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  1. How to create an Empires Server on Windows from A to Z.
  3. Downloading the Empires Server Files and running it for the first time:
  4.     1. Download and install SteamCMD:
  5.         1.1. Create a folder for SteamCMD
  6.         1.2. Download SteamCMD for Windows (
  7.         1.3. Extract the contents of the zip to the folder
  8.         1.4. Run steamcmd.exe
  9.     2. Right click on the folder in which steamcmd.exe has been installed.
  10.     3. Click "open command invite here"
  11.     4. Enter: "steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 460040 validate +quit" (without the quotes)
  12.     5. Navigate to (steamcmd.exe's directory)\steamapps\common\Empires Dedicated Server
  13.     6. Create Start Empires Dedicated Server.bat
  14.     7. Right-click on it click modify or edit with notepad++ (recommended)
  15.     8. Enter: "srcds.exe -game "empires" -console -toconsole -secure +map emp_district402 +maxplayers 64" (without the quotes)
  16.         8.1 for a more advanced script look here:
  17.     9. If your server does not appear in the list make sure to open port 27015. If it still doesn't appear try to route ports above 27015 until it shows.
  19. (Optional) Setting up fast download:
  20.     1. Create a folder for your fastdl
  21.     2. Download and install XAMPP:
  22.         2.1 You will need apache and MySQL
  23.     3. Open XAMPP
  24.     4. Configure XAMPP: click config (the one with a wrench top right)
  25.         4.1. (optional but recommended) set your editor to notepad++
  26.         4.2. Set Apache and MySQL to autostart
  27.     5. Configure Apache:
  28.         5.1. Under Apache click config
  29.         5.2. Select Apache (httpd.conf)
  30.         5.3. search for DocumentRoot
  31.         5.4. Modify the path with the path to the folder your created for fastdl (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Empires Dedicated Server\fastdl)
  32.     6. Don't forget to root the ports required by Apache and MySQL (80, 443 and 3306).
  33.     7. Create an empires folder in your fastdl directory
  34.     8. Enter localhost in your web browser, you should see an empires folder.
  35.     9. Navigate to your Empires Dedicated Server directory and go in cfg\server.cfg\server
  36.     10. Under sv_downloadurl enter "http://yourIP/empires/" (with quotes)
  37.     11. Copy your map, materials, models, particles, resource, scripts, shaders and sound folder to your fastdl\empires\ directory (not really necessary but better safe than sorry).
  38.     12. (optional but recommended)Download and install Bzip2 for Windows:
  39.         12.1. Create bz2.bat in your fastdl folder
  40.         12.2. Enter: forfiles /s /C "cmd /c C:\GnuWin32\bin\bzip2.exe @file. replace C:\ with your path to your bzip2.exe.
  41.         12.3. Run bz2.bat, it will compress everything in your fastdl folder to individual .bz2 files.
  43. (Optional) Setting up sourcemod:
  44.     0. Shortcut: Mr. X.'s server config:
  45.         0.1. Extract the archive in your Empires Dedicated Server\empires\ directory.
  46.         0.2. This will erase anything you've configured in the previous stage (For example: the fastdl URL).
  47.     1. Download and install Metamod:
  48.         1.1. Extract the archive in your Empires Dedicated Server\empires\ directory.
  49.         1.2. (optional) to make sure it's installed correctly start your server and type meta list in the console.
  50.     2. Download and install Sourcemod:
  51.         1.1. Extract the archive in your Empires Dedicated Server\empires\ directory.
  52.         1.2. (optional) to make sure it's installed correctly start your server and type meta list in the console.
  53.     3. (optional but highly recommended) Fixing sourcemod's offsets.
  54.         3.1. Download (or copy):
  55.         3.2. Navigate to Empires Dedicated Server\empires\addons\sourcemod\gamedata\
  56.         3.3. Replace game.empires.txt with the one you downloaded.
  57.     4. (optional but highly recommended) Fixing sourcemod's vote percentage results.
  58.         3.1. Navigate to Empires Dedicated Server\empires\addons\sourcemod\translations
  59.         3.2. Open basevotes.phrases.txt (and ultimate-mapchooser.phrases.txt if you have UMC3)
  60.         3.3. search for "%%" and replace it with "percent" (without the quotes)
  61.     5. (optional) Install more plugins: and
  62.         5.1. to install more sourcemod plugins either extract the archive in your Empires Dedicated Server\empires directory.
  63.         5.2. If you download an .smx file put it in Empires Dedicated Server\empires\addons\sourcemod\plugins
  64.         5.3. to compile .sp files put them in Empires Dedicated Server\empires\addons\sourcemod\scripts and run compile.exe
  66. (optional) Adding Custom Maps:
  67.     1. Custom Empires maps can be found in various places around the forums or at:
  68.         1.1.
  69.             1.1.1. To Extract a vpk navigate to your Empires Dedicated Server\bin\ and drag the .vpk file you downloaded on vpk.exe. It will create a folder containing all the files in the same directory as the .vpk file.
  70.         1.2.
  71.             1.2.1. Download and extract the archive to your Empires Dedicated Server\empires\ directory.
  72.     2. If you are using fastdl you also need to add all the files for each map to your fastdl\empires\ directory.
  73.     3. When adding Empires Custom Maps make sure they have a .res file. It will tell the server what the clients need to download.
  74.         3.1. If the Custom Map doesn't have a .res file clients who download the map will have no minimap and will be unable to spawn.
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