Xenos Hunters Session 37

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  9.         antoine The landraider helios sits idling nearby, flood illuminators flickering as they cast a glow over the marines inspecting the sections of featureless obsidian floor covering a cavern of some kind
  10.         Balmung ++Can we try to open it?++
  11.         Anselm  shifts, trailing over the edge of the panel. "I don't see how, really..."
  12.         Balmung looks at Omniel
  13.         Omniel  unslings his breaching auger. ++I can make an attempt.++
  14.         Omniel  breaching shears*
  15.         Balmung ++Do it++
  16.         Omniel  ++Stand clear.++
  17.         Omniel  braces himself by firing his grapnel into the ground at a good distance, in case of a collapse, and drives the chisel-tipped shears down towards the floor, hoping to find a weak spot to punch through and begin carving it open.
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  19.         antoine Omniel begins driving his shears into the ground to get leverage and continues his cut around the edge of the entrance until suddenly it falls away, a mere two inches thick it crashes onto the floor of a shaft several meters below with Omniel now hanging halfway down that shaft.
  20.         Balmung runs over to pull him up
  21.         Anselm  "Holy Throne!" Anselm shouts, and moves to assist
  22.         Navarre assists as well.
  23.         Sinbad  hovers horizontally by his jump pack's propeller and moves in a slow round about the hole's perimeter
  24.         Sinbad  "I'D HELP BUT...but...I can't control this. Al-malik forgive me, Brother Forge Master."
  25.         Omniel  peers down the shaft as he's pulled back up. ++Interesting. This will be difficult to traverse.++
  26.         Anselm  grunts. "I don't rightly think so."
  27.         antoine As you pull Omniel out you see where handholds for a ladder were welded to the side of the shaft before the obsidian block tore them off.
  28.         Balmung ++Are there repelling ropes in the landraider?++
  29.         Global  [LordLicorice] MOVIETIEM FUKARZ :B
  30.         Sinbad  ++Is the mighty machine not strong enough to take the fall? I've seen them devour scores of krak missile volleys before.++
  31.         Anselm  "The question is how we'd get it back up again. I don't advise it."
  32.         Anselm  lightly bounces on his heels. "Sinbad, let us descend and investigate."
  33.         Balmung ++See if there's a lift down there++
  34.         Sinbad  turns sideways and tumbles down the shaft like a helicopter leaf
  35.         Anselm  dives downwards, tucking for a moment before firing his thrusters. He lands on his feet, curled up, and stands promptly thereafter, drawing his blades.
  36.         Omniel  ++I advise caution, Brothers, particularly should you lose vox contact. There is no telling how far these tunnels go.++
  37.         Anselm  ++Noted.++
  38.         antoine As you overlook the shaft the rumble of volcanoes outside is broken through by a high pitch mechanical wailing sound echoing up the shaft
  39.         Navarre ++Something is coming up.++
  40.         Omniel  ++I am detecting it as well.++
  41.         Balmung ++Is that you Anselm?++
  42.         Omniel  tries to find a good angle to look down into the tunnel from above.
  43.         Anselm  ++I wasn't aware I was even capable of such noise.++
  44.         Anselm  ++No, it's an... Imperial construction. Interesting.++
  45.         Balmung ++What kind?++
  46.         Anselm  ++Careful, Brother-Chaplain.++
  47.         Anselm  ++It has a klaxon, that much is for certain. That's what you're hearing.++
  48.         Sinbad  ++Some sort of door. It does not cower before the servants of the Emperor. Brother Forge Marine, instructions?++
  49.         Navarre ++Very few doors cower, brother.++
  50.         Omniel  ++There should be a key-pad or other means of communicating with the door's machine spirit. Exercise caution. There are likely to be security systems.++
  51.         Anselm  ++Allow me, Brother.++
  52.         Anselm  ++A lab of some form. I might say it's an observation post for the volcano.++
  53.         Balmung ++Anything else in there?++
  54.         Anselm  ++A cogitator with a lack of controls. Have you ever heard of vox-activated cogitation units?++
  55.         Navarre ++Not particularily, no.++
  56.         Sinbad  ++Perhaps a higher machine spirit? Or a vox to the rest of the facility?++
  57.         Omniel  ++Is it capable of communication?++
  58.         Anselm  ++I don't know. It just released noise, however. Test!++
  59.         Omniel  ++If it is a machine spirit, it may be as tainted as anything or anyone else we encounter here.++
  60.         Anselm  ++*Station, compromised... subject... 103... in danger....Test Confirmed... for Thanato?.... Station... compromised... subject 103 in danger...++
  61.         Balmung ++Navarre check the landraider for repelling rope++
  62.         Anselm  ++There's someone here.++
  63.         Navarre ++Will do.++ He does so!
  64.         Anselm  ++Agh! Infernal mechanism!++
  65.         Omniel  ++Brother, what is it?++
  66.         Anselm  ++Brother Omniel, does the word "Thanato" mean anything to you?++
  67.         antoine The larger obsidian ground block begins to fall away, as if being dissolved by something.
  68.         Anselm  ++This 'Subject 103' is apparently escaped, and testing for 'Thanato' has been confirmed.++
  69.         Anselm  ++Is something the matter up there?++
  70.         Balmung ++One of the floor panels just vanished
  71.         antoine The ground beneath you shifts as a rapid set of explosions, each overlaying the next fire, shaking the room.
  72.         Sinbad  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG--"
  73.         antoine Omniel is thrown into the air before is grapnel whiplashes him into the ground
  74.         antoine Balmung is thrown clear to to where the floor is dissolving
  75.         antoine his grapnel
  76.         Balmung ++Uh oh++
  77.         Anselm  ++What in the name of--++
  78.         Omniel  steadies himself, confused. ++Not good. Perhaps a defense mechanism.++
  79.         Anselm  ++Pardon the idiotic question, but are you alright, Brother?++
  80.         Navarre ++What the hell is going on? I leave and you all start screaming?++
  81.         Omniel  ++Brother Navarre, is the Land Raider secure?++
  82.         Navarre ++It is.+
  83.         antoine Balmung rolls clear just before the floor shatters and a huge tyranid, larger than your own landraider bursts from the ground. From the forward point of its wings project a biocannon each, both dripping with acid. Its rear legs support huge scythes, twice as long as a space marine. Its mouth is filled with rows of teeth and is large enough to swallow you whole. The segmented carapace is...
  84.         antoine ...heavily armoured and a tinge of purple and green.
  85.         Anselm  ++We should get back to the others.++
  86.         Anselm  ++I know that sound!++
  87.         Omniel  ++A tyranid? Unexpected.++
  88.         antoine It screeches in its alien bestial tongue, eyeing your landraider and the juicy morsels standing around it.
  89.         Omniel  heads for the Land Raider, naturally.
  90.         Balmung ++Navarre get on the guns and kill that thing++
  91.         Navarre ++Don't need to ask me twice!++ He does so, taking the gunnery seat and seeing if the Godhammers can not show their disdain to such a monster.
  92.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Sinbad, Anselm, Omniel, Gribbly”
  93.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Sinbad, Anselm, Navarre, Omniel, Gribbly”
  94.         Balmung charges the giant enemy crab and starts chopping away at it
  95.         antoine The impacts do little to the tough carapace, the leathery wings flap overhead buffeting Balmung as he tries to strike the creature.
  96.         antoine The Helio battery fires off a rocket, the missiles streaks out on a plume of smoke, smashing into the creature and sending it staggering.
  97.         antoine A pair of lascannon shots also reach out, marking a long carbon score across its abdomen.
  98.         antoine another pair of lascannon shots quickly follow up the first set, pushing the beast back further.
  99.         Omniel  braces himself, seeing the beast wounded badly, and takes a shot with his own lascannon, hoping to put it to rest.
  100.         antoine The pair of biocannons send a stream of acidic rounds into the vehicle, tearing off armour before swooping down and leaving large gouges along the top with its scythes.
  101.         antoine Balmung chases after the huge monstrosity scoring a few light blows that elicit roars of rage. Those on the ground would feel the ground shifting and sinking beneath them.
  102.         Sinbad  flies out of the shaft, screaming obscenities in a foreign language in a shrill voice
  103.         Balmung ++Glad you two could join us++
  104.         antoine Sinbad crashes into the beast, throwing it off course while shortening his own stature by about a centimeter.
  105.         Anselm  rockets up from the shaft and levels his blades against the creature, booming a warcry through his vocalizer at full-blast.
  106.         antoine The head of the tyranid whips around to eye down the challenger.
  107.         Sinbad  collides with the creature, then bounces several times off the obsidian floor in an unceremonious heap
  108.         Omniel  ++Brother Sinbad is down!++
  109.         Balmung ++Navarre see to him++
  110.         Navarre ++Copy that!++
  111.         Omniel  sees his comrades engaged with the beast, making it difficult to fire without risk. +I shall see to the Land Raider, brothers.++ He takes off at a sprint, hios mechanical legs carrying him to the machine in a flash. Entering the hatch, he takes the controls, hoping to maneuver the machine in response to any incoming fire.
  112.         antoine The beast swoops down on Anselm the massive scythes passing just over the champion's head.
  113.         Anselm  tilts into a spin in mid-flight as the abomination passes overhead, using the momentum to cut through its body.
  114.         Balmung snarls and chases after the beast
  115.         Sinbad  flails about on the floor in delirium as if in a grand mal
  116.         antoine The floor continues to shift and sink beneath you as anselm battles the creature.
  117.         Anselm  makes a furious flurry of blows against the Tyranoform, before jamming his personal sword deep into the characteristic weakness of the soft layer of chitin at the center of its chest.
  118.         antoine The last of the blows seem to slowly seep the life out of the beast, instead of an instant death stroke the beast merely falls the the ground, mewling before its life expires and the alien light in its eyes goes out.
  119.         Balmung walks over and chops off one of it's talons and then stows it in the landraider
  120.         Omniel  ++Brothers, this ground is uncertain. I suggest we move the Land Raider to a more secure spot.++
  121.         antoine As you do so you see lava seeping in from the entrance, the slow flow creeping towards you across the obsidian floor.
  122.         |<--    Sinbad has left (Connection reset by peer)
  123.         -->|    Sinbad ( has joined #XenosHunters
  124.         Sinbad  oh god i hate it when that happens
  125.         Omniel  begins back the Land Raider away. ++I also do not like it when lava flows towards us.++
  126.         Omniel  backing*
  127.         Anselm  ++The entryway is not an option any longer!++ Anselm drops down beside the Land Raider, banging against the hatch. ++We need to leave, now!++
  128.         Navarre ++Well... that was interesting.++
  129.         Sinbad  drags himself over to the land raider on his belly, and clambers in via a side-hatch to lie on the floor
  130.         antoine The lava continues to pour in. You feel the ground shifting, sinking towards the entrance.
  131.         Balmung ++Let's get out of here everyone on the landraider++
  132.         Anselm  enters the vehicle.
  133.         Omniel  waits for everyone to board before turning the Land Raider around and heading away from the cracks at a good speed.
  134.         Anselm  grumbles, then promptly gets back up from his seat. ++Open up the front hatch, I need to check something!
  135.         Anselm  ++That Tyranid came from somewhere down there. I need to figure out what it was doing here!++
  136.         Omniel  flips the front hatch open, quite used to Anselm's suicidal behaviour. ++I suggest you attempt to avoid direct contact with the lava, while you're down there.++
  137.         Anselm  ++I'll try to make it back before it starts overflowing this area. Emperor be with you, friends!++
  138.         Anselm  rockets out from the front entrance, rolling aside to clear the Land Raider's tracks.
  139.         Anselm  makes for the panel from which the Tyranid appeared.
  140.         Sinbad  , after Anselm leaves, stands at the open front hatch with his back facing the front of the vehicle
  141.         Sinbad  has his propeller start to spin as he braces his hands and feet against the hatch frame as the propeller pulls him (and the vehicle) slightly forwards by nanometers
  142.         Omniel  guns the throttle. ++Brace yourself, Brother Sinbad.++ He steps on the gas, taking off at full speed away from the approaching lava.
  143.         Global  [LordLicorice] MOVIETIEM
  144.         Sinbad  "Yaaaah!"
  145.         antoine The Landraider speeds ahead leaving Anselm behind as it charges towards the far wall.
  146.         Sinbad  ++...Where do we go now? This facility is burning and being swallowed by the planet's spirit... Should we look for another building to find mention of the heretic?++
  147.         Balmung ++Aye++
  148.         Anselm  ++This is... the Inquisition's work. This appears to be an Ordo Xenos holding pen, or a research station.++
  149.         Navarre ++I suspect both.++
  150.         Balmung grunts ++Anything you can grab as proof?++
  151.         Anselm  ++It's a seal on the side of the Tyranid's holding-pen. Unless we can get a Librarian to examine the validity of my memories, I'll have to find something more concrete.++
  152.         Anselm  ++Damn me for neglecting to bring a pict-recorder...++
  153.         Sinbad  ++Cut it off the wall and bring it with you.++
  154.         Sinbad  ++The Throne shall strengthen your arms.++
  155.         Balmung ++Do it++
  156.         antoine The lava continues to chase you as the angle you must drive up continues to rise and rise
  157.         Omniel  ++Let us hope this phenomenon stops before we are forced to.++
  158.         Sinbad  continues to pray that the relic jump pack can aid the gigantic Land Raider in its speed
  159.         Balmung looks out a view port ++Could be worse++
  160.         Balmung ++We could be cornered between the lava and an angry kraken in the ocean++
  161.         Sinbad  ++We must /not/ fail this mission! We must find more information on that damned Oeris and his heretic coven!++
  162.         Omniel  ++The lava would cool quickly in the ocean, providing us a foothold from which to properly engage the sea-xenos.++
  163.         antoine You soon reach the far wall, with Anselm popping out of the shaft, the lava a mere three meters away from him.
  164.         Balmung ++Anselm jump on the top of the landraider++
  165.         Omniel  ++Brother Sinbad, I suggest you close the forward hatch. We may need to drive through the wall.++
  166.         Sinbad  steps forwards and palms the closing rune, then enjoys collapsing onto the floor to recuperate
  167.         Anselm  ++Evidence! I have it!++
  168.         Sinbad  claps from this position on the floor in congratulations
  169.         Omniel  ++Good work, Brother Anselm. Is everyone properly secured?++
  170.         Omniel  directs the vehicle's machine spirit to soften up the wall as much as possible with the side-mounted lascannons as they approach.
  171.         Omniel  braces for impact and increases velocity to the maximum.
  172.         antoine The machine spirit sends out pairs of lascannons shots, the whine down of the weapons reminds you of the purr of an animal. The tracks skitter across the floor in an effort to find purchase before the massive vehicles smashes through the wall, throwing those inside without seat belts on like rag dolls.
  173.         antoine vehicle*
  174.         Sinbad  "Why agai--!!"
  175.         Sinbad  is thrown backwards across the floor in sparks to collide with the back wall of the transport hold
  176.         antoine As you clear the wall outside you see a sea of lava surrounding you, the rock the building is built upon is drifting across this sea while slowly sinking.
  177.         Balmung rocks against his restraints
  178.         Omniel  winces at the impact and tries to keep the vehicle under control as it speeds away from the exploding lava citadel.
  179.         antoine 20 meters ahead is a sheer cliff edge leading down into the ocean
  180.         Balmung ++HA! Told you it could be worse!++
  181.         Omniel  slams on the brakes!
  182.         antoine The landraider slews around and stops with 10 meters to spare.
  183.         Omniel  slowly, calmly removes his hands from the steering mechanism, ensuring the Land Raider is in "Park." ++We are intact.++
  184.         Anselm  bangs against the Land Raider's hatch.
  185.         Balmung opens it and lets Anselm in
  186.         Anselm  points to the lava-flow. ++We need to get across or we're all dead.++
  187.         Omniel  ++The Land Raider will be a problem.++
  188.         Anselm  sighs, and looks out over the cliff's surroundings.
  189.         Anselm  ++As far as I can see,++ Anselm rolls his shoulders, ++our only option is to ferry those without jump packs across.++
  190.         Anselm  ++We either leave the Land Raider, or we die.++
  191.         Sinbad  ++...If we do that to such a venerable machine spirit, Decimus will never, ever let us have access to even a wheelboard, much less vehicles.++
  192.         Balmung ++Aye++
  193.         Omniel  ++It is a priceless relic.++
  194.         antoine The ground continues to angle up as the island sinks further.
  195.         Balmung ++I smell promethium++
  196.         Balmung ++THE LANDER!++
  197.         Omniel  ++Which direction?++
  198.         Omniel  revs the engine hurriedly.
  199.         Balmung ++It's back at the landing site get there now.++
  200.         Anselm  ++The LANDING SITE?++
  201.         Omniel  tears off as soon as everyone's aboard.
  202.         Balmung ++Omniel raise the lander crew on the vox now and give them our position
  203.         Balmung ++Tell them to pick us up++
  204.         antoine The lava has eaten about 2/3rds of the building and the island now. From your now elevated position you see the area you came from is an ocean of lava also
  205.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  206.         Omniel  uses the land raider's vox to signal the lander crew. ++Lander Crew, we required pickup.++ He relays the coordinates quickly. ++Time is an issue.++
  207.         Omniel  require*
  208.         antoine The lander is soon on the horizon, speeding towards you it is slow however an soon you are at a 45 degree angle and omniel is having to drive forward to keep in place at the lava eats the last of the building. The Lander swoops around and lowers its clamps ready to accept you, "We can't pick you up directly." You hear a big gulp of breath from the man on the vox. "You are going to need to...
  209.         antoine off the cliff to get beneath us while you flyers push the clamps inwards to attach them..."
  210.         Sinbad  slams his palms into the seating bench in frustration
  211.         antoine your flyers*
  212.         Sinbad  "DAMN THEM! If only we had more time!! We have barely gathered anything!"
  213.         Omniel  ++Understood. Brothers, can you handle that?++
  214.         Sinbad  straps himself in grudgingly
  215.         -->|    Balmung_ (chatzilla@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  216.         Balmung_        ++Do it++
  217.         Omniel  recalls some things about Thanato before he prepares to drive, waiting for the flyers to get into position.
  218.         |<--    Balmung has left (Ping timeout)
  219.         =-=     Balmung_ is now known as Balmung
  220.         antoine The Bulk hauler hovers just past the cliff edge, the two large round clamps sitting beneath it on either side of the gap you need to drive into
  221.         Omniel  waits til everyone is in position, then drives on towards the edge, taking a leap of faith.
  222.         Anselm  shudders.
  223.         Anselm  ++He's here!++
  224.         Anselm  ++He's on this planet!!++
  225.         antoine The Land Raider hangs below the ship for a moment before gravity starts to take effect.
  226.         Anselm  , quite oblivious to everything else and extremely hysterical, . ++Were there any other locations that could be investigated? We need to find him!++
  227.         Omniel  ++Anselm, calm yourself. Focus on the clamps.++
  228.         Anselm  ++He's here! Don't you understand?!++
  229.         antoine The landraider begins to tip, with only one clamp in place
  230.         Anselm  shakes his head and quickly goes to work before the vehicle snaps loose.
  231.         Sinbad  ++PUSH HARDER, BROTHERS!++
  232.         Balmung ++Anselm get the clamps!++
  233.         Omniel  ++Are we secure?++
  234.         antoine The island falls below you, sucked in by the never-ending sea of molten lava.
  235.         Anselm  flies haphazardly in his excitement, nearly losing power to his jump pack and almost slipping with the clamp, but finally hooks the mechanism in place.
  236.         antoine The lander rights itself, "Got you" shouts the pilot with glee and relief.
  237.         Anselm  ++We need to keep searching Brothers!++
  238.         Anselm  ++We can't end it here, not now!++
  239.         Omniel  ++Where next, then?++
  240.         Anselm  ++I don't know, but we've got to search some where, anywhere, he's still here!
  241.         Omniel  ++Who?++
  242.         Anselm  ++Oeris!++ Anselm snaps, almost half-crazed by now. ++The traitor is here!++
  243.         Sinbad  ++Heretics! They must be here somewhere!++
  244.         Sinbad  stands amongst, hands grasping as if for an invisible ghost
  245.         antoine The Lander pulls up and away from the endless lava ocean
  246.         Balmung ++Get an orbital scan, find us another island++
  247.         Sinbad  crashes to the ground on his knees, fists slamming into the floor
  249.         Omniel  ++Respect for the Machine Spirit, brother.++
  250.         Omniel  consults his cartograph.
  251.         Sinbad  stands and makes his way somewhere
  252.         Anselm  ++Damn it, there was one installation, there must have been more...++
  253.         Balmung ++Anselm what did you find?++
  254.         Sinbad  walks out of the hatch, closing it behind him
  255.         Anselm  ++The alarms, in the building, they were spewing a stream of numbers: 15, 5, 18, 9, 19. That's his name in numerized Gothic lettering!++
  256.         Omniel  ++Interesting...++
  257.         Balmung looks at Omniel ++Mean anything to you?++
  258.         Anselm  ++Thanato...++
  259.         Anselm  ++Thanato...++
  260.         Balmung ++Sinbad what are you doing?++
  261.         Omniel  ++A fortress world, shortly past the Iron Collar in the Jericho Sector.++
  262.         Anselm  ++Yes.++
  263.         Anselm  ++Then...++
  264.         Anselm  ++He'
  265.         Anselm  ++He's not here, but...++
  266.         Omniel  ++On Thanato?++
  267.         Sinbad  ++/Not/ failing the Emperor and His Holy Will.++
  268.         Anselm  ++How?++ Anselm growls. ++It's a fortress world, you'd think they'd notice!++
  269.         Balmung ++Or they've fallen to him++
  270.         antoine Tellions voice breaks through the storms static ++...Destroyed.... do you read me?++
  271.         Balmung ++Say again++
  272.         antoine ++...Structure...volcanic erup....survive...astropath...++
  273.         Omniel  adjusts the Vox to try and clear up the signal.
  274.         Balmung ++If we can't clear up the vox have the pilot take us higher++
  275.         antoine ++Return to the Venator, we have confirmation from the Lord Commander himself.++
  276.         Sinbad  screams at the top of his lungs in anger
  277.         Balmung looks at Sinbad
  278.         Sinbad  (I'm not here)
  279.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  280.         antoine The Lander raises itself up higher an higher on the Inquisitor's command, the entire world below you has cracked and poured forth the lifeforce of the planet onto its surface. The lava a rich yellow and red flowing across whole continents.
  281.         Balmung ++Sinbad?++
  282.         Sinbad  ++Leave me. I must beg forgiveness from Terra. ...As should you all.++
  283.         Balmung ++Get back in here now that's an order!++
  284.         antoine The Lander soon reaches the stratosphere before pushing higher and higher towards your orbiting ship.
  285.         antoine After a short trip, made exciting by the rapidly changing gravity you find the Venator in high orbit, slipping into the hangar and set down by the lander before it folds up its clamps and lands on its own nearby. The hangar is a buzz of crews working to get fighters and bombers ready, far more urgent that when you left.
  286.         Balmung "Did what's going on?++
  287.         antoine Tellion strides out towards you as you exit the vehicle, Decimus looking on from afar. Likely in a disappointed manner. Tellion stops in front of you as you disembark, "The force of chaos have assembled a fleet and are invading, they are heading along the stable Gregorian passage to the Iron Collar. All ships not already assigned are being recalled. We may lose the entire sector!"
  288.         Sinbad  growls audibly
  289.         Omniel  examines the Land Raider closely once he disembarks. "Is their objective Thanato?"
  290.         Anselm  immediately pulls his helmet off and glares down at Tellion. "They're going for Thanato, Inquisitor. That'll be their lynch-pin."
  291.         antoine She cocks her head to the side, "How did you know that?"
  292.         Omniel  "Our investigation did bear some fruit."
  293.         Anselm  "Thanato is undermined. Oeris is there and he is likely turning its defenses against the Imperium right now. We have to hurry!"
  294.         antoine "I will send a message to Pellas Mir'san at once. We will regroup with the counter attack as soon as we are clear for warp travel."
  295.         Balmung looks at Telion "I need to use your astropath"
  296.         antoine "Come with me then Balmung." she turns and heads back to the bridge.
  297.         Balmung follows Telion
  298.         Sinbad  heads to the Reliquary to seek guidance from the hallowed spirits that inhabit the relics
  299.         antoine The ship is abuzz with activity during the week of warp travel to a system just outside the Iron collar, an assembly point with frigates, cruiser and astartes craft, cobbled together at short notice but by no means insignificant. You notice both the Salamanders and Dark sons are present with their strike cruisers, along with the Venators brothers and sisters from the rogue trader fleet.
  300.         antoine A recorded vox message from Pellas Mir'san is played for you on arrival, "Honored Deathwatch, we invite you to a council of war on our strike cruiser."
  301.         Balmung ++I shall be taking the lead on this mission++
  302.         antoine Those who chose to join the council of war would be led by a salamander marine through the friendly strike cruiser to a large circular room with a hard wood table in the center with space marines of various colours assembled around it. You spot Captain Jorega of the Dark Sons with Pellas Mir'san, some Raven guard captain with two honor guard you do no know a and a single space wolf. Also...
  303.         antoine ...standing at the table are five Storm Crusaders.
  304.         Sinbad  greets the assembled party, bringing a Dark Sons seal to his forehead in a curt bow to Captain Jorega and Mir'san before seating himself
  305.         Anselm  bows his head, but peers out over the gathered numbers.
  306.         Balmung grins broadly at Gonmar and goes over to greet him
  307.         Balmung "It is good to see someone answered my call."
  308.         antoine A storm crusader approaches Sinbad, "By the King of Kings, the great smith is before us brothers!"
  309.         Sinbad  embraces the man, then pats him on the shoulder
  310.         <--|    Balmung has left #XenosHunters
  311.         Sinbad  "It is good to see you, Brothers. The coming storm has brought you, no doubt. Will you ride it with me?"
  312.         Anselm  weakly grins at Sinbad's reunion, nodding his head in approval.
  313.         Sinbad  acquaints the Storm Crusaders to the rest of the Kill Team
  314.         antoine "Of course, we bring news also. Your honor son has taken the desert walk, he proceeds well through the trials."
  315.         -->|    Balmung (chatzilla@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  316.         Sinbad  "...And that one is the man who slew the demon with the sword. Come, speak with us!"
  317.         antoine "Aye" responds Gonmar, "A sorry lot here indeed, they need a good couple of wolves to carry them, I have a single squad with me. We could not spare more with the Tyranids movements recently and the time frame."
  318.         antoine As you acquaint yourself a set on nearby doors are thrown open with a crash and five space marines walk in followed by serfs holding up heraldry. The stomp forward with heavy footfalls. They bear the same mark as Anselm on their shoulder pads.
  319.         Balmung "Aye it is good you have came though"
  320.         Anselm  narrows and widens his eyes.
  321.         antoine They stop at a distance, "Is the Inheritor here?" They demand.
  322.         Balmung takes a seat at the table with Gonmar and starts sharing stories
  323.         Anselm  loudly snorts in amusement, but quickly lowers his head to hide himself.
  324.         Sinbad  has a frown that can be nearly seen through his helmet
  325.         antoine The Salamander Captain replies, "Welcome Knights, who is this inheritor?"
  326.         Balmung yanks Anselm over to sit with him
  327.         Anselm  stands as still as a statue.
  328.         antoine They ignore the Captain completely and split off to circle around the group to find their quarry before they stop. "He is here brother." One of them states as the rest of the other chapters look on in a bemused fashion.
  329.         antoine They regroup before where Anselm stands
  330.         antoine "You are Anselm, the Falkners squire?"
  331.         Anselm  raises his brow and nods. "Inheritor," he echoes. "Is that what you're calling me now?"
  332.         antoine drop "the" from that sentance
  333.         antoine "Is it not true that you slew a great daemon?"
  334.         Balmung at the marines staring down Anselm
  335.         Sinbad  holds up the Black Sword from across the room
  336.         Sinbad  "Yes, using this one!"
  337.         Sinbad  turns back to discussing with his Blood-Brothers
  338.         antoine The Storm Crusaders are discussing Doop diet and hygiene regimens.
  339.         Anselm  looks at the others of his squad. "I'm not at liberty to discuss that... Dolfus, was it? Squire of Hohenfried, of the Third Company. He was a great warrior." The Knight-Brother looks to the others. "Gregor, who contracted to Linus, the Standardbearer of the Teutonic Guard. Gustavus, you served beneath Captain Paterek of the First Company..."
  340.         Anselm  looks to another of them. "Ah, Albert, the brave soul who undertook the contract with Terminator-Lord Petarek. I envy your bravery in that decision. And lastly Sigismund. Guard Master Falker spoke highly of your Master Hermann."
  341.         Anselm  "There are things I cannot acknowledge about my time with the Deathwatch, but it seems that's for naught anyway. But, Brothers, if you must thank someone... thank Brother-Chaplain Sinbad. He forged the sacred weapon with which I slew the beast."
  342.         Anselm  nods to the Storm Crusaders.
  343.         Sinbad  waves, a canape in the other hand
  344.         Sinbad  "Hello!"
  345.         antoine The Knights turn their heads, seemingly realizing Sinbad's presence for the first time since they entered the room.
  346.         Balmung grumbles something to his fellow space wolf about Anselm's chapter brothers being stuck up
  347.         antoine They nod in respect before Sigismund replies, "You must return with us to the chapter brother, you are needed alongside your Chapter Master."
  348.         antoine You hear Gonmar laughing in the background.
  349.         Anselm  raises his eyebrows, patiently ignoring the Space Wolf's laughter. "My duty with the Deathwatch calls, Brothers. We are on the verge of purging a great villain from the Reach, perhaps even saving the entire Crusade."
  350.         Anselm  "But what could Grand Master Bruno need of me?"
  351.         antoine "The rebuilding of the Chapter requires out best warriors, you are without a doubt Falkner's heir."
  352.         antoine our*
  353.         =-=     Sinbad is now known as Mir
  354.         |<--    Mir has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111220165912])
  355.         Anselm  looks down at Joffery, then at the Sororita at his opposite flank, and then back at the Knights. ++I understand. When this deed is done, I will return home to Prosson and lay myself before the Grand Master's boots to render my services.++
  356.         antoine ++Very well, we will win this Crusade with you so that you may return swiftly."++
  357.         Anselm  narrowly resists the urge to crack a very condescending grin. "Very well, Brothers. I am grateful for your support."
  358.         Anselm  raises his voice, "and I am sure these other, venerated warriors appreciate your assistance just as well."
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