Custom Shikki Tech

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  1. Greater Weapon: Transformation (B)
  3. The Shikki transforms into their select weapon by molding essence through their body, hardening their exterior, and shaping themselves into their image's design.  They are able to fixate themselves into a weapon that they have practiced transforming into for many years, and generally. This is an expanded version of the base transformation, allowing for an even more durable and dealy weapon to be produced.
  4. (New)
  5. (Weapon: Katana)
  6. (Transforms into a weapon.)
  7. (Durability: Durability Statistic + 15.)
  8. (Add +15 to Damage Calculation.)
  9. Essence Drain: 500
  10. (Novice)
  11. (Weapon: Katana)
  12. (Transforms into a weapon.)
  13. (Durability: Durability Statistic + 15.)
  14. (Add +17 to Damage Calculation.)
  15. Essence Drain: 500
  17. (Vetren)
  18. (Weapon: Katana)
  19. (Transforms into a weapon.)
  20. (Durability: Durability Statistic + 17.)
  21. (Add +20 to Damage Calculation.)
  22. Essence Drain: 500
  24. (Master)
  25. (Weapon: Katana)
  26. (Transforms into a weapon.)
  27. (Durability: Durability Statistic + 20.)
  28. (Add +20 to Damage Calculation.)
  29. (For the Cost of 200 Addtional Essence they can coat themselfs in an element they are trained in for Various effects)
  30. (Fire: Burn the opponent, adding to the base damage calculations.  Spirit + 10 VS Spirit Defense; .)
  31. (Water: Lower the opponent's Parry Calculation against the the Shiki by 10 Points.  Deals only one hit of Spirit + 5 VS Spirit Defense.)
  32. (Earth: Increase Damage by 10 Points.  Does not lower Attack Speed.)
  33. (Wind: Cuts the opponent.  Spirit + 10 VS Opponent's Durability twice.)
  34. (Lightning: Electrify the target.  Spirit + 10 VS Opponent's Spirit Defense,  Lower opponent's Speed, Attack Speed, and Reflex by 3 Points when struck, for two rounds, unstackable.)
  35. (Steel: Endow's the user with new Sharpness and Durability. +10 to Damage Calculation +10 Endurance.)
  36. (Dark: Drain the target. Spirit +15 Vs spirit Defense. Drains target of 500 essence but does not give it to the Shiki or weilder)
  37. (Light:Deals Damage that stops Regeneration. . Spirit +15 Vs spirit Defense stops Regeneration abilities for a turn)
  39. Essence Drain: 500
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