You exist, right?

May 17th, 2021
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  1. You exist, right? You have a body? You don't know, it seems that a limb that once was there vanished before reappearing again, it's like your body was fluid. It's been like this for awhile, you think. There's only one thing you are sure of, this silhouette outside your form has been watching you for a while.....
  2. It's been some time, it seems that entity is trying to communicate with you, but it's efforts are bearing no fruit...
  3. "..non"
  4. huh?
  5. "Anon!"
  6. That word, upon hearing that word, you momentarily see images, memories perhaps, whatever it is, it helped your form become more stable as you can clearly see your limbs now. You focus your attention towards the direction from which this word came from and you see it again, but this time more detailed.
  7. Albeit a bit blurry, you see a visage of a girl, a young woman with dark hair.
  8. "Anon, can you hear me?"
  9. this voice... you know it, your memories are once again returning, yes, you are "Anon", that is your name, that is who you are. And also, you know this girl, it's the person you cherish the most, it's your lover.
  10. "Ina..."
  11. "Anon, I'm so happy I finally reached you" the girl said, tearing up
  12. "Reached me? Ina, where are we?" you ask, confused
  13. "We're in your mind, Anon"
  14. "Wha-"
  15. "You got into an accident and went into a coma" the girl began explaining, her voice gradually becoming more and more emotional.
  16. "The doctors have tried everything they can to bring you back, but nothing worked..."
  17. "But" she continued "A friend offered to help us" she gently smiled as she turned her head to the side where you saw another figure.
  18. "Your mind had been broken, your ego had lost it's form, but I managed to collect the scattered bits of your consciousness from here and all that was left was for Ina to help you wake up" the unfamiliar figure spoke.
  19. "How can I ever pay you back?" you ask
  20. "No need, just helping a friend" the figure replied " Now, there's no need for you to stay in these Dreamlands, go ahead and wake up" although mysterious, the figure was friendly and exuded an aura of kindness and gentleness
  21. Ina grabbed your hand and after turning towards the figure bowed and said: "Thank you, I don't know what I would have done without your help. You are the epitome of what a loyal friend is, Niggerman"
  22. The figure smiled before sending us off.
  23. In the next moment, you felt your eyelids open and the first sight that greeted you was a girl's smiling face.
  24. "I'm back" was all you said before the girl pulled you in for a tight hug. No more words were exchanged, everything was communicated through that hug: the joy of being reunited, the love that was felt from one another and a relief, that on your path you are protected by your stalwart companion...
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