanced on the mare.
  161. “I went to the guards and told them what happened; do you know what they did? They laughed at me. So I swore that I’d get back at them, all of them. And now you’re just a bonus.”
  162. >Just as you were about to begin the door to your home exploded inwards.
  163. >”Staunch Buckler, drop those clipper’s and give yourself up!”
  166. >From your place on the ground you watched as several agents piled on top of the criminal. And after a brief struggle he was finally restrained.
  167. >It was over, the bad guy was caught and no one else got hurt. After he was hauled out you were untied and led back outside. Several carriages all from the agency surrounded the house.
  168. >Talk about cutting it close, had they taken any longer he might have gotten your chest tuft.
  169. >Sitting down on the steps of one of the carriages you relaxed, until a young unicorn colt approached you.
  170. >”Excuse me are you Miss Puzzle?”
  171. “Yes, I am. What can I do for you?”
  172. >”I was told that you’d be here and to give this to you.”
  173. >You saw a paper crane float from inside his bag towards you. Gripping it in your own magic you held it at eye level.
  174. “Thank you, you should leave, this is a crime scene.”
  175. >Inspecting you saw that there was writing on the paper. Unfolding the crane it revealed a letter.
  176. Dear Miss Puzzle,
  177. I sincerely hope that you caught your perpetrator; such a criminal should not be left to wander the streets of a civilized society. Myself, I have grown tired of life behind bars, so in light of the wonderful spring weather I have decided to visit some old friends.
  178. See you soon,
  179. Anonymous
  180. >The world just became a much more dangerous place.
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