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  1. "Okay, Emmett. I win, and you cannot say one more word about my sex life to anyone, not even Rose. No allusions, no innuendos- no nothing."
  2. His eyes narrowed. "Deal. I win, and it's going to get a lot worse."
  3. He heard my breath stop and grinned evilly. There was no hint of bluff in his eyes.
  4. "You gonna back down so easy, little sister?" Emmett taunted. "Not much wild about you, is there? I bet that cottage doesn't have a scratch." He laughed. "Did Edward tell you how many houses Rose and I smashed?"
  5. I gritted my teeth and grabbed his big hand. "One, two-"
  6. "Three," he grunted, and shoved against my hand.
  7. Nothing happened.
  8. Oh, I could feel the force he was exerting. My new mind seemed pretty good at all kinds of calculations, and so I could tell that if he wasn't meeting any resistance, his hand would have pounded right through the rock without difficulty. The pressing increased, and I wondered randomly if a cement truck doing forty miles an hour down a sharp incline would have similar power. Fifty miles an hour? Sixty? Probably more.
  9. It wasn't enough to move me. His hand shoved against mine with crushing force, but it wasn't unpleasant. It felt kind of good in a weird way. I'd been so very careful since the last time I woke up, trying so hard not to break things. It was a strange relief to use my muscles. To let the strength flow rather than struggling to restrain it.
  10. Emmett grunted; his forehead and his whole body strained in one rigid line towards the obstacle of my unmmoving hand. I let him sweat- figuratively- for a moment while I enjoyed the sensation of the crazy force running through my arm.
  11. A few seconds, though, and I was a little bored with it. I flexed; Emmett lost an inch.
  12. I laughed. Emmett snarled harshly through his teeth.
  13. "Just keep your mouth shut," I reminded him, and then I smashed his hand into the boulder. A deafening crack echoed off the trees. The rock shuddered, and a piece- about an eighth of the mass- broke off at an invisible fault line and crashed to the ground. It fell on Emmett's foot, and I snickered. I could hear Jacob's and Edwards muffled laughter.
  14. Emmett kicked the rock fragment across the river. It sliced a young maple in half before thudding into the base of a big fir, which swayed and then fell into another tree.
  15. "Rematch. Tomorrow."
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