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  1. Hank groans as he slams  his fist down on the alarm clock. He didn't feel like getting out of bed today but was sure he would get another lecture from Fowler if he skips work. He threw the covers off and shuffled his way to bathroom.  Once Hank was done showering he fed Sumo and decided to grab whatever breakfast pastry was left from the fridge and his keys before heading out.
  3. Mornings are usually very slow at the DPD. There aren't that many cases and everyone seems seems to be running on autopilot. Hank sighed as he sat down at his desk. He was still groggy from the night before and his head still hurt from the hangover but he would have to endure it. Just then Officer Wilson walked his desk
  5. "Mornin, Hank", he said, putting down a cup of coffee "Rough night?",
  7. Hank only let out a rough laugh "I'll fuckin say. Heads killing me", Ben was the only person at the DPD who Hank really got along with besides Chris. The two would occasionally talk about cases over coffee while Ben talks about his family. Just then Hank notices Gavin walk in  while talking to Chris
  9. "Here comes Detective Asshole", Hank muttered under his breath. Hank thinks Gavin must have heard him because he turns and grins at him.
  11. "Well Well, look who decided to work today", Gavin sneered. Hank wanted nothing more than to punch him in his ugly face
  13. "What, you finally run out of booze Anderson?", Gavin continued. But Hank decided to just ignore him. Ben stepped in and put a hand on Gavin's shoulder
  15. "That's enough, Gavin", Ben said sternly. But Gavin (being a stubborn prick) wasn't haven't it. He pushed Ben's hand off and continued his little attack on Hank
  17. "I'm surprised that you haven't drank yourself into a coma yet", Hank  stood up from his seat. While Gavin may be a stubborn asshole Hank was still bigger than he was. He grabs Gavin by the shirt and pulls him close
  19. "Listen,asshole. I'm not in the mood to deal with your shit!! So either fuck off or I give you another scar!", Gavin swallowed as he pulled away from Hank's grip, muttering to himself.
  21. "Don't let him get to you Hank. Gavin's just trying to rile you up", Ben said as he looked over at Gavin who was sitting with his  legs on top of his desk.
  23. Hank knew that Gavin was trying to get under his skin. He knew and yet he still let him. When work was over the first thing Hank did when he got home was lie down on the couch. He was too tired to make it to the bed. Sumo whined and nudged Hank's hand with his nose prompting Hank to scratch behind his ears. He decided to just  drink the rest of his whiskey and fall asleep while watching TV.  Not like I have anything else to do he thought as he poured the last of the whiskey and turned on the game. Most of time  Hank would dream about work or cases. They wouldn't make the most since and Hank could never figure them out. Other times, he dreamed of Cole. He would dream about taking Cole to birthday parties and to the park. About playing in fields with him and Sumo while Cole chased the happy puppy. But the dreams quickly turned into nightmares. Everything was dark and the flowers under them had quickly wilted.
  25. "Dad?", Cole's voice rang out, sounding worried and scared.
  27. Hank turned... And his body froze. There was Cole  with scratches and blood over his small body. He could still see shards of glass from the crash.
  29. "Why did you let me die?", Cole asked with hint of sadness in his eyes
  31. Hank shook his head "No, No I didn't let you die!!",
  33. "But you did. You didn't save me",
  35. Hank took a few steps back until he was backed against some sort of wall. When he turned to look at Cole again. His eyes were no longer blue. Instead they were piercing red like that of demon
  37. "You. Let. Me. DIE!!" Not-Cole said, screaming out the last word
  39. Hank woke up with a start. He was breathing heavily and his shirt was drenched with sweat.  It was just a dream. Hank threw away his whiskey bottle and headed to bed.
  41. The next day at work Tina stopped Hank and asked if he wanted to come with everyone to see a meteor shower.
  43. "I don't know"
  45. "Come on it'll be fun! Everyone's gonna be there", Tina said excitedly
  47. Hank thought for a moment before signing in defeat  "Alright fine",
  49. Tina bounced up and down like a child on sugar "Great! It's tonight on the hill just outside of town. Don't be late!" She called out grabbing her coffee.  Hank didn't get out as much so maybe this was what he needed. An hour and a  one gravely drive later and he was there. A hill that seem to look out into the city of Detroit. The city seemed so alive even at this late at night.
  51. "You finally made it!!",
  53. Hank looked over and saw Tina waving him down. With her was Chris who was with his son Damien and Gavin who was glaring at Hank.
  55. Hank made his way over to them "Didn't want to disappoint ya"
  56. Gavin chuckled "Trust me Anderson, No one would have been disappointed. Tina elbowed Gavin in the stomach.
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