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  1. Armas in General:
  3. -Don’t sleep.
  4. -Don’t eat.
  5. -GOG Gas (can fly, move everything at will, can never get stuck, etc except for Preah)
  6. -Unkillable, unbreakable.
  7. -Immortal.
  8. -Made from untraceable alien schematics.
  9. -The single most expensive commodity in the history of humanity, each costing roughly as much as a whole Capital Ship like the Second.
  10. -Former humanoids; their memories have been erased/repressed.
  11. -Their whole body, including chips, is made out of anima derivates.
  12. -The Capital Ships only weapon against the Hands.
  13. -Very childish nature; will throw tantrums, will bully, will break each other's stuff. Can only mature through each other.
  14. -Used to melt without proper care, now the atmosphere is so cold that it keeps their constitution in check.
  15. -Genderless, both in appearance, voice, and constitution.
  16. -There is no properly established behavior for Armas of any sort.
  17. -Can feel the world around her through their GOG gas, as if they were touching everything at once. (Expect Preah)
  18. -Can feel their own and each other's GOG gas and distinguish them (Preah can feel neither hers nor others)
  20. Setting:
  22. -The atmosphere is fucked up. Mother EKE is deactivated. There's a hole to space in the sky. Planet is so cold that the Takers, the real Arma nemesis, don't care about the planet at all.
  23. -Three layers: The top layer is frozen, the layer below is pure ice, and the layer under is underwater and where the sunken cities are. There are ship carcasses in the top layer, abandoned capital ships, artificial parks, etc. There's also the abyssal layer which would be where the actual oceans of the planet are (the deepest part of the world) which is where Noctogus dwells.
  24. --The second layer made entirely
  25. --There's a habitable, deserted place with actual air between the third layer and the abyss.
  28. Raisin, the Architect
  30. -Likes making houses and furniture. Works from the top-down.
  31. -Loves teasing, but gets mad easily.
  32. -That's pretty much all I have on her for now.
  34. Strawberry, the Talker (Psychology)
  36. -Serious ESFP type?
  37. -Extremely interested in psychology and everything related to people’s behavior.
  38. -Carries a little notebook everywhere.
  39. -Psychoanalyzing everyone all the time.
  40. -Will start fights for the sake of her research.
  41. -Will try to fall in love for the sake of her research.
  42. -Will do ANYTHING to get the desired reaction out of someone. This often gets her in trouble with the rest.
  43. -Helps everyone understand each other.
  44. -Helps Writer with the realism of her characters.
  47. Happy, the Player
  49. -Lives and dies for games. Everything is a game. Fun or not.
  50. -Good at moving everyone for her own cause.
  51. -The most acknowledged of the Armas, since her field requires the help of everyone else.
  52. -Considers life itself a game and treats it as such.
  53. -Very interested in the underlying mechanics of everything.
  54. -Main question in life is "what is fun?"
  55. -Can't do anything on her own but design. Depends on the rest, pretty much.
  56. -Wants peace and love for her own selfish sake.
  59. the Musician:
  61. -Tall and muscular.
  62. -Actually the single most solitary of all Armas, locked on her own and dealing with her music all day every day.
  63. -Sometimes won't even come out for sunlight.
  64. -Made due at the start with just any kind of imaginable sound she could draw from things. For example, the sound water falling, of rocks crashing, of steel hitting things, of her own fingers and sounds of her mouth. Until Explorer found a guitar and that changed its life.
  65. -Talks mostly with Engineer and Historian.
  68. Preah, the Artist (Painting, Sculpting, Clothes designer)
  70. -Everyone is amazed by how she can get by without GOG gas, as her process is slow, sluggish, but incredibly detailed.
  71. -Micro before macro: Heavy focus on details and little things.
  72. -Almost infuriatingly patient. You just can't get her mad, not even at a joke.
  73. -Has a lot of hand-made tools.
  74. -Makes Engineer's inventions look pretty, makes Architect's houses look pretty, draws characters for Writer's stories, draws things for Happy's games.
  75. -Limited conceptual framework. Not good with ideas: helps with actions.
  76. -Very playful. Bullies carefully by touching.
  77. -Is a Fake. Some wonder if she's a living being.
  79. White Duster, the Scientist
  81. -ENTP
  82. -Spends her time developing new things and trying to understand Armas.
  83. -Wears a duster even though it’s completely pointless, just because scientists used to.
  84. -Not concerned with the consequences of her research at all.
  85. -Manages to recreate a lot of stuff thanks to the pieces Explorer brings and the work of Engineer.
  86. -Discovers video games.
  87. -Kinda maniac.
  90. the Historian/Researcher/Explorer
  92. -ENFP
  93. -Concerned linking the past together. Is trying to figure how the world ended up this way, how humans were, what mistakes they made, lots and lots of etc.
  94. -Has a lot of junk from her travels stored in her house.
  95. -Provides White Duster with research material or stuff that looks interesting. In return, White Duster finds explanations and connections for the objects she's shown.
  96. --Actually provides everyone with stuff from her travels, either as inspiration, materials, or furniture.
  97. -Is the sole introducer of a dramatic element in the story, in the form of the history of humanity. This serves as evidence of the true value their commodities and life hold.
  99. the Dancer/Actress/Singer/Motivator
  101. -ESFP
  102. -Mainly focuses on what draws a reaction out of people and what doesn't. Adjusts accordingly.
  103. --Mainly herself.
  104. -Re-enacts things with Writer.
  105. -Extremely good at what she does.
  106. -Loves pretending she's someone else. Fails only when it comes to concepts/personality and appearance.
  107. -Doesn't walk. Dances.
  108. -Focused on inspiring and motivating the rest. Gets very bored on her own.
  110. the Walker
  112. -ESTP
  113. -Likes running, jumping, and breaking things apart for the sake of it.
  114. -Talking games usually bore it to death, unless it gets a chance to shine or fuck things up.
  115. -In contrast, loves physical games and excels at them.
  118. The Mechanic/Engineer:
  120. -ISTP
  121. -Crafts things out of junk and warship entrails.
  122. -Spends a lot of time tinkering with things, trying to mesh them together.
  123. -Good friends with Scientist, since they reveal concepts they can mess with through with their inventions (basically, Scientists adds connections for Engineer to work with)
  124. -Makes cars, ships, etc, even though they can just fly anywhere. Very useful for games though.
  125. -Quiet, lowkey, doesn’t talk much.
  126. -Loves the thrill, but is usually very quiet.
  129. Some other possibilities:
  131. -Cook/Perfumist (focused on sensorial sensations)
  132. -Provider/Administrator/Organizer/Optimizing efficiency
  133. -???
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