Gutsu Techs

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  1. [b]Gutsu Gutsu no Mi[/b]
  2. [u]Type:[/u] DF Base
  3. [u]Range:[/u] N/A
  4. [u]Power:[/u] N/A
  5. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  6. [u]Description:[/u] Turns the eater into a blast furnace man. They are able to melt down, consume and reshape any metallic ore, then draw it from their stomach. Ores retain the material tier they were consumed as or can be strengthened via techniques. The user is immune to the heat generated by their powers.
  8. [b]Pirate King's Arms[/b] 14
  9. [u]Type:[/u] Supportive
  10. [u]Range:[/u] N/A
  11. [u]Power:[/u] 0
  12. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  13. [u]Description:[/u] Using the powers of his fruit, Peco pulls a freshly forged weapon from his stomach. This can range in size between small and easy to conceal weapons up to larger weapons such as two handed swords. They have starter durability. (10 Construct, 4 Starter)
  15. [b]Pirate King's Hunger[/b] 14
  16. [u]Type:[/u] Offensive
  17. [u]Range:[/u] Melee
  18. [u]Power:[/u] 0
  19. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  20. [u]Description:[/u] Allowing the heat from his forge to swell within, Peco is able to soften forged materials and eat them as easily as he eats ore. As such, he has no problem chowing down on starter tier objects. (14 Starter Breaking)
  22. [b]Pirate King's Steamy Passion[/b] 8
  23. [u]Type:[/u] Supportive
  24. [u]Range:[/u] Short AoE
  25. [u]Power:[/u] 0
  26. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  27. [u]Description:[/u] After guzzling down a hefty dose of water, Peco quickly heats it up within his body and expels it from his stomach. This results in a small cloud of searingly hot steam erupting from him. (Short AoE- Free)
  29. [b]Pirate King's Smoldering Bravado[/b] 8
  30. [u]Type:[/u] Supportive
  31. [u]Range:[/u] Short AoE
  32. [u]Power:[/u] 4
  33. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  34. [u]Description:[/u] After eating wood or a similarly dirty source of fuel, Peco burns it within his body and expels a cloud of smoke from his belly. Useful for quickly obscuring small areas. (Smoke -4, Short AoE- Free)
  36. [b]Pirate King's Burning Desire[/b] 8
  37. [u]Type:[/u] Supportive
  38. [u]Range:[/u] N/A
  39. [u]Power:[/u] 8
  40. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  41. [u]Description:[/u] Dipping both hands or a weapon into his stomach, Peco is able to coat it in oppressively hot molten ore. Until it has been dispelled, the applied area gains a metallic shine and causes burning damage. (Non Stat Buff, Elemental Damage)
  43. [b]Pirate King's Cunning Trap[/b] 4
  44. [u]Type:[/u] Supportive
  45. [u]Range:[/u] Melee
  46. [u]Power:[/u] 0
  47. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  48. [u]Description:[/u] Expelling molten ore from his chest, Peco produces starter tier chains that ensnare a target. (Starter Bind 4)
  50. [b]Pirate King's Glassy Pop[/b] 4
  51. [u]Type:[/u] Offensive
  52. [u]Range:[/u] Short AoE
  53. [u]Power:[/u] 4
  54. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  55. [u]Description:[/u] After consuming sand, Peco super heats the material in his body in order to produce a fist-sized piece of glass shaped like a tadpole known as a Prince Rupert Drop. The bulb is oddly resilient, but the slightest touch of the tail causes it to burst into a small cloud of shards. (Short Aoe- Free)
  57. [b]Pirate King's Golden Touch[/b] 1
  58. [u]Type:[/u] Supportive
  59. [u]Range:[/u] Short AoE
  60. [u]Power:[/u] 1
  61. [u]Stats:[/u] N/A
  62. [u]Description:[/u] Having consumed a princely sum of fool's gold, Peco expels a rather harmless spray of the glamorous looking material to coat a small area. The result is whatever is coated appearing quite fancy, but it doesn't impede movement at all and flakes off quite easily. (Short AoE- Free)
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